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And wow, getting even further behind as this is for LAST YEAR's AUSA which I didn't finish til like 2 months after THIS YEAR's con. XD Oops. Let's see how long it takes me to put up Katsucon's?

AUSA 2015 )
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I know this report is a tad bit later than normal but I wanted to wait to get photos from people first. Though not like many people read these since LJ is dying but I can't break tradition. XD

Katsucon 2012 Report )

...and you don't want to know how many days it took me to write that. lol XD Granted I only wrote a tiny bit here and there every day.

But anywho, the rest of my photos are up here:

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Another con and another amazing shoot with Lionel ^.^

Me as Lucifer
[ profile] girl_dissolving as Kurai

You can see the whole shoot here.

I really love all the artistic shots he got of my wings. *_*

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Anime USA has become one of my favorite cons but sadly this year was a pretty big disappointment. I had a great time but it was because I was hanging out with my friends and having fun taking photos. But the con itself was incredibly dull and attendance was really low and it was just a very odd con this year in general. Supposedly they are moving to DC near the Omni next year so maybe that will improve things some and the dates are going to be earlier in Nov so that might make it easier for a lot of us to attend who work retail and such (though it might overlap with Neko). But yeah the con was unusually empty this year. The areas that are normally crowded with people...weren't. As a result this con report isn't as long as my usual reports and I didn't really take many photos because there was barely anything of interest to take photos of and the hotel always sucks for photos anyways.

Anime USA 2011 )

Rest of my con photos are here: though I really didn't take many this con.

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Oh man this one's a hard one. XD

Day 6 - Your favourite cosplay )

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Time for yet another way-too-long con report full of photos and details that nobody really cares about but me. XD; This year there was NO snow so there were no delays in getting to the con and it was really nice being able to actually SEE the area around the Gaylord instead of just mountains of snow everywhere like last year. Sadly I totally failed to really get any photos in any of the nice areas. Oh well. There's always next year.

Onto the report... )

And holy shit that was really long. If you read all of that, you deserve a cookie or something. O_o;

Edit: Oh and the rest of my phtos are here though I didn't get many as I left my camera charger at home and my camera was on low battery from the start of the con. x_x; Go me.

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Epic shoot is seriously epic.

See the rest here.

And why the hell am I still up...? *passes out*


Otakon 2010

Aug. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Otakon was overall a pretty good con for me this year. Insanely tiring but good. It went by really fast but most likely because I was doing a lot.

Super duper long report ahoy! )

You can see the rest of my photos here:

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So found our Otakon skit online. It's um...not a very good video of it sadly. I mean I'm really grateful that someone managed to get it up online this early but I'm really hoping someone else managed to sneak in actual recording of it. 'Cause this is just video of the screen so this is the "official" video and IT SUCKS! Ugh. I so wish they let ACP record it. If they had just ya know, NOT ZOOM IN on anyone, it would have been fine. If they just kept the camera steady and show the whole stage, you would be able to see everything and baaaaah. I'm so mad 'cause I have a feeling I'll never get to see what the whole thing really looked like. *sighs* You don't get to see ANY of Rosiel going crazy and killing Katan bit and I really wanted to see that as it happens behind me so I've never gotten to see how that part looks. And can't really tell whats going on at all in my opinion. Booo. But here it is anyways...

And man I wish I realized my wings were hanging that low. I should have pulled them up a little more. And made the coat a little longer as I forgot how much taller my boots make me. ^^;;;

But anyways! I actually REALLY loved doing this skit. Despite all the issues we had to put it together (like our crisis with Adam Kadamon's backpiece missing, a million thank yous to Bonnie's friend who shipped it out for her! I don't know you but I love you for doing that whoever you are!) and the insane amount of hours we spent practicing, and some tension as a result of us all being tired and nearly at each other's throats at seriously guys, thank you all for doing this. I've always wanted to do a skit like that. I honestly don't care if it was confusing or boring or whatever. I did it for the AS fans like myself who would understand it. Because dude all the comments we got afterwards from fellow AS fans made it all worth it for me.

We won a Judge's Award which was cool. I didn't really expect to win anything. I do kinda wish Otakon had like individual craftsmanship awards (instead of just one "best craftsmanship" for each category) 'cause I think Bonnie should have gotten one for her Adam Kadamon alone because the costume is so insane. But at least we had that judge's award to give to her and I loved the judge's comment on us. "As the wings got bigger, they got oddly lighter". XD; Despite that, I don't think I'll ever do Otakon's Masquerade again no matter how much Corey tries to talk me into it. I'll go into more detail about the experience in my actual con report.

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Claws. I has them. XD;

Have since added wire so they'll be strung together and easier to deal with so I can take them off when not posing ('cause seriously can't go that many hours with no use of my right hand lol). And now have started the annoying process of making them smooth (many many layers of mod podge 'cause I'm too lazy/cheap to do gesso) before I paint them.

Wanted to go further and either start on the belts or continue work on the "armor" bits (I'm not sure what to call those parts to tell you the truth, lol, not exactly armor but best word I can think of) but my body kinda gave out on me. ^^;; Was a very long day full of going to the MVA and having frustration with finding items I needed at the fabric stores, and then having a mind meltdown over colors (I could have sworn the outfit was one color but the image was telling me otherwise and it wasn't computing to the point I had to go home and find other images to figure it out...)

Really want to get him done tomorrow so I can move on to other stuff. >>;; Here's to hoping. And hey at least on Saturday I get to have a mini break and see [ profile] makokitten for a bit. ^.^

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WHAT?! O_o;

Angel Studio just released two dollfies modeled to look like Lucifer and Gabriel/Jibrielle from Angel Sanctuary. I kid you not, they even have the outfits! - Lucifer - I don't really like his face mold though but oh the outfit. x_x;

And they're not available with the outfits right now but apparantly they will be. O_o Crazies. And they're only like $300 and full 60cm dolls. O_o


Edit: And no, I have no intention of getting him. Just weirded out by it all. lol Though tempted to try to get the outfit if it ever becomes avialable. XPXP



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