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So the Trinity Blood contest is up on cosplaylab now! Go vote!

Dang. There are 57 entries total. o_o And they said this is their biggest turn out to date.

Kinda was hoping they would in fact get overwhelmed by the entries and at least divide them into categories or give us a third vote. But no. XP Oh well, no idea how they would categorize them anyways as I don't think there's enough of any one particular character.

But man, I can't vote 'cause there are too many good entries! o_o I don't know how anyone is going to be able to decide on just two but uh, try to do it anyways? XP I wasn't planning to vote anyways as I feel odd voting if I entered.

It's also amusing to see how many entries are people I know. XP Haha. But damn, when I first decided to cosplay TB, I had NO IDEA it'd get this popular in the cosplay world. But thankfully most of them are really well done so I don't mind. It's just odd considering there were like maybe 20 or so total when I first started making Abel.

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Dude! Cosplaylab is finally doing Trinity Blood for its look-a-like contest.


Um, anyone with decent photoshop skills willing to fix up a collage for me? I'm really bad at them. ;_;

I know I have very little chance of winning since there are so many amazing TB cosplayers now but I want to enter Abel anyways. XP

So yes. Help? Anyone? (I know, what great timing, when half of you are getting ready for ACen and thus probably won't see this, lol)


TB novels

Aug. 8th, 2006 05:59 pm
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o_o *blinkblink*

Ok. So apparantly Tokyo Pop just announced they are releasing the Trinity Blood novels in english. Both Rage Against the Moon and Reborn on the Mars though they did kinda typo up the 2nd one as "Rage on the Moon". At least I hope that is just a typo. >>;

So uh...not sure what to think. Worried about how the translation will be 'cause Stef reported that she's heard they usually don't do that great of a job.

I'm actually kinda excited 'cause I really really really really want to read them beyond the very small summaries and poor translations I've found so far. Though I'm also extremly worried what this will do to the TB fandom in the US. Since now ALL of it is going to be available. The anime, the manga, and the novels. I'm afraid it might get popular. And well, I'll still love TB even if it does. Just things sometimes loose their flavor when they get over popular and fandoms can ruin things. Hope not though. Its a pretty complex story so you do kinda need a brain so that should maybe reduce the amount of stupid fans? At least it seemed to work for Count Cain.

I'm going to try to stay optimistic though. Just 'cause I can't take another important fandom of mine being ruined. But Count Cain seems to be doing ok so far so I still have hope TB will be okay too. And the AS craze died down so now I'm not too concerned about that one either. And as far as TB cosplay goes, since all the designs are crazy, I don't think we have to worry about TB cosplay being a big thing to anyone other than the crazy cosplayers. I really haven't seen like any anime version cosplayers as is. Just a couple so I doubt that will become a big thing either.

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I finally got to see the last two episodes. Took me a while 'cause I had an issue with the Internet as our connection sucks. But I got it. And so now I shall give me review as I know a number of you were waiting to hear it. And I shall now shock you all that saw it already...

I actually liked it. Believe it or not.

I didn't hate it like everyone else seems to. And I wonder if maybe they can actually make an OAV or something to add some of the Canon stuff in. But really, probably would be a bad idea.

Yes, it's an open-ended ending. But really, what else could they do? There is no ending to the story yet so I didn't think it was necessarily a bad place to end. Now, my review on the anime as a whole is a little different as I'm still sad they left so much out and they really should've had more flashback scenes. Guess I'll just have to stick to the forums to try to get more info on that.

And I guess my only other real big complaint would be of course the fight scene. Just because I wanted to kill the person that came up with the designs for the anime. x_x Big time. They totally mutilated the original designs. Gah.

But yeah, like I said, I didn't hate it and I don't really feel like murdering Gonzo like I thought I would. Maybe I didn't hate it because I wasn't really expecting to like it. ^^; Hee.

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So I saw that episode finally last night. And quite nice to have it as a Halloween release.

But I was of course a bit disapointed with it. As I kinda expected to be after having read the summaries and looked at the screenshots.

And I guess because people had hyped it up so much, I was expecting it to be cooler than it was. ^^; Don't know. Just wasn't as done as well as it could've been for such an important part. And the fact that a certain character was killed who wasn't supposed to even be there in the first place still gets to me. I wonder if in the books they ever explain what he is too as I really want to know. A demon perhaps? 'Cause he's not a Meluthstha but he's like the only one in Rozen Kreuz who isn't.

Hopefully the manga will pull it off better when they get to that point. So far they've really done a much better job at the important scenes. Though I think they're still in book 2 right now. Or at least they were at the end of book 2 in volume 4 so I guess they'd be in book 3 now. I also wonder if they'll do a manga series for RAM too as I really would like to know more of those stories. 'Cause damnit, still too many characters I haven't met yet. x_x

Oh yeah, I got my artbook a while ago too. So that will be coming with me to AnimeUSA along with the magazine and the manga most likely. I'm also bringing Riff-top so I can burn people the anime. I think I believe so far I have to make copies for Alyce and Emma. And then a copy for Magenta as well to send to her in the mail. Anyone else I'm supposed to burn it for? Oh and tell me if you prefer CD-R or DVD-R.

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So the last episode of Trinity Blood aired in Japan today.

Haven't seen it yet and the screenshots aren't even out yet so all I have is the summary to go off of but man, as expected, it's rather disapointing.

While a lot of cool stuff happens in it, so much is left unsaid and the transitions are...odd and rushed. But I do like the ending dedication statement to the original author.

It's so sad that he died before he could finish the story. ;_; So I guess it makes sense that they would end the series around where the books ended without even trying to dive into the chaos that is Cannon...but still...they didn't even progress that much. I mean, Esther doesn't even get her Albion outfit til the very ending. I thought she got it earlier then the end of book VI. And they skipped book IV entirely.

I also think maybe they should've done either two separate series, one for RAM and one for ROM, or just stay focused on ROM instead of putting those random RAM parts in every few episodes. Ah well.

I'm going to put a lot more faith into the manga than the anime. The manga hasn't disapointed me yet though translations have been hard to get and the scanlation group moves really slow with it. I also wish there were more book translations out there. It really is such an amazing story and the anime does it no justice.



Oct. 15th, 2005 03:07 am
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So who just totally bought the Trinity Blood artbook?

*waves hand around* I did! I did!

Granted it's not the really expensive speciel edition version. Though I almost did buy that one. Until I saw this cheaper version on ebay. ^^;

It's the same thing, just without the hard-back suede cover and maybe less other goodies inside since it claims to be entirely pictures while the special one has pages of japanese text and whatnot. Not that it matters to me. ^^ It just means I saved a lot of money.

Squee! I can't wait for it to arrive. ^^ Too bad I won't be able to scan any of it til Thanksgiving break though.

And wai, ep. 19 made me very happy. They actually did a really good job on book 3. Now if only they weren't skipping book 4 and condescening book 5 and 6 so much. x_x;

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Alright, I've been meaning to make this post for a while but kept putting it off.

This entry is for everyone that is interested in the Trinity Blood cosplay group I've decided to try to put together especially after the large interest I got after Otakon.

First off, for anyone still wanting to obtain Trinity Blood, you can either try downloading it through on BitTorrent or if you can wait til AnimeUSA, I can burn you the whole series as the anime will be done in Japan by then (it's still ongoing at this current time). I will also probably bring my laptop to that con for possible watching of it.

The first volume of the manga has been scanlated. You can download it here: Or at least the first 3 chapters. Chapter 4 is currently only available on mIRC but you can always IM me for it. ^^;

Then there is the Trinity Blood Forum: which is where I get all my sources and info. It is a really really great place. ^_^

Anyways, onto the cosplay discussion. LJ-cutted so not to clutter everyone's FL. ToriBla Cosplay! )

Can you tell that I'm really excited about this group? ^^; Trinity Blood has kinda eaten my soul as of late so that's probably one of the reasons why. Though I do realize that I'd probably have to drop a few projects in order to accomplish this one since Abel's outfit is pretty elaborate in itself. o_o It will kill me but I really want to do it! I even already bought black material for the main part of it. ^^

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Wai, I really do love Trinity Blood. All 3 versions of it even (the books, the manga, the anime, they're all a tad bit different). But since it got liscensed, the 2 main fansub groups dropped it and the only one that is still doing it is really behind and really slow. So out of frustration I have started downloading the next episodes raw. ^^;

I've never done that for an anime and I got to say its quite an exciting feeling. Reminds me of the days when we grabbed the Cain scans right as they came out in Japan.

And man oh man, episode 10 of Toribla was awesome! *_* And in episode 11, Astaroshe and Seth appeared. So its nice seeing more of the book characters show up finally.

But a really funny thing happened with episode 10 in the Toribla fandom. There is a french fansub group that has been releasing the eps in French and so a few people on the forums took that episode and attempted to translate the french subs into english, most relying on the usage of online translators since we don't have that many french speakers on there. And well, we got a rather amusing translating error...

During this really serious fight scene between Abel and Issak, a line was translated as "To revenge the death of the chocolate eclair." XPXP So we have all been very amused by that to say the least. I think its going to be quite the joke in the fandom for a long time.



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