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And wow, getting even further behind as this is for LAST YEAR's AUSA which I didn't finish til like 2 months after THIS YEAR's con. XD Oops. Let's see how long it takes me to put up Katsucon's?

AUSA 2015 )
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I almost forgot to do this report...oops.

AUSA 2014 Report )

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I keep taking forever to do these con reports. x_x But this one will be short at least since I only went for one day. AUSA moved their date to Sept...which sucked. Because it made it way too close to Dragon Con which resulted in a lot of people deciding to go only one day or not at all and the PA group couldn't attend at all due to being a big weekend in Gettysburg and most of them work there so I didn't even have my usual roommates. So thus only going one day.

Anime USA 2013 report )

Annnd that was one of the shortest con reports I've ever done. XD Yet took me the longest to get out? Pfft. lol The rest of my photos are on my facebook over here:

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Anime USA was in a new location this year. In DC, near the Omni which was Katsucon's hotel for several years. And I actually REALLY liked the new hotel. It had a bit of a confusing layout but it was rather pretty. And definitely A LOT better for photos than the Hyatt. Also being in DC made it very easy to find cheap food with a large range of options, just across the street. I also found the atmosphere and staff to be better than the Omni. And yeah, I'm sure the Omni had the prettiest outside area but I just got so turned off that hotel due to past experiences there. And AUSA is a bit too small to be able to afford that hotel, I'd think. So really I thought this hotel was a good choice for it.

The only real major issues I found with the hotel were the parking and the size of the event rooms. Like they had an alright sized room for the main events room. Nowhere as large as many other cons, but AUSA isn't too big so I thought it worked well. Granted I only was in there for the concert, so not sure how well it worked for the Masq and events with actual chairs. But this seemed to be the ONLY large room the con had. All the panel rooms were really small. Like ok, they'd be fine for small panels but this was also the rooms used for events such as guest panels and the Cosplay Burlesque. And so there wasn't nearly enough seating and many people had to be turned away. Also the viewing rooms were itty bitty. But this seems to be more of an issue of the hotel itself. There was another event going on so I don't know if maybe next year the con may get some of those bigger rooms or if this is all we're allowed to have. Either way...its going to make some events really hard to do at this con if they still decide to use such small rooms.

Anyways, onto what I actually did at the con...

AUSA '12 Report )

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Another con and another amazing shoot with Lionel ^.^

Me as Lucifer
[ profile] girl_dissolving as Kurai

You can see the whole shoot here.

I really love all the artistic shots he got of my wings. *_*

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Anime USA has become one of my favorite cons but sadly this year was a pretty big disappointment. I had a great time but it was because I was hanging out with my friends and having fun taking photos. But the con itself was incredibly dull and attendance was really low and it was just a very odd con this year in general. Supposedly they are moving to DC near the Omni next year so maybe that will improve things some and the dates are going to be earlier in Nov so that might make it easier for a lot of us to attend who work retail and such (though it might overlap with Neko). But yeah the con was unusually empty this year. The areas that are normally crowded with people...weren't. As a result this con report isn't as long as my usual reports and I didn't really take many photos because there was barely anything of interest to take photos of and the hotel always sucks for photos anyways.

Anime USA 2011 )

Rest of my con photos are here: though I really didn't take many this con.

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Oh man, two cons in a row = a very dead Lyn. XD;

AnimeUSA Report )

Rest of my photos are up over here:

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Sadly I totally failed at taking photos this con. The only ones I have are from Saturday and most of them are of the Pandora Hearts group. So this report is going to be kinda lacking in photos this time around.

AUSA '09 )

So all in all, another good con for me.
Picture page here:

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AnimeUSA aka Pandora con aka Kool Kon was awesome this year. ^_^ I had a blast and a big thank you to everyone who hung out with me and made it as awesome as it was.

There was some awkward stuff going on but ultimately no drama that I know of and the Pandora Hearts group on Sat seriously made my con. I love you guys. Now I just need to track you all down and exchange info. XD

Con report probably sometime tomorrow after I finally clean up the mess I made down here. >>;

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Here's some Gil progress now that I finally have enough done worth showing XD

Sadly you can't see the little belty strips that are on the sleeves here but they do exist. XD And on the chair behind it you can see the in progress butt bow/belt pieces.

Still a lot to do though...

- Finish bias tape and slipstitching on butt bow/belt thing
- Attach butt bow/belt thing to outfit, bend wire into right shape
- Make buckles
- Make gold closures for shirt
- Make cravat

- Make hat (I do have a back-up hat in case I can't get this done in time)
- Design on gloves
- Paint gun - in-progress
- Fix hem on pants
- Earring - waiting for paint to dry
- Gun holster (optional if I have time)

- Redo hem on pants
- Glue boots back together

- Maybe repaint headphones

- Make doll kitty hoodie for Corey
- Make a few pairs of doll wings to sell

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Well I'm still waiting on some photos but I'm going to go ahead and do my con report before I start to forget things.

Friday was full of fabulous-ness as Mikage and Fai, Saturday was full of angst and pain as Asch and Rai, and Sunday was full of lots and lots of Weiss lulz XP All in all, a good con.

AUSA 08 )

And as always, here are my photos:

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Alright I'm going to do things a bit different with my con report and break it up into sections. Mostly as I realize that most of my con-going friends probably don't want to have to skim over a large amount of Versailles babble and that most of the my J-Rock friends will only want to read the Versailles babble. XP So I'm making a separate entry just for the Versailles stuff now and going to do the actual con report later. That and I'm still waiting on photos that I want to post for the con report as I have none of Rai right now. ;_;

The Panel )

Autograph Session )

Concert )

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This is to all of my friends who keep cussing out the band, I really think you should read this message from the Con Chair that is posted on the website:

Especially this part:
"This is where communication failed. We regret that we did not inform the people in line about the situation clearly. At the time, we focused on making sure those in line were getting water and fresh air flow. We also focused on wrapping up the sound check in hopes of getting everyone into the main events hall faster and into better conditions. This has led to much speculation and rumors that the band was at fault for the delay. The truth is, it was not their fault. Communication and equipment errors from both sides led to the issues we had on Saturday night."

This is why I kept waiting to hear the full story before making any judgement calls. I am not being a fan in denial. I just wanted my facts straight. I enjoyed the show. It was worth the wait. I didn't even mind the wait. I was happy and in all honesty it was one of the best nights of my life so keep that in mind next time you decide to laugh over the "punching rumor" or whatever to my face.

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I've returned from the con with the following:
- Versailles autographs
- Lamento manga
- Zodiac Suzaku figure
- 6k in Gaia gold XP

Annnd this little thing here...

*spazzes* Oh my god I still can't believe I got that high of an award! It was for my Asch costume. ^_^

So yes overall despite a number of pretty big setbacks, the con was amazing! A lot of emotional things happened but most of them were in a good way. Though wow all the Versailles events were chaotic to say the least. I'll talk more about that in my report.

In the mean time I think I need a nap. I got pretty much NO sleep and I'll explain why in my report as well. >>;

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*spazzes out*

I check my e-mail today and get an announcement from my AnimeUSA flyer.


OMG!!! I could cry! I'm so happy!

So...uh, this may mean I might be changing some of my cosplay plans, just to warn people. Because I would totally have enough time from now and then to make a Versailles or Lariene costume so I kinda want to. But it would mean dropping something but I don't know what yet. I'll figure it out later.

I need to spazz out more now! I mean I thought after A-Kon that would be it and I'd never see them but for them to come to one of my local cons?!! ^____^

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Time for yet another one of my ridiculously long con reports. XP

Kats...I mean AnimeUSA )

So yeah, I actually had a REALLY great time this con though I'm sure the actual con itself probably wasn't that great if I looked at all the events but I was really too busy enjoying myself to really care. And I do still really like that hotel even with its bad lighting and no service on the bottom floor. It was just really really weird to have AUSA there.

Edit: Oh I totally forgot to give the link to my pictures!

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AUSA was awesome. Or at least I had a good time anyways. Even though I kept thinking I was back in time at Katsucon at some points. The con itself had a lot of issues but I had an awesome time due to the people I hung out with. ^_^

I didn't leave the con until about 5pm though 'cause Gabi was working on tech and had things to do til then. It was really weird being there at the end of a con. Never really done that before. Well, sorta for Otakon but that's different as there's still a lot of people around even at the very end.

But I'm pretty exhausted. Had very little sleep over the weekend and I barely ate anything at all (I think I might've even beaten some of my past lack-of-eating con records this time around XP). Costumes went well for the most part. Especially Saint Seiya which got a lot of attention this time around. ^_^ And even though I didn't get to do much for the Tsubasa cosplay stuff, it did get me all excited for future Tsubasa cosplay at Katsu. But yeah, more will come once I do my con report.

And of course the very first thing I did when I got home was download episode 1 of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations! *_* Yes, the first episode is finally out! Though won't be getting episode 2 for another few months (noooo! and that's going to be the really violent part too I think~ So long to wait. -_-; )

But oh my god that was gorgeous! The animation is so nice and the music is soooo pretty! And it goes along with the manga exactly! ^_^ I'm so happy to finally see a decent Tsubasa anime! And omg, the famous "arm grab" scene was so well done. Wai~ (Especially the tone Namikawa uses for Fai there, I was like "woah!")

And wai, Kamui~ ^_^ Though weird hearing Light/Tamaki's voice coming out of his mouth. ^^;; Though score! The lining of the vampire capes is RED in the anime! That means I'm still accurate on my Subaru costume! Whoooo!

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I need a ride to AnimeUSA

My ride just had to cancel. Gabi and I need a ride to the con Thurs night and a ride back on Sunday. We're at school in St. Mary's County in MD which is approx 1 and a half to 2 hours from the con.

We may be able to figure out something. Might be able to take either Andrew's or Kat's cars but don't know if either of them will be willing to give their car up for the whole weekend. But most likely we'll figure something out but in case we don't, would be nice to have another option.

Unfortunantly I do have a lot of stuff though Gabi has barely anything. And well if need be I can always just drop a costume or two and not bring as much.

Edit: Ok, I think we have Kat's car. So we should be ok. But having a back-up ride may still be nice. But anyways, think we're good to go. I hope. Unless Kat's car dies on us. ^^;;


AUSA plans

Nov. 13th, 2007 01:39 pm
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This seems to be the con where no one really knows what they're doing. lol Took me forever to figure out my own plans. But I think I have it figured out! (But this still has a chance of changing.)

I'm heading to con Thurs night with Jes (and hopefully Gabi if Jes agrees she can have car space) and staying in Dar's room for that night. Then switching over to Alyce's room Fri whenever they arrive.

- Kanda - D.Gray-Man - wearing first unless people are doing DGM stuff at another time, I just figured this was the safest time to do it
- "X-mas" Cain - Count Cain/God Child - wearing for 2nd half of day, for cosplay budget panel, might enter hall, then maybe go to the Ball for a bit
- Ruthberg - AnimaMundi - late night, for the BL panel and possible photoshoot but thats all I'm wearing it for

- Fai - Tsubasa - might wear it for a bit in the morning so that I can be in more comfortable clothes for the doll meet at 1pm, or I might just wear regular clothes for a bit. *shrug* Hell, I could even wear Kanda again.
- Shaka - Saint Seiya - wearing it for however long Magenta and I feel like wearing the armor
- Tsubasa group will hopefully actually meet after the Masquerade 'cause Dani is in it and Alyce is helping Brittany during it. Though Sarah and I will probably be in costume before its over. So yeah, hopefully we'll all find each other and get at least some photos.

- Probably Cain again since its warm and comfy. Or possibly Fai but unlikely as I can barely see in that costume. ^^;

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Con report time once again! Like I said before, the con was awesome and was drama-free and stress-free. ^^ My only complaint is that it seemed to go by way too fast. ;_;

AUSA '06 )



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