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Almost forgot to make an actual entry about the festival. This year's was really good for me. Despite the fact that it was rather cold and that this was the first year ever they started actually charging for the event, it managed to be really fun for Ren and I. And we both agreed on this.

DC Cherry Blossom Street Festival 2011 )

And I will make another entry when I get the rest of the photos from my shoot. Very excited to see the rest as I actually really like how my costume came out. Especially since I made it in less than a week. XD Needs a few touch-ups but otherwise I'm pretty satisfied.

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I don't normally write an entry about the sakura matsuri but this year I had a really good time so feel its actually worth writing about.

Woke up pretty early, got into Yosuke, and got on metro. There was a HUUUGE crowd of tourists at the fare card machines. Made me so glad I had extra money still on my smart card. lol I was like "*zoom past crowd* XD" and the actual train wasn't crowded really at all. lol 'Cause they were all too busy being dumb tourists trying to figure out how to do the fare cards. And you can so tell 'cause they block the gates and don't know what to do and never know what train to get on. lol There was a train at the platform and I get on and no one was on 'cause it was on the left side and all the tourists were like "no that's not the right one, we want the other direction. *stays and waits on right side*" ....Shady Grove is the last station on the red line. It only goes ONE DIRECTION. XDXD

Anyways, was my first time riding on metro in cosplay so that was a little weird. Was going to get off at Federal Triangle but I was looking in the window at Dupont Circle and was like "...oh look I wasn't the only cosplayer on here" at the reflection I see of a group getting off. "...wait a minute. I know that Fai! *runs off train* Tohma!" XD So I just followed her and her group for a while. Was a little confused why they got off at that stop but I think they wanted to try to avoid the crowds at the other stations? Either way meant a bit of walking. XD Though I had nothing better to do as no one else I knew had arrived yet. Ended up going to watch the parade for a bit with them...which I have never seen before. I only go to the street festival. Like never to the parade. XD

It Kinda odd. Like this is the sakura matsuri right? So shouldn't the parade be a bit um...more Japanese themed? It was basically just marching bands and various groups and a few cartoon balloons (though lol Tohma got a very phallic photo of the cucumber from Veggie Tales right next to the Washington monoument XD). There was only 2 or 3 Japanese themed parts of it from what I saw with them and we saw most of it. Like there was the sakura matsuri queens float (...I was amused by their "doll stands" they had to keep them upright on the float. Made them look...even more fake and doll-like XD), a taiko drum float (THANK GOD FOR THAT!), and like one for the ambassadors. They even had like an Elvis impersonator and Miss America there. O_o It was kinda of an odd themed parade in my opinion. Though at least it had horsies.

Ren and Courtney called as they had managed to run into each other right after getting off metro so I went to go find them. ...and somehow I got kinda lost on the way. I don't know how. Like I know this part of DC pretty well! I think I just went down too far and missed the street I was supposed to turn on and instead ended up having to do this HUGE loop 'cause I couldn't cut through anything so it was like better to just go up and around at that point (should have gone the other way, duuur) and somehow ended up in front of the white house. *headdesk* So then I had a pretty far walk to get to the actual freaking festival. At least I got some good walking in? Pffft.

Found Ren and Courtney though the latter decided to run off with Brian and we never saw her again. XD Lame. But then found Jensen, who was waiting for Tohma. I realized then I probably should have dragged Tohma with me and that way it would have been easier for her to see both of us. XD Oops. Then went over to hang with Mimi, Dana, Anita, and Kevin which was very nice. Sat in this little section to the side where there weren't too many people (though scary tourists on segways kept steering kinda close...). Eventually Ren and I got a little tired of sitting though and we headed off. Mostly 'cause it was close to the doll meet time. But we realized we were both kinda hungry so stopped to eat first. Heh all you people who complain about the lines. If you're smart you can get good food for cheap with no line actually. But maybe that's just 'cause the food I like isn't the most popular. XD As I went to the same stand I usually end up at and there was a tiny line and everything was like just $5 which was a pretty good deal. Compared to the teriyaki place the whole world was in line for. XD Even the suishi place didn't seem that crowded which surprised me. Guess tourists want to stick with their Americanized Japanese food. Well that's fine with me! Makes it easier to get my authentic food. Though I promised Ren I'd split something with her since she had no money on her and of course she's a little pickier than me. So ended up getting just plain teriyaki chicken with rice (...but I wanted udon T_T;) which wasn't bad and a lot cheaper than the other place.

After that we went to the doll meet over at the sackler gallery garden. Love that place. It's so pretty even though the tree was of course not in bloom. Was a little afraid Ren would be bored out of her mind with me playing with the dolls and all. But she got her camera out and was having a blast taking photos of the dolls and people. I think her photographer instinct was kicking in like woah. XD Can't blame her as that area is so pretty. We also took turns taking photos of each other around the garden. I hope the ones I took of her came out ok considering my wig kept getting in my eyes each time so I couldn't really see how it looked half the time. ^^;; Meanwhile Micheal (the doll I brought with) got quite a bit of attention. lol I had no idea my last minute kimono out of fabric from Mom's stash would get so much praise.

We meant to go find Courtney after that but she was a distance away and we really wanted to actually view the vendors a little bit since neither of us had gotten a chance to. So we wandered down both ends and such. Ran into Tohma on the way and my friend Shannon from college! Which was a nice surprise as I haven't seen her since I graduated. Then we headed back to the food stands as we got kinda hungry again. But I was like "gaaaah I want my udon dammit!" so got that even though Ren isn't a big fan of it. But oh that hit the spot. T_T We tried to call Courtney again but her phone had died and by the time we realized "durr we should just call Brian" she had already left. Oh well. XD And we realized it was like close to 5 at that point and that we were the only ones left around. XD So after we stopped to watch a really cool Japanese dance group (lol we both like stopped mid-walk to the metro station and starred like "ooooh") figured it was about time to go home, which was a little sad 'cause I hadn't really gotten to hang out with Ren since Otakon and I wish the time hadn't gone by so fast. Oh well hopefully we'll find a way to hang out again soon and then there's AZ coming up.

And well Ren seemed to think it was more crowded than last year. While I disagree. I thought it was about the same and perhaps a little more spread out this time? 'Cause it didn't seem as chaotic to me as it did last year. This time they seemed to have it a little more prepared for the large amount of people. I'm really glad I wasn't working this time around as we were really limited in what we could do last year and I didn't like feeling like a Disney mascot (having to pose with a ton of tourist kids and babies in strollers was getting a bit annoying. I hate having to give them fake smiles and pretend I think they're So this year was like..."FREEDOM!" and I actually got to do what I like to do at the event. There was the usual amount of weabos around and for the most part they were easy to avoid. Though I did have one incident of having this Kenshin kid (ohgod! I know I've seen that face and heard that voice before! I think he did the same thing to me at a con once!) who was suddenly INMYFACE "OMG YOSUKE!!!" ...which was absolutely terrifying. lol And got the usual "where did you buy that costume?!" "...I made it?" "OMG WOW!" "...*walking away now*" Pfft if he wasn't so scary I would have done a mini advertising but he was too scary to offer a commission to. lol Though I really gotta start mentioning that when people do that whole "where did you buy that?" thing like "I bought it...from ME!!! XDXD" or something...

But yes, it was a good time! Even though I now have a slightly sunburned face (and! lol Only my left one. Never had that happen before...) and my body aches like woah from all the walking. ...doesn't help that my period decided to start last night too so I'm like " body you REALLY hate me today." XD

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So last weekend I wore my new Nihon/Shunraiki Fai costume to the sakura matsuri and Ren did a little mini shoot with me.

Though I swear kimonos always make me look fat. XP That and I'm annoyed that some of the wig hair was pulled under when I put it back on so it doesn't look quite right. x_x I wish I had noticed I did that. (I was taking it on and off constantly because I didn't want to wear the eyepatch for very long).

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This video project continues to kick my ass. Big time. Ugggh. Went through a lot of issues including programs freezing on me (did I ever mention how much I hate Macs? >>;;), forgetting needed cables and thus not being able to edit at all, having no time, and bad lighting, as well as my professor being so anal with all my shots. He doesn't like any of the stuff I've done so far. >> Screw him.

I've also been going through some major issues of depression and loneliness the last few months. I hate the fact that everyone lives so far away from me and the people that do live in my state I never seem to be able to get a hold of. I have NO social life. Even here at college I just don't have anyone I can really connect with and have fun hanging with.

God I need to get out more often. I want to say its my goal once I'm done with college (which is only in less than a month now) to get out more and hang with people...except I have a terrible feeling that won't happen and I'll just be in my parents' house each weekend feeling terribly alone.

Saturday I went to the sakura matsuri in DC and while most of it was a lot of fun, I had a few moments where I felt really down. And its hard to explain too but it was the same feeling I get at cons a lot. Where I have a lot of friends and people I know present but it seems like I can't connect with any of them and that I'm not really having as much fun as the people around me. Where everyone seems to have people they know so well and can just have a blast without having to try much. And I feel left out no matter what I do. Its odd and I don't know what my problem is.

But anyway, regardless, it was fun, even if I did come back totally sunburned. I organized a doll meet and at least some people came though I was kinda expecting more people (but I was also afraid no one would show up ^^;;). The festival itself seemed to be lacking this year though. Not sure if anyone else felt that but Andrew and Hamilton (who I traveled to DC with) also seemed to be disapointed with it. I think the most fun I had that day was the part of the doll meet when we were at the Sackler garden and the last hour or so of the day when I was just sitting on these steps with Rachel and Kumo (two doll people who decided to hang with me the rest of the day) and our dolls and some other doll people (who missed the meet) spotted us and congregated wit us and we ended up having this sorta-mini-doll-meet right there. XP But of course thats when Andrew and Hamilton decided we should leave, of course, when I was finally having fun again. lol Oh well. I really didn't want to leave at that point.

But there will be photos from the doll meet up on my doll LJ prolly sometime tomorrow. Already posted them on DOA but haven't on the LJ yet as I want to be more detailed in descriptions and I'm just too tired from all this video work right now.

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Oh, btw, I will be at the DC Cherry Blossom Street Festival this Saturday! Like I have for the last few years.

So who else is going? Hopefully I'll run into everyone. And lets pray it doesn't rain too much as once again they're calling for rain. x_x Why am I not surprised.

I should be at the doll meet around 1ish but I do intend to spend some time at the actual festival and such as well. Especially if its too rainy for doll stuff.

Not wearing any cosplay since I never trust wearing stuff in DC and if it rains thats even more reason not to. Though damn wish I had known about that contest with cash prizes before I took everything home for spring break. XP

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So this morning it looked decent so we decided to still go to the sakura matsuri in DC. I went with Hamilton, Gabi, and Shannon. We were planning to meet up with Karin there but when we finally found her, she was just about to leave. ;_; Sadness.

I had a really good day and all 4 of us seemed to enjoy it even though we all did different things really. Gabi went straight to some agriculture exhibit thing and I wandered with Hammy and Shannon at the street festival for a while. We didn't bother to go to the actual trees as we were told they had stopped blooming and we figured as much since the ones at school already had too. Damn weather! Anyways, spent some time with them before running off to try to find the doll gathering.

It was a small doll gathering at the Freer Gardens. I was kinda worried whether anyone would show up though as the thread for it wasn't really get much responses lately and me and this guy, David, were like the only two really talking on it for a while. ^^; But luckily people did show up! It was a small group and so I was able to actually talk to the people easier. They were all REALLY nice. ^^ Though ARGH! KimPossible was there. >>; She was scary. ^^;;; She had her DollfieDream with her and omg, she kept putting him next to Dietrich. x_x I think 'cause she was all "Oh look, we used the same fabric for the kimono, just different color!" But DollfieDreams really scare me. >>; And she put the kimono on wrong too. ^^; But besides her, everyone was really cool.

For pictures and more details, go to my doll journal, [ profile] fallen_arcadia.

Though it started raining a bit heavier so the doll gathering broke up during that and Gabi ran into me (as she was making her way through exhibits and came right into the garden we were in XP) and Hamilton and Shannon wanted to find us. Though it was sad as the place was soooo pretty and yet we all missed so many good photo ops because of the rain and 'cause we spent too much time talking instead of photos. XP Really wish I had at least gotten pics of Die around the water. x_x Oh well. But I will remember that area! Because omg, I totally see awesome cosplay photo possibilities. >>;; Just gotta figure out what costumes would be durable to wear onto metro and into DC. ^^;;

I was really sad there was no Udon soup this year though! ;_; At least I couldnt' find any so had to settle for Wonton though the Wonton I found, ended up being really good and actually was more like an Udon verson of Wonton. XP 'Cause it had veggies and the broth was more Udon tasting. But I still wanted my noodles. >>;

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Wow, today was...crazy. Most of it was spent on the road being lost too and a lot of crazy things happened then too. ^^;

So, went to DC today and it was raining so there wasn't really much there as far as the cherry blossom festival went but Hamilton and I decided to go anyways since Stef, Ana, Liam, Maryatha, Darlene, and Laura and Zach (both who I hadn't really met that well before) were going to be there.

Man, it was a lot of fun! And full of crack. Though the drive too and from was like totally insane. ^^; Hamilton and I are both exhausted as a result.

LJ-cutted because there's a lot to say )

Hee, I think I've talked Hamilton into wanting to cosplay now though. XP



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