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I saw a link to a subbed version of Legend of Sanctuary so finally got the time to watch it. I probably could have watched it raw but I was lazy and never bothered to hunt down a file of it (that and most of the ones i saw were torrents and I can't do torrents) but anyway. I was super torn about this movie from the very first announcement of it and I guess that's another reason I was unsure if I wanted to watch it. From all the trailers and such it was something I really wanted to like but was horribly afraid it'd disappoint me and make me angry, as a lot of the more recent SS stuff has. So while I was right in a sense that there were some big disappointments for me in this, I actually ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would?

My first thought upon beginning the film was "Man I wish this had been 2D animation instead of CGI" cause it didn't really feel like SS at first due to the style. The CGI was amazing but it took some time to get used to. But that thought wore off after a bit and I must admit I rather ended up liking it in the end. I thought it'd be a little sloppy but it was well done CGI and it was really really pretty. But I still hated a lot of the designs they did. I don't know why they had to make everyone's armors so super complex. There was very little of the original designs in any of them. Some of them were okay but some were just...whut. But the bronze saints weren't too bad and still had elements of their original designs and I did like the fact that they glowed.

The plot wasn't too bad. They did a decent job considering they were basically condensing 60-some episodes into one 1.5 hour movie. This does mean of course that a lot of plot was skipped. I'm not sure if someone who hasn't seen/read the original would enjoy the movie much because it seemed to me like it was made with the impression that the audience knows the story so they are able to fill in all the blanks. And they did make little nods to some of these plot points to show they still exist even if some of the story was different. Like Camus being Hyoga's master and Dohko being Shiryu's, etc. But its very brief so anyone unfamiliar with this background would probably just be confused by it. Hell Dohko NEVER even appeared in the film. In any form. Boo.

Seiya was actually cute. Not as obnoxious as in the series. Came off more as a total dork and not quite as much of an idiot. lol Hyoga wasn't as aloof as he is in the series and I kinda liked that in a way. Shiryu was Shiryu and I was super happy to hear Sakurai as him again (even if he's not the original seiyuu I do love him in the Hades arc). In fact I noticed quite a few of the original seiyuus for the Golds were in this or the Hades ones at least. But yes Shiryu made me happy because he's still my favorite bronze. Even though it super annoyed me he never took his armor off just cause I was hoping maybe he'd have some cute casual outfit I could cosplay since all the others had one (well except Ikki) and their outfits were so much better than the original awful 80s get-ups. XD Shun was super bishonen lol and not as feminine but also didn't get that much screen time or action compared to the others which was a shame. Ikki even got to insult him and call him weak which I thought was super lame. Shun does have to be saved a lot but he also kicks ass when the time comes. Ikki was...woah. lmao Oh Ikki. Ever the badass. He got the coolest scenes by far, of course. Wasn't in it much but that's the way he rolls. Always showing up at the last minute. Saori was more likeable and not as much of a spoiled brat at least. In the original it isn't til pretty late on when she starts really acting more Athena-like that I started to like her. So yay there. Her goddess outfit was super cute too. So overall the bronzes and Athena were pretty good.

Mixed feelings on the Gold Saints though, as I expected. They are my favorites and some of them got some pretty awkward designs. Aiolios of course only had a few scenes but at least his design was pretty awesome and they kept his character and story accurate. Mu was good though I would have liked more of him in it. And they did at least acknowledge Shiryu knowing Mu already and such, even if they don't go into why. So overall a "yay" for me there. Aldebaran amused me. I liked his table of food and how he played with Seiya during the fight test. Another yay. Deathmask...had me nearly falling off the couch from laughter. Even even sang! OMG. Big big YAY on that one. He was ridiculous but totally in-character and I loved it. They even did Shiryu's armor-ripping to fight on even levels when DM's armor rejects him. Though after that fight they seemed to rush on everyone else. Camus was another yay as he had the closest to his original design and god he looked so pretty. But his scene was short. Just the fight against Hyoga which I liked but once again, if you don't know the series, you'd be very confused there. Cause they don't exactly explain that Camus fought and died so that Hyoga could awaken his full strength, etc. But if you knew the series, you got it so it didn't bother me too much. They didn't have much time to go on these things. Aiolia they introduced early on and did the whole mind-control plot but had Shaka be the one to fight him...which I got excited at first over except it was shortened to just a "let me use my power to show you the truth" thing so we didn't actually get to see Shaka fight. Boo. That and Shaka never took his helmet off so couldn't see if he was still pretty or not, only a tiny glimpse of his face since the thing covers most of it. So that's an ehh for me. But Shaka is my favorite so of course I'm picky there. Aiolia was pretty accurate to his character though I didn't like the chin hair. lol Its like he's trying too hard to be macho there. Shura didn't die which was surprising but they also didn't really get to do much with him since he and Milo fought at the same time.

But oh Milo. This is the thing I knew I was going to have issues with. They turned Milo into a girl. Ok, Saint Seiya is totally a sausage fest and I too have wished they had more strong female characters in it. But this isn't the way to do it! Turning a pre-existing character male character into a female one is not the way to go about it. Especially since all the others had the same personalities as their originals but female Milo did not. Male Milo is kinda a jerk, cocky, and a little crazy. Female Milo was pretty calm. She was a badass and oh my goodness was she hot with the helmet off. But I would have preferred her as a new character. Or least change the name to something else. But they could have even made her the Ophiuchus and even though I think the sign is silly, I would have been totally ok with the idea of adding in a 13th gold saint so we could have one badass female in the group. But like since she's obviously not the same as Milo, we don't have any sense of what her background or character might be really like and that's just a shame. It seemed pointless to me. So boo there for wasted potential.

Aphrodite's death was the most unnecessary thing ever. He does die in the series but after an epic battle. In this we only get to see him for a few seconds before Saga randomly kills him without warning and his broken corpse lays on the Sanctuary steps for the others to see. BOO. He never got to fight or anything. Only had one single line. Never even get to see how malicious he is, as one of the few "evil" gold saints in the group. Ugh, it pissed me off so much.

Saga's design was actually pretty cool. I loved the half gold half dark design but its a shame they didn't do anything on the split personality. We didn't get any good Saga vs bad Saga. Just evil fucking crazy Saga who then turns into...MECHA-SAGA?? by absorbing Athena's cosmos. It was...weird. lol And then at the very end we have a TEENY tiny bit of good Saga's remorse but not enough for you to get the idea there was ever any good in him.

So Shura was the only one who got to escape death of the ones that originally died but I guess it was nice to see him around longer and I did like that the surviving ones all fought together with the bronzies against Saga which is something we never really got to see in the original. And Seiya did finally don the Sagitarius cloth at the very end and it was pretty epic.

Overall it was pretty good. Its definitely a nice tribute to the series but that's pretty much all it is. I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone who isn't a Saint Seiya fan already unless they just want to see a really pretty CG movie. Cause I just feel like the plot isn't as interesting if you don't know it already. Etc. If it wasn't for what they did with Milo and Aphrodite, it'd be an almost perfect tribute but those flaws prevent me from liking it 100%. But I would definitely buy it if they release it over here...which I'm not sure if they will. Considering we have VERY few legit SS DVDs in general here in the US and most of them suck. *sigh* But maybe this will get a better release considering what it is?

And of course it made me super happy to hear "Hero" during the end credits. ^.^ I do love that song.


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Now I'm torn myself... should I read your review? Should I wait to see the movie to avoid the spoilers? Mmmm, decisions, decisions...


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