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Ah, here's the last little report. Updating from Darlene's house real quick. This one is going to be kinda small since we didn't do too much besides shop in our last full day and then Friday was the plane ride.

Last Japan Report )

Ok done. Now just gotta entertain myself til people arrive and we go to the con. ^_^

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Bah! *raises fist at Abel costume* It's still giving me issues. And man, doll clothes can be really freaking hard to make at times. x_x; Anyways, taking a cosplay break to bring you the next part of the report. XP Lots more pictures in this one. There's like 30 this time, lol.

Japan: Day 7 & 8 )

Dang that one was long. Well, the last 2 days don't have much so that report will be shorter though not sure when I'll get it up. Will try my best to get it up before I leave for Darlene's tomorrow night though. But I got A LOT to do before then. ^^; And I'm tired of typing reports tonight so will do it tomorrow...some time. o_o;; But really not much to talk about in the last part.

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Oh man! I totally forgot that I hadn't finished the Japan trip reports yet. ^^;; And still have the rest of the pictures to show too. So here's the next one. (trying to get them done before AN) There are some pictures but not til near the end.

Day 5 and 6: Kyoto )

Wow, I'm starting to really realize we did A LOT in each day. 'Cause I didn't realize we did so much on day 6 til I wrote this. XP Ok, going to try to somehow get the last 2 reports up before I go to AN. ^^;;

I'm in a big Takarazuka mood at the moment since I found a lot of clips on youtube that I hadn't seen before. ^_^ And they also had a lot of Elisabeth scenes including my favorite song. Eee!

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Bah, well, still no sign of any of the other guys and whether or not they have their pictures. And I really just need to go ahead and do the rest of the reports before I forget stuff. This part will unfortunantly have no pictures since, like I said before, I didn't have my camera during this part of the trip. Which sucks because it's probably the most interesting part of the trip in my opinion. So I was really hoping to have Jordan's pictures. Ah well.

Japan Day 3 and 4: Mt. Koya-san )

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This is the story of 6 college students from St. Mary's and 2 professors who ventured out across the world to Japan.

Day 1 and 2: Ginza )

The 3rd day I managed to leave my camera behind at the hotel. x_x So we had it sent to the hotel in Kyoto but we weren't going to be there til Sunday since we were going to be in Koya-san for 2 days so I didn't get the camera until like Monday or Tuesday, I forgot exactly when. So I'm going to try to wait for Jordan's pictures before doing the next part of the report. If he takes too long, I'll do them just without the pretty pictures.



May. 27th, 2006 12:51 am
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Back from Japan. Miss it already.

I have a feeling the next week or so is going to be hell. Especially since there's a baby in the house right now as my parents are taking care of the grandkid.

Also not that great that I come back and am already stressed out over a lot of things. Especially con related stuff. Looks like I'll have to do a post trying to figure out what exactly is going on as I'm very confused on a lot of things.

Hm, it's taking me some time to get back used to the regular keyboard. *laughs*

Reports will probably start whenever I get Jordan's pictures to go along with it as I ended up not having my camera with me for like 4 days so ended up only taking like 60 or so pictures total as a result.

The trip was absolutely amazing and I don't regret going at all! Here's some quick highlights:
- Getting a picture taken with two geishas
- Seeing a kabuki actor come on stage in a duck suit to the tune of 2010 A Space Odessey (sp) theme in the middle of a kabuki play
- Getting addicted to Pocari Sweat and our search for the Pocari-sama
- Super Mister Ichiban Gaijin-sama-dono-bozu aka Eeyore
- Yosh!
- Spending two days in a Buddhist monastary with a monk named Kurto-san
- Doing Zen mediataion with a monk named Thomas-san
- Eating as Mister Donuts...many times. And our trips to Book Off and Circle K.
- Standing next to Hideyoshi and Nobununga's graves
- Getting interviewed by many japanese school students
- Seeing a HUGE buddha statue
etc. etc. It was plain amazing. I have to find a way to go back now.

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Hey everyone! I'm in Ginza right now and its awesome even if it is raining. lol But yay for free usage of computers in the lounge. Dont know how much I'll update this while I'm here though. Probably save most of the stuff for the big reports when I get back.

But man, everyone here is so small and adorable! Especially the hotel rooms. Like all the guys were complaining having problems moving around and being too big for the bed while I was just fine. Ha! Now Brennan cant make fun of my shortness anymore because now I have the advantage. The hotel room is like just perfect size for me really. lol

Kabuki play tonight! And I found where the dollfie store is last night so going to check that out today while shopping. ^_^ I'm very excited.



May. 15th, 2006 05:59 pm
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I'm going to Japan tomorrow! *dances around* ^_^



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