Aug. 22nd, 2015

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Updated my zuka collection list. Think I got everything. XD Kinda forgot to update it since Feb, apparently. lol Though I decided to not put Carrie's list on there anymore. Even though I do have full access to her collection, it was getting a bit cluttered having hers on there too, even if it is almost a shared collection really. She's getting 1789, which should be here by Monday so I'm pretty excited about that one. I probably won't be buying much for a while, which is good for my wallet, but also makes me a little sad but there's honestly nothing coming out that I need to own right now. Probably not until Kenshin next year.

Still going to Disney in October. Have flight and hotel taken care of. Just gotta purchase the park tickets soon. Will be going to Universal for a day too. I'm sure eventually I'll get excited about this. Though right now I keep being nervous over figuring out my schedule and worrying if I'm taking too many days off in the next few months since I'm also trying to figure out this photoshoot and AnimeUSA. I've also been invited to Gabi's house warming party and a doll meet but I have a feeling I'll probably have to pass on both. Ugh, why do things always have to be on Saturdays? Though I do want to go to Gabi's and see the new place. I, once again, am not sure how to get there. And my parents are already helping me get to Brittany's bridal shower and the photoshoot (...and AUSA >_>;). I really gotta find a way to get myself starting on driving distances. I'm just not Since I never have the time to just randomly drive somewhere and I'd like the first few times to be with at least one of them in the car to guide me.

I'm also wondering if maybe I will just stay with Hancock for a while longer. I can't seem to really find anything I actually have skills for job-wise. One of the theaters I once applied for years ago is looking for overhires again BUT I totally bombed the interview the last time (mainly because my skill level wasn't up to par) and yes, I've improved since then...but I wouldn't be able to even do the entire run since its starting in Oct and I've already committed to the store that month and it'd only be through Feb so I'd be back to nothing even if I DID get it. *sighs* I did consider applying for Disney but well it seems too good to be true type of thing? That and that would be a HUGE move and I'd be completely on my own. T_T Kinda was planning on trying to move somewhere closer first with at least a roommate I know...or something.

At least one of my co-workers did point out to me which customer is the costume shop head of one of the local theaters so I just gotta work up my courage to talk to him and casually slide in the fact that I might be willing to do some volunteer work or something. I was going to e-mail that theater with the suggestion anyways since I never heard back from the other one. 'Cause I already know they aren't hiring right now but I gotta make connections somehow.



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