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Finally saw the movie this morning. Yeah...I know, surprised it took me that long? Well, its not like I planned to wait this long. I wanted to see it right away but weather sadly prevented Alyce and Beth from coming down to see it with me and so I had no one to go with nor any means to get to the theater on my own even if I wanted to. I tried asking the parents but Mom was a flat out "No. I don't do theaters on Friday night." And didn't even tell Dad about the situation til he got home. Which made me a little n_n because I know if Dad had known, he'd probably try to go with me that night 'cause he's the one that got me into Narnia in the first place.

So I was like "...Saturday?" No, Mom had this handbell thing and of course I couldn't think of a single person who'd want to go see it with me who was actually in the area who wasn't busy or didn't care. 'Cause I gotta admit, I really only like to watch these with fellow Narnia geeks. Its just not the same otherwise. But even my college gang I saw the first two with is a bit in various places right now. Andrew's not even in the US and he's probably the 3rd biggest Narnia dork I know (after me and Alyce of course XD).

But finally got to see it this morning. And while I'm sad I didn't get to see it on the first day, at least I got to see it at all so I can't really complain too much.

Non-spoiler quick review: It was better than Prince Caspian at least. They changed A LOT but it worked this time. I actually liked this one. Far from perfect and some of the changes made me lift an eyebrow but I guess because I was expecting it already, it didn't bother me as much? But thank god it wasn't another wreck like the 2nd film was (thanks guys for ruining my favorite book, still not going to forgive you for it but at least you didn't mess up my 2nd fav...too much). I'm kinda on the fence on my opinion on this one. Not sure whether to say I loved it or not. Don't think I "loved-loved" it but I didn't hate it. I guess "liked it" is the best to go with. lol

But anyways, on to the actual review which will of course contain detailed spoilers of the whole movie...

Dawn Treader )

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Hmmm...well at least it looks better than the last one. >>;; Not getting my hopes up quite yet as I don't want them to be crushed like they were for Caspian. Still upset about that so having a hard time getting as excited for this even though its my 2nd favorite of the books and the bits in the trailer are pretty accurate to the book at least.

And lol oh gotta admit looks like they found the perfect boy for Eustice. At least looks the part. We shall see if he acts perfectly bratty. They better have the dragon bit in the movie! That was my favorite part of the book.

So now I just need to find people to go see it with me since its coming out for X-Mas and I'm sure most people will have other plans then. At least there's 3D for this one...kinda wanna do it. XD;

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Lyn: hey you don't know a way to slow down time by any chance? XP so I can have another week before Otakon?
Ren: LOL.
Lyn: come on, you play WoW you should know like some type of spell or something you can work up XP
Ren: LOL. You know Narnia. You can just go into a wardrobe and slow down time. XD
Lyn: ! I didn't think about that.
Lyn: *goes into closet*
Ren: HA. I win!
Lyn: *comes out with several 100 years worth of costumes* aha!
Ren: TA DA! :DD

brb guys: in Narnia XP

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I almost forgot to write a LJ post about this. XP Tuesday night Alyce came and kidnapped me for a few days of Littlestown fun. We went up to Philly on Wed in order to go to the Franklin Institute because they have a Narnia exhibit going on right now. So of course we were dorks and were all "we have to go!" Though at first I was a bit " it really worth the price?" as it was like $24 and I thought it would be a small exhibit. And the large amount of children in the place made me nervous as I really didn't want to be surrounded by them.

But we were waiting for Krys to get into the city so we ended up waiting past the time when the school groups started to leave. So that worked out for the better. Even if Krys ended up not showing up til after we went into the exhibit.

So I really just expected it to be several rooms of displayed items. I had no idea how nice it was going to be. We entered it and the first part was this little waiting room that was set up with displays for the actual books, showing various editions and information on CS Lewis himself. And then when we were ready the employees led us through this door and left us in this second room...and there's the Wardrobe right in front of us. I was squeeing inside as I was all "omg I've always wanted to do this ever since I was a kid!". Yeah I'm a dork. Shush. XP So yeah, they had fake windows that had water falling on them to look like it was raining and the audio starts up with a little introduction and the sound effects from the movie with Peter counting. And then the Wardrobe doors open and we walked through and they had the fur coats on either side so it really felt like you were really going through it. T_T And then they had fake snow coming down on our heads. And yeah, I got a little teary-eyed. I won't lie. lol

It was really really cool! Most of the exhibit was actual items from the sets of the two movies. Including a large amount of the costumes. *_* We drooled over Jadis' first outfit for quite a long time. They had her crowns and scepter. And they had a mock up of her throne you could sit on that was all cold. And of course we all sat on it and had cold bums as a result. XP Then they had the Beavers' (or was it the Badger's from Caspian? Not sure) den set up and you went into it and had to duck your head down. Though I was just short enough that I could stand in there without quite hitting my head. ^^; They had more stuff from the 2nd movie sadly though but I guess it makes sense. They had all the battle outfits from it and Alyce drooled over Susan's for quite some time. lol And they also had a bunch of interactive bits for kids that was pretty cute like they had two guys with a catapult display that would let you try it. XP I kinda wanted to do it even though I knew it was for kids but I didn't want to embarrass myself by doing it, lol. So I pretended I was too cool for it. Haha. They sadly didn't have many of the ending outfits. Just Caspian's which I wasn't very interested in. We were hoping they'd have Susan's so Alyce could take note of all the details since she made that one recently. And at the end they had the crowns from the first movie in a display with a video behind it of Aslan saying "Once a king and queen of Narnia, always a queen and king of Narnia" which made me tear up a bit. I so wanted to take the crowns home with me. They were so pretty.

And then after that was the little gift shop. Didn't see anything I had to have but Alyce bought a Turkish Delight for her and I to share. As we felt the need to finally try it. And we both actually liked it. ^_^ Despite various people saying they thought it tastes awful. But then again this particular one was chocolate covered and rose flavored. XP So not exactly the traditional kind. But whatever. XP

Afterwards we met up with Krys (Ambrosia/Ryoko) and ended up going to King of Prussia mall with her...which is HUGE! o_o And we went to the Sanrio store. Oh god that place. XP lol It was pretty cool how they had a point system. After you buy so much stuff, you get points and you can use the points for free stuff. Brittany got some thanks to her purchases. Then we had some delicious Japanese food and I was dragged into the Betty Johnson boutique with them. Oh god the pink! XP Actually I do find designer outfits pretty interesting especially from a seamstress point of view. But my stomach was hurting so I sat most of the time while Alyce tried on a dress that she ended up going home with. It was really cute. ^^

The rest of the time in Littlestown was spent being introduced to the HBO show Rome which they had the boxset of. Didn't get to see the end but they got me pretty addicted so I am very looking forward to watching the rest next time I go up. XP And I played with many kitties~ Which always makes me happy. ^_^ Finally got to actually see the infamous Lendel and Stavan for more than 10 seconds. XP

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So I saw Prince Caspian at midnight with a bunch of my friends from college. Kinda glad we went to the mall in Arundel Mills after all as the place was freaking huge and the screen was big and we got great seats.

So, the movie itself? Well, to all Narnia fans who love the books as much as I do. I have this advice to you...don't expect much out of this one. At least with accuracy. I made the mistake of putting my expectations too high and was disappointed as a result.

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was amazing and made me cry at how beautiful it was. Prince Caspian almost made me cry for a completely different reason. After the first hour or so I realized I needed to stop expecting anything and just give in and try to enjoy it at least. I wasn't really able to until the last 45 or so minutes. I loved it from that point on (except for one detail at the end). So gotta say the battle scenes and Reepicheep made it worth it at least.

So...onto my detailed review. Warning, contains a bit of ranting and may be a bit long. Sorry, its just that Prince Caspian has always been my favorite book in the series and since these books have held a special place in my heart from the age of about 5 and on, I'm going to be a bit hard on this one. XP

Caspian Review: Spoilers for Movie within )


Iron Man

May. 7th, 2008 10:01 pm
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So. Saw Iron Man. Fucking awesome. *_*

And at the end we turn around and realize almost all the fellow senior geeks we know are sitting behind us. XP And you should've heard the shouts of glee at the ending after the credits. Oh geeks are we.

And yes I squeed all over the place at the Caspian trailer at the very beginning. Holy shit its next weekend! *_* Really need to bug the group to reserve tickets (I actually may be seeing the midnight premiere with my college buds and then going to see it with the Gettysburg crew the next day, lol).

Anyways, been sewing. Caspian's pretty close to done. Just have a few things I need to figure out and wait til I'm home to do. And want to use a pattern for the last piece that's at home. So I started on Seiran in the mean time. Not much on it but at least its started. Will need to get fabrics for DOD when I get home so I can get moving on that as well.

I also just now realized I missed ANTM. Fail. But I'll just watch it on youtube when its up.

Annnnnnd I also just realized I still haven't actually eaten today. Major Fail. XP Well I did have some of Gina's rice and some popcorn at the movie. But no actual food yet. ^^;; Eh heh.

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Bleh, finally got myself to start on the next project (Caspian, thus the icon). And lo and behold I end up getting pretty crestfallen about it early on. And just thinking of all the stuff I'm planning to do after this one is just a bit overwhelming at the moment. *sigh* Really worried if I have enough time to do it all.

But yeah, first off, I had a really hard time deciding on what fabrics to get while I was at home. And I still haven't found all I need for this outfit yet either.

But anyways, I cut the fabric to find out...I don't have enough of the shirt material and too much of the pants material. x_x And I know why this happened too.

Originally the shirt fabric I found was at Hancock and it was 60in wide. So I had looked up the amount needed for the shirt for 60in. But then Mom convinced me to wait and check out JoAnn's instead. Found a cheaper material (it was on sale) though not quite as cool. But I must've forgotten it was 45in and gotten the amount I would've gotten for the 60in. So yeah. Not enough. So...I'm kinda fudging the pieces and hope this still works. It won't be the design I wanted at all but oh well. What can I do?

And I have too much for the pants. Which makes me go "Note to Self: Don't take the Cutting Table Lady's Advice". Yeah, at Hancock I was like "ok, going to make pants, just need like 2 yards or so". But the lady was like "...are you sure you want that much? I think it takes more for a pair of pants. You might want to check a pattern. It usually takes me 3 yards" and I'm like "uh, k" and check and the patterns do say like 3 or whatever. So I get that amount. I lay out my pattern and sure enough, I only needed 2 yards. Ha. My super old easy 70s pattern wins. I knew I should've gone with my own judgement there. But it is a cool brown suede so I'm sure I can find some use for the remainder.

But yeah, blah. I've just had no motivation to work on the stuff. And in the back of my mind I keep panicking about all the stuff I need for the two bigger costumes for AN and trying to figure out if I can afford them and if I have the time/energy to do them.

So even though I should use this time when I have it (since the next few weekends will be crammed with school stuff) to work on cosplay...I'm not. I'm just going to do things to distract myself from it. 'Cause I'm just too frustrated/not in the mood.



Feb. 25th, 2008 06:26 pm
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So my suitemates and I just realized...

Eddie Izzard is doing the voice of Reepicheep in the Prince Caspian movie.

O_O omg! That's...really awesome. Though took my brain a long time to wrap itself around this information. XP My first reaction was "...wait...what? ...what?!"

And in other news, I think I'm like the only one not jumping in on the Pokemon cosplay group, aren't I? lol I don't know. I don't see myself as likely to join. Mostly 'cause I'm not a big enough fan and the designs I liked in those pictures are all ones that are a bit hard and don't think I'd be willing to put that much effort and time into it. But damn its like half my FL is being part of it. o_o;;

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So I'm a bit torn on my opinion. I'm still angry at them for the age thing. Caspian is definitly supposed to be around the same age as the kids in Prince Caspian. Yet they have him at his Dawn Treader age in the movie. >>


They made him look so cool!

I know they did it so they could use the same actor for both movies but still...he's supposed to be all young and cute in the first one. But look how badass he looks! Argh, I'm so torn on this. x_x;

Also, means I do have to cosplay him soon as I said I would when they made the movie. Just not sure if I should make book version Prince Caspian or just go ahead and do movie/Dawn Treader Caspian. Hm, I wonder which I could pull off better? I'll need to get my copy of the books from home again and re-read them to remember exactly what he's supposed to look like and determine how I can go about doing it.

Anyone else up for Narnia cosplay with me? XP We have quite a lot of time to do it. Movie doesn't come out til like May, 2008 sometime.

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Yoinked this info from Alyce:

-_- I am not a happy camper.

Grah, they did such a good job with the first one too. They better not mess up my favorite 2 Narnia books. I mean, I can see him working fine for Dawn Treader, but not for the Prince Caspian. x_x wtf.

Hmm, I still do plan to attempt to do a Prince Caspian outfit for this movie's release but it all depends on what the designs end up being once they start filming and show us pictures. If not, I can alwasy just do my own design and be like "screw you movie people". XP

Definitly making sure I remember to yoink my copy of the book when I go home over spring break so I can start remembering it. 'Cause I'm a total Narnia dweeb who totally re-read the first book several times over right before the first movie release so I could remember all the details and judge what the movie kept and what it left out. XPXP



Dec. 8th, 2005 11:50 pm
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Well, in other, better news...

I'm seeing Narnia tomorrow!!!

^____^ NARNIA!!!

*has been excited all week*



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