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Advent Children Complete really is so much better on an actual HD TV. Wai~ Kinda sad that its taken me this long to get a chance to watch it on that TV but its my parents' so don't get much of a chance. But they were gone this weekend so finally took advantage of this last night when Carrie was over and watched it while eating my strange little rice + seaweed + pot stickers combination. lol And then finally watched all the extras since I had only skimmed some of them before.

Anywho...been drowning in commissions.

Kitty has been helping as you can see. XD;

Also have a question. Does anyone on here still want me to show my finished commissions on this LJ? 'Cause I haven't really been showing them here lately. Really only on Facebook and DeviantArt. Figured people wouldn't want to see them crossposted a million times but figured I should ask if there was anyone on here still interested in seeing them. I'd probably just put all the ones I've made in the last month or so in one post to reduce spammage. Just curious. Won't bother if there's no interest.

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I finally managed to download FF7:ACC the other night and found working subtitles for it. Was only able to watch a little last night so just finished watching the rest tonight. was amazing! Like I was honestly unsure about their plan to add things...*shakes head rapidly* I'm so glad they did! I didn't think it could get any better but it did! Wai! ...and I can't believe I cried at the end. >> ...shush.

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Jan. 31st, 2009 10:49 pm
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[Error: unknown template video] did I totally forget about this? And yes, I did. I completely forgot about it and only a week ago or so finally remembered and wasn't even sure if it had come out or not...guess it hasn't. But I hadn't seen this trailer yet. XP

*_* The new Seph vs Cloud scenes make me so very very happy.

Bah, I wish it wasn't for Blu-Ray only otherwise I'd totally pre-order the Japanese DVD already. Here's to hoping it'll be on the net pretty fast just like last time. XP (Though I bet it'll be me freaking out over how to download it yet again...especially as I'm trying to avoid BitTorrent now but that will prolly be the only way to get it. >>;; )

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Today started out rather sucking as I wasn't feeling very good though I did find a $10 bill on my way to class. That was nice. Got a few costume pieces cut out but wasn't feeling up to any actually sewing. (Damn cramps, how I hate thee!)

So yes, not much happened for several hours until Gabi and I went to the International House Open-House thingy. Wasn't anything that exciting but did get to Gabi nearly kill her tastebuds in the jalapeno(sp?) eating contest. XP Now I just gotta figure out what in the world I'm going to write about it in order to get the credit for German class.

But anyways, afterwards we went to watch Batman Begins in the campus center. Pretty good movie, I gotta say. No one told me it had ninjas in it though! o_o See, I ended up seeing it with a bunch of peeps from my ninja campaign so we were like "NINJAS!" and stuff. But ah, the quote of the day was from Gabi...

"Lyn...Alfred does not equal Riff." ^^;; I couldn't help it! I just said how Bruce's flashback scenes made me think of Cain. And Alfred is kinda like Riff...just a lot older...A LOT older. O_o

Anyways so afterwards we're all about go head off and there's a group of people we know hanging in the campus store and Gabi just happens to mention to them the fact that we're showing AC tomorrow at anime club. Suddenly we have a bunch of gasping fans going "HOW DID YOU GET IT?!" and then after it was revealed that it was mine, I was suddenly surrounded. o_o

And one of them hugs me...and then decides to attach himself to me, meaning he wouldn't let go. ^^; And he even started pulling me out of the building with him, which was intersting trying to walk that way. I'm all "Help? o_o" And Gabi came to my rescue and he finally let go, only to come back later. XP He was just really really happy that I had it. Though he got all mad when he found out it was the fansub copy I had 'cause he apparantly doesn't like people who download fansubs but he forgave me when I explained I also bought the official DVD. ^^;;;

So yesh, we're showing it tomorrow...and next weekend as well from the looks of it since I think I might get killed if we don't show it twice due to people going to Renn Fest tomorrow.

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My parents came down today for parents' weekend and so now I am happily reunited with my sewing machine and my fabric, my VCR, my remotes, and my lovely USB cable for my camera. So now that I have it, I present pictures! of the Advent Pieces that is. ^^;;

Image if you will what it was like to carry that box across the campus. This is the box it came in. ^_^ It even had a handle on it, lol.

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Next post will be pictures of the suite. ^^
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They're removing our ducks from the campus. ;_; I don't get it. They never harmed anyone and they've come to be a part of our college community. I suppose it's because mysteriously 2 more appeared this year so now they are 4. But still! It is very much sadness.

Wow, just when I thought I could finally focus and get work done, someone puts up Last Order too. ^^; *downloading it right now* Granted there aren't subs for it yet but I doubt I need it.

Got an e-mail yesterday saying my Advent Pieces was shipped out so hopefully that'll show up soon. ^_^

This has been a fantastic week. Tomorrow I really need to remember to get my cosplay material list made though 'cause parents are coming Friday and I need to get like all my supplies then.

Oh, and my wonderful roomate made an AMV for AC already. It's pretty good actually. ^^ Especially considering it was made in a day and a half. lol She started on it right after I showed her the movie. And then she grabbed my copy onto her laptop.

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2 days until FFVII:AC

Screw the countdown. I have the file of it now! o_o Still no idea how they managed to rip it when the DVD isn't even out yet and yes, I can assure you, it is the official full movie.



I even managed to get a sub file from [ profile] shin_san

Sadly I won't be able to watch it all quite yet 'cause I have class at 12 and the movie is an hour and 40 minutes so I only have an hour. x_x; Will have to watch the rest later. Curses!

But I have it!!!! 2 years and finally I have it. ^____^



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