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Soooo I totally failed to get this up before THIS year's Otakon. lol So this is seriously an entire year late. Oops. XD It was also weird writing the end of this after having just come back from the con this year. Haha!

Otakon 2015 )

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I was asked to be a judge for Zenkaikon's Hall Cosplay Contest this year. I was a judge back in 2011 and rather enjoyed the experience so I was definitely up for making a return to the con. I had heard the con had grown a lot in size and was a bit different now that it had moved location and boy was that right. I'm glad to see the con grow and I really enjoyed it so I'm hoping to be there next year too.

Zenkaikon Report )

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So due to a lot of real life issues and waiting for photos and such, this con report got seriously delayed. I actually started writing it like a week ago but didn't really have much time and motivation to finish it til now. Though there isn't much new photo wise here if you're on my Facebook as I have most of these up there already. And I'll warn you that a good portion of this report is me whining about Hades. Considering that took up most of my time this con.

Katsucon Report )

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I know this report is a tad bit later than normal but I wanted to wait to get photos from people first. Though not like many people read these since LJ is dying but I can't break tradition. XD

Katsucon 2012 Report )

...and you don't want to know how many days it took me to write that. lol XD Granted I only wrote a tiny bit here and there every day.

But anywho, the rest of my photos are up here:

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Turned 26 today. Kinda uneventful birthday. Didn't really do anything today but had suishi for it at least. Yesterday saw the new Muppets movie with my parents and it was really good. Glad I decided to go see it in the theaters. Muppets always make things better.

Anyways, here's my little birthday haul:

I actually bought the Utena ring myself but it just happened to arrive today so that's why I'm counting it. XD I've always wanted one since I was 13 but could never afford one. And well I needed one for my Utena cosplay but the official ones are no longer sold. Luckily I found a guy on DeviantArt that makes cheaper resin versions of them so got one of those. The size I got is a bit too big though but that's ok, I can glue craft foam to the inside and that should keep it from sliding around. Or might even buy a smaller one later on but don't want to bother right now.

The pony is from my friend Carrie and she gave it to me on Friday when we hung out and watched the first episode of BBC Sherlock which had been sitting on my computer for months. XD I thought of it when we were watching that day's episode of Doctor Who and they had an ad for the 2nd Sherlock film and I was all "Oh! Btw! There's a version of Sherlock done by Moffat, do you want to check it out?" And Carrie loves Moffat's seasons of Doctor Who so she was all for it. Watched episode 2 earlier today and part way through episode 3 now. Totally love it~

A little disappointed in the Play Arts Kai figures though. Lightning there is awesome and actually came with the stand this time (while Cloud did not) but its actually kinda hard to get her to do any of the poses and the gun form of her weapon likes to come apart easily (luckily I'm only really interested in the sword form of it anyways). Her hair is also very...shiny. lol Kinda odd. And she's a lot taller than the FFVII Play Arts I have so she kinda stands out. XD Might decide to put her on a different shelf. So, anywho, I decided to give her stand to Cloud since I'd rather have him do the crazy poses than her as I think his figure is more made for it. But while trying to get him to do the double handed grip on his sword, one of the hands...broke off. T_______T And I'm still trying to repair it. Waiting a good amount of time for the glue to harden and be stronger this time. I think I didn't wait long enough earlier and that's why it came off again. But its his main sword hand too. Argh. I've only had him for a few weeks too. Booooo.

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Anime USA has become one of my favorite cons but sadly this year was a pretty big disappointment. I had a great time but it was because I was hanging out with my friends and having fun taking photos. But the con itself was incredibly dull and attendance was really low and it was just a very odd con this year in general. Supposedly they are moving to DC near the Omni next year so maybe that will improve things some and the dates are going to be earlier in Nov so that might make it easier for a lot of us to attend who work retail and such (though it might overlap with Neko). But yeah the con was unusually empty this year. The areas that are normally crowded with people...weren't. As a result this con report isn't as long as my usual reports and I didn't really take many photos because there was barely anything of interest to take photos of and the hotel always sucks for photos anyways.

Anime USA 2011 )

Rest of my con photos are here: though I really didn't take many this con.



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