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So I stop being so ridiculously behind on my reports, I think I'm going to try simplifying them a bit. Especially since I'm starting to forget things. lol

(I'd like to note that I said that when I started writing this but it didn't work...I barely finished it before THIS year's Awesome con >_>)

Awesome Con 2015 )
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Ugly new LJ layout aside, I still want to type up my con reports here. Once again I'm a bit behind in that regard but first off is Awesome Con, DC's first real comic con which is only in its 2nd year now. I missed the first year but was determined to go this year. I sadly was only able to attend Sunday due to my work schedule but it was definitely worth going to and I'm hoping to attend at least 2 days next year considering it will be an actual 3 day con now instead of a 2.5 day (or almost a quarter since Friday was only open for a few hours in the evening) con.

Awesome Con Report )

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I keep taking forever to do these con reports. x_x But this one will be short at least since I only went for one day. AUSA moved their date to Sept...which sucked. Because it made it way too close to Dragon Con which resulted in a lot of people deciding to go only one day or not at all and the PA group couldn't attend at all due to being a big weekend in Gettysburg and most of them work there so I didn't even have my usual roommates. So thus only going one day.

Anime USA 2013 report )

Annnd that was one of the shortest con reports I've ever done. XD Yet took me the longest to get out? Pfft. lol The rest of my photos are on my facebook over here:

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Dragon Con Part 2: Saturday )

The rest of my Dragon Con report will probably be finished in just one more post as I didn't do quite as much stuff on Sun/Mon. XD

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Its taking me a while to call this con "Dragon Con" instead of "Dragon*Con" now that the name has changed. But a small price to pay for the con being able to finally disconnect itself with that controversy. And it didn't seem to affect attendance at all this year from what I could see.

This was my second time attending Dragon Con, the first time being in 2011. I was very excited to return and this time I made sure to have more actual non-anime costumes for this con. This time I also got to stay in one of the host hotels (Hyatt), instead of commuting from a friend's house every day. Which made a huge difference in the experience as I was able to enjoy a lot more of the con this time around.

This report is going to be huge and thus will be divided into at least two entries (maybe 3), like I did last time I went.

Dragon Con Part 1: Wed-Fri )

Annnd I think I'm going to stop there for now 'cause that took me forever to write up as is. XD And Sat was an even bigger day as far as events went so I think that will probably be its own entry. Then Sun-Tues as a 3rd entry. ...maybe. I'm being really slow and lazy with this report as I have so many things distracting me but so much I want to write about. ^^;;

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Had this conversation a few nights ago...

Mom: What is that strange thing in our neighbor's driveway *peering out window*
Dad: *looks* Hmm...definitely a Dalek.
Me: *looks* Nah, Dalek's don't have arms. See, there's something extending out from either side.
Dad: Maybe Robbie the Robot then.
Me: Yeah. Though man, a Dalek would make a pretty awesome lawn piece. Especially for Halloween.
Dad: Yeah, but we should have thought of it earlier. We would have had to start working on it in the summer. Don't have enough time now...
Me: Yeah...
Dad: Is there any place you can rent a Dalek from? Now that's an idea! We should start a business.
Me: Rent-A-Dalek! Brilliant! We'll make millions. Let's get on it.
Mom: ...

XD I love my Dad.

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This report has taken me longer than usual to write up just because I've been really busy ever since I got back from the con. @_@; Also doesn't help that this report is going to be pretty long due to all the stuff I did. However, I will do less of the annoying details of every little thing I did and more details on the actual panels and such so its a little more interesting than normal. ^^;;

And this thing ended up too long for one post, of course. XD So here's just part 1.


Dragon*Con Report Part 1 - Thurs-Sat )

Continued in the next post...

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So my thoughts on Doctor Who - "A Good Man Goes to War"?

Ok yeah, omg spoiler and whathave you. Kinda saw it coming...

But I'm sorry the entire episode was completely stolen away by these two...


I really hope they show up again at some point in the series. I'll be so sad if this episode ends up being their only appearance. T_T As they are totally my fav side characters now.



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