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I started this report like almost a week ago...XD And kept gradually working at it bit by bit...just hadn't had much time to actually write it up. Had been waiting for some more photos but got tired of waiting so here goes...

So yeah...Otakon happened. Seemed like it wasn't quite as crowded as last year but I've had other friends say they felt like it was worse. So I dunno. XD But it just didn't seem QUITE as bad as last year to me. But maybe just 'cause I wasn't wearing as many costumes this time around? I think I've finally learned my limits with Ota.

Anywho, onto the actual report...

Otakon - the con I can't say no to for some stupid reason )

Rest of my photos are here: Not a huge amount but at least not as few as some of the other cons. Mostly just more Inu x Boku stuff though. XD



Jul. 27th, 2009 07:54 pm
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So I mades a Rappig for Ren's birthday. Granted her birthday was last week but I was a bit busy but hey I got it done only like a week later so that's not too bad, right? ^^;;

This was my first time making a plush so go easy on me...

Personally it feels too rabbit and not enough pig but Ren likes it so that's all that matters! ^^

Two more under cut )

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So I noticed something back when I was watching the OP of episode 23 of Tales of the Abyss and it might have been there before that episode but that was when I noticed it...

Spoiler for the game/anime )

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Tales of the Abyss 1-5 - Yay! I really love the anime so far. ^^ And so glad it sticks to the game almost exactly. o_o And I lol every time Asch shows up and they hide his face even though they show it in the opening. XP Also happy they kept the full karma OP but it does seem really long for an anime and the "preview" thingy is a bit annoying.

Kuroshitsuji 1-2 - Totally love it! But then again I knew I would. XP Sebastian is amazing and Ciel is totally a mini-Cain. XP Looking forward to more and must resist the temptation to dress certain dolls up like certain characters. >>;; *cough*

Junjou Romantica 2 1-2 - Yay! I am sooo happy they got a 2nd season. ^_^ Episode 1 totally killed me with cuteness~ This series always works to make me happy.

And I still need to watch Casshern Sins (though the choice in animation style makes me nervous) and Vampire Knight Guilty (just to see if it continues to follow the manga or goes another route, I'm curious to see). But I still need to finish up the other series I've been watching (Gurren Lagaan, Saiunkoku, Zombie Loan, etc) not to mention I'm really behind in my manga series now. x_x;

And on the yaoi front, Pico x Chico x Coco came out and I love it. XP Yes I must admit I like the Pico series even if I'm not usually a fan of shota. *cough* And there's going to be a 2nd episode to Kireipapa (omgyes!) which makes me die of so much happiness. And I also believe the 2nd episode of Ikoku Irokoi Romanatan comes out soon...oh wait, it IS out already (just looked it up after typing that) its just not subbed yet.

And if my laptop turns off one more time during this entry...(thank god for auto-save) I'm going to freaking go insane. *twitch*

Now I go to bed because I work early and all. I think I'm starting to get used to this schedule though so that's good.

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I've returned from the con with the following:
- Versailles autographs
- Lamento manga
- Zodiac Suzaku figure
- 6k in Gaia gold XP

Annnd this little thing here...

*spazzes* Oh my god I still can't believe I got that high of an award! It was for my Asch costume. ^_^

So yes overall despite a number of pretty big setbacks, the con was amazing! A lot of emotional things happened but most of them were in a good way. Though wow all the Versailles events were chaotic to say the least. I'll talk more about that in my report.

In the mean time I think I need a nap. I got pretty much NO sleep and I'll explain why in my report as well. >>;

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Wow there is so much anime coming out this week and next week that I'm dying to see! It's kinda...insane and overwhelming!

Casshern Sins - OMG A new Casshern series?! DO WANT! Out already, just waiting for subs
Kuroshitsuji - I believe should be out sometime today if its not already. XP Cain wannabe.
Tales of the Abyss - Tomorrow I believe! EEEEE!! Can't wait! ^_^
Junjou Romantica season 2 - Yay finally!

And after AUSA, I actually really wanted to do the Halloween Tsubasa group everyone I know who is doing it is too far away for me to join. So uh...anyone who is kinda closer to me want to try to do it? ;_;


I especially want to poke Alyce about it but I know she's been busy lately and all. I want to make Fai's but I'm willing to even give him up if someone else wants to do him and do R!Syaoran instead. I just really want to do this and have actual fun on Halloween this time as I haven't really been able to enjoy it much lately so if anyone wants to hang out with me or kidnap me, that would be amazing as otherwise I'll be sitting here doing absolutely nothing.

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Con Report Time! XP I was hoping for a bit more photos first but oh well...

And btw this was my 9th Otakon in a row. XP Haha! So I have to go next year so it can be the 10th. XPXP

Otakon 2k8 )

Photos are on my website like usual over at It looks better if you just go to the site, go to con converage and find the con. But if you're too lazy here's the direct link XP

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I'm so emo I subconsciously tried to kill myself by slicing my throat with my needle while sewing up Asch...


I'm ok, only light scratch but hurts like a bitch! It keeps stinging. And freaked me out when it happened. I was like "...did I just do that?"

Ah! Asch you really are trying to kill me!

So if you notice a red scratch on my throat this weekend...that's why. x_x

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Ain't she a beaut? 5 different paint brushes were used in that and I'm only done with one side and I'm not even done with that (got to touch it up and add more paint to parts). Ara!

So I went ahead and sharpied Aki's wig...

Improvement? Yes/No? ^_^ I think so...though can you tell where I ran out of sharpie? LOL

Aki vest = Done! Though gaaaah I hate this material. It ripped a bit while working on it. >>; Goddamn sweater material!

Still left to do: gun holster, sheath, applique on sheath, buttons on vest, buttons on Schu jacket, finish eye patch, paint other side of sword, hook & eyes on doublet, hem thumb holes on gloves, and make Oni symbol if I have time. So not that much really. ...I hope. x_x;

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I has sword!

...and a boot. XP

Sword needs to be sanded like woah but at least its made now! ^_^ My first wood project. Though granted Dad did all the cutting. I just held it down. ^^;;; But I'll be doing all the sanding and painting and I figured out the design for it.

And oh my god that boot took me ALL DAY to figure out just the bottom part (the black pieces) but at least its done and I know how to do it for the 2nd boot. Though ugh, I'm terrified they'll get destroyed at Otakon. Like I tried to make it so it didn't go all the way down on the base but its still close to the ground so I'm going to be like paranoid walking through the street. Why does there have to be white bias tape there??!!

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So I heard about the Rose of Versailles movie like over a year ago but was beginning to wonder if maybe it was dropped or it was a false entry because I never saw any further info on it...well I finally found the trailer...

[Error: unknown template video]

Oh my god. *___* So beautiful! Though sadly I heard it keeps getting delayed so may not come out until as late as 2009. Boo! I wants it now! ;_;

And XPXPXP @ Yoshiki's name at the end. I thought the style of music sounded familiar.

[Error: unknown template video]

And here's some Tales of the Abyss anime preview for those interested. XP Squee! So apparently it was confirmed at this thing that it is indeed going to be a full 26 episodes!

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So this was perhaps one of the hardest applique designs I've done so far...

And I was being so careful...and yet...

Its crooked!!!!! Damnit! Its so obvious too and now there's barely any room for the bias tape at the top left. ;_;

Ugh. I tried so hard for that not to happen. And I'm going to have to sateen stitch it all 'cause some it frayed a little in my attempts to fix it from looking so wonky.

Bah. Still trying to figure out what material I'm using for the lining of this thing. And gah I still have the back applique to do which is harder than this one. o_o;; Someone shoot me now. >>;

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So I'm playing Tales of the Abyss and while I was getting more supplies before trying to attempt the final fights again....

I decided, hell, why not, and tried to fight Nebilim.

I beat her on the first try! YAY BITCHES!! XPXP I wasn't expecting to beat her. lol I wasn't even expecting to last more than a few minutes. But I did! I beat the hardest boss in the game! Whoo! And I was only at level 70. ^__^ Though ironically enough, Jade died and I didn't get to revive him in he didn't get all the exp from the battle. Which is kinda lame considering its kinda...his fight. XP

Now to get all the scenes I can get after defeating her. *happy* And to beat the game too of course...

(Sorry, I've just like never managed to actually beat the hard optional boss in a game before, lol)

Cassandra - You should try fighting her. If I could beat her, I'm sure you can!

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So I finished Persona 3 a few nights ago finally. The ending was enjoyable and I found the final boss to be pretty damn neat actually. (And wonder if anyone will ever be crazy enough to try cosplaying it. Hm, the designs for the Personas should probably be never shown to Brittany and Jamie XP)

And now I've finally started Tales of the Abyss! Yay! Been wanting to play this game since early sometime last year. Very much liking it so far. ^^ Its been way too long since I played Symphonia (2 years now?) so all the Tales of sounds and system made me all happy and reminiscent. And took me a while to remember how the system works though, lol. Think I'm finally getting the hang of it again.

Is it sad I already have a great idea for a Symphonia/Abyss skit? XP Not that it will ever happen. I've actaully had Symphonia skit ideas for quite some time and just thought of some cute jokes that would work really well for the two combined.

And speaking of cosplay/cons and all that jazz, I think this is what I'm bringing to Katsu as of now (in case anyone was wondering)...

Barnacle - MLP - Friday group at 6pm
Akihiko - Persona 3 - not sure when
Fai "inverse" version - Tsubasa - most likely sometime Sat
Fai ch.133 - Tsubasa - whenever Alyce and Sarah can do the group (no Dani, sadly)
Trooper Cloud - upgrading to Crisis Core version - some point
"X-mas" Cain - Count Cain - Sunday
Maybe: Mikage if people still decide to make the Utena stuff but as I have 6 outfits here already, not likely. But I do have all the stuff for it, so will be done in near future.



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