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And wow, getting even further behind as this is for LAST YEAR's AUSA which I didn't finish til like 2 months after THIS YEAR's con. XD Oops. Let's see how long it takes me to put up Katsucon's?

AUSA 2015 )
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Soooo I totally failed to get this up before THIS year's Otakon. lol So this is seriously an entire year late. Oops. XD It was also weird writing the end of this after having just come back from the con this year. Haha!

Otakon 2015 )

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So I stop being so ridiculously behind on my reports, I think I'm going to try simplifying them a bit. Especially since I'm starting to forget things. lol

(I'd like to note that I said that when I started writing this but it didn't work...I barely finished it before THIS year's Awesome con >_>)

Awesome Con 2015 )
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I seem to be taking longer and longer to write these. XD I now have THREE more con reports to do after this too. x_x;; I know no one reads them but I like to be able to refer back to these when my memory fails me.

Katsucon 2015 report )

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I almost forgot to do this report...oops.

AUSA 2014 Report )

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This con took place over 4 months ago and I even started writing this over a month ago but then kept getting distracted and didn't force myself to finish it til now...oops. XD Still need to do a report on AnimeUSA too. x_x;

Otakon Report )

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I was asked to be a judge for Zenkaikon's Hall Cosplay Contest this year. I was a judge back in 2011 and rather enjoyed the experience so I was definitely up for making a return to the con. I had heard the con had grown a lot in size and was a bit different now that it had moved location and boy was that right. I'm glad to see the con grow and I really enjoyed it so I'm hoping to be there next year too.

Zenkaikon Report )

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Ugly new LJ layout aside, I still want to type up my con reports here. Once again I'm a bit behind in that regard but first off is Awesome Con, DC's first real comic con which is only in its 2nd year now. I missed the first year but was determined to go this year. I sadly was only able to attend Sunday due to my work schedule but it was definitely worth going to and I'm hoping to attend at least 2 days next year considering it will be an actual 3 day con now instead of a 2.5 day (or almost a quarter since Friday was only open for a few hours in the evening) con.

Awesome Con Report )

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Almost forgot to do this report. XD Figured I should do it before the next con(s)...

Katsucon 2014 )

Rest of my photos here on facebook:

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I keep taking forever to do these con reports. x_x But this one will be short at least since I only went for one day. AUSA moved their date to Sept...which sucked. Because it made it way too close to Dragon Con which resulted in a lot of people deciding to go only one day or not at all and the PA group couldn't attend at all due to being a big weekend in Gettysburg and most of them work there so I didn't even have my usual roommates. So thus only going one day.

Anime USA 2013 report )

Annnd that was one of the shortest con reports I've ever done. XD Yet took me the longest to get out? Pfft. lol The rest of my photos are on my facebook over here:

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Dragon Con Part 2: Saturday )

The rest of my Dragon Con report will probably be finished in just one more post as I didn't do quite as much stuff on Sun/Mon. XD

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Its taking me a while to call this con "Dragon Con" instead of "Dragon*Con" now that the name has changed. But a small price to pay for the con being able to finally disconnect itself with that controversy. And it didn't seem to affect attendance at all this year from what I could see.

This was my second time attending Dragon Con, the first time being in 2011. I was very excited to return and this time I made sure to have more actual non-anime costumes for this con. This time I also got to stay in one of the host hotels (Hyatt), instead of commuting from a friend's house every day. Which made a huge difference in the experience as I was able to enjoy a lot more of the con this time around.

This report is going to be huge and thus will be divided into at least two entries (maybe 3), like I did last time I went.

Dragon Con Part 1: Wed-Fri )

Annnd I think I'm going to stop there for now 'cause that took me forever to write up as is. XD And Sat was an even bigger day as far as events went so I think that will probably be its own entry. Then Sun-Tues as a 3rd entry. ...maybe. I'm being really slow and lazy with this report as I have so many things distracting me but so much I want to write about. ^^;;

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Oh Otakon. I keep trying to quit you but I always come back. XD Though to be honest, I actually really enjoyed Otakon this year. Though I think I keep bringing less and less costume-wise every year. Otakon for me really is now more about seeing everyone and going to maybe one or two big events. There just aren't really any good places to take photos and con wandering isn't as fun as it used to be. But I think I'm just repeating a lot of what I said last year so yeah. Onto the report! I actually started writing this BEFORE Dragon Con but wasn't able to finish it in time. XD So thus the delay...

Otakon 2013 Report )

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Last AnimeNEXT I had attended was back in 2008, before the location change. Honestly I hadn't really had a big desire to go to the con anymore due to hearing that the new location wasn't as great and noticing a decrease in the amount of people I know who attend that con. That and the people I went to that con to see, I see at most of the cons closer to me anyways. But during the DC Sakura Matsuri this year, Sarah asked if I'd be willing to work for her at the con this year since she'd be too busy with con work to be able to sell her stuff. And then Chrissy and Chris decided out of the blue that they were going to go to the con and considering they live in the next neighborhood over, I was able to get a ride with them pretty easily. XD But yeah, this con wasn't originally planned so I didn't really have any plans for it and it was quite different for me from my normal con experience as I was in the Dealer's Room for about 75% of it.

AnimeNEXT 2013 Report )

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So due to a lot of real life issues and waiting for photos and such, this con report got seriously delayed. I actually started writing it like a week ago but didn't really have much time and motivation to finish it til now. Though there isn't much new photo wise here if you're on my Facebook as I have most of these up there already. And I'll warn you that a good portion of this report is me whining about Hades. Considering that took up most of my time this con.

Katsucon Report )

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Mostly for my own sake. Since this LJ is becoming just one big check-off list for me lately. ^^;;

Tuesday (today): work - maybe cut a few more pieces, sleep
Wed: work in morning - finish harness, finish 3rd wing, start 4th wing ...didn't even finish 3rd wing, was too tired, worked a little on harness but did not finish it (on purpose though)
Thurs: Chrissy's embroidery, finish 4th wing, make 5th & 6th wings Did the embroidery. Finished 3rd and 4th wings. But haven't even started #5. Had to get more supplies so my time was cut shorter than expected.
Fri: work (this day is pretty much shot, sadly)
Sat: work in morning - start 5th & maybe 6th wing? Had unfortunate paint incident with one of the wings so spent most of the time fixing that, started 5th wing

Sun: work til evening - finish wings Fixed paint situation best I could, almost finished harness, 5th wing in progress, started pieces for 6
Mon: finish up harness, finish knee pieces, start chest pieces Had to switch shifts, am now working, will try to continue wings though at night
Tues-Wed: FINSH wings! hopefully at lest start...chest/shoulder/waist/etc.
Thurs: Remake gloves, finish up other pieces (I hope) - work in evening
Fri: work all day
Sat: work Have day off now - if Hades done, might get rest of Ludwig and start, also remake LC Hades' pants
Sun-Thurs: Ludwig, fix Leo's bow, make Malik for Ren if time permits...very unlikely I'll get to make Hades' sword sadly.

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- Gloves - DONE
- Gauntlets - DONE
- Upper arm - DONE
- Boots - DONE
- Thighs - DONE
- Knee pieces - DONE
- Wing Harness - DONE
- Wings x 6: DONE
-- First Wing - DONE
-- Second Wing - DONE
-- Third Wing - DONE
-- Fourth Wing - DONE
-- Fifth Wing - DONE
-- Sixth Wing - DONE
- Pants - finish new waistband - DONE
- Shirt - needs hemming - DONE - needs ironing
- Chest piece - DONE
- Back piece - DONE
- Front chest decoration piece & wings - DONE
- Collar - DONE
- Shoulders - DONE
- Hip/Waist pieces:
-- Side pieces - DONE
-- Back piece - DONE
-- Front piece - DONE
- Sword? ...if time permits
- Style wig


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2012 overall was a rather tough year for me and I'm very glad its almost over. I'm optimistic about 2013 though. Mainly because I feel like it can only get better from this point on. Not immediately but over time, I think.

I actually accomplished my New Year's resolution for the year, which I think is a first. I got my driver's license. Granted I did cut it close, as I didn't manage to actually get it shortly before Christmas. I had intended to get it a lot earlier but I kept having scheduling issues. The first time I meant to schedule it, I realized my permit was going to expire before the test date so I had to renew my permit first. Went to do that and failed the eye test for the first time ever which resulted in me getting my very first pair of glasses (haven't worn them since though but being the geek I am, totally intend to use them for future cosplay purposes). Scheduled the test again only to have my car not past inspection. And each time it was at least a month's wait before I could get a date in. So yeah. But despite all my freaking out about it...I passed on the very first try of the actual test. Like I did so good I was in denial for quite a bit at the end. I got even the parallel parking down absolutely perfect...better than I had done in any of my practices. Though makes me wonder if the actual test spot may have been bigger than what I was practicing with. But anyways, getting my license is such a huge accomplishment for me so I'm truly proud of myself for it.

I however did not accomplish my "cosplay resolution" which was to make several of my dream costumes. I did at least START Hades but that's about it. Instead I got barely any cosplay done this year and several of them were below par of my usual standards due to time restraints. Ah well.

But anyways, onto the points of this year...

Real Life:

+ Got promoted to supervisor at work.
- Lost two managers in one year, resulting in a rather difficult and chaotic time at work, which still isn't over right now. But hopefully things will finally get better soon and I've learned a lot from this experience and earned quite a bit of respect from my district manager due to me stepping up to take over a number of things at work that had been slacking.
+ Gay marriage was legalized in Maryland. Twice. They tried to take it away from us but we held on and were able to keep it through this most recent election. I've never been more proud of my state.
+ Re-connected with one of my childhood best friends that I hadn't talked to in many years and was delighted to find out that she is a major supporter of gay rights, which really touched me even though I still haven't been able to find the right words to tell her this.
- Had some major bouts of depression. I didn't tell many people about it but I got. Really. Bad. I don't want to get too much into it but for the first time in my life, I actually did have borderline suicidal thoughts. Don't worry though, it wasn't enough for me to ever actually consider it and it scared myself that I even had these thoughts, even if it was briefly. But there was quite a long period of this year where I really just didn't want to exist anymore. There is still some of this that lingers but I'm definitely getting better.
- My Dad had heart surgery which was unexpected and resulted in a very stressful time for my family but the outcome was all good. It was preventive surgery so that Dad won't have a heart attack any time soon since they discovered that he was at high risk. So it was a very good thing to have the surgery even if it did make things very difficult. Dad's recovering and hopefully will be able to go back to work in the next few weeks. But it was very scary seeing him so weak as Dad really is the backbone of our family and we all rely perhaps a bit too heavily on him. Even my brothers who are all moved out and married, still rely on him for a lot of things. My oldest brother almost passed out at the sight of Dad post-surgery and took it the hardest of my family. Oddly enough I found that I was able to deal with it better than the rest and made sure to crack jokes and keep everyone's spirits up as that seems to be my role as the little geeky sister these days.

+ Saw more movies in the theater in one year than I have in any single year EVER. I usually only see like 2-3 movies a year. This year I saw The Avengers (twice), Dark Shadows, Brave, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Wreck It Ralph, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Rise of the Guardians, and Les Miserables. In other words, there were a lot more movies that meant something to me this year than there's been in a long time, including a movie based on one of my favorite books and one based on my favorite musical. For the most part I loved all of these movies and also find myself wanting to buy most of them, which is another thing as I rarely buy movies.
+ Got very obsessed with The Avengers, which I did not expect to happen. I got fully consumed by the fandom and I still am. It even led me to actually reading some of the Marvel comics, when I usually am not a fan of American comics.
+ Bought two BJDs in one year. I try to keep to only one BJD a year, if any and I totally broke that this year. ^^;; And both were new sizes for me. Got my first tiny, an Angelheim Jin named Jasper. And got a Junior Delf Terra named Uriel.
- Experienced the longest wait I've ever gone through for a doll. The company Angelheim went under after I placed my order and I did not hear any contact at all for over a month. I didn't even know if I'd ever get the doll. Another company took over and offered us all a choice of a refund or to wait for our orders and I decided to wait and I'm glad I did as I love the doll dearly but it was a very stressful issue considering this was a very expensive Tiny. Uriel also ended up being a longer than expected wait but nowhere as bad.
+ Watched 40 some Takarazuka shows in just one year. XD Bringing myself up to 70-some shows. Plus a few OG shows. Really finally feel like a better fan as I managed to learn a lot more siennes. My collection also got A LOT bigger. I also bought two brand new DVDs, which was a first for me as I've only ever bought things 2nd-hand before. Also found myself becoming a Hoshigumi fan, which surprised me as in the past they were the troupe I was never very interested in and I've always been devoted to Hanagumi but I really don't know the current Hana at all while I've come to truly love the current Hoshi.
- Experienced 3 top star retirements in one year, which was a bit painful. Seeing Kiriyan and Yuuhi go felt like the end of an era. And I only just got to barely know Kimu and then she retired as well. And also saw two of my favorite members of Hoshigumi leave at the same time, Toyoko and Remi. I still can't get over the fact they're gone. I thought they both had a good shot of being top stars.
+ Did my first real cosplay at a midnight premiere for The Hobbit. Felt very dorky. XD But glad I did it.
+ Made 6 costumes for myself + 14 commissions for a total of 20 costumes. Also did several alterations.
- ...which is actually really low for me. ^^;; That's 13 less than last year. But this is because several of these commissions were VERY big projects that really took a lot out of me. Captain America and Princess Peach were the two most difficult commissions I've ever taken on. Lollipop Chainsaw also was a big challenge. And Link took a lot more time than I thought it would. That and work got chaotic and made it a lot more difficult to get things done. I didn't enter any contests because I had no costumes of my own worth entering as everything I made for me this year was something kinda small and several of them were not up to par with my usual skills, sadly.
+ Princess Peach was the biggest costume I've made EVER and I'm really proud of it, eve if it wasn't a costume for me.
+ Saw Mix Speaker's Inc live and they revived my interest in J-Rock and brought back memories of PLC.

So what's my resolution for 2013? Well I'm going to really try hard to save money and plan out my hopeful trip to Japan in 2014 so I can see Takarazuka live for their 100th anniversary. I'm a bit nervous as I've never planned a trip on my own so I'm going to have to do a hell of a lot of research. But I do plan to ask the fandom rather soon about how best to go about what I'm planning to do...and to see if its even possible. lol I also plan to work to get myself more comfortable with driving so I can get my butt in gear and look for other jobs that will give me more of a future than retail. And I know I'm most likely going to have to drive myself to work wherever it ends up, so I need to work at getting used to it and battling my fears.

Annnnd I'm going to finish Hades dammit! XD And hopefully at least start Der Tod. I just don't know how much I'll be able to make anymore with work and commissions. I'm going to aim to be smarter with the commissions at least as I think now I have a better idea of how long it takes me and so I can schedule things better so I'm not overwhelmed or stuck with small time restraints, which happened a lot this year.

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Anime USA was in a new location this year. In DC, near the Omni which was Katsucon's hotel for several years. And I actually REALLY liked the new hotel. It had a bit of a confusing layout but it was rather pretty. And definitely A LOT better for photos than the Hyatt. Also being in DC made it very easy to find cheap food with a large range of options, just across the street. I also found the atmosphere and staff to be better than the Omni. And yeah, I'm sure the Omni had the prettiest outside area but I just got so turned off that hotel due to past experiences there. And AUSA is a bit too small to be able to afford that hotel, I'd think. So really I thought this hotel was a good choice for it.

The only real major issues I found with the hotel were the parking and the size of the event rooms. Like they had an alright sized room for the main events room. Nowhere as large as many other cons, but AUSA isn't too big so I thought it worked well. Granted I only was in there for the concert, so not sure how well it worked for the Masq and events with actual chairs. But this seemed to be the ONLY large room the con had. All the panel rooms were really small. Like ok, they'd be fine for small panels but this was also the rooms used for events such as guest panels and the Cosplay Burlesque. And so there wasn't nearly enough seating and many people had to be turned away. Also the viewing rooms were itty bitty. But this seems to be more of an issue of the hotel itself. There was another event going on so I don't know if maybe next year the con may get some of those bigger rooms or if this is all we're allowed to have. Either way...its going to make some events really hard to do at this con if they still decide to use such small rooms.

Anyways, onto what I actually did at the con...

AUSA '12 Report )



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