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Soooo I totally failed to get this up before THIS year's Otakon. lol So this is seriously an entire year late. Oops. XD It was also weird writing the end of this after having just come back from the con this year. Haha!

Otakon 2015 )

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This con took place over 4 months ago and I even started writing this over a month ago but then kept getting distracted and didn't force myself to finish it til now...oops. XD Still need to do a report on AnimeUSA too. x_x;

Otakon Report )

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Oh Otakon. I keep trying to quit you but I always come back. XD Though to be honest, I actually really enjoyed Otakon this year. Though I think I keep bringing less and less costume-wise every year. Otakon for me really is now more about seeing everyone and going to maybe one or two big events. There just aren't really any good places to take photos and con wandering isn't as fun as it used to be. But I think I'm just repeating a lot of what I said last year so yeah. Onto the report! I actually started writing this BEFORE Dragon Con but wasn't able to finish it in time. XD So thus the delay...

Otakon 2013 Report )

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I started this report like almost a week ago...XD And kept gradually working at it bit by bit...just hadn't had much time to actually write it up. Had been waiting for some more photos but got tired of waiting so here goes...

So yeah...Otakon happened. Seemed like it wasn't quite as crowded as last year but I've had other friends say they felt like it was worse. So I dunno. XD But it just didn't seem QUITE as bad as last year to me. But maybe just 'cause I wasn't wearing as many costumes this time around? I think I've finally learned my limits with Ota.

Anywho, onto the actual report...

Otakon - the con I can't say no to for some stupid reason )

Rest of my photos are here: Not a huge amount but at least not as few as some of the other cons. Mostly just more Inu x Boku stuff though. XD

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Our private Star Driver shoot is up over here. ^^ I'm pretty happy with them.

And lol I love how like AFTER a con I then get a million photo ideas. But I plan to bring Takuto to both AUSA and Katsu. I'm especially looking forward to abusing Katsu's locations for photos (I NEED photos in front of the fountain light show at night *_*)

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Continued from Part 1...

This part finishes up with the Distant Worlds concert and Sunday. It might seem a little awkward just 'cause I wrote the report as one entire thing and couldn't find a good place to cut it off at. XD;

The Rest of Otakon )

Rest of my photos can be seen here:

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So this report ended up being too big for just one post. XD Wow. I don't think I've had that happen before. I've split con reports into parts before but that was just 'cause I didn't feel like writing them up all at once in the past. Pffft...

I was originally going to wait til I had more photos but I don't think I'll be getting the Ningyou and PH ones for quite some time so I may just do a separate post for them when I get them. Anywho, this Otakon was kinda bleh just 'cause of how crazy hot and crowded it was. Seriously in all the 11 years I've gone, this was by far the most crowded I've ever seen the con. Even with the added Hilton area, it didn't seem to make a difference. And it was kinda odd because yeah Otakon is huge but last year it wasn't this bad. It was actually pretty nice but I guess people decided they couldn't afford it then but suddenly they could this year. I dunno. I'm kinda really hoping they lower the attendance cap again like they did a few years ago. I think it would really help because if it keeps being like this...its not going to be fun anymore. I mean maybe I just had a lower tolerance for it because of the hotter-than-normal heat but it really was unbearable.

But despite that, I still had a good time. I'm just sad that I really didn't spend much time IN the con. Otakon is my number one con for random wandering and people watching. I didn't do that AT ALL this con 'cause I couldn't stand trying to get through the crowded halls. I didn't wear any of my costumes for very long and thus don't have many photos.

Anywho now onto the actual report, which will be a tad bit less rant-ish. XD As like I said, still had fun, despite that. It was just a major set-back though.

Otakon 2011 )

And the rest of this report can be located here.

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Totally dazzled the stage, right Chibi-Takuto? XD

*cough* But yes Otakon was fun. Overcrowded and way too hot but fun. Even though I didn't do much in the actual con center due to not being able to really handle the crowds and heat. Highlights were the FF: Distant Worlds concert (which was fucking amazing!), wearing Takuto, and hanging with all my awesome friends. Actual report and junk coming...eventually.

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Lets see if LJ works long enough for me to write this...

Almost done. Only have a few little things to finish and then I can start packing! Its kinda amazing. I didn't think I'd make it. But then again, I dropped a few things so that's probably what made the difference. I'm sad I didn't have time to make the Vice-Pres plushie though. Granted not sure how I'd hold him with the swords but I still plan to make him once I have more time. Maybe for AUSA (though I have a lot to do for that too).

But here's the line-up for me:

- Okita Souji from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan - for Matsuri - wearing it as long as I can before I die from the heat, lol

- Morning - Lucille from Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan
- Late Afternoon/Night - Takuto (Ginga Bishonen) from Star Driver
- 3:30pm Star Driver gathering
- 10pm private Star Driver shoot

- Morning - Leo from Pandora Hearts
- 1pm - Pandora Hearts gathering
- Afternoon - Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII
- 4pm - Final Fantasy gathering
- 7:30pm - Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert

- Teito Klein - 07-Ghost

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Commission - Kaiba - DONE
- Fix edges
- Sew up shoulders
- Finish belts
- Make silver arm pieces
- Attach KC pieces

- Resin gems
- Cuffs on sleeves
- Shoulder pieces
- Trim and junk
- Boot covers

- Shirt and cravat - in-progress
- Sash
- Gloves
- Style wig
- Swords - collecting materials
- Vice President plushie (if time permits)

- Coat
- Shirt
- Ribbon

- Make Kurosuke more accurate
- Patch for Sarah and Patches for Kenya's friend
- Embroidery patches for AA
- Fixes on Lucille and Cloud
- Start on August/Sept commissions (if people respond to me so I can start them)

Annnnnd I feel like I'm missing something on this list. >>;; Sure I'll think about it later. But guuuuh only 3 weeks left. T_T

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Well its a little over a month left til Otakon so you know what that means...lots of annoying progress entries from me. ^^;; And oh god do I have a lot to do this time around...

Commission: Squall
- Find/figure out buckle
- Make final belt and cast pieces for it

Commission: Kaiba (coat & belts only)
- Start patterning out and cut out fabric
- Find buttons/studs/whatever they are online and order them
- Get remaining buckles once they've been restocked

- Sew costume - in-progress

- Finish bias tape
- Combine pieces of the jacket together

- Trim and junk
- Order boots online
- Get material for boot covers and sash
- Make gems out of resin - in-progress
- Make shirt, cravat, gloves, etc.
- Swords??
- Vice President plushie? (if time permit)

- Make coat
- Get fabric for shirt and make

Commission: John
- Awaiting payment - due after Otakon but need it in mail before Ota

Little stuff:
- Fix Lucille's boot covers, sew button back on
- Do a few little touch-ups to Cloud

- Cain - make new costume if I have time, if not just fix up one of the older ones - Canceled
- Baskerville cloak for Becca
- Make Keisuke more accurate (yeah looks like I'm bringing it after all x_x)
- Start on Victorian England commission (due Dragon*Con)

...*cry* I predict not much sleep in my future.

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Sooooo...I know its still kinda early but since I'm not going to any con between now and be my potential Otakon list, as of now...

+ Lucille - Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan (or "Grand Guignol Orchestra") - Still interested in any other people joining this. We have a Spinel now! But lost our Kohaku. T_T Most likely for Friday
+ Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII - might fix a few parts if I have time - for Sat - realized this Otakon is going to mark 10 years since I first started cosplaying and Cloud was my very first one I ever attempted so I feel the need to wear my newer one. XD;
+ Glen - Pandora Hearts - for PH gathering - 'cause I have a potential Lotti and Lily! And looking for more Baskervilles...

Hoping to get done...
+ New: Reo/Leo - Pandora Hearts (the black outfit that he's worn more recently, not the school uniform) - Not sure when exactly. May do it to the PH gathering if there's another Glen (doubt it though) so probably will wear this around. Will have an Eliot. Most likely going to be doing some recent spoilers with this.
+ New: Takuto (Ginga Bishonen version!) - Star Driver - ...I REALLY want to make this but it depends on if I have the time with all the commissions I have right now. T_T But I'm going to aim for it!

+ Kurosuke - Togainu no Chi - Only if we still do TnC again but looking unlikely but if we do, want to make it a little more accurate this time around, lol
+ Cain C Hargreaves - Count Cain/GodChild - T______T If the Cain group still happens...haven't talked to the Riff in a while who was putting this together. Dunno how I'd fit it in but still kinda want to do it but if she's not doing it anymore...might wait til later.
+ Teito Klein - 07-Ghost - For the 07-Ghost group. No longer doing the Ghost group though so might just wear Teito to it, depending on when it is and how the rest of my schedule is.

Yes I know that's a lot. lol But most likely will be dropping 1-2 in the end, I'm sure.

Especially as I'm up to my armpits in commissions right now. ^^;; So if any of you who have mentioned stuff to me before, if you haven't confirmed (or canceled if you decided not to do it) yet, please do soon! I'll be messaging everyone I've talked to soon as I go down the list to make sure as I really need to plan things out and start working on things if I'm to get everything done for everyone in time. This includes anything for AnimeNEXT (keep in mind, I'm not attending) and Otakon. And anything else in that time range. I've got about...8 or so costumes between now and August so I really need to get the ball moving here. x_x;; (though one of those 8 I'm already working on at least) Plus a few smaller things (like patches/plushies).

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Epic shoot is seriously epic.

See the rest here.

And why the hell am I still up...? *passes out*


Otakon 2010

Aug. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Otakon was overall a pretty good con for me this year. Insanely tiring but good. It went by really fast but most likely because I was doing a lot.

Super duper long report ahoy! )

You can see the rest of my photos here:

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So found our Otakon skit online. It's um...not a very good video of it sadly. I mean I'm really grateful that someone managed to get it up online this early but I'm really hoping someone else managed to sneak in actual recording of it. 'Cause this is just video of the screen so this is the "official" video and IT SUCKS! Ugh. I so wish they let ACP record it. If they had just ya know, NOT ZOOM IN on anyone, it would have been fine. If they just kept the camera steady and show the whole stage, you would be able to see everything and baaaaah. I'm so mad 'cause I have a feeling I'll never get to see what the whole thing really looked like. *sighs* You don't get to see ANY of Rosiel going crazy and killing Katan bit and I really wanted to see that as it happens behind me so I've never gotten to see how that part looks. And can't really tell whats going on at all in my opinion. Booo. But here it is anyways...

And man I wish I realized my wings were hanging that low. I should have pulled them up a little more. And made the coat a little longer as I forgot how much taller my boots make me. ^^;;;

But anyways! I actually REALLY loved doing this skit. Despite all the issues we had to put it together (like our crisis with Adam Kadamon's backpiece missing, a million thank yous to Bonnie's friend who shipped it out for her! I don't know you but I love you for doing that whoever you are!) and the insane amount of hours we spent practicing, and some tension as a result of us all being tired and nearly at each other's throats at seriously guys, thank you all for doing this. I've always wanted to do a skit like that. I honestly don't care if it was confusing or boring or whatever. I did it for the AS fans like myself who would understand it. Because dude all the comments we got afterwards from fellow AS fans made it all worth it for me.

We won a Judge's Award which was cool. I didn't really expect to win anything. I do kinda wish Otakon had like individual craftsmanship awards (instead of just one "best craftsmanship" for each category) 'cause I think Bonnie should have gotten one for her Adam Kadamon alone because the costume is so insane. But at least we had that judge's award to give to her and I loved the judge's comment on us. "As the wings got bigger, they got oddly lighter". XD; Despite that, I don't think I'll ever do Otakon's Masquerade again no matter how much Corey tries to talk me into it. I'll go into more detail about the experience in my actual con report.

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Back from Otakon. Oh my god I'm so tired I can barely walk up and down the stairs. n_n;

Con was great! Only thing is that I think I was way too busy as I seriously had very little time to just relax and thus the con didn't feel quite right 'cause I'm used to spending most of my Otakon wandering around aimlessly and I didn't really do much of that.

But yeah, too tired to really talk about it much right now other than...


...and I bet seeing me squeal and jump up and down in Lucifer when I heard that must have been pretty amusing. XDXD; I couldn't help it though.

And hey I actually didn't cry. ...only reason I didn't was because I really didn't want to smear the make-up but GOD WAS THAT HARD! Yoshiki and Sugizo did a piano/violin duet just as I thought they would. Forever Love and Endless Rain. Ya know, two of their biggest and most emotional songs ever. (At least they didn't do Tears. I don't think I could have handled it.) But yeah. Just...oh my god. Amazing. Made the whole con worth going to just for that moment as it was something I never thought in a million years I'd get to witness.

Now excuse me while I continue to spazz over the fact I may actually get to see the whole band live (unless something comes up as he didn't seem 100% sure they would and it wasn't on the list of cities they had listed previously >>;;;) but oh my god this would mean I wouldn't have to spend the money to go to NYC after all for it.

And aghoaghaphiphp why is my nose bleeding AGAIN?! This is like the 3rd time this weekend. n_n;; Damn sudden changes in climate!

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Yuji Mitsuya, seiyuu that did the original voice of Shaka in Saint Seiya will be at Otakon.

Sweet! XD As Shaka is my absolute favorite of the saints, I think I might have to at least try to get his autograph. Ray says I should wear my Shaka cosplay and get the armor signed. ...pfft. But that thing is kinda old and not in the best condition and plus it's a bitch to wear.

But it's kinda tempting...

Maybe I could try to pull together casual Shaka? Been meaning to for ages now. ...god why am I seriously considering bringing the armor? Doesn't help that I have a Shun cosplayer that was already trying to talk me into it. >>;

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Welp looks like I get to see Yoshiki again. And with Sugizo this time!

Only problem is they're doing it during the Masquerade. So I'm not sure if that means before or after and if those performing will get to watch because dammit I'm in a skit and I better be able to see this. >>;;

Edit: From what I read on the boards, they're doing the halftime show. Already asked on there and the con chair said they are still working out specifics so hasn't told me yet if those performing get to watch or not, just that "we haven't forgotten about you guys" so hopefully that means something. Maybe they'll give out the awards like Yoshiki did at Anime Central. XD

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Here be Lyn's usual way-too-long con report with photos and details nobody cares about. XP

Otakon Report )

Rest of my photos can be found here:

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Otakon was pretty damn awesome this year. Well...for me anyways. XP Not sure how it was for everyone else but personally I had nothing but good things happen and was never bored or disappointed.

Oh and this might have something to do with it...

Rufflebutt ftw! XP (translation: It's for Ciel)



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