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Day 30 - Saddest Final Fantasy character death. )

And that's the end of this meme. XD So you no longer have to see all these FF entries from me. haha

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This is another long entry. lol I didn't even intend to write this much but I just got started...and kept going. ^^;; Even though I know no one will read this. lol

Day 21 - Favorite Final Fantasy pairing/ship. )

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Did this one a while ago but never got to post it on here. XD; This is the coat + gloves commission I did for [ profile] makokitten

Genesis Rhapsodes from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - coat and gloves only

More behind cut )

I stupidly deleted the images I had of the Alois cosplay I also made her off of my camera at Otakon when I was trying to clear up room. Totally forgot I hadn't uploaded them onto the computer yet. n_n Which sucks as it looked real nice on the dressform too. So going to have to wait til she gets more photos of that before I post that one up.

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Well more so about dealing with fans of the compilation...

Some fans really make me sad )

End rant. Sorry if some of that didn't even make sense. I should be going to bed. XD; *braindead*

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So, as I mentioned before, I got like no pics of this costume at Katsu and then of course I lost all the armor at the con. So I had to remake it. But was determined to get pictures before the English release (which is tomorrow, lol). So these pictures were taken on Friday by one of my housemates, Kat.

First I will force you to look over at the ones I put on - XP 'Cause I like comments and stuff.

And my personal favorite...

PSP taste good! Onomnomnom! (I think I kinda want an icon of this one XP)

The Rest )



Jan. 21st, 2008 02:28 pm
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This is another shot in the dark but does anyone have the Crisis Core Soundtrack by any chance? I know probably not as I'm one of the only ones that has actually played the game already.

I was going to buy it originally but I'm tight on money now and I can't seem to find a download file that isn't a Torrent. And well Torrents don't at all here on campus. And I'm trying to avoid using BitTorrent as much as possible because I was told it was one of the reasons my Riff-top got screwed over so badly. That and I really hadn't been using it much at all before I switched over so I don't even remember which Torrent program works best.

So yeah, if anyone has it, or is willing to download it and send it to me? That would be so awesome. I did try BitTorrent already and it just wasn't downloading at all no matter what and my Zack-top started acting a bit weird so I took it off. Blah, btw, Microsoft Vista. Sucks. A lot. >>;; Don't get it unless you absolutely have to (like I did as I wasn't given a choice about it).

Oh and yesterday I was quite amused watching the Breakaway re-release on Luts. Its funny as I've actually watched a number of really limited dolls on their release moment. This one sold out in about 10 minutes. I watched it go from 98 units to 50 to 17 to 0 in a very short moment of time. lol It was very amusing watching everyone freak out about it.

There was a time when I would've been one of those freaking out as I used to really want a Breakaway. But now I find myself just sitting there, not really caring. As I've realized I really don't like the mouth. Though I think I will look at the vamp head when people start actually getting theirs to see how that looks (as by the image some people thought he might not have the open mouth. Funny that everyone was all upset at that idea while I'm probably the one person on this planet that would prefer it closed) and maybe try for the head if it doesn't cost a gazillion bucks. But not my biggest priority.

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I finished Crisis Core.

...I bawled. A lot. It was really intense and emotional for me. Seeing that scene in the original game is nothing compared to seeing it in high graphics.

I was crying pretty damn hard throughout the entire ending. They hit all your heartstrings pretty well and made the scene as depressing as they possibly could.

Even if you don't plan to get Crisis Core, if you're a FF7 fan, you really should watch the ending (if you've played FF7, you've seen this scene, just...not like this). It reminded me that no matter what Square does with the FF7 franchise, why I still love it so much...

Links to the Fansubbed Ending )

And ya know...just a few days ago, I was joking to Hamilton about how Square never puts any blood in their scenes, even in the most violent parts. Like how in Advent Children there was a very big lack of blood. And the same was true of Crisis Core...until that very last scene. It shocked me how much blood was in there.

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I had to like force myself to stop playing last night and go to bed. XP

I'm in Nibelheim! Ah! And it plays out (well for the most part) exactly like in FF7! o_o Each line and even down to each little hand gesture and head movement on Sephiroth's part. Wai! But in this version, you get to see the wide range of emotions on Sephiroth's face while he talks.

So even if the gameplay is kinda "meh" and I'm really frustrated at the Missions 'cause I can't seem to get past 33% because all the ones open I have to beat, I keep dying on. x_x; And god there are so many and I know I've beaten over 33 so I definitly think there are more than a 100 of them! o_O;; But! I think the game is worth it just to see the Nibelheim parts in high graphics. *_* Granted, its not like FMV stuff. Surprisingly there's only been like a total of 3 or 4 of those so far.

Also, I totally poked Vincent's coffin. XP I was determined to find it too. And Vincent was like "zzz" (no seriously, they actually have "ZZZZ" written in the subtitle as the noise you hear when you approach it XPXP) and was like "go away" when I tried to open it. XP It amused me.

Next I go through the depressing part of the game though. As last I left it, Zack just broke out of the test tube. So I know whats coming. ;_;

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OMG, I love this game! *_*

Lots of things have happened since my last post on it. I'm now on mission 7 and I believe there is only a total of 10 chapters. Ah man, that means I'm not that far from beating it. ;_; Granted these chapters all take quite a long time. They're not like the much shorter chapters in Dirge.

But yes, this update includes Turks, Aeris, Cloud (squee), Chocobo Karate Kick!, a rather depressing scene....and Zack in swimming trunks beating up enemies with an umbrella (and no I'm not joking XP)...

Crisis Core Report #2: Some Spoilers Within )

And now I shall ponder if I should play more or go do something else for a change...>>;; Hmm....*fingers twitch in direction of PSP*

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I'm about 4 hours into the game now so I've done enough to finally start having actual thoughts on the gameplay and story.

Not much spoilers for this one considering it isn't that far in yet. Mostly talking about the gameplay itself. And luckily some very nice people have already had rather nice walkthroughs up and even some dialogue translations. None of them have finished yet and I'm not that far behind the most updated walkthrough.

As a side note, really wish I could hook this up to the PS2 and watch it on a bigger screen though as everyone wants to watch it as I play but its a bit difficult for everyone to see. I already had all 3 housemates + Jes + Adam + Dani2 all hovering over my shoulder when I started it up. XP

Details for Anyone Interested )

I don't know if anyone will read any of these reports of mine but I'll continue to do them anyways just in case anyone does want to know my progress in it.

Blah, now I gotta somehow get my mind to focus on school work. >>;;

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Crisis Core! I has it!



Though can't really play it yet as there aren't any guides online yet to tell me what things do and where to go and what they're telling me to do. XP Though I'll probably try to go as far as I can even without that.

Also, Jes is here right now so I must do other things so I don't feel bad about ignoring her. XP

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Sign of a true college student.

I just ate Mac and Cheese. In a Martini glass. Because there weren't any clean bowls around.

Welp, pre-ordered Crisis Core finally. It gets released on Thursday though most likely won't arrive at my mailbox til Monday. x_x; Though kinda hoping they're wrong and it'll come on Sat as that would be so much nicer. XP

And speaking of which... - Opening before Menu - And very first scene of the game. Zack is so cute. XP

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I think this might've been out for a bit but this is the first time I've seen this particular one. Similiar stuff but more of it...and a clip of "that scene".

Oh my god...I'm going to be seeing "that scene" in full high graphics? o_o I knew there was going to be stuff on it in this but didn't really think fully about the fact that it might be in high graphics...oh dear god...I'm going to cry sooooo much. I already teared up just watching the one little clip of Cloud screaming in the trailer.

Granted, I've always wanted them to do that scene all up like that. But wow.

I think the game will be worth it just for that. Though yeah, still erky on the Genesis stuff but at least the plot around him seems kinda interesting and I'll just pretend he's not Gackt. -_-; But more so I want this game for just all the Zack and Cloud interactions and Sephy. The game play system looks a little weird too. More Squenix expermination. Oh boy.


Crisis Core

Dec. 1st, 2006 02:17 pm
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SQUEE!!! ^_^ Finally a decent trailer!

OMG, so excited to get this game. And yes, just to show how much I am obsessed I am in fact getting a PSP just for this game. ^^;; So those of you who don't want to get it but want to play it, I may be willing to let you borrow it in the future just to give a heads up since I probably won't be getting any other games for it for a while.

Though I am a bit worried about the storyline. Mostly 'cause I wasn't that impressed with Dirge's story. I mean it was ok but I was expecting even better I guess and the end of that game is still "wtf" to me. ^^; Broke my brain. And kinda worried Crisis Core might be similiar, especially with the whole Angelo and Genesis thing. >>; I don't know, I just feel like Seph should be the only winged one, ya know?

But it's still soooo cool! I've always been such a Zack fan and its so awesome to finally get to see his story. ^^ I don't care if this just makes me yet another Square-whore, I can't help it. I mean, I've enjoyed everything I've played of theirs so far with the exception of FF8. So yes. *runs off squeeing*

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OH MY GOD!!!!!


OMGOMGOMG!! *spazzing*

Ok, now gotta go back to packing. ^^;;



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