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First off, my weekly Persona 4 review...

Persona 4 - Episode 3 )

I'm also watching Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi season 2, which I'm very much enjoying as its one of my favorite BL mangas. ^^ And its nice to see some of the Chiaki story that we don't really get to see in the manga. I also really need to watch the new Last Exile anime. I kinda forgot that it was coming out but luckily I've only missed 2 episodes. Though I'm still a little wary of it just 'cause Last Exile was so perfect by itself, I don't think it needs a sequel. But I did look at the opening and it looks really pretty and the fact that Dio is in it makes me happy.

I'm also curious about the new Hunter x Hunter anime...but unsure if I want to watch it or not since this is retelling of it and the story is somewhat different and not sure if I'll like the changes or not. Its also been like a million years since I watched the original though and for all I know, this could be closer to the manga as I never did get around to reading it so not sure how it goes. But I did skim some of the first few episodes and can't help but be curious. I just am trying to stay away from any super long shonen series though. I don't have the patience for them much anymore like I used to. I just stick to Saint Seiya these days (and I'm only up to date on the anime and Next Dimension manga, I still need to actually read Lost Canvas and the original manga or at least whats been scanlated. At least I've read all the Episode G scanlations but that one's really behind..). And not sure what category Claymore falls into but I sorta am still up to date on that. And fallen behind in Naruto but trying to keep with that one just 'cause I've been reading it for so long, don't want to give up on it yet but this is the farthest I've fallen with it so far. Gave up on Bleach years ago though. And still reading D.Gray-Man even though I'm still not very happy with how she changed her style and just how its not the same manga anymore.

Overall I'm really not as up to date on anime and manga as people tend to assume. I mean yeah I used to be but I don't really have as much time for it anymore so I tend to prioritize stuff and I no longer watch stuff just 'cause its what people are watching and I want to see what's going on and review it (after all I watched all of Chobits even though I didn't like any of it but only just so I could properly give an opinion and know the series, same with .hack). Nowadays if I don't like something from episode 1, probably not going to stick with it.

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So I fianlly finished RG Veda last night. I have been reading it for quite a while but kept stretching it out to make it last longer. ^^;; But finally read the last two volumes last night...

Wow, that was soooooo good! ;___; So depressing but so good! I cried. *nodnod* Oh man, kinda want to cosplay from it now. >>;; But when don't I have that reaction? XPXP

And I also saw Paprika! Yay! ^_^ Been wanting to see it ever since it was released in Japan. Gabi downloaded it on her computer and it was fabulous! Satoshi Kon strikes again! I love everything that man makes. Seriously. He's brillant.

Oh and I also finished Seimaden a while back. Finally found the last few volumes scanlated. Also another really really good epic manga. ^_^ Still need to cosplay Laures one of these days. >> I keep saying I will and never do. lol

Hm, not really much else to update on other than my life has been pretty stressful school-wise. Blah. Haven't had as much time to work on cosplay as I usually do because of it. So gotta do some crunch time this weekend. Though I did that last weekend too and so I should be okay. Cain's pretty close to done (I even added a freaking lining to the coat! I don't know why I decided that looks really good! ^_^ *proud* I might even consider entering it now) and Fai shouldn't take much more (really just gotta make the jewelry). Blah, kinda worried about all the stuff I have to bring to AUSA 'cause I'm going to have to transport it all from room to room at some point. Ugh. I hope nobody gets annoyed with me for bringing so much stuff. ^^;; Though I need to talk to Ling to see if she found anyone else with a laptop as that would be one less item to worry about. Nyar.


DMC anime

Jun. 13th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Holy Shit! The Devil May Cry anime is out!

*_____* It's hot! And hopefully will be fansubbed soon.

OMG, Morikawa as Dante = WIN.

Also realized that the Tales of Symphonia OAV episode 1 has been out for a bit so watched that today too. ^^ Though Kratos didn't say like....anythig. x_x;;; I wanted to hear his voice!

Welp, won't see much updates from me for a bit as Magenta is here keeping me busy and all. Been going through a major doll photostory of doom to put up...eventually. As well as some cosplay pics. May take forever though since I keep getting distracted. ^^;

And eee, we've been watching more Saint Seiya (FINALLY!) and its been awesome. Watched liked 13 episodes last night in a row. o_o;

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Finished Dietrich's new outfit though I don't think the wig will come in time. >> Unless it shows up miracously tomorrow before I leave. 'Cause Tom and I are heading to his place tomorrow around 5ish so we can leave from Baltimore to NJ so it won't be quite as bad as going from St. Mary's.

So yes, I should be at MangaNext sometime around 10 or 11 ish. I know the con doesn't start til noon but want to try to meet up with Magenta then. Aiming for 10 but might not get there til 11, depending on how long it takes Tom to get his car checked up and stuff at whatever place he has to do so back at his home. And hopefully we don't get lost as I have a bad tendency to get us lost whenever going to a con if I'm in the passanger seat. ^^;; People really shouldn't rely on me for directions. >>;

Watched D.Gray-Man episode 1 today. Yay! Happiness. ^_^ Haven't watched Death Note ep. 1 yet but going to wait for the fansub. I'm more excited about D.Gray-Man right now. Squee, can't wait to see Kanda!

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Ouran 26 = so much love. ;_; That was so an awesome ending! I got kinda teary eyed too from it. Though sad there won't be anymore. Mou.

Welp, Ruthberg is done! Yay! Though not satisfied with some parts of it. Ah well. It's done! ^^

Also made Magenta her Yohji ears and tail for the Loveless group. Though the blue isn't the right color for her wig but I think she's planning to marker it.

So now I just gotta make Dietrich a new cosplay outfit. XP It'll be a surprise though only a few of you will get it and I think half of you already know.

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Ooh, ch. 10 of TB was scanlated and I didn't even notice. ^^ *read it today* Yay for the begining of vol. 3! I hope the people scanlating it right now will keep it up even after vol. 1 comes out on the shelves. 'Cause I'm not patient enough to wait for the translated liscensed ones. >>;

I'm still reading Naruto and Bleach though those 2 haven't been keeping my attention quite as much as they have before. Though Bleach made me happy with Ishida showing up again (even if it was kinda random, lol). I also really need to get back to reading D.Gray-Man. I'm only on like chapter 30. Also finally read the scanlations of Loveless. Thought I should before the group at MN, lol. Though it really didn't tell me that much more than the anime did. ^^;

And then the manga I'm currently spazzing over at the moment is...the latest chapters in Tsubasa! o_o! )

Mou, the new eps of Nana and Ouran need to go up on youtube already. >>;;

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I've been really lacking in the LJ posts as of late, haven't I? XP Haha, not much to talk about though.

I finished my big essay of doom yesterday and sent it in. Hope it goes over well. Nervous as it's my first time writing one that long but I felt pretty happy with it while I was writing. Since I was actually writing about something I enjoy for a change.

I meant to seriously get started on cosplay today but Mom took long with the washer and dryer so I only managed to get my fabric washed and not enough time to cut anything out. x_x And like most of the family will be here tomorrow and I'm working Sunday. Blah! Might just have to cut the pieces down here instead of using the nice big table. But hey, I did get stuff together at least and my wig came in. It's very red and pretty. lol

I'm also trying to figure out how exactly to make the RKO uniform for Dietrich. x_x Oh boy. Don't think it'll be that detailed. Not even sure if I can get it to look that accurate since I haven't tried anything of that type of stuff needed in such a small size. No idea how I'm going to make the tye at all. o_o Since I don't even know how to make those in my size. XP Might just cheat and get a piece of fabric to kinda look like one.

Hm, well I finished watching Gakuen Heaven and Princess Princess a while ago and so I'm finally now working on Ouran High School Host Club. XP Ah, it is love. I see why everyone likes it so much. Just watched ep. 9 and the Takarazuka reference totally killed me. XP Oh man, that was good.



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