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30. Describe cosplay in three words. No more, no less.

Blood. Sweat. Tears.

XD At least it normally is for me anyways. More so the first one than anything else. And sometimes a bit of the third one. Only so much of the 2nd one when I'm actually wearing them considering I always pick the wrong time of the year to wear my heavier costumes. ^^;;

And ugh not looking forward to the next few days. T_T I hope I'm at least still alive by the time the con comes and not too tired to enjoy it. lol

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Soooo I'm kinda freaking out. I got my schedule last night and I'm scheduled to work all 6 days in a row leading up to the con (Good thing I requested Thursday off too). Though my boss didn't even realize she did that to me at first and felt bad (nice thing about having a fellow geek as a manager, she understands and even knows about Otakon and Dragon*Con so knew I was taking off for those when I asked the days off XD) and said I can try to call the others to see if anyone will take any of the shifts. Just kinda trying to figure out which one would be best and who to poke. And then this morning I got a call from one of the other managers, asking if I could take over for one girl's shift tonight and I was like "T___T nuuuu" so yeah told them no to that because I need these last 2 days I have off and need every hour I can get to work on things right now. Since I'm not sure if I'll be able to find anyone to take hours next week.

So yeah, don't know how I'm going to do this...I have a lot left to do. *sighs*

Day 29 - What is your favorite cosplay item? )

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This day allows me to give you a little mini tour of my work area. XD

Day 28 - Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done? )

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DEM BOOTS. XDXDXD Ah so ridiculous~ And horrible mirror photo is horrible but you get the idea. And yes that's a kittybutt behind my one leg there.

But hey the costume is almost done! The coat has been finished for a few days now but I don't really have a good way to show it off right now 'cause its now too tight for the dressform. lol And I tried to take photos of me in it but I couldn't get a good angle.

And I'm pretty sad that we won't be getting any more PH raws now. T_T Which means I'll have to wait for the scanlation each month before I can see what's going on. That's going to kill me. But at least we have a few pages on this one blog here (beware of spoilers) but OMG! Well glad I didn't start on Leo yet 'cause I would have gotten some of the colors wrong. COLOR PAGE I LOVE YOU. Luckily I was going to make the gem purple (LUCKY!) but now I gotta get purple for the ribbon and white buttons. x_x But Becca if you see this, you can see Vincent in that color page too (though his is pretty much just black and white lol).

But eeeeeee at the last page in the chapter! I love you Leo~! *_*

Day 27 - How many wigs do you own? Which is your favorite? )

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Aiyaiaiayayiaia! So much to do but I'm remaining (mostly) optimistic that I'll get it done. ^^;

Day 26 - Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them? )

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Finally got around to watching Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 1 last night. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I was kinda laughing at how you can so tell its being done by an American team now and the differences between a British show and American show. I mean there's this OBVIOUS sudden increase of chase scenes and guns and explosions. Oh America. XD; But I do like it so far...but its just...not the same. I miss the old Torchwood team.

Day 23 - Your most expensive cosplay )

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Oops almost forgot to do today's entry! XD

Day 22 - Have you worn cosplay in a regular situation? )

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lol My "mood" is always going to be either tired, stressed, busy, working, etc for the rest of this month I think. XDXD

Day 21 - Show us your best cosplay derp photo! )

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Annnnd I'm officially starting to panic. T_T Soooo much to do and I keep getting called in for more days at work when I REALLY need all the days off I can get. Uggggggggh.

Day 20 - Have you won any cosplay awards? )

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Well at least the resin is done...

Far from perfect but they'll work. You can see some of the glue globs in the big ones and its annoying but I'm really not good at getting the glue perfectly even on ones those size. I tried. I even took off the first attempts entirely so this is a little better than those but the glue took forever to get on and by the time I got enough on, the center had started hardening. I tried using a hair dryer to re-melt it some but even with pressing it as hard as I could, its still slightly visible. x_x;; I think its 'cause I'm using a mini hot glue gun (it is high heat though) and I should probably get a larger one finally considering how much hot glue I use.

Day 19 - What is your worst cosplay memory? )

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OMFG! The new mold is tearing again! Like I did everything people told me to do. I made sure to wait long enough for the mold this time around and I sprayed some mold release just in case...and this morning I checked on it and was like "oh cool its coming out ok" as I just peeled back a little as I was on the way to work and had no time to take it out fully. Come home after work (so there's another 5 hours added to the wait) and peel it out...only to have it start tearing at the bottom of the mold.

Odd too as the previous time it tore more at the top and not so much at the bottom. This time we have it coming out FINE at the top and starting to take off chunks further down. I haven't even finished taking the gem out as I saw that and stopped and just freaked. I'm too scared to even go further in hopes that maybe if I wait a little longer maybe I can get it out without it tearing more (I don't know what's the point though, it already tore a little...)

I'm just...AHGHASPHGIPSHGIPSGHIPSGHSI!!!! I mean yes I now have 2 resin gems that are useable and that's what I need. But I now have THREE molds I have to throw away. I wanted to have the mold to use again as I have a later costume that has similar shoulder gems and I don't know. Maybe I'll just come up with a different way to make them then. At least those don't HAVE to be clear but I thought it might be cool if they were. But I've already used all of my leftover Dragon Skin and 2/3s of the OOMOO 30. And have NO CLUE what went wrong this time! Only thing I can think of is maybe the bottles I bought had been sitting around for a while. I mean some of it was a bit chunky and then some of it was really watery but I thought maybe that was normal and I just had to stir it some (which I did) but I dunno...maybe it was old to begin with? There are no dates on these bottles so impossible to tell.

Just...I give up. lol I think I'm only going to do small resin stuff from this point out. I can't take the stress of these big pieces. I've never had a problem with the small molds I've made prior (hell I even made a smaller mold with the Dragon Skin right before the first attempt with this gem and THAT one came out fine so...go figure.)

Day 17 - What events have you cosplayed to? )

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Resin Lesson of the Day - Always use mold release? ...uhh I'm not even sure what went wrong! I guess that's the problem. That or wait longer for your mold to harden before you pour your resin but I thought for sure it was ready!

But this happened when I pulled it out...

T_____________________T The resin is ok so at least I FINALLY have one I can use because the mold is peeling off ok. Just taking a while to get it all off. But as you can clearly see...the mold is pretty much ruined. Unless anyone knows of a way I can fill in the holes to make it whole again? I dunno if that would be a good/bad idea though. I'm guessing I just need to make a new one and wait longer and make sure to spray it with my mold release this time. I just didn't think it would need it...since it always popped out right away with the silicone no matter the size.

God this is just...a total nightmare. And its bad enough I'm having a lot of issues with other aspects of the costume too. I just...I don't know. If things keep going like this I may end up having to give up on it. I'm kinda close to that but I keep trying because I never give up on a costume but...this just isn't going well. And I still have another costume to make and pieces of other costumes and this commission to finish and a few other commissions to start on that are due after Ota and just...I don't know if I can do this.

...but yes I'm going to keep trying until it kills me, most likely. Just not feeling as optimistic about it anymore.

Day 16 - Do you belong to any cosplay groups? )

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Resin lesson of the day: When creating your mold, make sure your barrier is sturdy enough BEFORE pouring in the rubber. x____x

In my defense, I was using the same method that's always worked for the clear silicone so I just assumed it would work for this too. I didn't think about the fact that the rubber is much more liquidy before it hardens and thus can squeeze through crevices easier. I guess my clay around my cardboard wasn't quite as tight as I thought it was. But yeah this resulted in a major leak and it got pretty messy. Luckily I was still able to salvage most of the rubber and put it back in with a spoon. But I had to stick my fingers directly in and tighten my clay and this resulted in lots of mess and the use of half a roll of paper towels to clean it all up.

...really hope the mold will come out ok after all of that.

Day 15 - Your least favorite thing about cosplay )

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For those that didn't see on my Facebook, I am in fact definitely going to Dragon*Con now! I wasn't sure 'cause my boss had ok-ed my request form but didn't have me on the list for that time period and she was on vacation over the weekend. But checked with her today and its all good. ^^

Day 13 - Your cosplay specialty )

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Why is it July already?! I need more time! T_T

Day 12 - Your cosplay idol. )



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