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Dragon Con Part 2: Saturday )

The rest of my Dragon Con report will probably be finished in just one more post as I didn't do quite as much stuff on Sun/Mon. XD

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Its taking me a while to call this con "Dragon Con" instead of "Dragon*Con" now that the name has changed. But a small price to pay for the con being able to finally disconnect itself with that controversy. And it didn't seem to affect attendance at all this year from what I could see.

This was my second time attending Dragon Con, the first time being in 2011. I was very excited to return and this time I made sure to have more actual non-anime costumes for this con. This time I also got to stay in one of the host hotels (Hyatt), instead of commuting from a friend's house every day. Which made a huge difference in the experience as I was able to enjoy a lot more of the con this time around.

This report is going to be huge and thus will be divided into at least two entries (maybe 3), like I did last time I went.

Dragon Con Part 1: Wed-Fri )

Annnd I think I'm going to stop there for now 'cause that took me forever to write up as is. XD And Sat was an even bigger day as far as events went so I think that will probably be its own entry. Then Sun-Tues as a 3rd entry. ...maybe. I'm being really slow and lazy with this report as I have so many things distracting me but so much I want to write about. ^^;;

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And here's part 2 of my report. Part one can be found here. This contains just Sunday but that was probably by far the busiest and most fun day for me.

Dragon*Con Part 2 - Sunday )

And despite my attempt to not be boring, I think I was still boring in my report. Oh well. XD

The rest of my photos can be found here: and on my facebook. And for once I actually took a lot of photos.

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This report has taken me longer than usual to write up just because I've been really busy ever since I got back from the con. @_@; Also doesn't help that this report is going to be pretty long due to all the stuff I did. However, I will do less of the annoying details of every little thing I did and more details on the actual panels and such so its a little more interesting than normal. ^^;;

And this thing ended up too long for one post, of course. XD So here's just part 1.


Dragon*Con Report Part 1 - Thurs-Sat )

Continued in the next post...

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Right now I'm in a hotel in Roanoke, VA and will be making the rest of the trip home tomorrow. I didn't stay for Monday of the con but there wasn't really anything going on that I was interested in and it was a good idea for us to get on the road 'cause long scary trip through hurricane weather = not fun.

But anyways! I very much enjoyed my first Dragon*Con.

Sadly had a bit of a bad start to it due to losing part of my Chopin costume which really upset me and I'll wait til my con report to go into the details so you don't get sick of me talking about it. I know its just a costume but it was like one of my best works and this part was a lot of work and I don't think I can get it exactly like the first one again. I've lost pieces of costumes before but never anything this major. Its always been something I could easily replace. Hell right now I can't even look at the costume without feeling insanely depressed about it.

That aside, the con was really good and I'm glad I went. I really didn't do much at all costume-wise and well even the stuff I did wear I have photos of. But that's ok. I honestly had more fun out-of-costume at this one for the most part. If I go back, I'll plan to think more ahead and have more con appropriate costumes.

Highlights of this con:
- Being a Transformer's escort and being interviewed by the local news station (it was so amusing how many people thought Tohma was a voice-commanded robot due to our walkie-talkie system XD)
- Going to Gareth David Lloyd's panel and hearing him talk about how John Barrowman is a horrible kisser
- Seeing Misha Collins play with a fan-made Castiel puppet during the Supernatural panel
- Watching the newest Doctor Who episode 2 hours before the rest of the USA in a huge room packed with fans with a clip of Matt Smith saying "Hello Dragon*Con!"
- Getting to meet and talk to Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon! And hearing Misty sing a tiny little song about Vanyel. Got one of my books signed. ^^
- Seeing Carrie Fisher kiss a girl. And just Carrie Fisher in general. She was f'ing amazing! I love her even more now!
- Running around in one of Lionel's Yip Yip costumes. OMFG probably the most fun I've ever had at a con!

I mean seriously, look how much awesome happened in just one con! And that's just me talking about the big things I did. Will eventually write a report but its going to probably be...really long. Haha! XD And I took a lot more photos than I normally do at cons. Mostly of the parade.

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Leaving for our trip Wednesday after I get off work. We're driving part way to Roanoke and then the rest of the way on Thursday due to it being a really long drive and Dad gets cranky after too long. And yes, I'm driving down with my parents. They're taking the opportunity to have a vacation in Atlanta and the surrounding areas while I'm at con. I'm staying for the whole con though it looks like I won't really be attending Monday and will just be heading back then and probably coming home some point on Tuesday.

I won't be in one of the hotels. To save on money and 'cause at first we couldn't find any rooms with openings that were PACKED with people...we're staying at a friend's house each night and [ profile] sunnyrea has been nice enough to let us use her room for changing and such and we're all giving her some money towards it, basically renting the space. XD;;

I'm not bringing many costumes due to needing space in the car and not wanting to carry a lot. And the fact I want to do a lot of stuff at this con and don't really want to be spending all my time worrying about costumes and being in pain. Sadly I really don't have many non-anime costumes in general and most of them are old and crappy and I refuse to wear. So I decided (last minute pffft) to remake my Pirates of Dark Water costume, thinking that would be pretty quick and easy. Well...there's no such thing as "quick and easy" for Lyn. 'Cause I'm not done yet. x_x And I keep trying to convince myself to do this costume the quick and dirty way and I just can't get myself to do it. lol So I'm most likely going to be slip-stitching the bias tape in the car. Pffft. If I get everything else done beforehand, that is. I was actually really tempted to just give up on it for now 'cause I mean, I know this con is an older crowd and very unlikely anyone will know who I am, especially since I'll be by myself and was pondering the idea that I'd rather wait to do it when Alyce is ready to remake Tula. But then talked to [ profile] girl_dissolving about it and her excitement about me doing the costume kinda gave me the MUCH NEEDED motivation to get it done. lol 'Cause if nothing else I can get photos somewhere and show everyone online. ...even though I realize I could do that outside of a con. Pffft.

I'm also bringing Okita Souji from Hakuouki because I need to wear it again (haven't since the sakura matsuri) and really need more photos and Corey is bringing Hijikata since we have yet to get photos together and our Katsu plans are kinda full so this is the best time for it. Plus they're pretty costumes and pretty obviously "samurai" (after all, I had kids at the sakura matsuri being all "Look at the samurai! *_* just 'cause I had the swords lol Since I don't think kids would recognize that era of clothing as samurai otherwise XD). Also bringing Leo so we can do Leo and Elliot again and this time possibly without the spoilers. I've been told by Corey that there's a few PH people going so hopefully we can meet up with them. But really its comfy and classy looking so that's good enough for me. And I MIGHT bring Chopin. It kinda depends on how packing goes. I wanted to bring one impressive costume and I figured that one would fit in the best with this crowd since its just a nice design in general and I feel really swanky in it. But its also really fragile to transport (even though its quite comfy and not as fragile when I actually wear it) so we shall see. I decided against Takuto even though everyone told me I should bring him for many reasons. He's uncomfortable, there's A LOT of stuff, I don't want to wear those boots at this con, its VERY anime and I don't feel would really work at this con, and I don't want to have to bring a wighead, etc.

But yeah, I sadly have quite a bit of sewing still to do. But I also have to clean like...everything because I'm leaving Crystal home alone for almost a week and I don't trust her not to pee on anything or destroy something. >> My brother will be coming by to feed and change her water and such but otherwise she'll be all alone and I know she gets upset. Honestly pretty worried about this since we haven't left her completely alone for longer than like 2-3 days the last few years. And she's gotten extra clingy as she's gotten older. But there's no one I know that she will really come out for other than my brother and she wouldn't handle being boarded very well (we're boarding the dogs though).

And I still gotta pack. And this wouldn't be that bad except for the fact that I am doing closing at work tonight AND opening tomorrow morning which means I'm going to be pretty much going straight to bed when I come home and then we leave tomorrow after I come home. So there's like NO TIME to do anything except for the 4 hours or so I currently have right now. x_x

So yeah...probably should get a move on. Bleeeeeeeh.

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Ok so it looks like I may be going for the whole con of Dragon*Con now.

But first I need to secure some room space. So does anyone still have room in their room for one Lyn? ^^;; I want to check with Kenya (since was going to stay in her room originally with Ren) but she hasn't been on yet and I don't want to wait too long so want to see if there are other options in case her room is full.

I might not be staying the whole con yet but going enough to get a full membership now. Still gotta figure it out though. 'Cause I might spend one of the days exploring around Atlanta with my parents as we've decided we'd just go to Atlanta and not go elsewhere as it'd just be too much.

Still not 100% yet. 'Cause gotta make sure I CAN get room space first and then see if I can get the days off from work. But otherwise most likely going now.

Also need to figure out what costumes I'm bringing and if I have time to make anything new and WHAT to make as I have a lot of ideas but most are kinda time consuming. XD But I want to have at least one non-anime costume. Pffft. Might remake my Pirates of Dark Water costume for it since that wouldn't be too much work and I owe it to myself to make a much better version of my Ren costume. And I have a wig that would work a lot better. Though I would be sad 'cause Alyce wouldn't be there as my Tula this time. Still trying to think of something Doctor Who related. And also wonder if I should try going back to my roots and do something Star Wars but man I've been out of the fandom for so long I'm kinda afraid to step back into it. ^^;;

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Sooooo I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to Dragon*Con this year or not and I do need to make a decision pretty soon.

But does anyone who has attended before know if they have daily/multi-day passes that aren't for the whole con? I've been told there are but I can't find ANY information on this on the site. Only about the full memberships. But I'd really like to know if they have them and what price they tend to be. I've asked 2 friends who've gone and either didn't know and one suggested I contact D*C's staff and ask but I hate being a bother to con staff especially over a question that seems like it shouldn't need to be asked. I'm just really bawfled by the fact that a con this size doesn't have any info on this. Unless they just don't do smaller badges anymore?

It does make a difference in my likeliness to attend because at this point I'm probably only going to attend for a few days. Most likely just two or maybe even one. Since the only way I'd be going to it now is 'cause my parents were thinking of making a family trip out of it. 'Cause Mom's always wanted to go to Atlanta and we could then go further down to Florida to visit my brother as we have yet to actually do so and he moved there several years ago now. And I agree that would be a great idea as I want to visit him too and haven't been down that way in a long time. Though of course my parents never fly anywhere. They drive everywhere so this would be a driving trip with them and as my parents never really stay at any place for very long in their trips (their idea of a trip is usually 2-3 days. The longest one we've ever done was our week-long trip down the south coast with like 4 days in Florida). So obviously they wouldn't want to spend too much time in Atlanta while I'm at the con. Though there's also a chance Dad might want to attend for a day too as he's actually a bigger sci-fi geek than I am and did kinda get excited when I told him what this con is like. But not sure if he would 'cause Mom wouldn't really enjoy it and he wouldn't want to leave her behind.

But anywho, point is, I need to know at least an idea of how much the tickets would be for less than the full membership. And this still doesn't mean I'm going for sure as I'd still have to check with work first and I'm a bit nervous there as someone else already requested a week off around the same time frame so not sure if my manager would be willing to give two employees a week off during a holiday time. (Oddly enough I did ask the other girl if she was going to D*C by any chance since the time corresponds with the con and she is a geek too. lol She was quite amused as she actually would LOVE to go to it and knows about it but that's not where she's going. XD She didn't even realize that was the same week.)

But yeah I don't think I really want to attend for the full con anyways quite yet. 'Cause I feel like it might overwhelm me a little since I've never been to a non-anime con. And I don't think I'm going to really have any appropriate costumes in time for it. I kinda wish I could do something Doctor Who related but I seriously can't think of a single character from it that I could pull off. :/ As much as I love it and love so many of the characters, I don't think I'm suited for any of them. x_x; So I dunno, I'd just feel a little sad that I wouldn't have any Sci-Fi or Fantasy costumes really. I know plenty of people wear Anime costumes to it but I'd prefer to use the opportunity to do something different. Was going to do Avatar: The Last Airbender for it but now I'd probably be doing it alone and I dunno if I'd have the time. Bleeeeh. And everything else I've wanted to do really needs at least a 2nd person to do it with or else it's not recognizable and not really as much fun. Guuuh, I need to find more solo costumes that work fine on their own. XD;



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