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Day 7 - Tokyo: Hibiya, Akihabara, & Shinjuku

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Continued from Part 1...

This part finishes up with the Distant Worlds concert and Sunday. It might seem a little awkward just 'cause I wrote the report as one entire thing and couldn't find a good place to cut it off at. XD;

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Rest of my photos can be seen here:

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Every now and then when I get desperate enough for fics, I'll go on the old I usually stick to rec lists and communities for fics but when I really need a fix and none provide me...I reluctantly go there and try to swim through the ocean of bad fics in attempts to find maybe one decent fic ('cause seriously there is so much garbage on that site these days).

But while I was scrolling down to get to my usual FFVII section...I couldn't help but notice something right above it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (530)


Wait. What?!

How does a game that doesn't even exist yet (STILL) have 530 flipping fanfics?! Ok I mean I can understand a few fics here and there, people theorizing and making up their own stories based on the information given, it happens sometimes. BUT. OVER 500 of them???!!!! What the fuck are these people writing?! I know the trailers and basic info has been around for years now but its still not what I would call enough to really be able to write stories about it until the game actually comes out.

I really hope after (IF) the game comes out that all these fans end up being dead wrong with their characterization and plots and cry a river over it. Would serve them right. XD

Its just like I really don't get how you can claim to love a character when you don't know anything about them yet. Like when people cosplay stuff when there's only one image of it and no knowledge of who the person even is. I mean what if it turns out that you end up HATING that character when you actually play the game? Would you still enjoy cosplaying it? I mean ok, I can forgive it if its for a sequel or spin-off and the character already existed in something else. I mean I'm guilty of doing Advent Children Cloud before the movie came out (though at least I waited til it got closer and we had more info/ref images) and I can see a Lightning cosplayer/fan wanting to do the new armor outfit right away (though I think its dumb to do it before there are more images 'cause lol as I learned with AC Cloud, Square likes to change things or not show details til the finalized product as I had to majorly redo parts of that costume after I watched the movie so chances are if you try to do that outfit now, you wont' be able to get it 100% accurate yet). But otherwise it just seems dumb and shows how much of an attention whore you are. 'Cause it is just being like "I WANT TO DO IT FIRST LOOK HOW COOL I AM?!" ...well bet you don't feel so cool when it turns out you got the costume completely wrong or that character acts completely different than the way you were portraying them.

...but anyways. 530 fucking fanfics. Really? REALLY?!

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Day 30 - Saddest Final Fantasy character death. )

And that's the end of this meme. XD So you no longer have to see all these FF entries from me. haha

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I'm combining Day 28 and 29 because the answer is the same...XD

Day 28/29 - First/Current Final Fantasy game obsession. )

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Oops, almost forgot to post today. ^^; But hey its not midnight yet so I'm still good. XD

Day 24 - Best Final Fantasy quote. )

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lol All the manga scanlations today made me almost forget to do this. XD;

Day 23 - Least Favorite Final Fantasy mini game. )

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This is another long entry. lol I didn't even intend to write this much but I just got started...and kept going. ^^;; Even though I know no one will read this. lol

Day 21 - Favorite Final Fantasy pairing/ship. )

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Oh man today was exhausting. We had inventory and I so felt like I was going to pass out by the end of it. Took a nap before and after dinner and am finally starting to feel better at least. So going to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow.

Day 20 – Best Final Fantasy hair. )

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Finally got FFIV: Complete Collection today. XD Too bad I can't use the Dissidia DLC from it though. x_x Since its for the English version and I only have the Japanese. Pfft. But yay for cute little collector cards. ^^ Though I guess its kinda sad that I got it really only for The After Years and the Interlude. XD Since I've already played FFIV itself like twice and I think the DS version is still better than this PSP one.

Day 18 - Favorite Final Fantasy opening sequence. )

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Nothing quite as awful as listening to the embroidery machine jam up...uggggaaaaaaaah. I'm doing pretty much the biggest design I've ever done on it right now and its such a pain in the ass. T_T So be warned, if any of you ever ask me for a design that's 10 inches wide/long or more...going to be a bit pricey. Not just for the cost of thread and size but also for the fact I have to do a two+ part on the hoop and its really hard to get it to match up right.

Day 17 - Favorite Final Fantasy mini game. )

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aghdagipadhgipdhgi Stupid Sealed Moogle! Finally finished that freaking dungeon on Confessions of a Creator in Dissidia Duodecim and damn was it hard. x_x It was a level 70 dungeon so had a lot of level 80 enemies and I had turned down Cloud and Zidane's levels in order to get more KP. So I had them at like level 78 and the rest in the 50-range. Well Lightning and Kain died in like the first or second level (and there were 10 of them total as I learned x_x;;), I can't remember which. And then Zidane's health got pulverised after a few fights so I really only had Cecil and Cloud to keep me going through. So mostly skipped any of the optional fights unless they were lower leveled. At least my Cloud is normally Level 100 so he gets me through lots of fights, just I prefer to give the points to my other characters who still need to learn skills. But granted my Cecil is pretty damn badass now and in the 60 level range. XD;

And I did get the Moogle summon from all of that and its pretty spiffy. But yeah, don't go into that dungeon until you're prepared first. I totally wasn't. x_x; And Shantotto's dungeon is at level 75...guuuh. Think I'm going to level up a bit first so half my party isn't dead right off the back. lol As I like to try to use them some to get them more AP points. And I did unlock Report 12 but recommended level for Prishe is...50 and right now she's on level...5. x_x; I both love and hate this game at the same time. lmao

Day 15 - Favorite Final Fantasy female character. )

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Well here comes the long essay entry...

Day 14 - Favorite Final Fantasy male character. )



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