KH2 ending

Apr. 15th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Whee, finally managed to beat the game. I had a bit of a hard time on the final fight so had to level up a bit before I tried again. And booya, first time finished on 95%. Though that 5% is a lot bigger than it sounds. x_x;;

Review of Ending and such )

I also got my copy of Narnia today. *huggles it* Now I can watch it whenever I want. Yay! ^_^

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Ok...I know I saw at least one person on my FL who managed to get it...

How do you get the freaking ultima weapon?

I have all 7 Orichalcum+ that the guide tells me how to get. But where the hell are the 6 extra you need in order to synthesis it? o_o I'm so confused!


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Near the end. Just going to go back and do a hell lot of leveling up and some of the missions and junk before going into the final battles. Then I'm going to force Hamilton to help me get 100% XP

Massive Spoilers )

Baaah, I have like so much reading to do tonight though. Like usual. -_- And I just want to play more. Baaaah.

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So yeah, not going to the cherry blossom festival this year. Got no ride. o_o; I might have a ride after all now...

I spent most of the day playing KH2...

omg plot! Seph and Cloud! Xaldin x_x; )

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*sigh* Well...I don't think I will be going to the cherry blossom festival in DC this weekend after all, guys. I have no ride. I only found a total of 2 people interested in going so far and neither have a car. So I have absolutely no way to get there.

Rather frustrating though since if I was home, I'd just hop on metro and be there pretty quick. And next weekend I'll be home. But not this weekend. No one wants to go here on campus 'cause this weekend is our World Carnival. Bah. And I also don't really know if I have that much money for anything at the moment. ^^; And I'd want to be able to eat and such.

Anyways...time for my next report.

Finished Pride Land, revisited Twilight Town )

Now to go back to my reading. x_x Sooo much this week. Baaaah.


KH2 owns me

Apr. 3rd, 2006 01:49 pm
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Well...I really haven't had much to post about. ^^; Been spending most of my days lately just reading, not eating, and playing KH2. Though I'm nowhere as far as most of you people are. x_x;

Blah. Really need to remember to send out an e-mail to Anime Club to get peeps interested in going to DC next weekend. And still gotta pack up the comission. The comission is done though there's still stuff I probably could do to it. I gotta at least cut out another leather belt but blah, that requires getting the sewing machine out. x_x But I did promise him I'd mail it sometime this week so really gotta get on that.

So I'm in Agrabah right now )

Bah, I've got so much reading to do. x_x And really do need to get the comission ready. So no idea if I'll get to play that much today.

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Got past the prelude today )

Man, wish I wasn't so busy this weekend. I've got class registration tomorrow, gotta do laundry, and have to finish the comission. And Amechi's going to be here so I should spend some time hanging with him. But all I really want to do is play the game. ^^;

So yeah, once again I'm back to being "Yay, I'm going to Japan!" so I'm still going. ^^; I just keep having random moments of worriness.

And guess what? I didn't eat today again. ^^; Whoops. Well, I had like a rice krispie treat and some popcorn. Might end up eating something eventually considering all I had yesterday was ramen and a few pasta noodles Gabi made.

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So yesh, I have my copy of you-know-what. Rather feel sorry for all the game store people. I think they're a bit overwhelmed. Especially the ones in our itty bitty one here in St. Mary's. They just opened like a month ago or so and none of them know what they're doing. XP So they were especially slow and confused today. x_x;; Took forever. They had Simple and Clean playing on repeat though, which was cute. lol

Man, Passion > Sanctuary. By so much. x_x Bleh. Words just don't fit right.

Well, besides that, today hasn't really been that great actually. I've been fighting off a headache for the last few hours and I somehow managed to eat barely anything at all.

And now I'm having second thoughts about the Japan trip...right after I already turned in the first deposit. wtf. x_x I'm not even sure why...I guess in part it's because I won't really get to do the stuff I'd want to do in Japan while there on this trip and am worried that I might never get a chance to go back. And the fact that yet another person dropped out so now I'm the only female other than one of the professors going. And none of them are people I know well. I only know the Professor and two of the guys I kinda know but they're not people I'd want to be close to.

I just don't know. I'm not as excited as I should be about this trip and so that worries me. I just hope that I'll go and get there and be like "what the hell was I thinking? why did I have second thoughts?" and not be all "...I'm so lonely. This sucks."



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