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Had another odd dream last night.

That I was wandering around some shopping center with Corey and we go past this ice cream place and she turns to me and goes.

"I just had a brilliant idea. I'll make our wings out of ice cream!"

Wings. Out of ice cream.

Well I was thinking about ice cream yesterday and I did talk to Corey about our Angel Sanctuary plans I guess the two connect in my brain? XD

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I had a series of strange dreams that were semi connected...I think. lol Not sure if it was meant to be one dream or if they were different ones. On the couch in the morning. I seem to have the stranger ones on the couch than I do in my actual bed. XD

But [ profile] alienchrist, [ profile] twentystitches, [ profile] inu_kun1, John, a bunch of peeps Corey knows better than I, and a shitload of people from college and high school were in it. O_o;

Strangest part was probably when I was in my high school, like coming to visit and they had some play going on so a bunch of us alumni were there to watch it but at the same time it was like it was being put on by my college as everyone involved with it was my college theater crew and I got in free from association but all the kids in it were high school ones and all of us watching were from my graduating class. And it was some type of monologue show where each kid did their own thing and [ profile] twentystitches was suddenly there saying I should do a monologue based on the fact I have humorous rants/chats on AIM. ...whut? XD

Then there was a whole section of the dream dealing with cosplay and Black Butler stuff. Pfft. And Corey and I made some costumes or something for John as he kept giving us money and flowers and junk, saying he owed us. O...k. Sad thing is that even in the dream Corey and I looked at the flowers and started thinking what costumes we could use them for. XD

Part with [ profile] alienchrist was like we were at some store with other people I don't remember. I think Tans was in this part too. And some girl decides to flash everyone and a cop shows up so we all have to go outside and talk with him as suddenly we're in trouble just because we were there? XD Don't remember much other than the fact that I gave Liam a piggy-back ride and well he kept saying things that are very...unlike him. ...O_o; Yeah...I don't know. I said it was weird!

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Went to Kat and Ryan's last night since Kat's birthday was earlier this week. Good times were had. Mostly we played Rock Band 2 and since I've only ever played Rock Band twice and the last time was in Jan, I kinda sucked at first but eventually got the hang of it again. We had are awesome little green and red themed girl band (poor Adam couldn't play as a result XP as the four of us girls kinda took it over though he seemed to have fun trying to give us suggestions which always resulted in us nearly dying...thanks Adam, thanks.)

At some point, we go "hey what times is it?" "oh probably like 1am or something." "....its 2:45am" "....what?" "wait that means..." "WE'VE BEEN PLAYING FOR 5 HOURS NON STOP???!!!" ...oops. XP No wonder our fingers were starting to hurt. But hey our band made a lot of money and we all have spiffy clothes now. ^^;; My chick is wearing an awesome frilly shirt and jacket and leather pants of course. XP

I also had a rather interesting dream. At least I thought it was. Total crack but kinda awesome crack.

So let me tell you about it XP )

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I had a dream last night that I was like on vacation with my parents or something and suddenly we were at Temari (the little Japanese restaurant here that I love to death) and my parents were all hesitant about them speaking Japanese or whatever 'cause in the dream the people at Temari didn't speak English at all I guess. And all of a sudden I knew like fluent Japanese (which I don't) and was translating for them. Except throughout the whole dream it sounded more like Spanish than Japanese. >>;;

Anyways...but then like suddenly we were in Japan itself and I was having to drag my parents around this Japanese mall and there was this huge Build-A-Bear and Disney store and my parents were all weirded out by how Japanese-ified everything was. XP

But the best part of the dream by far was when we were uh I don't know where, either in a house or around the mall or something but there was a TV on and [ profile] dekinakutesorry had her own show where she reviewed various PVs. So like there was some crazy Japanese metal band PV showing and it had a little pop up bubble of Ren making commentary which in this case was mostly just her headbanging and trying to imitate the screaming crazy men in the PV. And my parents were like "..." and I'm just like "lol". XP

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I had a dream last night that I was Yoshiki's girlfriend.


XP I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

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So I think I've been playing too much Persona 4 or something. 'Cause I recently finished Heaven Paradise so there's been a lot of Nanako related things in the game. So last night I had not one but two dreams where I was a "big brother" to a Nanako-looking character. LOL But oddly enough both dreams were kinda cool so I'm going to write about them.

Must rescue Nanako even in my dreams! XP )

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Well, first off...last night Crystal (my cat) is like freaking out and I have no idea why and an hour later this huge spider literally jumps out of nowhere. Now I'm not afraid of spiders but this guy was huge and he did run away when I threw something near him so I usually take that a sign as one that would bite and since I know nothing I wasn't sure if he was poisonous or not. Thus to say I didn't want it around when I was sleeping and I was too freaked out to carry it outside so I whacked it with my yardstick. Managed to break its legs but the rest of the spider wasn't there. So I looked around. The bastard, in his dying moment, jumped up on top of some of my fabric and then like exploded bug guts (and possibly venom?) all over the fabric! I was like "GAAAAAH!" So I'm trying to clean it. -_-; Stupid spider.

Then last night I had some pretty epic and weird dreams. I don't usually post about dreams but I feel the need to post these as they had their moments.

Dreams )

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I think I ate one too many Cheez-Its last night as I had a whole bunch of rather strange dreams. XP Usually I only have like one I'll remember but I ended up remembering most of them. One was really depressing and I'm not going to go into that one as its too personal...but, there was this REALLY amusing one. XP

It had to deal with Death Note and it was like an alternative ending. Though it had like nothing to do with the actual ending and wouldn't make any sense but it amused me nonetheless. There aren't any actual spoilers to this dream but...

LJ-cutted just in case )

Now I spend today and tomorrow packing. Ugh. I hate packing. x_x So much. I hate unpacking too. Both suck.

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I had a really freaky dream last night. o_o Though it doesn't seem scary when I tell it but it was at the time because it was just so realistic (even though it may not sound like it but it felt like it was) and I even woke up all confused, not sure if it had been a dream or not.

Aliens Attack...yeah ^^;; )

And now I go back to school work. Nyar.

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A man in Gaithersburg was recently arrested after they discovered he had a very large collection of child porn images which numbered in the thousands.

The man's name is Mike. He used to be the manager at Suncoast in LakeForest mall. He also used to do tailoring in JCPenny's. My Dad used to buy suits from him all the time. I used to buy stuff from him in Suncoast all the time. We chatted a lot with him and thought he was a really cool and nice guy.

We're both really freaked out by this. They interviewed Rob on the news about it too and he and a number of other employees I knew were all shocked. He just didn't seem like the type of guy. And it always seems to be that way. The nicest people have the deepest most revolting secrets. And its just so creepy! 'Cause man, I was like 15 or 16 when I started talking to him and I know I've always looked younger than my age and ugh...what if he looked at me and was thinking....*stops* *shudders* Not even going there with that thought.

Ugh. Ugh. Ughughughugh!

Anyways, to get my mind off of that, I shall now ramble about a really weird twisted dream I had last night that I thought was really cool even if it was like the most morbid dream I've ever had. Probably why I liked it so much. lol

Dream-ness )



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