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DOD has done it again.

But this time I actually was planning to get a body already. So I was planning on making an order, just decided to wait for the event to happen and plus they didn't make the new DOT body available before this event.

So yeah, just checking to see if anyone else wants anything off the site because it looks like I'm going to be placing an order soon. XD

I'm getting the new DOT body for my Elf Sha head. And there's an outfit I've been considering I might get too and well...that would obviously qualify me for the new head. And yeah, lol, I actually do like them and have a use for one. Just not sure which one to get. XD God, DOD, I hate you!

So either way I'm doing an order, just seeing if anyone else wants to join in on any items. Sadly the outfits aren't on sale this time. Was kinda hoping for that.

But anyways, website for reference in case anyone wants to look:

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Its done~! XP Finally. Well it could've been done like days ago but I kept being lazy and doing just small bits on it here and there. lol

I posted more photos over at the doll LJ, here:

Sorry for those who are seeing a double entry on this but I wanted to make sure everyone saw as I'm quite proud of it. XP

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Well finished the 2nd layer, the undercoat, today.

Was a lot easier than the shirt oddly enough. lol Tis also fully lined. And once again missing a few details but I'm lazy and will just do all those bits at the end. We shall see what ones I can actually manage to make in such small size. ^^;;

Sadly I do not have the right fur for the big fluffy coat like I thought I did. The only long fur in Mom's collection is kinda...blah. So back out tomorrow I go. XP But hey at least I've been making sure to get enough so that I can make at least one more (maybe 2) of these to put on DOA or something.

Also, I might go ahead and paint the big coat after all. I think I have an idea on how to do it but I'll experiment with a little piece first. I was just thinking how it might be kinda hard for Tom to get the design on if the thing is all sewn together already. Or at least the design on the sleeves so maybe I should just do at least that little part unless you think he'll be able to do that fine too. I know he's better at paint than I am.

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This is mostly for Alyce to see but I've been working on a Fai costume for her doll and thought I'd share some progress now that the shirt is done. I did mock-ups for all 3 layers already so just gotta make the coats and stuff.

Progress Photos )

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Yeah I know I usually make doll posts on my doll LJ but I've come to realize a lot of folks on here have dolls that aren't on that LJ and I think people notice posts on here a lot better than on there.

Anyways! Since I posted about it on DOA I figure I should post it here too. For my most recent doll, I made a pair of (in my opinion) kickass wings and now I'm wondering if there's any interest in people wanting wings of similar features. Trying to figure out how much feathers to order as alas my area now sucks in trying to get these feathers. I used to be able to find them really easily but that was years ago and now all I can find are really crappy ones (trust me I've gone to like every craft store around and bought a bag and each time been disappointed, had maybe 10 feathers in each bag I could use...while the ones I got in the past had like 30-50 or something like that).

But yes, here's the DOA thread asking about them if you are a user on there:

For those that aren't, Follow De Cut )

I was thinking of selling them for maybe $15-20. Unsure of the price right now. Suggestions are great. If everyone thinks they suck and there's no interest, then I will only order enough feathers to make myself a black pair for my other doll.


lol doll

Jul. 16th, 2009 02:28 am
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Oh and btw guys...I have a new doll. XP

Meet Archangel Michael~ Tender Elf Sha head currently on a Demon Garden body (but eventually will upgrade to the new DOT body as I don't like this one)

Photostory involving his arrival in my little doll story over at [ profile] fallen_arcadia

Still debating whether I'll bring him with to con or not tomorrow. And with that said, back to work!

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Warning, this is a doll ramble so ignore it if you're one of my friends who's creeped out by them. XP

Dream of Doll always finds a way to further mess up my doll plans. x_x Tender Sha has really put my mind in a "???" state on what I'm doing. lol As I just can't handle very many dolls right now so I try to make my decisions very carefully and I still really want my Dreaming El so I may even put Tender Sha's body on hold for quite a while and get Dreaming El together next whenever I have money.

But! Now Dream of Doll has released two new Minis. I'm safe on the girl as even though I do love her I'm not really interested in a MSD girl. Though I have to admit it would be nice to have a DOC girl who could be friends with Layla but that would only happen if like Mom decided to get a 2nd one or a friend nearby got one. ^^;;

However...the boy. The boy! Oh dear me. They finally released another mature looking DOC boy. T_T named Hez and yes I like him. the hell would he fit in my story? I mean he's got a similar look to Lucian but a bit more snobbier in my opinion and could potentially be a bit more feminine depending on the hair he's given. And then I realized he actually could work as a character in the story...just one I had never intended to have a doll for. x_x; lol So no I'm probably not going to do it...but its tempting. So very tempting.

In other words lets just say he's on my potential future doll list. He's not a limited which is nice. I am a sucker for DOCs and while I really can only see myself owning at most 3 SD sized dolls...I could prolly go for a little DOC army as I love their size so much and they're easier to fit. XP

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On Monday I hopped onto the Chinatown bus and headed to NYC. I took a different one than I usually do so wasn't sure where I was going to be dropped off and was a bit dismayed to find out there was a layover in Philly. So don't think I'll take that one again. Once in the city I met up with Marissa and we went to Friends2bMade except I really didn't see anything I had to have. lol Oh well. We went to Kino after that mostly just so I could get myself an onigiri 'cause I didn't really intend to buy anything. We decided to just head to Marissa's after that. Her family is crazy but in a good way. lol They were entertaining, that's for sure. XP

Chatted with Marissa the rest of the night over the dolls (she has eight the crazy girl XP). Took us a while to figure out where to put the dolls so we could sleep but we managed to. Chatted pretty late into the night which was really enjoyable as its been a while since I've just been able to do that with someone.

Then Tuesday Nicole and Alyssa came over. We went to Panera for lunch and then Nicole got really excited over the fact Marissa had a Quad (and I'm like thinking "...what the hell is a quad?" I seriously never heard that term for it before, lol). So her Dad started it up for us...

Photos plus rest of the week )

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Okies, I have enough and have gotten all the items people want for the doll order. ^_^ I'll talk individually with you all about how much you owe me. If you want to a pay a little towards the shipping feel free (I know I said I'd pay it so I can't make you guys but I did decide to get an outfit so I'm not just getting the head, lol). As it comes out to $60 total (and thats pretty normal for DOD).

Now I'm def sending Camberly's out so I do need some money for shipping there. Already talked to her. But to Alyce and Marissa: I don't know how long the order will take to arrive so I think you both should hold off on money on shipping to you 'cause I may be able to give both of you yours in person and all. Usually outfit orders don't take long but because we have the event head, it may take the same time as ordering a doll would. I don't know.

Oh man it feels kinda odd realizing that I am in fact getting a new doll here. o_o; I mean I'm not even sure what will happen with him. I don't plan to try to get him a face-up or body MUCH later on, probably sometime in the summer if I can. And not sure exactly what plans will be for him anyways all things depending on what happens in life between now and then.

Hmm, I probably should make a doll filter as I seem to be making more posts about doll related things than I mean to lately. x_x;;

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Ok, ok, so crazy idea just came to my head...

The Dream of Doll event is not just for the new dolls. They are also having a HUGE sale on some of their outfits and wigs on the Events page.

So...if anyone wants to take advantage of this, and if I find enough people and we can make it up to $300...>>;; See where I'm going with this? I'd totally take charge and pay for the shipping.

...granted no idea if I can get enough people wanting outfits right now. But hey it was worth a try right? ^^;;

Or maybe I should just give in and buy a body as that would be enough to get the head. x_x;;; But so much money. *whimper*

(Sorry for the doll spammage FL ^^;;;)

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So. Uh, anyone I know planning to order from Dream of Doll any time soon? Especially anyone thinking of buying a doll? ^^;;;

Because I'd love to have the new event head. T_T

I'm not interested in the new tanned limited version of him that's also being sold. Just the Tender head. Most likely I'm going to bug people on DOA to see if anyone who is planning to buy would be willing to sell the event head but I wanted to check here too. XP


dolls o_o

Jul. 14th, 2008 01:27 pm
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So there I was with Luci in my lap sitting in a gay attorney's huge apartment surrounded by other people ranging from teenagers to old married couples with dolls in their own laps and I start thinking "...dolls, what have you done to me?!"

Because you all really have no idea how strange the ABJD thing still is for me. I was never really into dolls. I mean I had two American Girl dolls and I did play with them a lot but that was when I was a kid and it never went on from there. And to me I always thought of doll people as those older scary women who just collect dolls to have them on a shelf. While with ABJDs, we actively play with them. And it really changes your life a little when you get into them. At least it has for me since I was just never the type of person to play with a doll like this before. XP

Going to doll meets always have that kinda weird feeling to me. I mean, its comforting and I like it. But its also odd when you're around a whole bunch of new people seeing them do the same things. Especially with this meet up I went to considering we had 4 male doll owners (woah!) and it looked like we finally scared away all the kiddies so it was just the more mature owners.

But yes, the meet-up was amazing. Started the day by going on metro and once again we managed to schedule a meet the same day as a Nationals game. x_x;; So baseball fans everywhere! Gah! Luckily when I switched lines, they were going the opposite side so I got to stand on the side with lesser people. And then David showed up out of nowhere and I rode the rest of the way there with him, which was good because neither of us had been there before so I had someone to potentially get lost with. I felt a bit more comforted to have another person with me but then I realized "wait, here we are, a weak little lesbian and a femme little gay asian boy...entering one of the bad towns of DC...yeah..." XP But it was a quick walk from the metro and Dizzi stood outside the door to wave at us when we called her. So we go in and WOAH! I was not expecting such a nice place in such a crappy neighborhood. It was AMAZING! Biggest apartment I have ever been in. And omg his room and bathroom! Holy crap. Too bad there's no door on the bathroom so we had a rule of closing his bedroom doors as a sign we were using it. XP But it was freaking nice!

On the way back, we all migrated as one big group back to metro so that made me feel a bit more safe and one of the ladies was going to my station so rode back with her which was nice. I really do love the DC group of doll people. A lot of them own dolls I'm not interested in or downright dislike but the people are so nice! It is a little weird being the only one that likes certain companies as they are mostly Volks fans but that's ok, I often feel like I'm representing DOD there or something. XP

So yeah, sorry I usually don't write about doll related things in here but had to talk about that experience. XP Pictures will be uploaded onto [ profile] fallen_arcadia shortly.



Jan. 21st, 2008 02:28 pm
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This is another shot in the dark but does anyone have the Crisis Core Soundtrack by any chance? I know probably not as I'm one of the only ones that has actually played the game already.

I was going to buy it originally but I'm tight on money now and I can't seem to find a download file that isn't a Torrent. And well Torrents don't at all here on campus. And I'm trying to avoid using BitTorrent as much as possible because I was told it was one of the reasons my Riff-top got screwed over so badly. That and I really hadn't been using it much at all before I switched over so I don't even remember which Torrent program works best.

So yeah, if anyone has it, or is willing to download it and send it to me? That would be so awesome. I did try BitTorrent already and it just wasn't downloading at all no matter what and my Zack-top started acting a bit weird so I took it off. Blah, btw, Microsoft Vista. Sucks. A lot. >>;; Don't get it unless you absolutely have to (like I did as I wasn't given a choice about it).

Oh and yesterday I was quite amused watching the Breakaway re-release on Luts. Its funny as I've actually watched a number of really limited dolls on their release moment. This one sold out in about 10 minutes. I watched it go from 98 units to 50 to 17 to 0 in a very short moment of time. lol It was very amusing watching everyone freak out about it.

There was a time when I would've been one of those freaking out as I used to really want a Breakaway. But now I find myself just sitting there, not really caring. As I've realized I really don't like the mouth. Though I think I will look at the vamp head when people start actually getting theirs to see how that looks (as by the image some people thought he might not have the open mouth. Funny that everyone was all upset at that idea while I'm probably the one person on this planet that would prefer it closed) and maybe try for the head if it doesn't cost a gazillion bucks. But not my biggest priority.

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WHAT?! O_o;

Angel Studio just released two dollfies modeled to look like Lucifer and Gabriel/Jibrielle from Angel Sanctuary. I kid you not, they even have the outfits! - Lucifer - I don't really like his face mold though but oh the outfit. x_x;

And they're not available with the outfits right now but apparantly they will be. O_o Crazies. And they're only like $300 and full 60cm dolls. O_o


Edit: And no, I have no intention of getting him. Just weirded out by it all. lol Though tempted to try to get the outfit if it ever becomes avialable. XPXP

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Crisis Core! I has it!



Though can't really play it yet as there aren't any guides online yet to tell me what things do and where to go and what they're telling me to do. XP Though I'll probably try to go as far as I can even without that.

Also, Jes is here right now so I must do other things so I don't feel bad about ignoring her. XP

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Got back on campus yesterday but I haven't really had time to update about it yet til now. Kat's birthday was yesterday and so we gave her a surprise party today (since she didn't come til today). That and helping her and Andrew move in took a while. Dear god Kat has a lot of stuff. XP And I thought I had brought too much but now I'm thinking of a lot more to bring...

Because oh my god this single is amazing! *_* I really didn't think it'd be this big. In fact, this apartment is just awesome in general. ^_^ Didn't take too many pictures as I'm waiting for us to get more settled in so the areas look less empty but here are a few...

Apartment Pictures )

But yeah, I have a lot more space! And like I could actually have people come and visit me and actually have space for them....except I'm in the middle of nowhere so its a bit hard to get here so I doubt anyone ever will. ^^;; But! If you ever do...


He's Here~

Jul. 16th, 2007 05:59 pm
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My Elf Ducan arrived today. ^_^

Photos and photostory up on the doll LJ here:

SQUEE! ^_^



Jul. 3rd, 2007 01:00 pm
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I WON!!!!

Elf Ducan is Mine!! ^_____^

I'm still kinda in shock but omg, soon my Lucifer will be on his way! Though I'm not quite sure how to prepare for this as I wasn't expecting him for quite some time and all my set-ups are just for Mini dolls right now.

Holy crap I'm getting a full sized doll. Didn't think the day would happen. XP

*runs around laughing like crazy*

Sorry to you non-doll people for all my spazzing lately. XP

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So Dream of Doll released simply the most gorgeous doll like....ever. I know most of you doll people know by now. I actually found out like a few seconds after he was put up but was spazzing too much to be able to talk about it coherently.

Black Elf Ducan

But of course he's limited to 2 sets only and they will only be available at this event in Hong Kong happening this weekend.

The ironic part is that I've been trying for a regular Elf Ducan and I thought he was rare and expensive as is. XP Dear God! Its probably a good thing this one isn't possible at least. Hell, I never like tanned dolls but I love him!

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Welp, I said I was going to make this dollfie outfit...over a year ago. And finally got my lazy ass to start working on it. Go over here: if you want to see it. XP It's not done yet though.

In other, well, I've been pretty lazy and totally unproductive lately. Though I did get my cosplay wigs of super long doom-ness. And I'm currently waiting for this layer to dry on the boot armor before continuing on that. So Shaka is slowly getting done finally.

Now I just gotta figure out how many feathers I need for the next costume I'm making. XP

Oh and Jess, don't know if you'll see this or not, but I do need to ask you about AN ride plans. As in, if your Mom is still taking up part way and if there is a way for me to join that caravan as I need to know before I pre-reg this week.



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