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This is literally just a copy-paste of my tumblr entry but figured I'd put it here too so it's easier to refer back to for my own sake. But this is my report for the OG Takarazuka performance of Chicago that took place at the Lincoln Center in NYC back in July of this year.

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Day 8 - Tokyo: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater (Last Day)

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Day 9: Tokyo -> Washington DC

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Day 7 - Tokyo: Hibiya, Akihabara, & Shinjuku

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The Lost Glory/Passionate Takarazuka! - Takarazuka Tokyo Theater - 9/15/14 & 9/17/14

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Day 6 - Tokyo: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater + Lost Glory

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S.mile - Tokyo Galaxy Theatre - 9/13/14 & 9/14/14

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Sanctuary - Takarazuka Bow Hall Theater - 9/12/14

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Day 3: Takarazuka & Sanctuary

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Elisabeth - Takarazuka Grand Theater - 9/11/14
- my very first live Takarazuka show

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This has been the part of my report I've debated the longest over how to go about writing it up. Mainly in part because I know I have both friends who are well versed in zuka-dom reading this but also friends who know absolutely nothing who will read this so thus I'll probably be putting in explanations of things I normally wouldn't, etc. Same goes with my show reports. Also warning that I may get a bit emotional and cheesy for this part. This was my very first time seeing Takarazuka and so it was a pretty special experience for me.

Day 2: Takarazuka & Elisabeth

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First let me start this off with saying how much of a big step this was for me. My parents were non-stop worrying and paranoid over this whole trip from the very beginning planning stages which resulted in me panicking and I almost gave up on it a few times, convinced by their way of thinking that I was in over my head and not capable of doing such a big trip on my own. After all, I've only ever traveled alone by myself once and that was just a quick weekend trip to NYC where I had friends with me the entire time once I got there. This was only my 2nd time being out of the country and the first time being on a plane alone, the first time booking hotels on my own, etc etc. It was A LOT of firsts. But you know what? I did it. It wasn't as hard as they made it out to be. I was never in fear of my safety. I did get a little lost a few times but I very easily corrected myself (just got off at the wrong stops or went out the wrong side of the station, etc) with no panic. Despite my no sense of direction, I managed to navigate the train systems of Japan without too much trouble. I even found my way to a few places that weren't planned and just on a whim without a hitch.

So this whole experience was very freeing for me. I proved to myself that I can do this. I'm capable of doing things on my own after all. I never felt homesick. I never broke down and cried (ok I did cry but it was due to the heartache of leaving the theaters, etc). I never felt lonely. Basically none of my fears came true. I'm so incredibly glad I did it and it was seriously the best time I've ever had.

Day 1: DC -> San Francisco -> Osaka

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I was going to include Day 2 with Day 1 but then realized I did waaaay too much that day, it really needs its own entry. XD

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Almost forgot to do this report. XD Figured I should do it before the next con(s)...

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Rest of my photos here on facebook:

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Last Updated: 8/22/15


Elisabeth - Hana 2002
Susano-o / Takarazuka Glory! - Yuki 2004
Romeo et Juliette - Hoshi 2010
Rose of Versailles: Oscar - Yuki 2006
Legend of the Galactic Heroes @ Takarazuka - Sora 2012
Scarlet Pimpernel - Hoshi 2008
La Esperanza / Takarazuka Dancing Dreams - Hana 2004
Ocean's 11 - Hoshi 2011
REON!! - Hoshi 2012
In the Amber Hued Rain/Cocktail - Hana 2003
Romeo et Juliette - Hoshi 2013 - Blu-Ray
Rose of Versailles: Fersen - Yuzuki Reon/Ouki Kaname version
REON!!2 - Hoshi 2013
Napoleon The Man That Never Sleeps - Hoshi 2014
Rose of Versailles: Oscar - Sora 2014
The Sun King - Le Roi Soleil - Hoshi 2014
Elisabeth - Yuki 2007 - Blu-Ray
Calaf and Turnadot / The Showstopper - Sora 2002
Nova Bossa Nova / A Second Fortuitous Meeting - Hoshi 2011
Immortal Thorns - Hana 2003
Black Lizard / Tuxedo Jazz - Hana 2007
The Lost Glory/Passionate Takarazuka - Hoshi 2014
Elisabeth - Hana 2014
Oath of the Midnight Sun / Phoenix - Sora 2015
Like a Black Panther / Dear Diamond!! - Hoshi 2015 - Blu-Ray
Singin' in the Rain - Hoshi 2003

Rose of Versailles: Oscar - Sena Jun Digest 2006 SOLD
TCA Special 2003 "Dear Grand Theater"
Elisabeth Gala 2012
Sports Festival 2004
Vieil Ami - Haruno Sumire Memorial DVD
100th Anniversary OG Boxset (4 discs)
I Got Music - Haruno Sumire In Concert - 2005
Sports Festival 2014
Phoenix, Beautiful Legend - Ouki Kaname Memorial DVD
REON in Budokan 2014 - Blu-Ray
Top Sunshine - Yuzuki Reon Memorial DVD
TCA Special 2014 "Thank you for 100 Years"
The REON!! - Yuzuki Reon Dinner Show
REON - Yuzuki Reon Sky Stage Boxset (5 discs)


Rose of Versailles: Oscar et Andre - Hoshi 2001
Elisabeth - Yuki 1996
Ephemeral Love - Tsuki 1999
Rose of Versailles: Fersen et Marie - Sora 2001
Lost Angel - Tsuki 1993
Ludwig II/Asian Sunrise - Hana 2000
Michelangelo/VIVA! - Hana 2001
El Dorado - Tsuki 1997

This is Takarazuka! - Sora 1998 - Recorded VHS (my professor recorded this off of TV while she was in Japan for me <3)


Rose of Versailles: Andre - Yuki 1989 - Full OST
Seal of Roses - Tsuki 2003 - Full OST
Elisabeth - Hana 2002 - Full OST
Romeo et Juliette - Hoshi 2010 - Full OST
2004 Theme Collection
Yozora ni Nemuru made - Yuzuki Reon - Single
Takarazuka Sings Disney
Scarlet Pimpernel - Hoshi 2008 - Full OST
Best 100 Boxset
Congratulations Takarazuka
Napoleon The Man That Never Sleeps - Hoshi 2014 - Full OST
Legend of the Galactic Heroes @ Takarazuka - Sora 2012 - Full OST
Passionate Takarazuka OST
Christmas Present

OG Shows:

Dracula 2011 - Wao Youka & Hanafusa Mari

+ Wishlist:
- S*mile - Haruno Sumire in Concert - Sky Stage video (when it comes out)
- Sanctuary - Sky Stage video (when it comes out)

* Message me for full trade list concerning non-DVD releases. List above is only the DVDs/VHS I physically own.
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2012 overall was a rather tough year for me and I'm very glad its almost over. I'm optimistic about 2013 though. Mainly because I feel like it can only get better from this point on. Not immediately but over time, I think.

I actually accomplished my New Year's resolution for the year, which I think is a first. I got my driver's license. Granted I did cut it close, as I didn't manage to actually get it shortly before Christmas. I had intended to get it a lot earlier but I kept having scheduling issues. The first time I meant to schedule it, I realized my permit was going to expire before the test date so I had to renew my permit first. Went to do that and failed the eye test for the first time ever which resulted in me getting my very first pair of glasses (haven't worn them since though but being the geek I am, totally intend to use them for future cosplay purposes). Scheduled the test again only to have my car not past inspection. And each time it was at least a month's wait before I could get a date in. So yeah. But despite all my freaking out about it...I passed on the very first try of the actual test. Like I did so good I was in denial for quite a bit at the end. I got even the parallel parking down absolutely perfect...better than I had done in any of my practices. Though makes me wonder if the actual test spot may have been bigger than what I was practicing with. But anyways, getting my license is such a huge accomplishment for me so I'm truly proud of myself for it.

I however did not accomplish my "cosplay resolution" which was to make several of my dream costumes. I did at least START Hades but that's about it. Instead I got barely any cosplay done this year and several of them were below par of my usual standards due to time restraints. Ah well.

But anyways, onto the points of this year...

Real Life:

+ Got promoted to supervisor at work.
- Lost two managers in one year, resulting in a rather difficult and chaotic time at work, which still isn't over right now. But hopefully things will finally get better soon and I've learned a lot from this experience and earned quite a bit of respect from my district manager due to me stepping up to take over a number of things at work that had been slacking.
+ Gay marriage was legalized in Maryland. Twice. They tried to take it away from us but we held on and were able to keep it through this most recent election. I've never been more proud of my state.
+ Re-connected with one of my childhood best friends that I hadn't talked to in many years and was delighted to find out that she is a major supporter of gay rights, which really touched me even though I still haven't been able to find the right words to tell her this.
- Had some major bouts of depression. I didn't tell many people about it but I got. Really. Bad. I don't want to get too much into it but for the first time in my life, I actually did have borderline suicidal thoughts. Don't worry though, it wasn't enough for me to ever actually consider it and it scared myself that I even had these thoughts, even if it was briefly. But there was quite a long period of this year where I really just didn't want to exist anymore. There is still some of this that lingers but I'm definitely getting better.
- My Dad had heart surgery which was unexpected and resulted in a very stressful time for my family but the outcome was all good. It was preventive surgery so that Dad won't have a heart attack any time soon since they discovered that he was at high risk. So it was a very good thing to have the surgery even if it did make things very difficult. Dad's recovering and hopefully will be able to go back to work in the next few weeks. But it was very scary seeing him so weak as Dad really is the backbone of our family and we all rely perhaps a bit too heavily on him. Even my brothers who are all moved out and married, still rely on him for a lot of things. My oldest brother almost passed out at the sight of Dad post-surgery and took it the hardest of my family. Oddly enough I found that I was able to deal with it better than the rest and made sure to crack jokes and keep everyone's spirits up as that seems to be my role as the little geeky sister these days.

+ Saw more movies in the theater in one year than I have in any single year EVER. I usually only see like 2-3 movies a year. This year I saw The Avengers (twice), Dark Shadows, Brave, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Wreck It Ralph, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Rise of the Guardians, and Les Miserables. In other words, there were a lot more movies that meant something to me this year than there's been in a long time, including a movie based on one of my favorite books and one based on my favorite musical. For the most part I loved all of these movies and also find myself wanting to buy most of them, which is another thing as I rarely buy movies.
+ Got very obsessed with The Avengers, which I did not expect to happen. I got fully consumed by the fandom and I still am. It even led me to actually reading some of the Marvel comics, when I usually am not a fan of American comics.
+ Bought two BJDs in one year. I try to keep to only one BJD a year, if any and I totally broke that this year. ^^;; And both were new sizes for me. Got my first tiny, an Angelheim Jin named Jasper. And got a Junior Delf Terra named Uriel.
- Experienced the longest wait I've ever gone through for a doll. The company Angelheim went under after I placed my order and I did not hear any contact at all for over a month. I didn't even know if I'd ever get the doll. Another company took over and offered us all a choice of a refund or to wait for our orders and I decided to wait and I'm glad I did as I love the doll dearly but it was a very stressful issue considering this was a very expensive Tiny. Uriel also ended up being a longer than expected wait but nowhere as bad.
+ Watched 40 some Takarazuka shows in just one year. XD Bringing myself up to 70-some shows. Plus a few OG shows. Really finally feel like a better fan as I managed to learn a lot more siennes. My collection also got A LOT bigger. I also bought two brand new DVDs, which was a first for me as I've only ever bought things 2nd-hand before. Also found myself becoming a Hoshigumi fan, which surprised me as in the past they were the troupe I was never very interested in and I've always been devoted to Hanagumi but I really don't know the current Hana at all while I've come to truly love the current Hoshi.
- Experienced 3 top star retirements in one year, which was a bit painful. Seeing Kiriyan and Yuuhi go felt like the end of an era. And I only just got to barely know Kimu and then she retired as well. And also saw two of my favorite members of Hoshigumi leave at the same time, Toyoko and Remi. I still can't get over the fact they're gone. I thought they both had a good shot of being top stars.
+ Did my first real cosplay at a midnight premiere for The Hobbit. Felt very dorky. XD But glad I did it.
+ Made 6 costumes for myself + 14 commissions for a total of 20 costumes. Also did several alterations.
- ...which is actually really low for me. ^^;; That's 13 less than last year. But this is because several of these commissions were VERY big projects that really took a lot out of me. Captain America and Princess Peach were the two most difficult commissions I've ever taken on. Lollipop Chainsaw also was a big challenge. And Link took a lot more time than I thought it would. That and work got chaotic and made it a lot more difficult to get things done. I didn't enter any contests because I had no costumes of my own worth entering as everything I made for me this year was something kinda small and several of them were not up to par with my usual skills, sadly.
+ Princess Peach was the biggest costume I've made EVER and I'm really proud of it, eve if it wasn't a costume for me.
+ Saw Mix Speaker's Inc live and they revived my interest in J-Rock and brought back memories of PLC.

So what's my resolution for 2013? Well I'm going to really try hard to save money and plan out my hopeful trip to Japan in 2014 so I can see Takarazuka live for their 100th anniversary. I'm a bit nervous as I've never planned a trip on my own so I'm going to have to do a hell of a lot of research. But I do plan to ask the fandom rather soon about how best to go about what I'm planning to do...and to see if its even possible. lol I also plan to work to get myself more comfortable with driving so I can get my butt in gear and look for other jobs that will give me more of a future than retail. And I know I'm most likely going to have to drive myself to work wherever it ends up, so I need to work at getting used to it and battling my fears.

Annnnd I'm going to finish Hades dammit! XD And hopefully at least start Der Tod. I just don't know how much I'll be able to make anymore with work and commissions. I'm going to aim to be smarter with the commissions at least as I think now I have a better idea of how long it takes me and so I can schedule things better so I'm not overwhelmed or stuck with small time restraints, which happened a lot this year.

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Day 11 – Favorite Otokoyaku Dance

I think I'm going to go with Scarlet Pimpernel for this one. Because I like how they use the swords into the dance. XD It makes it stand out to me because of this as it makes it a little more interesting than the usual dance. And truth be told most of the other ones kinda all blend together in my mind. lol

Day 12 – Favorite Costume from a Show

This is probably one of the few questions that's easy for me to answer...

Susano's finale outfit. I'm not even sure why but as soon as Komu stepped out in that outfit, I was instantly in love with the outfit. And I want to make it really really badly. lol After Der Tod, it will probably be my next big zuka cosplay. I think its mainly because its got so much detail work on it and you can't really see it all in one shot, you have to watch her as she moves in it. I also seem to have this thing for red zuka costumes. Which is odd considering my favorite color is actually blue.

But I also love A LOT of costumes big time and I love ALL the Der Tod outfits from all the shows as well.

Day 13 – Favorite current Musumeyaku

Every time I'm asked this one, I always WANT to say Shirahana Remi...and then I remember once again that she's now retired and I want to cry. T_T And to be honest I haven't really found a musume that stands out to me as much since. She was just a really strong musume and that's so rare in my opinion. But I am liking Manaki Reika so far even though I haven't seen that much of her so far. But I did like her as Alice in Alice's Lover. I also like Nene but that's more because I like her with Chie a lot.

Day 14 – Favorite Stage Kiss

This whole scene from Passion:

I still think this is the most sensual scene of any Zuka show. At least of what I've seen and it wows me every time. I do feel almost guilty considering I'm a huge WaoHana fan and this is when Hana was still paired with Zunko but daaaaayuum. I haven't seen the ChieNene version yet so can't compare it. And then you have the actual kiss at the end with the fade out. I know most of this scene isn't so much kissing...but I'm going to count it. XD

Otoko/otoko stage kiss goes to the Liquor scene in Cocktail. It may be old but its classic and I still squee every time. XD

Day 15 – Favorite Kageki Picture

Don't have any of these either. XD

Day 16 – Favorite Show

I think this question should be changed to "Favorite Show...that isn't Elisabeth". Because yes, Elisabeth is still my favorite, mainly the Hanagumi version. I've watched it so many times and I still get chills and I never get tired of it. It really is still the best Takarazuka show out there and its gotten so many fans into Zuka so I think it stands as being something special for a majority of us. But I do have a really hard time picking the order of my top 5 shows after Elisabeth. The number two spot constantly changes. XD Right now its a toss up of Romeo et Juliette and Seal of Roses. Though Susano-O is pretty high up there too. And Scarlet Pimpernel. And even Rose of Versailles because yes, I actually like the Berubara shows despite all their cheese. XDXD Its what got me into Zuka in the first place.

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Day 8 – Best Photobook/Mook that was ever printed

Ehhh, I don't own any photobooks either and don't know enough about them to give an answer there. I do like the Elisabeth Mooks though. XD Those are like the only ones I'm familiar with. I own the Hanagumi one and Carrie has the 2007 Yukigumi one.

Day 9 – Favorite Theme Song from a Show

God why are these all so hard?! XD I love too many theme songs. But the one that comes to mind first is...

Les Rois Du Monde from Romeo et Juliette (not quite sure what the Japanese name for the song is). And well...pretty much all the "themes" from this show. I'm not sure which is considered the actual theme song. I guess probably Aimer, which I love too but I love this one more. XD And I know I could be proper and upload the song from my own soundtrack instead of linking to this random upload I found...but I'm lazy. lol

The other one that comes to mind is "Into The Fire" from Scarlet Pimpernel but alas I can't seem to find a clip or upload of that. Even though I guess "A Piece of Courage" is technically the theme for the Zuka show, I feel like "Into The Fire" best sums the show up though. But here, have some "The Riddle" instead. XD Which even though its not a theme song, its still amazing and the only clip I could find from the show...

(...and somehow Chie ended up being in both of these links. XD hahaha, can't help it, I love her voice)

...and yeah, I know both songs I selected here are actually from Western shows. I tried to think of themes that are Takarazuka originals but these are my favorites so it was tough. XD;

Day 10 – Most horrible Outfit ever (on- or off-stage)

Ok so I was going through revues I've seen ('cause lets face it, the worst outfits all come from revues) to select the worse and I got to Le Bolero Rouge and well...this isn't so much a case of "horrible outfit" as it is "horrible wig"...

Rika should really never be put in a blonde wig. Ever.

And then I totally forgot about this, which happens in the same scene only a few minutes later...

...which I think gets my answer as the wig is even worse and well...I unfortunately couldn't get a screenshot that shows the full monstrosity of this but I think you get the idea.

And well, Mami didn't get off scotch free in this scene either...

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Day 6 – Favorite Graph Cover Shooting

Like I said before, don't own any Graphs so can't answer this question. XD

Day 7 – Funniest moment in a Revue

There are so many but the one that comes to my mind immediately is the part of "Birth of a Revue" with Asako as the designer and Yumiko and Tomu as the Musician and Choreographer and how they're all being fabulous drama queens. XD Asako's flamboyant character kills me every time. And I just love every time they have a show with Yumiko and Tomu goofying off together.

I have a feeling later on I'll think of another bit I love even more but for now I'm going with that one. XD

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Day 5 – Favorite Scene from Elisabeth

Mayerling Waltz.

Video is from Yuki 2007 just 'cause its the only video I could find of the scene. XD But not necessarily my favorite version of this scene. Though I've enjoyed all of them for this part. But anyways, I fell in love with this scene even before I saw Elisabeth. I remember seeing a group of cosplayers reenact this scene in photos...and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

It is a bit awkward to be so in love with a suicide scene though. ^^;; But its just the way they do it that I really love. Especially the fact that Death hands him the gun and all. ...which just happens to be the same gun Elmer (I think it was Elmer?) tried to kill himself with earlier in the show until Der Tod took the gun from him. I just love little connecting details like that in shows in general. That and the whole dance here really shows Rudolf's complete anguish so well. Its a beautiful way of showing a real tragic scene.

And that kiss. Just saying. >>

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Day 4 - Favourite Pair Dance

...all of them? lol I seriously tried to think on this all day long and I couldn't really decide. I really haven't had one that stood out among them. But I think I've just never paid enough attention to remember each individual dance. The worst part is that when I did think back through them, I kept thinking like "Ooh that one had those costumes!" and then I had to stop and go "Lyn. This is about the dance, not what they're wearing. >>;;" Why do I focus so much on just the outfits?! I can't help it. I've even had to stop shows and rewind to actually see what happened 'cause I dazed out, starring at the outfits and trying to figure out how they were made. I do that with movies and things too. ^^;;

But anyways! I will say though, that the pair dance in Seal of Roses keeps coming to mind. I'm not sure why. I think maybe its just 'cause it was one of the first pair dances I ever really truly paid attention to. 'Cause my first few takarazuka shows, I was too busy being amazed by anything, I didn't pay much attention to the finer things. But by the time I saw Seal of Roses, I was more aware of them I guess. That and I could watch Rika dance forever and I loved her with Emi so much.

And in case any of my non-zuka fans are trying to read this meme and wondering what the hell I'm even talking about... At the end of (almost) every Takarazuka show, during the finale, the top pair have a dance that's just the two of them and its always very lovely. Sometimes they'll still have the wigs on from the characters they were playing but typically they have taken those off at this point and are wearing more modern formal dance wear for this part. So its much more a dance between the actresses than the characters they portrayed.

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Day 3 – Favorite Revue

Takarazuka Dancing Dreams - Hana 2004

I tend to prefer the revue shows that have at least some type of connecting theme throughout the show. And I especially love the ones that kinda have a sorta "story" going on. Which is why I also really enjoy Nova Bossa Nova, even though I have such a hard time calling that one a "revue" at all. XD Most of the regular revues, I'll find myself really loving one particular routine that stands out but the rest of the show may be kinda "meh". It depends. But there aren't that many revues were I really can say I loved the entire thing. Might just because I haven't watched enough since I do tend to watch more of the big shows. But anyways, Dancing Dreams, as old and cheesy as it is (lets not even start on the wigs), is one of the few where I can truly say I loved the entire revue.

The show is centered on Greek mythology, something I've always loved since I was wee little. And it has some of my favorite siennes in it. Though every time I watch it, I still can't help but be like "...Mizu? Kiriyan? What are doing in my Hanagumi?" XD As this show is during the short period of time where both of them were in the troupe but I'm so used to Mizu in Yuki and Kiriyan in Tsuki, it just seems kinda...wrong. But I enjoy the chance of seeing them interact anyways. Also the fact that the artwork for the program was done by Amano and Yoshiki did some of the music for the can you not love this show? It has so many levels of awesome to it. Its really hard for me to pick a favorite scene in the show but I do love the whole part where Zeus gets accidentally shot by one of Eros' arrows and goes after like every woman in Ganymede. XD I love the shocked gasps of all the girls when he kisses the boy. Haha! That and the Narcissus bit is really well done.

I think its a show that even if you know nothing about Takarazuka, you can still enjoy because you don't need to know any Japanese to follow. As long as you know at least basic stuff about Greek mythology, you'll get it. XD



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