Feb. 21st, 2012 07:02 pm
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Survived another Katsucon. Had a great time and overall seem to have increased my stamina as I did 4 costume changes each day and never really sat down at all, was constantly on the move and yet was totally fine. ...which has never happened before. lol Usually I'm completely wiped out the first day if I do that. And didn't take me that long to recover post-con. I think maybe working at Hancock where I'm ALWAYS moving has helped increased my tolerance for such things. But anyways actual con report will come later on once I've gotten more photos from folks.

Fandom updates...



...no, seriously, the latest plot twist blew my mind. And I'm going to just remain spoiler-free here so I don't have to cut it. I should have seen it coming but I totally didn't think of that possibility. But it totally makes sense. And I gotta say just how much I love the plot of this manga and how its done. Its really amazing. Like I often wonder with all the semi long epic plot-twisty mangas I read if they authors planned everything ahead of time or are just making it up as they go. Like CLAMP obviously made up Tsubasa as they went and like just plain forgot about what they were doing in the beginning. 'Cause it got too complex and it didn't really work in the end. But it could have. And well from pretty early on I was worried Pandora might go the same route Tsubasa did because we were getting to a point where there was A LOT of complex plot twists going on and it could go get messed up very easily with just one poor plot mistake. But no, I honestly think after this chapter that Jun actually plotted EVERYTHING carefully before she started writing it (which is a little surprising considering the pilot chapter is COMPLETELY different so you'd think she must have changed her mind a lot from the start but the actual manga all works together with little hints you can find from VERY early). Because this chapter kinda revealed that FREAKING EVERYTHING is connected. Things from WAAAAAAAAAY back in the manga are finally connecting and its just BRILLIANT! God I love this manga. So much. Even if the story is so heart-breaking. Especially with this latest revelation.

Persona 4 - Episode 19 - I've been waiting for this episode since they first announced it was going to be an anime, hoping they would do the school festival. And they did! Though I was a bit disappointed how short the pageants were. They only spent like less than 10 minutes to include both when they could have made that part into an entire episode itself. So it wasn't as funny as it was in the game. HOWEVER. This was made up by the first half of the episode where they made the group date cafe even better than in the game. Granted this part all depends on what options you make as to how the results are but I was so glad they went with the "Souji on the girl side" scenario. Especially when he starts using that feminine tone voice. But the way Yosuke reacted! Pfffft! Ok this anime keeps REALLY suggesting the Souji/Yosuke pairing. I think they know how much the fandom loves it 'cause that has GOT to be on purpose. XD It was beautiful though.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Started playing it but haven't gotten that far in due to preparation for Katsucon though now that that's done, I plan to spend a lot more time with it. I actually do like it but I gotta say that I question their decision to throw time travel and alternate universes into a plot that was already kinda underdeveloped and confusing to begin with. I honestly would have preferred if they had spent more time in the present day and exploring of Pulse because there is so much there that was never really explained in the first game and I dunno, I just didn't really feel like i got enough out of the characters and plot. I mean I could be wrong and maybe this game will still add to that but just the fact that we're going to be going into the future and will be jumping around a bit in timelines...oiiii. I just know my brain is going to hurt.
Okamiden - Finally started playing this too but also not very far in. But OMG soooooo cute! And lol that's about all I can say on it since I haven't gotten far enough to really make judgements on the plot. But I do say the gameplay isn't as much fun in this. I mean I thought it would be great with the use of the Stylus and all but it seems so...restricting. I guess since you have a bit of a smaller screen and lower graphics, it makes sense. But still. And maybe its just 'cause I barely use my DS so I haven't really gotten used to the dual screens (yeah, sad, I know lol but my other DS games didn't really do anything heavy with them).

In other anime news, I'm very much interested in Inu x Boku SS. Watched the first episode and plan to continue watching it. May even cosplay from it because eeeeee fox-demon-ness. XD And I still need to get myself to watch Mawaru Penguindrum though not sure if I'm going to like it or hate it. lol We shall see. From what I've been told, it could go either way with me. I'm a little bit behind in Last Exile: Fam though it has finally started to get more interesting the last few episodes I did watch so that's made me more interested in it in general. Still need to read the manga bits that come before it though.

Takarazuka: Still binging on shows. XD In fact that's probably why I'm behind in a lot of things anime/game wise 'cause I've been spending most of my free time watching Zuka. Feel like I'm trying to make up for all the years where I didn't watch much. lol And I'm quite excited to hear that Masao will be the new top star for Tsukigumi even though I had a big feeling it would be her (or if not this time, during a future top star vacancy). Considering I'm still not all that familiar with the newer troupes, its exciting to know one of the girls I DO know is going to be top. Especially since she should be around when (if) I go to Japan now. Also super excited that her debut will be Romeo et Juliette 'cause I love that show entirely too much. And semi Zuka related, got my "Waocula" DVD right before the con. Sadly of course didn't have any time to watch it then but I did watch like the first 20 minutes. And now that the con is over, I've been gradually watching the rest. Have a little less than an hour left to go. So I'll wait til I've finished it before I do an actual review but overall very glad I bought it. Wao is really hot (but isn't she always? XD) and its so awesome to see her and Hana performing in a show together again. I've also never actually seen Bram Stoker's Dracula, in any of its variants, so this is my fist exposure to the story.

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Kinda sad how my LJ is mostly just about the anime/manga I watch/read, especially as not many on my FL read or watch the same stuff. XD But I feel the need to talk about it anyways...not sure why.

Anywho, Persona 4 Episode 4 - Absolutely LOVED this episode soooo much. I mean I've been loving the whole series so far but this episode really made me happy. Just every single aspect of it. I loved the addition of the whole bird story. I don't remember that in the game but I could be wrong and maybe she did mention it at some point. The sad thing is that I did in fact max out Yukiko's Social Link but I don't remember much of what she said. Hell I don't remember much of the details any of the links other than Yosuke's. >>;; Shows where my bias lies. lol But oh man, this episode reminded me just how much I do love Chie/Yukiko. <3 And I'm glad they made the fight a bit longer in this just 'cause that was the first fight I had a really hard time with in the game. In fact was one of the hardest for me to beat of all the boss fights. Maybe it was just 'cause it was the first one and I hadn't quite worked out a good leveling up system but it took me forever. x_x Kept having to go back and level up so I wouldn't get creamed. And really I feel like that fight is the first REAL boss fight. 'Cause Yosuke's shadow is more of just part of the intro to the game and Chie's serves as the half-way point fight in Yukiko's dungeon. While Yukiko's is the first boss fight at the end of a dungeon. But yeah I really felt like the episode added even more to the dynamics between Yukiko and Chie and it was wonderful~ ^^ Also happy they kept in the whole silly glasses bit at the end. XD Also like how Souji's stats keep going up each episode. lol And how they work in the additional Personas. And love the whole idea of them feeling the same pain when their Persona gets attacked! Since in the game they really are separate during the fights. Its more like a Summon while in the anime, they seem more linked.

And very excited to see that the next episode focuses on some of the NPC social links, it seems. ^^ At least def saw a bit of Daisuke's and Ai's in the teaser. I thought they would probably just go straight into Kanji. But this gives me more hope that maybe it'll be a full 24 instead of just 12 episodes. Really hope they put in the School Festival and maybe the Camping Field Trip. XD

And I did finally watch the first two episodes of Last Exile: Fam and not sure what to think yet. I'll give it a few more episodes before I start forming a real opinion to give it a chance but right now not really liking the fact that I don't really know who anyone is despite it being the 2nd episode. I just mean, i don't feel connected yet to anyone like I did with Klaus and Lavi right from the start in the original. I'm having a much harder time being able to get Fam and Gisey's characters. Mostly 'cause it just seems so unrealistic for a characters that young to be that skilled and know that much about the dynamics of air travel and all. Unless they're older than I think and just look really young. That and I'm still confused how things got the way they are since the previous series. Hoping for an explanation...eventually. But things already seem to be going into this new plotline and ignoring that. >> I want to know how Dio survived and why he's with these characters. And what happened to our gang from the original series. Also not enjoying how the majority of the cast is really young. I prefer older characters, especially in a series like this.

And ah...just read that Fam and Gisey are actually 15...wtf, they look like they're 12. x_x But at least that age makes more sense. Sorta. lol But hopefully things will get cleared up. I'm at least willing to give it a chance as the plot does seem like it could get pretty good. If they at least develop the characters at some point.

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First off, my weekly Persona 4 review...

Persona 4 - Episode 3 )

I'm also watching Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi season 2, which I'm very much enjoying as its one of my favorite BL mangas. ^^ And its nice to see some of the Chiaki story that we don't really get to see in the manga. I also really need to watch the new Last Exile anime. I kinda forgot that it was coming out but luckily I've only missed 2 episodes. Though I'm still a little wary of it just 'cause Last Exile was so perfect by itself, I don't think it needs a sequel. But I did look at the opening and it looks really pretty and the fact that Dio is in it makes me happy.

I'm also curious about the new Hunter x Hunter anime...but unsure if I want to watch it or not since this is retelling of it and the story is somewhat different and not sure if I'll like the changes or not. Its also been like a million years since I watched the original though and for all I know, this could be closer to the manga as I never did get around to reading it so not sure how it goes. But I did skim some of the first few episodes and can't help but be curious. I just am trying to stay away from any super long shonen series though. I don't have the patience for them much anymore like I used to. I just stick to Saint Seiya these days (and I'm only up to date on the anime and Next Dimension manga, I still need to actually read Lost Canvas and the original manga or at least whats been scanlated. At least I've read all the Episode G scanlations but that one's really behind..). And not sure what category Claymore falls into but I sorta am still up to date on that. And fallen behind in Naruto but trying to keep with that one just 'cause I've been reading it for so long, don't want to give up on it yet but this is the farthest I've fallen with it so far. Gave up on Bleach years ago though. And still reading D.Gray-Man even though I'm still not very happy with how she changed her style and just how its not the same manga anymore.

Overall I'm really not as up to date on anime and manga as people tend to assume. I mean yeah I used to be but I don't really have as much time for it anymore so I tend to prioritize stuff and I no longer watch stuff just 'cause its what people are watching and I want to see what's going on and review it (after all I watched all of Chobits even though I didn't like any of it but only just so I could properly give an opinion and know the series, same with .hack). Nowadays if I don't like something from episode 1, probably not going to stick with it.

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Going to try to keep my reviews on these episodes a little shorter than the first one and try to do this one without a cut and spoil-free. XD

The opening changed to the song from the trailers. Which is kinda what I expected it might. But was still nice for them to put the original song in the first episode. And I don't mind as the song is still by Lotus Juice and it works well and I love the animation for it.

The events for this episode were done a little differently than how they were in the game but it makes sense and it worked well. And well you kinda have to change things around when you turn a game into an anime because things don't work the same way when you're just watching it and not playing it. I like how they did the fight sequence especially. Had Yosuke actually involved in it instead of just passing out. Wonder if they'll do that for all of them instead of just having them talk to it after the fight. 'Cause it worked well. And the punch bit amused me. XD Especially with Souji being all "...oops." Pffft! Though wonder if they'll keep in the later punch bit or not. Or if they'll even really do the social links. Guess depends on how long the series ends up being since they would need at least a full 24-26 to get all the main plots and at least some of the social link parts (I think they should at least have some as it lets you get to know the characters so much better but at the same time, I could see why they might skip all of that). There's only 12 episodes confirmed so far so we shall see. It would be a shame if its only that long as that would mean skipping A LOT of stuff.

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The Persona 4 anime premiered today and was quite pleasantly surprised to see that its being streamed by Anime News Network, which means we get subs right away and nice quality too.

So far it was pretty good. It kept a lot of the game elements in it which I really liked. Though not much of the story has happened so far so can't say for sure yet if its going to be good or not. I'm a little nervous just 'cause the last time I watched a game-based anime that started out true to the game..and then went REALLY downhill (fucking Togainu no Chi anime *twitchtwitch*) so REALLY hoping that won't happen with this one.

But yeah I think one can watch the anime without having ever played the game and still enjoy it. Even though I think its still better to play the game just 'cause you do get a different perspective with the anime. As now its more of a 3rd POV instead of the more 1st POV you get from playing as Souji instead of just watching him like you do with the anime. But for those who don't plan to play the game, the anime does offer a nice way of still checking it out.

Anywho, going to go into a pretty length full review of the episode 'cause I got a lot to say about it as compared to the game and all. Persona 4 is my 2nd favorite game of all time (1st being FFVII of course) and actually managed to push Tales of Symphonia down to 3 which was kinda a big deal to me as ToS has been 2nd for a loooong time. But yeah, P4 is a fandom that I'm actually still quite active in despite the fact I don't talk about it much.

Full review under the cut )



Apr. 9th, 2011 07:27 pm
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I don't even care what it will be. Just the fact there will be SOMETHING new for P4 makes me insanely excited. Sources seem to suggest it is most likely going to be an anime (surprisingly enough!) but I'd be just as happy with a P4P. (though I still need to get P3P some day...maybe...I dunno still debating if I want it or not but I'd get a P4P without hesitation man! XD)

Oh and the sakura matsuri was awesome this year. More on that later.

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This was my first time attending Zenkaikon. It was pretty small but I can see that its growing (perhaps a little too fast for the staff though). To be honest it probably would have been a boring con if it wasn't for the people and the fact I was kept pretty busy.

Zenkai Report )

Photos (though I only took 14 total lol) are here: http://lyn.houjun.com/zenkai11.html


Otakon 2010

Aug. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Otakon was overall a pretty good con for me this year. Insanely tiring but good. It went by really fast but most likely because I was doing a lot.

Super duper long report ahoy! )

You can see the rest of my photos here: http://rosebride.com/lyn/o2k10.html

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Hey to all of you who are making/have made a P4 uniform...

On the collar, the number representing their year, is it patch or a pin?

I'm unsure which method to go with. I have embroidery methods so I can make it a patch but would a pin make more sense 'cause then they can change it each year without needing a new uniform? lol I dunno.

Meanwhile, today I tried to redo Ciel's cuffs. Thinking for sure this would fix the issue...and it's not. At all. And I don't know what to do. agphiphiphpoghih! >> Thought I was done with that costume but noooo.


P4 badge

Jul. 6th, 2009 07:36 pm
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Anyone want a P4 badge-thingy?

This was the practice one to see what it would come out as. I'm embroidering my actual one directly onto the jacket. So this little one here doesn't really work for the jacket but if anyone wants it as like a bag badge or whatever, let me know and its yours. XP

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So I have a confession to make. I've been totally addicted to the P4 kinkmeme on LJ. I usually don't go to kinkmemes but I went to this one as a result of not finding much fanfics anywhere else and realizing the majority of them are on that meme instead and that there's actually a lot of really good stuff.

And I gradually started commenting on various little ficlets I liked a lot (I'm totally guilty of not commenting very often on fics I read but I've been getting better at it lately) and yesterday I messed up and instead of clicking "reply to comment" I pressed "post a comment" with my "I <3 you!" comment that was supposed to go to a fic. ^^;;

Oops. So I was like "oh crap, ignore that" since you can't edit or delete posts and I was all worried they'd make fun of me for doing that but hey its anon so who cares.

Well I come on this morning...to find out...they turned into a prompt. XPXP And 2 people wrote ficlets for it involving the phrase "I <3 you". I kid you not! LOL I died and sent both writers lots of <3. Especially as both ficlets were Souji/Yosuke which is by far my fav pairing. ^_^

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So I went on a mad search for the Mulan OST. First download gave me Spanish. ... Second download gave me Russian. Then discovered that there's a Mulan II? ...why? But then finally I found what I was looking for. And I am pleased. ^_^ As this is still by far my favorite Disney movie.

But why was I suddenly in the need to download it?

Because I've been reading far too many Persona 4 fanfics the last few days. And I read not one, but freaking two P4 fics that involved Mulan songs. And...it worked. lol (Mostly because you-know-who sang/spoke Mulan's parts of the songs and it worked so wonderfully well and was way too adorable. XP)

Oh and ya know what I said about liking P3 more than P4? I lied. XP If nothing else the fandom has made me realize that I do like P4 more now. Though we shall see if that changes any when I finally get my butt in gear and play P3 FES now that I do have it.

And I do kinda want to cosplay Yosuke some time. Just no idea how I'd fit it into my crazy cosplay schedule as is. Bleh. And I know most of my friends doing P4 cosplay already have their own groups well established. Ah well. Still want to do it. >>;


Persona 4

Apr. 1st, 2009 12:43 am
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Finally beat Persona 4. XP So now I don't have to tell you all to avoid spoilers with me.

My thoughts? Hm. I disagree with the statement that P4 is better than P3. I liked P3 more overall. But I did greatly enjoy P4. ^^ Especially Yosuke. XP <3

I got only 9 social links maxed out though and 1 of those was Teddie's which is automatic (I'm not counting Fool and Judgement here obviously). Oh well. ^^;; I think I got about the same in P3 too. And I almost had every Persona I could with those links. Except Lucifer. I just couldn't take the leveling up anymore and was like "screw it, I want to beat it already". So maybe later on I'll go back and get him. But I was pretty satisfied with Helel.

lol I still have to play the FES part of P3 though. XP Though I think I'm going to finish everything in Dissidia first, try to finish FF4, and then maybe play Okami, before I finally go back to P3. XP

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So I think I've been playing too much Persona 4 or something. 'Cause I recently finished Heaven Paradise so there's been a lot of Nanako related things in the game. So last night I had not one but two dreams where I was a "big brother" to a Nanako-looking character. LOL But oddly enough both dreams were kinda cool so I'm going to write about them.

Must rescue Nanako even in my dreams! XP )


P4: Fish

Feb. 28th, 2009 02:06 am
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OH YEAH! Finally caught that mother fucking fish!!! Whoo!!!

...I was just about to give up on it too.

>> The fish is freaking huge! lol But yay now I can max my Fox Social Link. ftw.

...sorry, I just got really angry at this fish quest. Had to reset the PS2 soooo many freaking times. lol

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I hate it when you're doing good, gained several levels, accomplishing quests...

...only to have your main character one shot killed. (In this case he had enraged cast on him and the enemy blocks physical attacks so before I could do anything, he attacked and killed himself...)

...there goes an almost full hour of gameplay to waste.

*sighs* Time to go back and do it all over again.



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