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Leaving for our trip Wednesday after I get off work. We're driving part way to Roanoke and then the rest of the way on Thursday due to it being a really long drive and Dad gets cranky after too long. And yes, I'm driving down with my parents. They're taking the opportunity to have a vacation in Atlanta and the surrounding areas while I'm at con. I'm staying for the whole con though it looks like I won't really be attending Monday and will just be heading back then and probably coming home some point on Tuesday.

I won't be in one of the hotels. To save on money and 'cause at first we couldn't find any rooms with openings that were PACKED with people...we're staying at a friend's house each night and [ profile] sunnyrea has been nice enough to let us use her room for changing and such and we're all giving her some money towards it, basically renting the space. XD;;

I'm not bringing many costumes due to needing space in the car and not wanting to carry a lot. And the fact I want to do a lot of stuff at this con and don't really want to be spending all my time worrying about costumes and being in pain. Sadly I really don't have many non-anime costumes in general and most of them are old and crappy and I refuse to wear. So I decided (last minute pffft) to remake my Pirates of Dark Water costume, thinking that would be pretty quick and easy. Well...there's no such thing as "quick and easy" for Lyn. 'Cause I'm not done yet. x_x And I keep trying to convince myself to do this costume the quick and dirty way and I just can't get myself to do it. lol So I'm most likely going to be slip-stitching the bias tape in the car. Pffft. If I get everything else done beforehand, that is. I was actually really tempted to just give up on it for now 'cause I mean, I know this con is an older crowd and very unlikely anyone will know who I am, especially since I'll be by myself and was pondering the idea that I'd rather wait to do it when Alyce is ready to remake Tula. But then talked to [ profile] girl_dissolving about it and her excitement about me doing the costume kinda gave me the MUCH NEEDED motivation to get it done. lol 'Cause if nothing else I can get photos somewhere and show everyone online. ...even though I realize I could do that outside of a con. Pffft.

I'm also bringing Okita Souji from Hakuouki because I need to wear it again (haven't since the sakura matsuri) and really need more photos and Corey is bringing Hijikata since we have yet to get photos together and our Katsu plans are kinda full so this is the best time for it. Plus they're pretty costumes and pretty obviously "samurai" (after all, I had kids at the sakura matsuri being all "Look at the samurai! *_* just 'cause I had the swords lol Since I don't think kids would recognize that era of clothing as samurai otherwise XD). Also bringing Leo so we can do Leo and Elliot again and this time possibly without the spoilers. I've been told by Corey that there's a few PH people going so hopefully we can meet up with them. But really its comfy and classy looking so that's good enough for me. And I MIGHT bring Chopin. It kinda depends on how packing goes. I wanted to bring one impressive costume and I figured that one would fit in the best with this crowd since its just a nice design in general and I feel really swanky in it. But its also really fragile to transport (even though its quite comfy and not as fragile when I actually wear it) so we shall see. I decided against Takuto even though everyone told me I should bring him for many reasons. He's uncomfortable, there's A LOT of stuff, I don't want to wear those boots at this con, its VERY anime and I don't feel would really work at this con, and I don't want to have to bring a wighead, etc.

But yeah, I sadly have quite a bit of sewing still to do. But I also have to clean like...everything because I'm leaving Crystal home alone for almost a week and I don't trust her not to pee on anything or destroy something. >> My brother will be coming by to feed and change her water and such but otherwise she'll be all alone and I know she gets upset. Honestly pretty worried about this since we haven't left her completely alone for longer than like 2-3 days the last few years. And she's gotten extra clingy as she's gotten older. But there's no one I know that she will really come out for other than my brother and she wouldn't handle being boarded very well (we're boarding the dogs though).

And I still gotta pack. And this wouldn't be that bad except for the fact that I am doing closing at work tonight AND opening tomorrow morning which means I'm going to be pretty much going straight to bed when I come home and then we leave tomorrow after I come home. So there's like NO TIME to do anything except for the 4 hours or so I currently have right now. x_x

So yeah...probably should get a move on. Bleeeeeeeh.

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I meant to update this a while ago but I keep doing late night sewing and just been overall busy that I forget to write entries on here...

Last night...

Me: "The cat has used the litter box! *victory pose*"
Parents&Me: "YAY!"

XD Seems silly to be so excited over that but yesterday I had to take my cat in to get her nails clipped. And I am a horrible cat owner for letting them get as bad as they did. T_T Granted, you gotta understand that we've never had to take her in to get them clipped until last year and she's 16 years old. In the past she was pretty good at getting them down with the scratching posts and such and we'd only occasionally had to clip a few nails here and there. Well last year a few of her nails suddenly got a lot thicker than normal and we (by we I mean Mom and I as we both try to clip them whenever we can get a chance) were having a hard time clipping them. I honestly can't really tell where the vein is 'cause they're so thick and every time I put even a tiny bit of pressure on the nail, she freaks out and starts hissing. So I've come to the conclusion that it hurts to clip them which of course puts me at an end. Last year we had them clip them while we had her check-up. And then just figured we'd be able to clip them ourselves once they were shorter.

Well...I still haven't been able to get them clipped in all this time. I kept trying but she was being REALLY difficult with it. I kept saying we needed to probably take her in again as they were starting to curl under again and get even thicker but Mom said she really wanted to try doing it herself, thinking maybe she'd have better luck than me but she kept being unable to do it either. I think she wanted to save the money of having to take her in. But then I realized this week that her claws had curled under so much that they were in fact digging into her paw pads and looked like they had in fact pierced through the skin. This freaked me out and I felt so horrible for not noticing it before and convinced Mom that we HAD to take her in. Now. 'Cause I didn't want it to get any worse and there was no way we could clip them ourselves now without hurting her. So we took her in yesterday and it went actually fine. I was nervous it'd be worse than it was. But they did bleed some and she has puncture wounds from where the nails went through. No infections, thank god. But I have to keep an eye on them. And because normal kitty litter has tiny pieces, they told us we had to change her litter to this newspaper-stuff so it wouldn't get into the wounds. Ok, that's fine. But my cat doesn't adapt well to change so I was really nervous she wouldn't use this kitty litter. At all.

First few times she goes over to it, sniffs it and walks away. Goes upstairs and then comes back down like a minute or so later to do the same thing. I'm guessing she kept thinking if maybe she walked away and came back, it would magically turn back to her old kitty litter. lol This repeated for a good portion of the day. I tried to even encourage her to use it at one point but she was more interested in rubbing up against my arm than actually going in so figured I'd go back to just watching from afar since my cat tends to like her privacy (lol yeah its odd) and doesn't usually go when you're too close. I was seriously getting worried she wasn't going to use it though as she kept walking away. But finally she did so things are ok.

The other event of the week I wish to speak of is on Monday we went out shopping for my youngest niece's birthday as its coming up this weekend. Though its kinda annoying 'cause her parents really aren't helpful in what she wants/needs as they just have gotten used to her playing with her sister's toys but we try to make the point that they really should have their own or else jealousy might erupt since they're only like 2-3 years apart. And I'm sure 6-year-old Lauren doesn't really want her baby sister playing with all her nice toys. So Mom gets it in her head that Morgan needs her own My Little Ponies so she'll stop playing with Lauren's. Problem is. The current ponies aren't really good for 3 year olds. They're small and have lots of tiny pieces. Which is a shame 'cause the G3 ponies we got Lauren at that age would have been a good size for Morgan.

But anyways as I'm wandering off and looking at action figures and other silly things because that's a lot more fun than looking for a child's gift, Mom got into the (tiny) pony section and comes over to me and is all "how about this? *holds up Princess Celestia pony*"

Me: "...Well its the wrong color one. That's the alternate color one. I think she'd prefer the one from the show." - Thinking this is for Lauren 'cause I mentioned earlier I thought that pony would be awesome for her 'cause I'd certainly LOVE that if I was that age. And also thinking "...aren't we here for Morgan though?"
Her: "I don't think she'll care."
Me: "...wait, is this for Lauren or Morgan?"
Her: "Morgan of course!"
Me: "..." and in my head I'm going "ahgaidghadpaidhiapdi!!!!" "Mom, we CAN'T give that to Morgan! For one thing its too fragile! She'll break it and the parts are small. And if I was Lauren, I'd be PISSED that my LITTLE sister got the PRINCESS pony if I didn't already own it."

And at this point I realized I was caring way too much about this. XD; But its true, even when its just for my nieces (and remember I don't like children even if they are related to me), I'm like MLPs are a big deal. XD And the idea of a 3 year old chewing on Celestia really bothered me. hahahaha XD

And on that note, FIM is on. >>;; And yes, I've given in and started watching it. Despite the fact I'm still more of an old-school MLP fan and I have a bit of "elitist" feelings towards this new fandom, I still have to admit I do love this new show. Its really cute and fun and I see why everyone loves it. It just annoys me that everyone only seems to care about this new one now and you see like nothing from G1 anymore in the fandom. Especially with the cosplay. Kinda annoyed at all the G4 cosplays I see from it already. I miss the G1 cosplays. I like don't see them at all anymore. But yeah, I'm just an angry old bitch. XD haha

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Crystal peed on the bag I use for work. It must have been either last night or the night before because it was still pretty fresh when I grabbed it. She's done this before but on a backpack I took to Japan with me and used to bring to college. I forgot it one semester and I come home for break and kept smelling cat urine but couldn't figure out what it was until I sniffed it. Had to throw out the whole thing in the end. And am pretty sure she did it 'cause the thing smelled like other places and me so to her it was a symbol of me not being there with her. But that was years ago and I wasn't at work for very long and I've been using this bag for years and she never did it with any previous job even when I was gone for much longer periods of time. My only thought is maybe a particular smell from the store upset her or something.

But it was disgusting. At least the back pack had been dried when I found it. This was dripping and she got EVERYTHING in it. Luckily my wallet was thick enough that it didn't get on any of my money or cards. And my checkbook and calender are covered in plastic so the actual papers are all ok. But anything else in there had to tossed (luckily it was mostly just trash anyways) and I had to get myself a new wallet and am still looking for a new bag. So yeah...that was my day so far. x_x

Now onto the meme....

Day 05 - Your favorite Final Fantasy City/Town. )

log kitty

Jan. 9th, 2011 07:49 pm
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One of these is not like the other, one of these does not belong...XD

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Advent Children Complete really is so much better on an actual HD TV. Wai~ Kinda sad that its taken me this long to get a chance to watch it on that TV but its my parents' so don't get much of a chance. But they were gone this weekend so finally took advantage of this last night when Carrie was over and watched it while eating my strange little rice + seaweed + pot stickers combination. lol And then finally watched all the extras since I had only skimmed some of them before.

Anywho...been drowning in commissions.

Kitty has been helping as you can see. XD;

Also have a question. Does anyone on here still want me to show my finished commissions on this LJ? 'Cause I haven't really been showing them here lately. Really only on Facebook and DeviantArt. Figured people wouldn't want to see them crossposted a million times but figured I should ask if there was anyone on here still interested in seeing them. I'd probably just put all the ones I've made in the last month or so in one post to reduce spammage. Just curious. Won't bother if there's no interest.

~Lyn XD

Jul. 1st, 2010 05:55 pm
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So I'm sitting here trying to sew and my cat comes over and is like "lovelove" and I'm like "kitty no...I'm kinda busy...kinda busy *dancedance*"

... "I just sang Telephone to my cat, oh lord."

And then seriously not even one minute later. Guess what comes on the TV?

The Telephone music video. No joke. And I'm watching Logo so it wasn't even like I was watching a music video channel or anything. lol

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Dear Human Slave,

I do greatly appreciate all these odd shaped mats you have been making for me to lay on.

However, there has been a great lack of lap time on the couch.

I do not like this.

This must change.

No love,
Your Cat The Empress


Dear Cat,

Get off my fabric.

...Ok, fine, you can have lap time. >>;;


my cat...

Jun. 12th, 2010 01:01 pm
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Decided to take this video after watching my cat ignore a bug for a good several minutes...

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This is what my work space currently looks like...

God it's such a mess. XD Though its been worse! A lot worse. lol This is just perhaps the most amount of costumes I've had in the space at once though. There's 3 complete costumes, 2 mock-ups, and one in-progress in this photo. XD So that's what, 6 total there? XD And mountains of fabric/pattern pieces. There's also pieces of 2 other costumes over by the sewing machine. And the chair is full of doll wings/hoodies.

There's a PS3 somewhere in there too. XD Its hidden. lol

And here's a kitty photo )



Jul. 9th, 2009 02:54 pm
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Cats really make everything better. *nod*

*goes back to cuddling with kitty*



May. 10th, 2009 08:36 pm
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I know many of you are quite stressed out whether it be over finals or I figured I'd post a little of my own personal stress reliever...


...well the few that didn't blur at least )

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So I go to turn the water on in the shower...and out comes kitty. XP

If she had waited just a few more seconds...she would've been very unhappy.

Though I was like "wtf? Why are you in here?" I mean when she goes for water to lick out she usually goes into the tub in the other bathroom. Not the shower in this one. She never goes in there. XP So maybe she really did just want to take a shower with me?

But now I have a happy warm kitty snuggling with me so life is good.

...And yeah that's how boring I am that that's about the only thing I could think of worth posting.

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Stolen from [ profile] catsiy15

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Considering how often she tries to make me trip over her when I'm walking down the hall, I say that's pretty accurate.

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[Error: unknown template video]
Well this is that video of my cat I mentioned a while ago. YouTube kinda killed the quality so its all dark and grainy. O_o; But yes see this is proof that I do in fact have a cat though no one like ever sees her (she usually hides from strangers).

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So I was all "alright, going to take a break from hand stitching and just get the cape out of the way before I go crazy!" and I turn to my cutting board on the floor...

Kitty: *roll roll purr purr*
Me: Kitty! Now is not the time for ze rolling and ze cute! ;_;

I don't know why but every time I have it out and there is no fabric on it, she goes crazy on it. O_o; I actually have a little bit of video as evidence I keep meaning to post. I'll do it when I'm not spazzing over cosplay. XP



Jun. 6th, 2008 08:48 pm
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So I realize I've like never really shown you guys pictures of the pets in my house. XP So thought I'd go and fix that. So let me show you the 2 dogs, my kitty, and the bird.

The dogs, Rascal and Scout.

Pets Ahoy )

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So I walk into the suite after the show tonight to find this...

My suitemates apparantly turned my gigantic thing of roses into a x-mas tree. ^^;; Tom always said he really wanted us to have one but was too cheap to buy something so I'm sure this made him happy. Though I was kinda planning on taking pics of the roses by themselves. Oh well. This is too amusing though.

And yes, that's an origami shuriken star as the star on top.

Without flash so you can see the lights )



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