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Soooo I totally failed to get this up before THIS year's Otakon. lol So this is seriously an entire year late. Oops. XD It was also weird writing the end of this after having just come back from the con this year. Haha!

Otakon 2015 )

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Day 7 - Tokyo: Hibiya, Akihabara, & Shinjuku

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Zack: Happy Birthday, Cloud! ^.^
Cloud: ...Uh...thanks? Not sure if I trust this though...
Sephiroth: Zack baked it himself. >>
Cloud: ...>_<; Definitely don't trust it then.
Zack: Oi! ;_;

And I know I probably should have used Crisis Core Cloud instead but I love my FFVII Cloud too much. XD Anyways, happy birthday to my favorite chocobo-head. I was going to take another picture of my Cloud army but its only grown by 3 so not that much of a difference from last year.

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So this report ended up being too big for just one post. XD Wow. I don't think I've had that happen before. I've split con reports into parts before but that was just 'cause I didn't feel like writing them up all at once in the past. Pffft...

I was originally going to wait til I had more photos but I don't think I'll be getting the Ningyou and PH ones for quite some time so I may just do a separate post for them when I get them. Anywho, this Otakon was kinda bleh just 'cause of how crazy hot and crowded it was. Seriously in all the 11 years I've gone, this was by far the most crowded I've ever seen the con. Even with the added Hilton area, it didn't seem to make a difference. And it was kinda odd because yeah Otakon is huge but last year it wasn't this bad. It was actually pretty nice but I guess people decided they couldn't afford it then but suddenly they could this year. I dunno. I'm kinda really hoping they lower the attendance cap again like they did a few years ago. I think it would really help because if it keeps being like this...its not going to be fun anymore. I mean maybe I just had a lower tolerance for it because of the hotter-than-normal heat but it really was unbearable.

But despite that, I still had a good time. I'm just sad that I really didn't spend much time IN the con. Otakon is my number one con for random wandering and people watching. I didn't do that AT ALL this con 'cause I couldn't stand trying to get through the crowded halls. I didn't wear any of my costumes for very long and thus don't have many photos.

Anywho now onto the actual report, which will be a tad bit less rant-ish. XD As like I said, still had fun, despite that. It was just a major set-back though.

Otakon 2011 )

And the rest of this report can be located here.

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Day 30 - Saddest Final Fantasy character death. )

And that's the end of this meme. XD So you no longer have to see all these FF entries from me. haha

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I'm combining Day 28 and 29 because the answer is the same...XD

Day 28/29 - First/Current Final Fantasy game obsession. )

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Oops, almost forgot to post today. ^^; But hey its not midnight yet so I'm still good. XD

Day 24 - Best Final Fantasy quote. )

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This is another long entry. lol I didn't even intend to write this much but I just got started...and kept going. ^^;; Even though I know no one will read this. lol

Day 21 - Favorite Final Fantasy pairing/ship. )

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Nothing quite as awful as listening to the embroidery machine jam up...uggggaaaaaaaah. I'm doing pretty much the biggest design I've ever done on it right now and its such a pain in the ass. T_T So be warned, if any of you ever ask me for a design that's 10 inches wide/long or more...going to be a bit pricey. Not just for the cost of thread and size but also for the fact I have to do a two+ part on the hoop and its really hard to get it to match up right.

Day 17 - Favorite Final Fantasy mini game. )

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Well here comes the long essay entry...

Day 14 - Favorite Final Fantasy male character. )

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lol There is a whole lot of rage in this post, just to warn you. XD

Day 07 - Least favorite part of your favorite Final Fantasy game. )

Actually this day is kinda appropriate for day considering I had a pretty shitty day and am pretty upset at a certain cat...again.

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You all can probably guess what this is going to be before even clicking on it...

Day 06 – Favorite part of your favorite Final Fantasy game. )

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Yeeeeaaah so I'm finally doing one of those 30 Days Memes. Had pondered doing a few before but each one kinda annoyed me in such respect but I like this one. XD So here's 30 Days: Final Fantasy.

Day 01 - Your favorite FF game! )

I swear the other entries won't be as rambling as that one was. XD Well...favorite character will probably be just as bad but I'll try not to go overboard since I already have done entries on that before.


Cloud army

Aug. 11th, 2010 07:25 pm
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Well [ profile] soranokumo's entry reminded me that today is Cloud's b-day. Well his official b-day I guess. Since for the longest time I thought it was the 19th thanks to the American game booklet misprinting it as that. XD;

But anyways figured it was a good day to finally post this...

Behold my Cloud Army XD;

...well actually it isn't all that impressive compared to [ profile] soranokumo and other folks out there. n_n Obviously I need more. >>;;

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Well more so about dealing with fans of the compilation...

Some fans really make me sad )

End rant. Sorry if some of that didn't even make sense. I should be going to bed. XD; *braindead*

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First off, I've uploaded a number of new photos over in my gallery so check that out: and give me some love? T_T I dunno, haven't been feeling all that great about how some of my costumes have been turning out lately. Especially Ciel. I did feel great about it but now...not so much. As I realize it looks ok when I'm sitting but kinda horrid when I'm standing (thus why I didn't upload any standing photos to my gallery...meh.)

In other news, Cloud is coming along though I need some opinions.


Good width or should it be a tad bit shorter? 'Cause don't want to add the bias tape on the lower end and then decide I need to cut it shorter. XP I followed Cassandra's lovely bias tape advice and did the stitch in the ditch method. Quite happy with it considering I had no idea how the pleather would work as bias. ^^;

Also not sure if I should use foamies or more of the pleather for the designs on the belt. Foamies risk a chance of cracking when its bent around my waist but don't know if the pleather would look silly or not.

Shoulder Armor:

Obviously haven't put the bolts on yet but still in the initial painting right now. Too bumpy? I know its supposed to be a bit rugged but I'm worried it might be a little too much so. I'd need to get more model magic if I want to try to make it smoother though as this was about the best I could do with sanding.

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I finally managed to download FF7:ACC the other night and found working subtitles for it. Was only able to watch a little last night so just finished watching the rest tonight. was amazing! Like I was honestly unsure about their plan to add things...*shakes head rapidly* I'm so glad they did! I didn't think it could get any better but it did! Wai! ...and I can't believe I cried at the end. >> ...shush.

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