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I was asked to be a judge for Zenkaikon's Hall Cosplay Contest this year. I was a judge back in 2011 and rather enjoyed the experience so I was definitely up for making a return to the con. I had heard the con had grown a lot in size and was a bit different now that it had moved location and boy was that right. I'm glad to see the con grow and I really enjoyed it so I'm hoping to be there next year too.

Zenkaikon Report )

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Last AnimeNEXT I had attended was back in 2008, before the location change. Honestly I hadn't really had a big desire to go to the con anymore due to hearing that the new location wasn't as great and noticing a decrease in the amount of people I know who attend that con. That and the people I went to that con to see, I see at most of the cons closer to me anyways. But during the DC Sakura Matsuri this year, Sarah asked if I'd be willing to work for her at the con this year since she'd be too busy with con work to be able to sell her stuff. And then Chrissy and Chris decided out of the blue that they were going to go to the con and considering they live in the next neighborhood over, I was able to get a ride with them pretty easily. XD But yeah, this con wasn't originally planned so I didn't really have any plans for it and it was quite different for me from my normal con experience as I was in the Dealer's Room for about 75% of it.

AnimeNEXT 2013 Report )

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I know this report is a tad bit later than normal but I wanted to wait to get photos from people first. Though not like many people read these since LJ is dying but I can't break tradition. XD

Katsucon 2012 Report )

...and you don't want to know how many days it took me to write that. lol XD Granted I only wrote a tiny bit here and there every day.

But anywho, the rest of my photos are up here:

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Anime USA has become one of my favorite cons but sadly this year was a pretty big disappointment. I had a great time but it was because I was hanging out with my friends and having fun taking photos. But the con itself was incredibly dull and attendance was really low and it was just a very odd con this year in general. Supposedly they are moving to DC near the Omni next year so maybe that will improve things some and the dates are going to be earlier in Nov so that might make it easier for a lot of us to attend who work retail and such (though it might overlap with Neko). But yeah the con was unusually empty this year. The areas that are normally crowded with people...weren't. As a result this con report isn't as long as my usual reports and I didn't really take many photos because there was barely anything of interest to take photos of and the hotel always sucks for photos anyways.

Anime USA 2011 )

Rest of my con photos are here: though I really didn't take many this con.

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Our private Star Driver shoot is up over here. ^^ I'm pretty happy with them.

And lol I love how like AFTER a con I then get a million photo ideas. But I plan to bring Takuto to both AUSA and Katsu. I'm especially looking forward to abusing Katsu's locations for photos (I NEED photos in front of the fountain light show at night *_*)

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So this report ended up being too big for just one post. XD Wow. I don't think I've had that happen before. I've split con reports into parts before but that was just 'cause I didn't feel like writing them up all at once in the past. Pffft...

I was originally going to wait til I had more photos but I don't think I'll be getting the Ningyou and PH ones for quite some time so I may just do a separate post for them when I get them. Anywho, this Otakon was kinda bleh just 'cause of how crazy hot and crowded it was. Seriously in all the 11 years I've gone, this was by far the most crowded I've ever seen the con. Even with the added Hilton area, it didn't seem to make a difference. And it was kinda odd because yeah Otakon is huge but last year it wasn't this bad. It was actually pretty nice but I guess people decided they couldn't afford it then but suddenly they could this year. I dunno. I'm kinda really hoping they lower the attendance cap again like they did a few years ago. I think it would really help because if it keeps being like this...its not going to be fun anymore. I mean maybe I just had a lower tolerance for it because of the hotter-than-normal heat but it really was unbearable.

But despite that, I still had a good time. I'm just sad that I really didn't spend much time IN the con. Otakon is my number one con for random wandering and people watching. I didn't do that AT ALL this con 'cause I couldn't stand trying to get through the crowded halls. I didn't wear any of my costumes for very long and thus don't have many photos.

Anywho now onto the actual report, which will be a tad bit less rant-ish. XD As like I said, still had fun, despite that. It was just a major set-back though.

Otakon 2011 )

And the rest of this report can be located here.

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Totally dazzled the stage, right Chibi-Takuto? XD

*cough* But yes Otakon was fun. Overcrowded and way too hot but fun. Even though I didn't do much in the actual con center due to not being able to really handle the crowds and heat. Highlights were the FF: Distant Worlds concert (which was fucking amazing!), wearing Takuto, and hanging with all my awesome friends. Actual report and junk coming...eventually.

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I was going to wait til the con to show this off but I can't contain my excitement...

XD One sword down, one to go!

Progress Photos )

Hee~ All that stress and money was worth it in the end. Though can't make Emerado (or however he pronounces that one, I forget XD) til Monday as I'm waiting on one more string of lights. >>;;

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DEM BOOTS. XDXDXD Ah so ridiculous~ And horrible mirror photo is horrible but you get the idea. And yes that's a kittybutt behind my one leg there.

But hey the costume is almost done! The coat has been finished for a few days now but I don't really have a good way to show it off right now 'cause its now too tight for the dressform. lol And I tried to take photos of me in it but I couldn't get a good angle.

And I'm pretty sad that we won't be getting any more PH raws now. T_T Which means I'll have to wait for the scanlation each month before I can see what's going on. That's going to kill me. But at least we have a few pages on this one blog here (beware of spoilers) but OMG! Well glad I didn't start on Leo yet 'cause I would have gotten some of the colors wrong. COLOR PAGE I LOVE YOU. Luckily I was going to make the gem purple (LUCKY!) but now I gotta get purple for the ribbon and white buttons. x_x But Becca if you see this, you can see Vincent in that color page too (though his is pretty much just black and white lol).

But eeeeeee at the last page in the chapter! I love you Leo~! *_*

Day 27 - How many wigs do you own? Which is your favorite? )

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Pfffffft. This is the best I've been able to get with it so far. At least I have the right idea? Its just messy and the back looks pretty lame so I'm probably going to need help at the con from someone to get it a little more precise. That and its really hard to style on one's own head and I had a hard time getting it right on the wig head (that and it got messed up a bit when I was putting it on after styling it on the wig head). I think the bangs need to be cut a little too and I know from past experience that even simple cuts like that...have resulted in me killing a wig which is why I never do any cutting myself.

But hey at least I know what its going to look like. XD Helps a lot as I was really worried if I got a good wig for it or not.

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Oh the joys of Star Driver cosplay and the conversations it develops into... Had these following conversations today while figuring out Takuto's Ginga Bishonen outfit...

In response to showing Sarah an image of Ginga Bishonen...

Sarah: so.
Sarah: star knee pads
Me: yup. lol
Sarah: does that mean he's an amazing at things involving being on his knees?
Sarah: lyn you minx you
Me: XD
Me: considering the characters' activate the power of their mechs with their libido.....I wouldn't be surprised

In response to showing Ren the same image but also describing Takuto's character a little...

Ren: ..... This is so not like you.
Ren: .... Who are you...?
What have you done with Lyn?

Ok...she does have a point there. XDXD

And then talking about how gay this show is...

Me: especially this XD note the placement of the hand
Tans: lmao
Tans: and that look
Tans: .....oh
Tans: this series
Me: I also didn't realize til that image......
Me: how
Me: Sugata's crotch is

I love this show. *goes back to cutting pieces out that make no sense*

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I'm so sad its over. T_T Its been quite some time since I've seen a new anime this enjoyable. I wish it was longer though. Cut for spoilers, of course.

Star Driver = Utena with Mechs )

But yes, if you haven't seen on my FB album, I am so planning to cosplay Takuto's Ginga Bishonen outfit at some point...not sure when though as it's a bit of work. But I wanna do it. T_T I want to dazzle the stage with my radiance! And definitely making Vice President as my next big plushie project.

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Finally got around to watching Star Driver.

And gotta say. I'm really enjoying it. I'm only 7 episodes in but I think I'm pretty hooked.

The first episode had me a bit O_o and I was really unsure about it at first.

But I love it for the fact that it's strange. Strange in a good way. The sort of strange that I don't encounter very often in anime but always makes me quite happy and I can't really explain why.

Its strange in the way that Utena is. And Melody of Oblivion. (Princess Tutu, and Tenshi ni Narumon are other titles that fall into this category for me.) And reminds me a little of RahXephon in a way.

Just been a long time since I've encountered one like this. And it makes me happy. lol I mean Gurren Lagann was close but not quite. And most of the other strange animes these days just feel kinda...stupid to me. ^^;; (Like Panty & Stocking, which I just couldn't watch...which saddens me a little as I love the concept...just couldn't get past the first 5 minutes but I guess this is like how I also really didn't like FLCL.)

That and the show has a fox mascot character. And its freaking ADORABLE!!! OMG! I want one! Seriously every time he shows up, I make grabby hands at the screen and tend to "squee!" aloud because its probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. T_T (And instantly joined the ranks of my fav mascots, alongside Mokona and ChuChu.) So thus to say I think I found a future plushie. >> ...which may or may not also mean some future cosplay. lol I'll wait until I've seen more before I make that decision (but "Galactic Bishonen!" is awfully tempting XD).



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