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I seem to be taking longer and longer to write these. XD I now have THREE more con reports to do after this too. x_x;; I know no one reads them but I like to be able to refer back to these when my memory fails me.

Katsucon 2015 report )

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Almost forgot to do this report. XD Figured I should do it before the next con(s)...

Katsucon 2014 )

Rest of my photos here on facebook:

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So due to a lot of real life issues and waiting for photos and such, this con report got seriously delayed. I actually started writing it like a week ago but didn't really have much time and motivation to finish it til now. Though there isn't much new photo wise here if you're on my Facebook as I have most of these up there already. And I'll warn you that a good portion of this report is me whining about Hades. Considering that took up most of my time this con.

Katsucon Report )

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I know this report is a tad bit later than normal but I wanted to wait to get photos from people first. Though not like many people read these since LJ is dying but I can't break tradition. XD

Katsucon 2012 Report )

...and you don't want to know how many days it took me to write that. lol XD Granted I only wrote a tiny bit here and there every day.

But anywho, the rest of my photos are up here:



Feb. 21st, 2012 07:02 pm
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Survived another Katsucon. Had a great time and overall seem to have increased my stamina as I did 4 costume changes each day and never really sat down at all, was constantly on the move and yet was totally fine. ...which has never happened before. lol Usually I'm completely wiped out the first day if I do that. And didn't take me that long to recover post-con. I think maybe working at Hancock where I'm ALWAYS moving has helped increased my tolerance for such things. But anyways actual con report will come later on once I've gotten more photos from folks.

Fandom updates...


..., seriously, the latest plot twist blew my mind. And I'm going to just remain spoiler-free here so I don't have to cut it. I should have seen it coming but I totally didn't think of that possibility. But it totally makes sense. And I gotta say just how much I love the plot of this manga and how its done. Its really amazing. Like I often wonder with all the semi long epic plot-twisty mangas I read if they authors planned everything ahead of time or are just making it up as they go. Like CLAMP obviously made up Tsubasa as they went and like just plain forgot about what they were doing in the beginning. 'Cause it got too complex and it didn't really work in the end. But it could have. And well from pretty early on I was worried Pandora might go the same route Tsubasa did because we were getting to a point where there was A LOT of complex plot twists going on and it could go get messed up very easily with just one poor plot mistake. But no, I honestly think after this chapter that Jun actually plotted EVERYTHING carefully before she started writing it (which is a little surprising considering the pilot chapter is COMPLETELY different so you'd think she must have changed her mind a lot from the start but the actual manga all works together with little hints you can find from VERY early). Because this chapter kinda revealed that FREAKING EVERYTHING is connected. Things from WAAAAAAAAAY back in the manga are finally connecting and its just BRILLIANT! God I love this manga. So much. Even if the story is so heart-breaking. Especially with this latest revelation.

Persona 4 - Episode 19 - I've been waiting for this episode since they first announced it was going to be an anime, hoping they would do the school festival. And they did! Though I was a bit disappointed how short the pageants were. They only spent like less than 10 minutes to include both when they could have made that part into an entire episode itself. So it wasn't as funny as it was in the game. HOWEVER. This was made up by the first half of the episode where they made the group date cafe even better than in the game. Granted this part all depends on what options you make as to how the results are but I was so glad they went with the "Souji on the girl side" scenario. Especially when he starts using that feminine tone voice. But the way Yosuke reacted! Pfffft! Ok this anime keeps REALLY suggesting the Souji/Yosuke pairing. I think they know how much the fandom loves it 'cause that has GOT to be on purpose. XD It was beautiful though.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Started playing it but haven't gotten that far in due to preparation for Katsucon though now that that's done, I plan to spend a lot more time with it. I actually do like it but I gotta say that I question their decision to throw time travel and alternate universes into a plot that was already kinda underdeveloped and confusing to begin with. I honestly would have preferred if they had spent more time in the present day and exploring of Pulse because there is so much there that was never really explained in the first game and I dunno, I just didn't really feel like i got enough out of the characters and plot. I mean I could be wrong and maybe this game will still add to that but just the fact that we're going to be going into the future and will be jumping around a bit in timelines...oiiii. I just know my brain is going to hurt.
Okamiden - Finally started playing this too but also not very far in. But OMG soooooo cute! And lol that's about all I can say on it since I haven't gotten far enough to really make judgements on the plot. But I do say the gameplay isn't as much fun in this. I mean I thought it would be great with the use of the Stylus and all but it seems so...restricting. I guess since you have a bit of a smaller screen and lower graphics, it makes sense. But still. And maybe its just 'cause I barely use my DS so I haven't really gotten used to the dual screens (yeah, sad, I know lol but my other DS games didn't really do anything heavy with them).

In other anime news, I'm very much interested in Inu x Boku SS. Watched the first episode and plan to continue watching it. May even cosplay from it because eeeeee fox-demon-ness. XD And I still need to get myself to watch Mawaru Penguindrum though not sure if I'm going to like it or hate it. lol We shall see. From what I've been told, it could go either way with me. I'm a little bit behind in Last Exile: Fam though it has finally started to get more interesting the last few episodes I did watch so that's made me more interested in it in general. Still need to read the manga bits that come before it though.

Takarazuka: Still binging on shows. XD In fact that's probably why I'm behind in a lot of things anime/game wise 'cause I've been spending most of my free time watching Zuka. Feel like I'm trying to make up for all the years where I didn't watch much. lol And I'm quite excited to hear that Masao will be the new top star for Tsukigumi even though I had a big feeling it would be her (or if not this time, during a future top star vacancy). Considering I'm still not all that familiar with the newer troupes, its exciting to know one of the girls I DO know is going to be top. Especially since she should be around when (if) I go to Japan now. Also super excited that her debut will be Romeo et Juliette 'cause I love that show entirely too much. And semi Zuka related, got my "Waocula" DVD right before the con. Sadly of course didn't have any time to watch it then but I did watch like the first 20 minutes. And now that the con is over, I've been gradually watching the rest. Have a little less than an hour left to go. So I'll wait til I've finished it before I do an actual review but overall very glad I bought it. Wao is really hot (but isn't she always? XD) and its so awesome to see her and Hana performing in a show together again. I've also never actually seen Bram Stoker's Dracula, in any of its variants, so this is my fist exposure to the story.

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Remember a time when Lyn used to have things completely done days before the con? ...yeah I can't either. T_T

Commission - Ordon Link - DONE!
- "Skirt" wrap...thing
- "Stitches" on sleeve
- Chest strap to connect sleeve
- Belt for apron
- Pouch
- Belt for pouch
- "Ties" on bottom of pants

- Finish shorts
- Shirt
- Capelet
- Vest Cincher thingy
- Closure on shorts
- Make stockings if I can't find them in time - Bought them instead
- Make hat? - Using own top hat
- Finish band on hat

- Ankle Pieces

- Finish repairing shoulder piece
- Add extra snap to jacket

- Hand wash pants and gloves
- Glue ends of swords back down

- Move snaps better on boot covers so they stop falling down x_x;
- Re-spike wig (its deflated a little lol)

Blueblood: (if time At least I'd only need to make one piece for it)
- Get materials for
- Jacket
- Design on Cuffs
- Embroider symbol on pocket
- Horn & Ears
- waiting to harden
- Bow-Tie
- Buttons on jacket
- Rose on lapel much. T_T

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Time for yet another way-too-long con report full of photos and details that nobody really cares about but me. XD; This year there was NO snow so there were no delays in getting to the con and it was really nice being able to actually SEE the area around the Gaylord instead of just mountains of snow everywhere like last year. Sadly I totally failed to really get any photos in any of the nice areas. Oh well. There's always next year.

Onto the report... )

And holy shit that was really long. If you read all of that, you deserve a cookie or something. O_o;

Edit: Oh and the rest of my phtos are here though I didn't get many as I left my camera charger at home and my camera was on low battery from the start of the con. x_x; Go me.

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I'm still pretty behind but at least all the big stuff is done for the most part. Its all small stuff but...a lot of small stuff. So we shall see how it goes.

- Sew neckhole closed
- Gold neckpiece thingy (no idea what to call it)

- Fix wires/armor/etc that came apart after Ota
- Add cape

- Open up and readjust seams for better fit
- Hair bow - in-progress
- Spiff up in general

Magnet Len:
- Make shirt
- Make armbands
- Make belt

(hey all this stuff is super easy at least for this one)

- Find outfit from closet
- Add fake blood

Smaller Stuff:
- Fix shoe bow on Ciel
- Get a haircut (tomorrow!)
- Police badge for Beth

- AA stuff? (probably no time for this)

And just so I don't forget (as making these lists on my LJ does help me so I do this more for my sake than anything else)...
Stuff I need to bring for people )

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In case anyone's curious what I'm doing, here it is...well assuming I get everything done this is the plan (possibility that I might not right now).

- Magnet Len - Vocaloid 2 - morning/noon - yay last minute easy cosplay XD
- Teito - 07-Ghost - afternoon
- Lucifer - Angel Sanctuary - night

- Ciel - Kuroshitsuji - morning - for Kuro folks who asked me to bring this, only wearing it for a little bit and that's it! No more!
- Lucille - Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan - afternoon
- Togainu no Chi - really late night ...lulz

- Maybe Magnet Len again? Unless I don't feel like it.

I'm tempted to enter Hall but the times don't really correspond with what I'd want to enter. 'Cause I'd want to enter probably Lucille ('cause Corey's thinking we should do a group entry) but that would either mean wearing it right before AS on Fri or not doing Kuro on Sat (since those are the time periods for Hall). Bleh. Kinda don't want to bother but we shall see as it gets closer.

And it might seem like a kinda crazy schedule with all those costume changes...but I'm really not doing anything. lol Like I have no events planned, no skits, no hall entries (unless I decide to enter after all), no private shoots arranged. Its all just groups for fun so there's really no rush with any of it. And I did just as many costume changes at AUSA and it wasn't that bad.

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Yeeeeaaah its that time again. Doing this a little bit early just because omg I've got so much to do and T___T. Though this seems to be a theme lately. *sighs* Sucks too as I keep ending up with barely any time to work on my own stuff but so is life.

WoW Priest - for Ren:
- Attach cuffs
- Attach sleeves
- Attach top to bottom
- Front and back panels
- Belt and attach panels to belt
- Front and side tassels
- Shoulder armor
- Tassels over shoulder armor
- Gloves

(Also, each piece on this thing has like a gazillion details involving applique, satin stitching, bias tape, obnoxious circles, etc. T_T)

- Finish fixing pieces
- Cut lining pieces
- the thing together for real

- Capelet - in-progess
- Gold detail crap
...really I've barely got this started and I"m getting nervous about whether or not I'll have time to finish it.

- Fix wires/armor/etc that came apart after Ota
- Add cape (dammit I really want to do that but probably won't have time T_T)

- Open up and readjust seams for better fit
- Hair bow
- ...add stuff. Pfft. Yeah right. Probably no time for that.

Smaller Stuff:
- Shirt, arm bands, and belt for Magnet Len (at least that's easy)
- Possible thrift store hunting. Or might just make the stuff I need for TnC. Dig through closet for old stuff I can destroy. Think I might have cheap fabric to make the shirt with at least.
- Get fake blood (if I can find it)
- Get a haircut
- Police badge for Beth
- Mikage badge for Corey
- AA stuff?
- Cry in a corner over how much stuff I have to do. T_T

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So this is what I've been working on...

Archer - Fate/Stay Night - DONE And will be delivered at Katsucon
Zelgadis + Amelia - Slayers - DONE - Waiting final payment so I can send them out
SD custom black wings - in-progress - just need straps which I just got today

Due Katsucon:

Maylene - Kuroshitsuji - for [ profile] blood_sorbet
- Petticoat is almost done
- Dress is in-progress. Have the pieces cut out at least.
- Apron, headpiece, etc still has to be cut out and put together

WoW female priest - for Ren
- aghaiphdipgahipd this is going to eat me alive lol

Teito Klein - 07-Ghost - for me~!
- ...I have the fabric at least? lol
+ "Byarupya" plushie XD More excited over making him than the actual costume, lol

Synchronicity Len is on hold for now. Don't think I'd have the time for it and Izzy won't be at Katsu anyways. I might still make it if I do end up magically having the time but I don't know when I'd wear it at the con considering how crazy my schedule is already.

Also for Kastu:
- Need to fix up Lucifer - possibly add cape to it
- Fix up Lucille - take coat in a little more so its got a better figure, maybe add top hat
- Go to thrift stores/dig through closet for items I need for my late night Sat cosplay XD

And then I have a whole bunch of commissions already lined up for April/May. Nothing for March but kinda glad as I'm going to need all of March to get the April stuff done in time.

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So this is tentative plans for Katsucon...putting this up early just to see if there are people who wanted to make plans or join my groups, etc. while there's still time to make stuff and change things around.

But I think this is what I'm planning to bring to the con as of now...

+ Len - Vocaloid - Synchronicity version - for group, have Rin, Miku, and now Corey might be joining as Kaito
+ Teito - 07-Ghost - black robe version - group that also includes Frau, Zehel, Hakuren, and John hasn't decided who he's being yet

+ Lucille - Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan - group includes Berthie, Gwindel, possible Eles and possible Kohaku
+ Lucifer - Angel Sanctuary - Corey and Tohma might be bringing Rosiel and Alexiel, not sure about anyone else from the Ota group yet (probably means John will be in Katan too though)

- Elf Kirill - Dream of Doll - there was a thread on about a possible BJD cosplay meet but I'm only bringing this if its 100% positive this gathering is happening >>;; Otherwise, probably not.
- semi-secret - just 'cause I'm not sure if I'm doing it yet or not and why did Corey talk me into this? XD But it'd involve blood and creepy-ness so I'm kinda tempted >>;; It'd only be for a late night thing though and outfit is insanely easy. Pfft.

So yeah...oddly enough its not as crazy as I thought it'd be...yet. Mostly as one group was dropped already. Though damn this is a first, pretty much all of my costumes are for groups. Fancy that. XD; But yeah I believe all of the groups are still open for anyone else if one wants to join in. And do tell me if there's something you wish me to bring. I may consider it. As nothing is set in stone right now.

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Lionel has our kickass epic Eternal Sonata shoot up here ^_^

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Time for the usual Lyn's-way-too-detailed-long-con-report XD

The Return of Katsnowcon )

Rest of my photos (once again took hardly any) are over here:
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Just got back from Katsu and it turned out to be a really great con for me. Definitely revived my love for Katsu as I generally thought it got a lot better mostly due to the new location. Just hope there weren't any major incidents especially with the other cons that were going on. I do hope we get to actually keep our contract with them.

Granted all the folks I spoke to that were here for the other conventions were pretty content about sharing the space with us. They were all "oh you guys amused up greatly! And your costumes were so nice." And I had several of them throughout the weekend come up and ask me information and compliment me on the outfits I was wearing. So at least from my point-of-view it seemed to go ok. I've heard some things but I'm going to consider them just rumors for now and kinda hope they might not be true.

The location was so nice though! A little confusing at first and I didn't really get the hang of how to get from place to place til near the end, lol, but at least I'll be prepared for next year if we do get to come back. As it was so nice for photos and and overall nice atmosphere with lots of room. It never felt crowded to me.

But yeah, so I come home from this a rather nice surprise! Animazement has just announced NOIZ is coming back! And once again I was already planning to go so uber pumped now as that's my next con and I was just thinking not that long ago how I'd love to see them again. ^_^ That and I'm really pumped up for my next costume which I decided on at Katsu. Going to be more Pandora Hearts. Heehee. XD

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Krapsucon/Katsuckon indeed. I agree with everyone else that the con itself blowed a lot. So it better improve with this new location next year. However I managed to have a pretty good time despite all the con issues. But then again I've never really had a bad con mostly due to knowing too many awesome people. ^^

Con report isn't as image heavy as it usually is as I took barely any photos and the people who have photos I want haven't gotten them up yet.

BALLS! I mean...Katsu 15 )

Edit: Oh and the rest of my photos are here:

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I got one word to say about Katsucon...


*cough* Happy Ren?

(Actual Report will come later)

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Realized I should probably post this thingy as everyone else has already. XP I've been kinda like "oh yeah, should probably actually say what I'm doing, huh?" Granted I'm not even sure myself what I'm doing. x_x;

➊ Arriving?
☆ Friday morning, bright and early

➋ Driving?
☆ Meh, just getting dropped off by Dad again since he works really close to the con

➌ Staying?
☆ Marriot with Alyce, Tom, Brittany, Jamie, Beth, etc. <3 (I should actually ask who exactly is in our room XP)

➍ Thursday?
☆ Finish sewing some things and pack, not coming down to the con

➎ Friday?
☆ Morning: Maybe Kirill? (going to freeze my little butt off XP)
☆ Noon-ish: Suzaku for a little bit (photoshoot thingy)
☆ Afternoon: Dunno
☆ 2pm-4pm: Check out the Doll Meet for a bit
☆ Evening: Rai - Maybe Hall Contest (which is 7-9pm)

➏ Saturday?
☆ Morning: Suzaku - Hall Contest
☆ Maybe go to the doll meet? Depends on what I'm wearing, but most likely won't be there for long if I do
☆ Afternoon (after 2pm): Asch - Tales of the Abyss awesome times with awesome peoples!
☆ Masquerade - Skit times - So the question is not who is in a skit but who isn't in a skit XP
☆ Evening/Night - Whatever I feel like wearing

➐ Sunday?
☆ Durrr, no idea! Someone suggest a costume for me to bring?

➑ Policy?
☆ To make sure this con is full of lots of lulz and good times...and to not die with my many changes throughout the con

➒ Drunk?
☆ I don't do that drunk thing

➓ Leaving?
☆ Whenever no one else is around and I get bored

So yeah if anyone wants me to bring any costumes I haven't already listed, they're all fair game right now. Depending on when Alyce plans to wear Susan, maybe I'll bring Caspian but I'm not sure if I even like that costume anymore. lol Also considering maybe one of my Cain costumes for Sunday or something. Unless Courtney decides we should do Schwarz for a bit Sun but I'm thinking we should just wait til AZ/Ota.

Ok! Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I'm pumped to do stuff so off I go to sew!

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Katsu was...well, if anything, at least it was epic. And at least Sarah and I wore our costumes, felt fabulous, and got an award (honorable mention, yay, that's a step up from judge's award, right? XP), so that made worth all the dying coughs and drama.

Katsu 14: Very image heavy report )

At least my temperature is back down to normal last I checked so I'm not really sick anymore. Just have a standard little cold at this point. But would've been nice if this occured earlier so I could've been more active at con. Blah. Also, I have no idea what my next con or cosplay will be. I'm in a big state of "bluh?". I mean I'm definitly going to AnimeNEXT but now there appears to be a way I could in fact get to AnimeBoston...just trying to figure out whether its worth trying to go or not 'cause I'm still a bit low on money.

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I have mixed feelings on this con.

Despite being sick, I still managed to enjoy it for the most part. Just wasn't able to be as energetic as I usually am nor able to do as much.

However, a few things affected me rather badly and now I'm being rather emo. Like going through the whole "why do I bother cosplaying? I'm not even good/its not worth it..." moods right now. I seem to be going through that a lot lately. In fact every time I go to a con lately it happens. I get all happy and excited while making the costumes but after wearing them at the con...I feel the complete opposite.

So I don't know. Maybe I should just quit if I can't be happy about it.

Because I've come to two realizations:
I'm just a nobody that happens to know a few somebodys.
I'm invisible.

Doesn't matter if my costumes are good or not. I still get ignored.

Oh and Alyce, please tell me you guys accidently packed my bag of Cloud armor in your car? 'Cause if you don't have it...that means it must've been left on the lobby floor...*sigh* Goddamnit. I didn't even get any pictures of that.



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