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So realized I haven't shown much of what I've worked on in the last few...months on here. Mostly I guess 'cause I've noticed more people are on FB so I've posted more of them over there but figured I should at least do one post with everything in case people on here haven't seen them yet. So here goes...

Lots of stuff XD )

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Just a preview of the huge commission I've been working on (feels like forever lol)...

I really like this waistcoat. XD Kinda wish was my own. I have the coat and pants done too but I rather wait til I've added the chains to everything and show it off all together. But just thought I'd show a little of what has eaten me alive this last month or so.

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Here's some proof that I've actually been working on stuff. ^^;; And of the various costume bits laying all over the place at the moment.

First off is my Takuto cosplay so far...

Its not that impressive right now despite how many hours have gone into it already. x_x Still a lot more to go... lol It looks so plain without its bling.

More Takuto and my in-progress Commissions )

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Finished this one in April for Anime Central. Of Albert Wesker from Resident Evil 5. I was unable to find the exact material he has on his coat so I went with a textured pleather that the customer agreed was the best match of the fabrics I was able to find.

But here's the finished outfit worn by the customer at ACEN:

Photo was slightly photoshopped. He shopped his hair 'cause his hair wasn't quite accurate at the time. lol But he didn't shop the costume at all.

I made the coat, shirt, and pants.

Dressform photos )

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I made this costume for [ profile] shin_san in March/April of Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles. She just recently wore it to Fanime so now have images of her wearing it and it looks pretty badass. ^^

Note though that I only made the top, skirt, collar piece, and belts. She did her own armor, boot covers, headpiece, gun, and gloves.

Costume details under cut )

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Sooooo...I know its still kinda early but since I'm not going to any con between now and be my potential Otakon list, as of now...

+ Lucille - Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan (or "Grand Guignol Orchestra") - Still interested in any other people joining this. We have a Spinel now! But lost our Kohaku. T_T Most likely for Friday
+ Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII - might fix a few parts if I have time - for Sat - realized this Otakon is going to mark 10 years since I first started cosplaying and Cloud was my very first one I ever attempted so I feel the need to wear my newer one. XD;
+ Glen - Pandora Hearts - for PH gathering - 'cause I have a potential Lotti and Lily! And looking for more Baskervilles...

Hoping to get done...
+ New: Reo/Leo - Pandora Hearts (the black outfit that he's worn more recently, not the school uniform) - Not sure when exactly. May do it to the PH gathering if there's another Glen (doubt it though) so probably will wear this around. Will have an Eliot. Most likely going to be doing some recent spoilers with this.
+ New: Takuto (Ginga Bishonen version!) - Star Driver - ...I REALLY want to make this but it depends on if I have the time with all the commissions I have right now. T_T But I'm going to aim for it!

+ Kurosuke - Togainu no Chi - Only if we still do TnC again but looking unlikely but if we do, want to make it a little more accurate this time around, lol
+ Cain C Hargreaves - Count Cain/GodChild - T______T If the Cain group still happens...haven't talked to the Riff in a while who was putting this together. Dunno how I'd fit it in but still kinda want to do it but if she's not doing it anymore...might wait til later.
+ Teito Klein - 07-Ghost - For the 07-Ghost group. No longer doing the Ghost group though so might just wear Teito to it, depending on when it is and how the rest of my schedule is.

Yes I know that's a lot. lol But most likely will be dropping 1-2 in the end, I'm sure.

Especially as I'm up to my armpits in commissions right now. ^^;; So if any of you who have mentioned stuff to me before, if you haven't confirmed (or canceled if you decided not to do it) yet, please do soon! I'll be messaging everyone I've talked to soon as I go down the list to make sure as I really need to plan things out and start working on things if I'm to get everything done for everyone in time. This includes anything for AnimeNEXT (keep in mind, I'm not attending) and Otakon. And anything else in that time range. I've got about...8 or so costumes between now and August so I really need to get the ball moving here. x_x;; (though one of those 8 I'm already working on at least) Plus a few smaller things (like patches/plushies).

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Here's one for all you Hetalia-tards. XD

Poland from Axis Powers Hetalia. Made March, 2011. Included Jacket, Pants, Cape, and Belt. Made of bottomweight rodeo.

A few more photos )

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I seem to do these in large batches lately...but yeah, here are all the commissions I made in the period from Dec 2010 to March 2011...

Costumes Ahoy! )

And that's all for now. But got quite a large line-up these next few months so expect to see a lot from me. I'm going to try to get back into the habit of posting each one up as I finish it...hopefully. lol


Good Day~

Mar. 28th, 2011 11:28 pm
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Today was a good day. Hopefully this will continue.

I had an interview at Hancock Fabrics this morning. I think it went pretty well but she does have several more people to interview before she's making any decisions so gotta wait to find out. So here's hoping. As I could really use a part time job right now. And the hours they're looking for would work really good for me as I really only want a few hours here and there so I can still concentrate on my commissions. And Hancock is a little classier than JoAnn's as far as retail work goes. As I know they're a bit more picky about who works there and pretty much everyone there does some type of sewing business on the side.

The funny thing though is that the entire time I'm looking at her thinking "...she looks couldn't be, could it?" 'Cause I had seen her come into the store once before and was all "Wait! That's the woman that made that dress for Showboat!" but I wasn't 100% sure as that was over a year ago and all. She must have recently transferred to the store because I don't remember seeing her as the manager before. But anyways. Yup, its her alright as I was talking about past jobs I have had and I mentioned Signature and immediately she's all "I thought you looked familiar!" XD During my work on Showboat, basically the main dress of the lead female was changed last minute and because all the other stitchers were super busy, they called this woman in to make an entirely new dress in like...two days. XD So she came in and the dress pretty much was the show stopper. It was gorgeous. So yeah, was pretty excited when I realized it was her. 'Cause even if I don't get a job there, it will be nice seeing her around just from a customer point of view.

Then I come home from that and I have a message from [ profile] misskalloway saying that AmiAmi had the Hades Myth Cloth in stock! I was kinda freaking out lately because I realized I missed the pre-order a while ago on there as they had sold out and I wasn't sure if they were going to put any up after it got released. And the other sites have him listed for a lot higher but I didn't want to miss my chance. Well luckily they did have him in stock so I placed an order. I haven't gotten the invoice for payment yet though so I can't say for sure if I got him just because there's always a chance that he sold out before that went through...but here's to hoping!

And today went pretty well as far as commission work went. Working on [ profile] shin_san's costume right now and its going pretty good so far. Hoping to keep this pace up so I won't be stressed out too much in the next few weeks (I have A LOT of commissions due in May, oh lord).

Tomorrow Alyce, Tom, and Beth are coming down to go see the cherry blossoms since they will be unable to attend the street festival and most likely the blossoms won't be in bloom by then anyways. So looking forward to that. ^.^

Though I'm also a little nervous as I just updated my schedule for the next few months...and oh lord I have A LOT of commissions. I'm actually booked all the way through July now. And I am a little worried how hard this will be if I do get the part time job as well. But I'll manage. Or at least learn how to balance my time better. But yeah probably means a lot of busy days very soon. 'Cause I also have stuff I want do do for myself in this time.

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So this is the commission that ate my soul...

This is Ren's World of Warcraft Level 10 Tier Priest (I know nothing about WoW so excuse me if I get the name wrong ^^;;)

More under cut )
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First ever petticoat. XD Kinda proud of myself. lol Its for [ profile] blood_sorbet's Maylene costume.

And the in-progress dress )

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I meant to do this a while ago but then forgot and got busy. ^^;; But since I'm feeling a bit blah and don't want to do anything right now, might as well do this. So here are all the commissions I've done in the last few months that I hadn't posted on here yet. Most of you have probably already seen them on my facebook but at least here I can write more notes about the construction and whatnot...

Lots of Photos Ahead )

Annnnd that pretty much brings us up to date. lol As I haven't actually started on the new bunch of commissions yet. Am about to. In fact going to start on Archer as soon as I finish this entry. 'Cause I got. A LOT. And I really need to get my butt in gear. Uggggah.

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Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5. Shirt only. The patches were sent to me by the customer. All I did was sew them on at the end.

Despite it not being that interesting to look at, I'm actually pretty proud of the construction of this thing. It doesn't look that great here but I'm hoping it'll look awesome actually on him as you really need it on the body to show it off right. It just looked....REALLY silly on my dressform since its a tight fitted shirt and all. lol

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Made two of these for a customer. Includes lined uniform top with the white bias tape at the top (style requested by customer specifically) and zipper fly pants, slightly baggy style as was the request.

Kinda proud of the pants. I used a different pattern than the one I'm used to and it was a little more challenging but I really like the end results. It even has belt loops. XD Something I always forget to put on my own pants. lol

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Did this one a while ago but never got to post it on here. XD; This is the coat + gloves commission I did for [ profile] makokitten

Genesis Rhapsodes from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - coat and gloves only

More behind cut )

I stupidly deleted the images I had of the Alois cosplay I also made her off of my camera at Otakon when I was trying to clear up room. Totally forgot I hadn't uploaded them onto the computer yet. n_n Which sucks as it looked real nice on the dressform too. So going to have to wait til she gets more photos of that before I post that one up.

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Embroidery Patch I did for Kenya for her Engineer costume from Team Fortress 2. ^.^ I also did several embroideries of her artist logo but figured I shouldn't be posting those around due to it being her business design and all.

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I don't normally do plushies and was kinda surprised to get this commission but I figured why not and I'm actually really happy how it came out.

So here's Gii from BlazBlue:

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I made gloves out of vinyl...

Thank god they're done. lol Was pretty hard.

...dear god I hope they fit. I'm a bit worried as they are pretty tight. n_n I hate the Vogue pattern in the fact it only contains one size and I'm really bad at making patterns as you pretty much have to redraw the whole thing to get it bigger.

Anyone know of any other glove patterns? I remember seeing a "historical" one in either the McCalls or Butterick books but not sure if that one is any better. May at least take a look at it next time I'm there. 'Cause seriously, hard to make gloves for people with bigger hands with this pattern.

...or maybe I just need to learn how to make it bigger myself. Bleeeeh.

But hey I finally cut out Lucifer today! So finally some progress on my own costume for Otakon. ^^;; At least I've started? ...sorta? ...oh god its going to be a long two weeks...well closer to a week and a half now...T_T

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Finished the FFXI White Mage Artifact commission. First off I'd like to note that the customer asked for several alterations which is why it may not look quite like the original design. He wanted the flaps to be shorter so thus I had to make the designs on those parts smaller to fit. He also didn't want the hat, shoes, or gloves. And he wanted the pants to be more like sweatpants with the leg warmers sewn directly on.

He has a really small waist according to his measurements so the belt there is actually only pinned on as it won't fit on my dressform. A little nervous about that as I'm worried either his measurement may have been off a little or if I made the belt too tight even though I added a whole bunch of extra inches to it. :/ I have leftover material to the side in case I have to make him a new one. Already prepared for that.

I know I got it slightly wrong there with the fact the front panel should be a little higher up as the edges aren't supposed to show like that at the top but I somehow got my calculations wrong when making it. n_n; The customer doesn't seem to mind though at least.

And the pants + leg warmers

Also I meant to post this a while back but forgot to. I finally got a chance to play around with resin.

Here's the result )

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Yet another jacket commission to the list. XD

Looks a little strange on my dressform due to the boobs. haha XD As the costume is for a guy.

Tomorrow is accessories day. At least that's all I have left but they'll take a while. >>;;



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