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So I stop being so ridiculously behind on my reports, I think I'm going to try simplifying them a bit. Especially since I'm starting to forget things. lol

(I'd like to note that I said that when I started writing this but it didn't work...I barely finished it before THIS year's Awesome con >_>)

So this time I decided to attend Awesome Con for the entire weekend after having liked it so much the year before when I only went for a day. I really liked the fact that if you pre-regged, they automatically mailed you the badge too which was a huge plus! I decided to just metro in each day which had its pros and cons, being the first time I just commuted each day to a con. The con itself was about twice the size it was the year before and used a lot more of the con center though still not using the whole space.


Got out on the metro early enough with the intention of getting to the con right at opening. Though since the con started a little later in the morning, it gave me quite a bit of leadway. I went in normal clothes and had my costume in a bag since my friend Greg said he had a hotel room and offered to let me just change there, which was fantastic! The trip on the metro was amusing in itself because there were A LOT of fellow geeks on the trains. Knew I was going the right way by the sea of geeky t-shirts to follow. XD

Greg had gotten the VIP badge so he got to go in first to the con center while I waited in line with everybody else. But honestly there wasn't that much of a difference in waiting time and there was nothing I needed to do right away. Once I got in, I met up with Greg and he admitted that most of the actors he wanted to see weren't even at their booths yet so it was kinda a bust to be in early. lol Oh well. But we did go around to see those who were there already. I love the fact that you can just easily go up and talk to a lot of them (the bigger guests being the exception of course). I also found it handy to tag along with Greg cause he was paying for a lot of the autographs and photos and so by being with him, I got the chance to see a lot of these people just by standing next to him while he got his stuff and still got to talk to some of them even though I wasn't buying anything. XD

We talked to Dana Snyder for a bit and he gave us scratch and sniff stickers but it was random so you either got a good scent...or a bad one. I got...grandpa. lol Which wasn't as bad as it sounds. Just kinda smelled like baby powder. Some were real bad though. I don't even really watch any of the shows he's in but he was a pretty cool guy to hang around. XD Then we moved on to all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' voice actors (the original animated series) which was super cool as I was a big fan as a kid and Michealangelo's even did the "Cowabunga" for me (he was always my fav). Also got to talk to the original actress of April O'Neil from the live action movie and I got to tell her my sad April figure story...^^;; As a kid I loved my Turtles but I was super happy to get the April figure in her yellow jacket and it was the first movie version but her leg broke and I was devastated and it took us forever to get that stupid leg back on. Ok it was silly but my point was that April was one of those figures in my life as a young girl. Even though she was ditzy, she was the only female in the series, so that still mattered to me. She was touched by the story at least.

I ran into a group of cosplayers that recognized me from working at Hancock. XD The one girl I even remember from coming in a few times so it was cool to see her actually in costume. I told them I'd be in costume later and they seemed excited for that (though I wasn't sure I'd live up to their expectations since their costumes were all better looking than anything I brought lol).

Then saw Rebecca and her friend in their The Wicked + The Divine cosplays. I had originally planned to join them but ended up not being able to wear Lucifer that day due to...female issues that I didn't want to chance it. ^^;; Though turns out I wouldn't have been in costume in time anyways since we were still waiting to hear when Greg's hotel room was ready.

It was the time that the hotel originally told Greg his room was ready so even though they hadn't called yet, we decided to head over there to wait. They told us it would be soon but we ended up sitting in that lobby for about an hour still. x_x; I don't know why it took so long but it was a pretty small hotel so I guess they had a small cleaning staff. The actual room they were going to give Greg still wasn't ready but the manager offered us a room in a different section which I think was smaller than the one he was going to get and in a newer section so he showed us a few rooms as options and Greg agreed to just take one. I think the hotel staff just assumed I was staying with Greg cause they gave us two keys lol. Probably thought I was his girlfriend or something. Oh well. Made life easier for us cause with a key, I could just use the room as needed and Greg said that was fine since he was planning to do a lot and it'd be hard for us to meet each time I came in, etc.

Finally changed into costume. I brought Bilbo for the day since its comfy and easy to wear though sadly ended up missing The Hobbit/LOTR panel they had since it was on Sat during the Doctor Who stuff. So I just decided to wear it on Fri instead. Though sadly discovered my spirit gum had completely dried out due to it not being sealed right the last it was used (not by me, mind you >_> I know a friend I let borrow it did that but I totally forgot about it) which meant I couldn't put my hobbit ears or feet hair on so that sucked but I still wore the costume anyways. We then tried to find Bolt Burger cause Greg said he ate there last year and thought I should try it but it wasn't as easy to find as he thought and we ended up doing circles around the block without any luck which resulted in me being hot and sweaty and blisters on my feet since I only wear flip flops in Bilbo and wasn't expecting to do that much walking outside in it. Greg felt bad and bought me lunch at Potbelly's which I was grateful for because ugh I was not expecting to have my feet hurting that early on.

Went back to the con and went to Studio Cosplay's booth since they had repair stuff but sadly no spirit gum though they did decide that would be something good to add to their supplies for future cons. Saw one of the girls I know from the BJD meets there so I guess she works with them now. Ran into the cosplayers from earlier who knew me from Hancock and they complimented me on my costume even though I felt pretty lame without several parts of it on. But I appreciated the compliment nonetheless.

Spent pretty much the rest of the day hanging with Greg as he talked to various guests. Wacko's voice actor (from the Animaniacs) was especially fun. He had some pretty crazy hair going on too and it was amusing to see all the voices he's done. I even ended up in Greg's photo with him for free. Haha! XD

See what I mean? XD

I bought the chibi art Sephiroth finally to go with my Cloud one. Greg bought me some silly MLP/Transformer crossover art at one of the artist tables we were browsing. Annnd that's pretty much the only things I got all weekend. lol Its like this Dealer's Room has TONS of amazing stuff and I went through it several times but nothing I had to have really.

Accidentally ended up staying at the con later than I had originally planned so quickly went back to Greg's room to change and then got on metro. Got home just in time to catch some of the zuka Lupin livestream too! Though I was pretty tired so didn't pay much attention and left before they started the revue part so I could go to bed.


Got up a little bit earlier since the con started earlier that day and I wanted to be early for Alex Kingston's panel. The metro train had even more geeky folks on it and so I sat next to a really cool family where the Mom was doing a Star Trek costume. Had a nice chat with her the whole ride and made the sad conclusion that I'm at the point where I'm old enough that I relate more to the parents at cons than the kids. lol Got to the con and changed into my TARDIS costume. Greg was already up and about at the con so I'm glad we had two room keys so I didn't have to wait for him. Also discovered that there was a MUCH easier and quicker way to the con from the hotel than the route Greg had us going so I made sure to show him later that day. We laughed pretty hard over that one cause it cut the time WAY down and was kinda of a "...oh...duh" cause I swore I thought the map showed the con center being a lot closer to his hotel than what we had been walking. He had just been going the wrong direction and taking us all the way around the opposite block when all we had to do was turn the corner and go straight there. And people say I have no sense of direction. Pfft!

Went to find the panel room for Alex right away, worried that I might be getting there a little late now. It took a while to find it since its not very clear how to get to the top floor of the place. Eventually did after looking at several maps and asking several different staffers, all who were very helpful even if they weren't sure exactly where it was either. lol Some of them were confused why I was going up there though since nothing was going on yet. They clearly don't know about lining up early for stuff cause sure enough there was already a group of people up there though we all seemed equally confused on if we were in the right place or not but figured we just kinda form our own line til they told us where to go. Chatted about Doctor Who with them and got lots of compliments on my costume. Though I do find it a little annoying how people kept asking me if I would make them one if they paid me. Yeah I do commissions but I kinda don't want to recreate this one because its my own original personal design and its not as special if I make it for someone else ya know? I offered to do something similar but different but folks just wanted the same thing. Ah well. I guess if I ever get desperate for money, maybe I'll consider it.

Due to the schedule changes, we also weren't sure if this was going to be Alex's panel or Arthur Darvil's since originally it was Arthur on the schedule but on the site they said they switched. But it seemed a general consensus that people didn't mind really. Though I would have been a little put off since I wasn't sure if I was going to make the later panel and I really wanted to see Alex since River is my favorite DW character. The VIP line ended up being huge so even though I had been pretty far up in line, ended up being a bit farther back but that's what I get for not buying a special badge. lol I mean they are nice but there wasn't enough guests that interested me this year for it to be worth the price for me. But my spot wasn't bad and it turned out to yes, be Alex Kingston for this one so yay!

She was just as amazing as I had hoped! She even greeted us with "Hello Sweeties!" and even though they had a seat for her, she never sat down. Spent the whole panel on her feet though she did get VERY excited when a staff member brought her coffee. She talked a bit about differences between working with British and American production teams and how she did love the American coffee more. lol As you can see from the photo, she was even dressed a bit like River Song and during one question River she pointed out that she does seem to have a similar fashion sense to River. While most of the questions she got were of course DW related, she also got quite a bit of ER questions and even some about her recent role of Lady Macbeth in Macbeth. Oh man I wish I could see that! I love Lady M. She's by far the best part of Macbeth and Alex said that role was a dream role of hers so she was very excited to finally get to play her. Several folks asked her about the future of River and if she thought River would get along with Calpadi's Doctor and she said that was up to the writers but also pointed out that the sonic screwdriver River has when we first meet her hadn't shown up in the show yet which meant River's story was not over yet. This was of course way before they announced the christmas special episode where all of this was revealed. I can't help but wonder if Alex knew already and was just teasing us without giving much away or if it was just coincidence considering I know they usually don't tell the actors much until it gets close to actual shooting but I'm also not sure how early they started production on that episode. So who knows.

The same Weeping Angel cosplayer who also went to Billie Piper's panel the year before was also at this panel and once again asked if Alex would be willing to give a weeping angel hug. Which was...cute the first time but it did seem a little obnoxious now, realizing this person was just trying to sneak as many free hugs out of the actors as she could. But Alex said she would definitely not hug a weeping angel cause she would never trust one. XD So guess her plan failed this time around. Also had made me nervous when Billie did give her a hug last year cause I don't know if the person sealed their make-up well or not.

Anywho, you can see the whole panel here:

After the panel, I got stopped for a few photos requests (which I swear I still haven't found many photos and its like a whole year later now! Bah at people who don't post theirs online! I wanted to see some of these). Then I made my way back down to the exhibit hall and quickly made my way over to whatever food line was the shortest cause I was so hungry at this point. Ate an overpriced hot dog cause I just didn't care anymore. Then tried to meet up with Greg but we had issues finding each other. Kept somehow walking right past each other multiple times and then while doing this, ran into Becky, Joe and Jesse which was a nice surprise to see them though I had to awkwardly interrupt our "hellos" to grab Greg before I lost him again. XD But he joined our group for a little bit and since this was Becky's first comic con, we explained how everything worked and then eventually went over to the guest area. Greg had already gotten autographs from the guests Becky was interested in so we parted ways for a bit. Becky and Joe got autographs from Men of Action and then we went in line for John Rhys Davies and Becky bought an autograph from him. Even though she was the only one getting it, he still greeted each of us by name which was really cool. He was super sweet and I noticed how he gave everyone a different line from whatever character they were getting an autograph for. Becky had her Sliders DVD set which surprised him since I bet he doesn't see that one often and he surprised us when he still remembered the lines from it.

I was originally going to go to Arthur Darvil's panel and Becky expressed interest in it too but we lost track of time and then it was pretty much too late to make it. That and she would have had to leave early anyways to do their appointment for their group pre-paid photo with George Takei. I was ok with it cause I just enjoyed hanging out with them all. So we wandered for a bit until it was time for their photo and then I decided it was a good time to change into Kid Loki. While changing, met up with Greg in the hotel room and told him it wouldn't take me much longer so he decided to just wait for me. He had tried to convince me to do the sci fi speed dating thing but when I realized you had to pay for it and the fact that they don't get many LGBT people kinda turned me off from the idea. But he had signed up for a session. Though I almost made him late for it cause it took me longer than expected and I then realized I forgot a piece of Loki at home which sucked cause it was the piece that goes on the chest and there's a big snap on the front where it goes, making it kinda obvious. I decided to wear it anyways but I was pretty put off.

Despite that, tried to make light of the subject by taking silly pouty selfies XD

I didn't even get very far into the con center before my stupid belt broke apart. x_x; At first I started making my way towards the exhibit hall with the thought in mind of getting hot glue from studio cosplay to fix it but then I stopped and decided it just wasn't worth it. This costume was just not happening this con. I'm forever cursed with this costume lol. I keep trying to wear it and end up not at every con except for the first time I wore it at Dragon. At least I did get one guy say "Nice Kid Loki!" before it fell apart. XD So I decided to just go back to the room and change back into TARDIS cause at least I knew that one would stay together.

Met up with Joanna and convinced her to go to the Twisted Toonz panel with me though there ended up being a slight delay and she had to leave for an interview before we even got into the room but at least I got to chat with her in line for a bit. Once in the room, Becky, Joe, and Jesse showed up so sat with them. The panel was amazing and hilarious! I'd seen them do this on youtube before so was pretty excited to see them do one of these at this con. Basically they take a bunch of voice actors and give them a script of a well-known movie and do segments of like 5 minutes or so each where the MC tells each actor to do their lines in the voice of a certain character. They did Wrath of Kahn for this one and so you had moments where the Ninja Turtles were piloting the ship or Morgan Freeman as Kirk, etc. It also gets very wrong very fast. XD I could write more here but its better to just watch it. Its sadly a little hard to hear at times since the video was a bit close to the mics but you still get the gist.

They didn't get very far into the script but they never do from all the others I've watched online. XD I'm sad they aren't doing it this year but guess they didn't have enough big voice actors this time around. After the panel we chatted for a bit and my poor little phone literally died. It was getting late and I needed to charge it before heading home so went back to Greg's room and charged it for a bit. Chatted with Greg while I did so and once again ended up home later than planned but this time it wasn't my fault since I had to be able to call my parents to be picked up from metro and all. Hopefully it won't die this year cause I won't have a room to charge in. T_T;


Didn't have to get up as early since I didn't have any panels til later in the day which was good cause I was wearing Lucifer from The Wicked + The Divine for the first time and it takes me a while to do her make-up. Even though I had practiced a few times, I was nervous about being able to get it right but I think I did pretty good for someone who is pretty lacking in the make-up skills.

Took a selfie to show the make-up once I got on metro.

There was a whole lack of geeks on this ride compared to the last 2 days but probably because I was going later this time around and the fact that it was Sunday. So I mostly had norms who avoided me. lol I did have one family who sat next to me, who at least knew what the con was and said they've done some comic cons but they were going to DC, not the con. But boy, they got annoying real fast as the father and mother kept arguing about stuff and I still don't get why they felt the need to fully surround me and shout across, making it super awkward. They did apologize in the end but it was like " couldn't have stopped earlier?" Oi. x_x So definitely not a very pleasant ride. I would have moved but there were no more seats left at this point.

On my way into the exhibit hall, I did have one person who at least THINK knew who I waas cosplaying? lol They said "oh nice!" when I did the snapping pose when they asked for ap photo at least. Though in the end, I think I only had like 3 people know who I was total throughout the day. Ran into Jo and her friend and talked with them for a bit in the food court. Ate way overpriced mac and cheese which at first seemed amazing but once you got lower down...not so great. They left for some event and then I saw Greg in yet another autograph line. XD He almost didn't recognize me at first due to the make-up which at least means I did a decent job? lol It wasn't til I spoke that he caught on it was me. I tried to talk him into going to the George Takei panel with me but he wasn't sure if he was up to it and he wanted to make sure she got his last few autographs of the weekend. So I went and got Starbucks green tea frap and went upstairs to the huuuuuge line. While in line and taking a stupid selfie with my frap (since really the only photos I got of Luci were selfies lol), I somehow managed to leak green onto my totally white costume. x_x I didn't want to go to the bathroom and lose my spot in line so I took out the make-up wipes I had on me, meant so I could take Luci's make-up off at the end of the con and got at least some of it off. But then the line started moving and trying to hurry to grab everything to stand up, I somehow managed to drop them and didn't realize til I was seated in the panel. T_T Dammit those things aren't cheap either.

But anywho got my seat and didn't mind being back far since really I just wanted to listen to him and let the big Star Trek fans get the better seats. I was honestly there more for the LBGT factors than for Star Trek. I mean sure Star Trek is cool but I was never able to get into the original series. I liked some of the original movies though. ^^;; The guys in the row behind me were clearly there only cause they knew him as "that guy with the funny memes" which made me super sad. I mean...really? The conversations they were having were a true show of their intelligence so I just sat there rolling my eyes and collecting Miis til the panel started.

I was back far enough that it was better to take photos of the screen than try on my own camera. XD

Dude the panel was super amazing! George Takei truly is a legend and an inspiration. He didn't even have a moderator with him. He came out by himself and led the panel on his own. Now he didn't end up answering many questions solely because he kept giving REALLY long answers and went off topic on some of them but NOBODY CARED. Because he had our full attention with every little story and we all just wanted more. *_* Though unfortunately looks like there isn't any video of the panel online which blows cause I was going to rely on that for this report. XD I see plenty of videos from his panel at other cons. Blah! I do remember one of my favorite parts was when he told us the story of how he got to meet John Wayne back in the day cause he had a small part as the generic Asian character in the film. But the part of the panel that stock with me the most was of him talking about how it was like having to hide his sexuality throughout most of his life in order to not risk jeopardizing his career and how liberating it was to finally come out and refuse to be afraid anymore. I nearly cried several times during the panel. Though I did cringe a little when one person asked him about gay rights in Japan. 'Cause its like...non-existant and Takei said that he had talked not that long ago with the prime minster's wife ( least I think he said her, either that or the empress but I'm thinking more likely this) about it and she agreed with him and said she'd talk to her husband, etc. and Takei felt like Japan may have a good future with it. And while the crowd was cheering, I was just kinda like "...I don't think its that easy..." cause I know Japan is making baby steps with it and its frustrating how small their gay rights movement even is. Its there and its getting more headlines these days but they're nowhere near where we are. But it is nice to think positive.

I tried going back up to where the line for the panel had been to see if by any chance my make-up wipes were still there but they were long gone and the cleaning staff was already getting ready for the next con that was moving in as they already had sections blocked off from where we had stood just an hour ago. Greg texted me during the panel saying he wasn't feeling too well and so had to leave so I was sad I didn't get to say goodbye but it was fun getting to hang with him for most of the con. So I just spent some time exploring the exhibit hall by myself. Got recognized like two times in there so that was cool. Once by a person working for Fantom Comics so at least got my picture from them.

Only full shot I got from the con though ugh I make such a bad Luci. XD I'm not happy with the wig but I'm not really sure how to go about styling it cause I just suck at styling.

The other time I got recognized was by the dudes at the Flamecon booth which got my interest to come over and I got really excited at first cause I had no idea there was a LBGT comic con! ...only to then find out it was the weekend right after this con and that there was no way I'd be able to go to a con in NYC on such short notice. Boo. Sadly I haven't heard much from them since so not sure how they're doing or if its happening again this year.

As I was leaving the Hall and just wandering around, while on the down escalator, this dude walks by me on the stairs and goes "Starbuck! Nice!" and it took me a few seconds to process that yes, he did in fact just mistake me for Starbuck from the new Battlestar Galactica. If I wasn't on an escalator, I would have very well have turned around and gone after the guy, just to be like "dude, you so lose your geek points for that one". lol I mean I guess he just saw the blonde hair but like...Starbuck doesn't have a black streak in her hair? Nor have I ever seen her wear white? And the heavy make-up? How? I don't even watch the show (I'm a fan of the original series so I just couldn't get into it) and even I know better! XD After that I think I ran into somebody I know but I seriously can't remember who. Just that they were only there for the day and had arrived not too long ago. Its been bugging me since I started this report and I still can't remember. Pfft oh well. I just remember that we talked for a little bit while walking and then they went to a panel and I decided to just head home. Went to the bathroom and since I had lost my make-up wipes, figured instead of attempting to take it all off with paper towels and bathroom soap and risk looking like a total mess, that I would just wear the wig and make-up home. Though the metro ride home took foreeeeeever. And the first train I got on ended up only going so far so we all had to get off and wait for the next one. Bleeeeh. The wait was long and they were single tracking. There also wasn't any other geeks around me so it was a pretty boring trip. Semi sucky ending but at least the con itself was great.


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