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Finally got around to watching the 2nd episode of the Tethe'alla anime today. Skimmed the raw when it came out but decided to wait til subs came out to watch it all.

And since I totally forgot to, I'll also write my opinion on episode 1 too.

...though I don't know if anyone on here is watching them anyways. ^^;;

Cut for spoilers )

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So I'm getting near the end of ToS2 and I went to go talk to Yuan...

T_T Damnit that scene made me wibble. And it was way too short.

*sighs* I was kinda hoping there would be a way for him to actually come back into the story but I guess that's pretty final. Boo. He always was my favorite character too.

As far as the actual game goes, I'm still enjoying it though its definitely not as good as the first game in my opinion. And the truth about Emil is confusing as all hell, lol but I do kinda like it. (And is it just me or does every Tales hero have some sort of severe mental issue? XP)

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So I just met Decus in ToS2 (not calling it by full name, this is easier, lol) and I love him already~ XP Man I think he's worse than even Zelos. Mostly due to the poses. The poses kill me! Yeah, I think I see a future cosplay here. XPXP <3

And I was so happy Regal had a new BETTER outfit...and then he changed back to the old clothes. NOOOOOOO!!! I can't stand that outfit. -_-;;; It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the midriff shirt. Ugh.

I'm also sad Zelos hasn't shown up since his small little scene yet. Though that bit was quite enjoyable. XP How he flirted with Marta but then like went instant "-_- STFU" when Emil called Lloyd a bastard.

Sorry you'll prolly see a lot of posts for the game and I know none of you care. XPXP But I'm such a big ToS fan I can't help it.

On another note...still freaking loving Dissidia. *_* Its so much fun~ And totally distracting me from the other 3 games I'm playing. lol (I really should finish DS FF4 shouldn't I? ^^;;; Else it will turn out like PS1 FF4 which I never did beat the final boss to...duuurrr.)

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So I got to play a good amount (like 5 hours or so) of the ToS sequel today. I gotta say...I actually really really like it so far! I'm really enjoying it. ^_^ But then again I've always been a huge ToS fan and so I kinda knew I'd like this game even if it sucked because I'm just a sucker for the ToS cast.

Emil annoyed me at first but he's growing on me. He's a bit of a wuss but I do love when Ratatosk possesses him. >> Wish it happened more often. lol He's far better when he's like that. I loooove Tanabrae though. ^_^ And of course I'm quite fond of Ricther so far. (Even if he is a Kratos wannabe >>;; *biased*) Excited to see the rest of the new characters in the opening. Especially the one with purple hair. I like the design. *coughs*

And I T_Ted at Yuan's cameo. It was short but oh my god I didn't expect to see him at all, nonetheless this early on. He looked so sad too. ;_; And ugh, now Collette's in my party. -_- (I've never liked her much. So useless. Dear lord.) Can't wait to run into the rest of the gang though. ^^ I love revisiting all the old towns. Oh I love ToS so much. I really do. I mean I like ToA but ToS is where my heart is. I can't help it.

And now that I have a new memory card, I think I shall finally play more of Persona 4. lol Especially since relatives are coming tomorrow so I probably won't have much Wii time. *sighs* I rather play more ToS truth be told. But I shall be patient. And hm, I think I need a ToS related icon. >>;; As the ToA one doesn't quite work. lol But its the closest I have right now.



Aug. 1st, 2006 10:32 pm
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Ok, I haven't actually done any progress pictures for this costume, which is kinda odd for me. lol But I guess I usually don't feel the need to post progress pics unless its a big costume or a costume I'm really in love with.

So yeah, but I need to post this because usually I suck at props but I'm kinda happy with how this turned out.

My Zelos sword:

^_^ And you can see the crappily edited gloves there and the Exsphere too. XP The sword isn't really that much since I just took an old play wood sword I had around and edited it. And then made the sheath. The sheath I'm damn proud of though it takes a bit of effort to get the sword in and out. XP But its still fun having a functioning one.

But yay for me finally doing a videogame character that isn't from Square, isn't from FF7, and isn't Cloud. ^^; 'Cause that's all I've done videogame-wise really. Cloud. ^^;;; Haha.

Hm, speaking of which, I should make a new version of this icon with the new wig. Since Psy already told me to bring the chibi sword, I should make her take a pic of me with it. XP

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Yeah, I totally just beat the game. ^^ And at like hour 46 and level 69 which apparantly according to the guide and Hamilton, is rather low yet I had no trouble at all with the final boss fights. XP

The ending was kinda boring and I feel sorry that my suitemates were all like "Yay, ending!" and ready to watch it. ^^; Half of them missed the end animated scene and just thought the after-credits part would be the big finale and it wasn't really. Ah well.

Still a good game. And I'm happy that I managed to keep both of my two favorite characters alive since Hamilton said I had to choice between them. I chose one of them but the other still lived. XP So they both survived! Yay!



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