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I have those dreams within dreams all the time but this one was a little different. I was in fact having some dream within a dream action going on this morning but my dream self had memories that weren't real.

Like in the dream, I was talking to Tom and Alyce and going through photos on Tom's camera and Alyce was all sad she wasn't at this event I was at where Tom managed to get some photos of me in cosplay with an Aurora Borealis in the background. And in the dream, I had legit memories of this event happening. It didn't just suddenly play out as a flashback. No, I remembered it. I woke up having to think on whether this memory was real or not but then realized it definitely couldn't have. But perhaps it was a memory of a past dream I just forgot about? Cause I have had dreams connect before.

But the memory was of an event where a bunch of cosplayers were all invited to stay at this really nice mansion with an insane backyard for photos. I remember Luna and Ling were there and as often happens with such events, I was being a bit ignored by photographers since I'm not as pretty or interesting as a lot of my cosplay friends. So I was feeling down and randomly Tom showed up to offer to take photos and we went to this beachy area and holy crap look at the sky! lol Except this obviously was a dream cause we were nowhere near any location that would have actually had that visible in the sky. XD Definitely not cold enough. But dude, this wasn't even a small dream/memory, it was quite a detailed long one. Like I remembered there were several times everyone changed costumes and there may have been some swimming involved earlier on too. In the dream I even had to think about what costumes I had worn that day as that part didn't seem too clear but everything else was.

But yeah, figured I should write that down as it was kinda funky.



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