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I was about to write a post being all about how people only seem to approach me when they need something sewn and that I only really get comments on things I've made, and not so much on my actual life and stuff. And wanted to be all "hey guys, there's more to me than just the sewing aspect, really T_T"

...but then I realized that no, there really ISN'T much more to me than that! PFFFFFT. I mean, look at my facebook and LJ and its pretty much all just me talking about what I'm sewing, what I'm going to be sewing, and what I want to sew in the future. So no wonder its the only thing people can think of to talk to me about. ^^;;; And I do sometimes wish there was more to my life than that but to be honest, there's never any time for anything else. lol It takes me DAYS to finish watching a movie 'cause I usually only have like 20-30 minutes at the end of the night to watch something after I'm done sewing and I'm too tired at that point to pay much attention. And I do watch a lot of stuff while I sew but I'm not really "watching", I'm "hearing". So I've HEARD a lot of tv shows and movies but I haven't really watched them. In fact a while back when I was hanging with Carrie and we turned Doctor Who on and I was just sitting there watching for a change and I kept being like "OH! So that's what that scene looks like!" and Carrie is like "...but haven't you watched this episode like a billion times?" "...yes...well...I was never looking at the screen at this point, I was always sewing something. ^^;;" Granted this is why I tend to chose such things like Doctor Who for when I sew because its a show where they pretty much say everything they're doing so you don't really have to look at the screen to know what's happening. Same with Avatar: The Last Airbender, Buffy, etc.

But anywho, point is, its hard to keep up with everyone else 'cause I don't have much time to really watch or read anything. And so I'm pretty behind in anime and pop culture in general. And to be honest lately all I've wanted to watch is Takarazuka stuff, which kinda sucks in a way because I have like VERY few friends into that and I keep wanting to spazz about it to someone but my friends don't know enough about it (though THANK GOD for Carrie being so interested in it, every time she comes over, she totally eats up every show I throw at her and we e-mail about shows and links all the time and she's starting to learn the actresses' pretty well...almost too well. XD Nooo I want to be all impressive with my limited knowledge pfffft). And most of the Zuka fandom knows WAY more than I so its kinda hard to keep up with them. I've joined a few Livestreams and they were GREAT...except I felt really stupid the whole time. 'Cause they totally don't let you get away with lurking. XD They see that a new person has joined in and they're all like "heeeey person! heeeeeeeeeeeeey" so I always end up having to sign in a name and admit I'm there but then I feel so silly 'cause I'm the ONLY one who hasn't seen the show before and the only one not really chatting it up. I do TRY to join in the conversation but usually its with something dumb or asking a question that everyone else knows. ^^;; And I hate how I keep having to join in only to leave a few minutes later 'cause I'm too busy with something. And also feel bad that I have nothing to contribute as they tend to share clips and shows. Meeeeh this is what I get for being a lurker all the time.

But anywho! In real life, I did say yes to the supervisor position in the end. Still nervous but my boss seems to have confidence in me. I'm um not exactly sure when it starts? Like she said it'd be pretty much right away but I wasn't told anything after I said yes. So I'm not sure if I'm just automatically one or what? Guess I'll find out when I go into work tomorrow.

And honestly not sure where this entry was going. XD I think I just ended up rambling and putting down the things on my mind, which is what I do pretty much every post. So if there was a point here, I'm not sure what it was. lol Now back to sewing because once again I am trying to make AN ENTIRE new costume the week before the Sakura Matsuri. Pffffft. Go me. x_x;

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Had a bit of a rough night (mostly just 'cause I ended up being later than I had planned and didn't get to do the things I wanted due to something I had to deal with) and wasn't looking forward to work after all of that. And yet oddly enough work made me feel a lot better today. I had several different customers thank me personally for my help, one in particular who said "Thank you for your excellent customer service." and it really made me feel good. Especially as I tend to mess up a lot and it always makes me nervous and frustrated with myself when I do.

But today was a good day. I didn't mess up on anything, I didn't have any frustrated customers, and I managed to not have to deal with any of our regular crazy customers (and boy do we have some crazy regulars in the store). Just pleasant people and a lot of smiles and I felt really good that I was helpful. 'Cause sometimes they ask me things that I really don't know much about and I feel kinda ugh that I wasn't able to help. Mainly when they ask for help with home decor as that's something I know very little about. But today even those I was able to help out pretty well. 'Cause I do try to be pretty helpful and that's one thing I like about our store. The fact that we aren't just there to sell fabric and be done with it. We really are there to help the customers with their projects. And I gotta admit I love seeing the surprised reaction when they realize I do know how to sew and actually know what I'm talking about. I think its because I look so young so they just assume I'm just working for the money and don't know much about the items in the store (because well, our two youngest employees really don't know much...but at least they have done a good job at learning the basics. But I did feel bad for the one today who had a customer demand someone else cut the fabric for her "because you obviously don't know a thing about fabric" and the poor girl was all "...but I've learned a lot from working here for a long time T_T" I would have come to her rescue but I was already helping someone else at the time.) But yeah, its always a pretty good feeling. Yeah ok its just retail but I think its bit better than normal retail just because I'm working with stuff I love.

Also there were two young girls in the store today that caught my attention. I was trying to re-stock the zippers (I never did get very far as I kept having to help people ^^;;) and couldn't help but overhear their conversation and looked over and immediately got the "cosplayers" vibe. XD; So peeked over and sure enough they had a print out of costumes they were working on so I poked over and asked what they were making. And it was two costumes from Assassin's Creed (which I still really need to play) and so I helped them a little with their buttons and casually mentioned I cosplayed too. Though they were pretty new to this and were doing this more for Renn Faire than for any cons. Later in the day I noticed they were still in the store and getting their various fabrics cut. lol They were pretty much getting EVERYTHING for their costumes in one trip so no wonder they were there for a long time and I think almost everyone working today ended up helping them at some point or another. And when talking to them again and giving them a few more suggestions, I mentioned that I do commissions and such and that this is my passion. And so after they bought their stuff, I noticed they were kinda hanging around my side of the table, kinda whispering to each other and shyly edging to the table but not wanting to interrupt what I was doing. lol So I looked over and asked if they needed more help and they said that since I seemed to know about cosplay, if they could possibly get some help from me. I informed them that I was going to be off the clock in about 10 minutes so if they were willing to wait, I could give them more attention then. And they got pretty excited over that. XD It was really really cute. So yeah then ended up spending almost a full half hour sitting down with them at the pattern table and going over their costumes and giving them suggestions. Turns out this is their FIRST costumes. And I was a bit "oh wow...these are...kinda big for a first project" but I think if they take their time, they should be ok. But it was so cute seeing them write down notes as I told them my suggestions for the various parts and told them about various sources and materials that could help. And also gave them my contact info if they ever wished to ask more questions.

But yeah, in conclusion...I was really happy that my limited skills came into use today. XD That I was able to help some folks and feel generally useful and helpful. Its a nice feeling I don't get very often. Since to be honest, I really DO mess up a lot and tend to feel very...useless. Granted this feeling was almost ruined when I walked out and realized how much time I spent talking and that Mom had been waiting for me and of course first thing out of her mouth was " really need to get your license" which has been like a DAILY discussion since I started this job. ...and yes, I know, I don't need another reminder of how useless I am, Mom. I DO feel really bad about it and I am actually really trying here. Doesn't help that every time I should be driving or offer to drive, Mom comes up with some excuse as to why she should drive instead. So um, how am I supposed to get experience if you won't let me drive? O_o;;


Job = Got!

Apr. 15th, 2011 07:51 pm
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I got the job at Hancock's after all! ^.^ She just was having problems getting through to both my phone lines (home and cell). O_o

But so glad she didn't give up and kept trying to call. As I got the call tonight. And I go in on Monday to fill out paper work.

Things are finally starting to look up a little.


Good Day~

Mar. 28th, 2011 11:28 pm
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Today was a good day. Hopefully this will continue.

I had an interview at Hancock Fabrics this morning. I think it went pretty well but she does have several more people to interview before she's making any decisions so gotta wait to find out. So here's hoping. As I could really use a part time job right now. And the hours they're looking for would work really good for me as I really only want a few hours here and there so I can still concentrate on my commissions. And Hancock is a little classier than JoAnn's as far as retail work goes. As I know they're a bit more picky about who works there and pretty much everyone there does some type of sewing business on the side.

The funny thing though is that the entire time I'm looking at her thinking "...she looks couldn't be, could it?" 'Cause I had seen her come into the store once before and was all "Wait! That's the woman that made that dress for Showboat!" but I wasn't 100% sure as that was over a year ago and all. She must have recently transferred to the store because I don't remember seeing her as the manager before. But anyways. Yup, its her alright as I was talking about past jobs I have had and I mentioned Signature and immediately she's all "I thought you looked familiar!" XD During my work on Showboat, basically the main dress of the lead female was changed last minute and because all the other stitchers were super busy, they called this woman in to make an entirely new dress in like...two days. XD So she came in and the dress pretty much was the show stopper. It was gorgeous. So yeah, was pretty excited when I realized it was her. 'Cause even if I don't get a job there, it will be nice seeing her around just from a customer point of view.

Then I come home from that and I have a message from [ profile] misskalloway saying that AmiAmi had the Hades Myth Cloth in stock! I was kinda freaking out lately because I realized I missed the pre-order a while ago on there as they had sold out and I wasn't sure if they were going to put any up after it got released. And the other sites have him listed for a lot higher but I didn't want to miss my chance. Well luckily they did have him in stock so I placed an order. I haven't gotten the invoice for payment yet though so I can't say for sure if I got him just because there's always a chance that he sold out before that went through...but here's to hoping!

And today went pretty well as far as commission work went. Working on [ profile] shin_san's costume right now and its going pretty good so far. Hoping to keep this pace up so I won't be stressed out too much in the next few weeks (I have A LOT of commissions due in May, oh lord).

Tomorrow Alyce, Tom, and Beth are coming down to go see the cherry blossoms since they will be unable to attend the street festival and most likely the blossoms won't be in bloom by then anyways. So looking forward to that. ^.^

Though I'm also a little nervous as I just updated my schedule for the next few months...and oh lord I have A LOT of commissions. I'm actually booked all the way through July now. And I am a little worried how hard this will be if I do get the part time job as well. But I'll manage. Or at least learn how to balance my time better. But yeah probably means a lot of busy days very soon. 'Cause I also have stuff I want do do for myself in this time.

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So in the end Gabi and I braved the snow in order to go see the show last night. Was quite the epic journey considering there was still a lot of snow on the roads. But Gabi's car handled it pretty well and I was amazed how cautious all the other drivers were being for once. Was still scary but we did pretty good I think.

And somehow still managed to get there just in time. lol Like the bells had just started going off when we walked in so we got our tickets and ran up and made it just in time. Sadly weren't that many people due to the snow but yay for those who did go! As I love watching shows during Open Dress. Well I mean first off they're free for me and I dunno, I really like watching it with just crew and staff 'cause you know everyone is there to enjoy and have fun.

But yes...saw Sweeney Todd live for the first time. Absolutely amazing! I didn't think it would outdo the way they did Les Mis. But it did! O_O I mean holy shit! A million times better than the movie in my opinion. Highly recommend going to see it if you can if you happen to be around here as its worth the price. I'm considering paying to go again during one of the actual shows (though I obviously won't have as nice of a seat as I did last night, lol Since just got to sit in the front as not many people there). Because everything they did was just...aghaphiph amazing! And they make you jump like a million times and oh the blood...oh the blood. lol The end was freaking creepy too! But I don't want to give it away in the odd chance someone on here might go see it. lol

But yeah really really damn proud to have been part of the crew on this. Just as I was for Les Mis. Granted I did more work on Les Mis than I did this one but it was still fun and the show was just...ahhh mindblowing. ^_^ Totally worth the scary trip. lol

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"One of the things that annoys me now with Project Runway is that they do all this focus on the models now. I mean, come on! They're just the clothes hangers. At least our hangers can sing and dance!" - One of my co-workers in the Costume Shop

Other amusing moments of the week so far:

Me: *takes out top hat* ... *stares at the red holly-ish decoration piece* Ah. Must be Pirelli's hat. *looks at name* ...the Judge? Um...
~later~ My Boss: Oh and you can take that piece of holly out of Cleave's hat. This is Sweeney Todd, not A Christmas Carol.
Me: I was about to ask about seemed a little...festive for the Judge.
My Boss: Yeah, doesn't exactly scream "creepy perverted rapist" does it?
Me: Nope.

Tiffany: *showing off the cape and glowing mask prototype for the Masquerade* Mwahahaha! *lurks around all creepy-like*
Ellen: Ok. Now be all skeezy. Ok, good. Now go rape someone.
Tiffany: *makes lewd hip gestures*
Ellen: ....that would be really creepy if done by anyone else other than you.
Tiffany: ^.^

And then the moment when all of us were singing in unison to the Anastasia soundtrack and bonding over the fact we all belted out the same lines. XD

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Today at work we (as in the costume shop which was only 4 of us today) managed to set off the fire alarm.

Go us. XD

See our iron has issues. And lately it seems to get dirty on a regular basis. Most likely due to the CRAPTASTIC costumes we are renting (and really they should be paying us instead considering all the repairs we've done on them) from Western Costumes since they're super old. So we keep having to clean the damn thing.

So today Lauren was determined to get the iron 100% clean so she's steaming away with the cleaner and the rest of us are like "do be do" totally not noticing anything until suddenly the fire alarm goes off. And we're all just sitting there like "...whut?" And Lauren's all "wtf, did I do that?"

Yup. It was us. XD Though tech thought it was them as there was smoke going on with some of their stuff so it might have been a combination of both...but still...definitely us that are mostly the cause. Since when we came back up after the firemen came in and all, we THEN realized how smokey it was. lol It's so sad that we didn't even notice 'cause the lighting is so bad up there as is.

Though luckily no one was upset about it. In fact all the actors seemed pretty happy to have the break. lol Was pretty amusing seeing them all stuck outside in their costumes. But yeah sadly it did get us a bit behind in our stuff and so today was crazy with us rushing around...though granted I'm not sure how it could have made that much of a difference considering how behind we are is determined by how far the actors are in tech. *shrug*



Aug. 4th, 2009 09:52 pm
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So today in the shop we sewed this GIGANTIC train made of feathers.


11 Boas were sewn onto this thing. Bright Purple and Pink. Going on a pink sequin dress with a pink sequin hat with huuuge pink feathers in it. XPXP

Oh I love it. XP

But hands....they were PURPLE! And at first it was just like "oh hahaha look our fingers are turning purple! XP" ...but then it was like "....omg Lyn you look like you're dead." Since because I am by far the palest, the end result was my hand seriously looked dead. XPXP As the purple dye had spread to the entire hand by the end of this, giving it a very ghastly look as if I had lost all circulation.

It was pretty amusing. I so would've gone home on metro with it except I had other things to work on and didn't want to get the dye on them so thus had to wash it off.

But omg this show is so fabulous~ And I'm sad I probably won't get to see it since we can't get free tickets to Open Dress this time around and its like you can try to get a free ticket to one of the actual shows but only one so I'd be like by myself and I have no idea if I could actually manage to do any of the nights and blah. >>;

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Guy, my boss, the head of the costume shop, was just laid off today.

We were all kinda in shock over this. Granted we've been working for Tiffany now instead of directly for him due to him having a lot of health problems and just not being able to take it on. But it wasn't for that reason they laid him off. They're getting rid of his position entirely which is kinda like "...whu?" to me as I don't understand how things will work in a costume shop without it especially since Tiffany is even saying she has no idea how much longer they'll keep her. Guy was also the only full time employee in the costume department. Even Tiffany is only an overhire.

See why I'm not sure I want to continue this career? As its pretty much the same situation in a lot of theaters. And its gotten worse because of the economy.

I mean it actually didn't affect me that much as I only expected to be on this job up through this week and I'm actually surprised that I may have work next week mostly just because Elena (the head stitcher) and I have been the only ones really available every day so I've been called in a bit more even though I'm pretty low on the totem pole in term of skills and experience there. But poor Elena was counting on having at least 3 more weeks and then coming back in August when the new season starts. But now she most likely won't be called back until maybe October as that's the next big show.

She was fighting back tears the whole rest of the day and I kept trying to distract her to stop her from having a breakdown right there. Luckily she's having dinner with a friend tonight so she won't be alone while she lets the impact hit her. I mean at least I'm still at home and can bum around until I find the next job and had planned to do that anyways. She's on her own and whatnot. And it's such a shame too because she's really good. I mean really good. And yet even she is having such a hard time finding work. And I didn't expect them to ever lay Guy off at all.

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So finally started work again at Signature today! Whoo! Though its only small work and not for very least its something. T_T

The new show is Giant, a brand new musical based off the old movie. So lots of cowboy outfits and whatnot. I sewed many a label onto a flannel shirt today. lol

Also I was greatly amused by this bit...I go to put a label on this one rented suit and notice on the previous label that the last actor to wear it was named...Richard Gere. And the name of the actor who's label I was about to put on it is Paul Schaeffer. Now of course neither were the celebrities of said same names but the humor there amused me to no end.

Oh and a few days ago I got an e-mail saying Signature's Les Miserables (the show I worked on last I was there for you that don't remember) got a shitload of awards! I was very proud of it as I was soooo insanely happy to work on that show. ^_^

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Why am I so dumb when it comes to big important life things? Like jobs.

So I've been mentioning to a lot of you that I managed to get another job at Signature. Only for a month but at least its something. Though sadly as I haven't had work since November on this front, I think I'm going to have to go elsewhere after this. Which does make my heart sink a little as I love this job but there is no steady career there and I can't really afford to do that where I am right now.

So tomorrow is what I thought is the first day. Tiffany (the girl that takes care of all the business work for the costume shop) e-mailed me a while ago saying she'd get in contact with me about schedule details and all. And I told her I could work the whole period and she mentioned that her and Guy were thinking I wouldn't work every day to save me on the commute but I'm like thinking "I don't mind, I need the money." But anyways as I hadn't gotten any further notice since and I was kinda at least expecting a "work starts tomorrow, be here at this time" e-mail to all of us workers for this show...I decided to re-read over the previous e-mails a few more times. And noticed that she mentions that she mostly wants "part time work with a few full weeks every now and then" and then lists 2 weekends she definitely needs people for. So I'm sitting here going "...wait. It's not a full month job is it? Does she only want me for those two weekends? I mean when I said I could work the whole time she didn't say anything against it, just that I wouldn't do every day so i thought maybe a day or two a week...not...only a few days of actual work...what does this mean?! Do I come in tomorrow?"

So I'm like freaking out right now. And of course I only have the e-mails and phone numbers of the office and nobody's there on a Sunday. So all I can hope for is maybe Tiffany checks the e-mail while at home too and can respond to my question about when exactly I need to come in. I did say I'd come in tomorrow as I had planned just to be sure as I figure that it would make sense them wanting everyone to come in the first day, ya know? Especially if I need to re-do any paperwork. But like, I also don't want to go all the way over there and look really stupid if they're all "...what are you doing here?"

And ugh. I'm just...I wish I had an actual direction or something. I know everyone tells me when I'm freaking out that its just the way the economy is now and everyone is having a hard time and I need to realize its going to be hard. But that's not very reassuring when you're as poor as I am with loans looming over your head.

And I'm not even sure what to do after this job no matter how many days it ends up being. 'Cause I keep saying that I'll probably listen to Dad and try to find some government job since ya know I'm around DC, its the easiest type of steady job for someone like me to get but I have to act now before the next year gets out of college as they'll beat me to the jobs otherwise. So I'm like ok. But um, what do I do? I have no idea how to look for that stuff as I've only ever looked for artsy related things. And Dad keeps saying he'll help me but then its like he hasn't really said much to me on it and I'm like "uhhhh, you're the one who keeps being on my case about it but keeps saying you'll help me with your connections. So um, help?" Though I really keep trying to emphasize to him that I at least want something that will deal with my major (English) because I do love to write so hopefully if its something mostly writing based then I won't want to kill myself?

Because I'm just like so depressed over the idea that I may get stuck in a cubicle job this early on. I don't want that. I never wanted a cubicle job. That's like my worst scenario. But I'm like "would the jobs Dad's talking about count as that?" 'Cause I mean there are desk jobs that aren't "cubicle jobs" where its much more spacious and you don't feel like a worker drone. So I hope its more like that but I've learned lately not to get my hopes up concerning anything.

I just once again feel like I've wasted a good part of my life already. Yeah I know, you'll all say "but you're still young!" but like really I'm already starting to exit the years of when you have to do all the stuff that will gain you a good career. I just feel like I should have done something else. Maybe I should have tried to actually pursue costuming more so like what Tara is doing now. But then again, I can't design and there's not much else outside of that. And I also don't really care much for "fashion" so yeah. As there really isn't an actual career in the theater costuming like I had hoped. And I was a coward and didn't fill out the internships and apprenticeships because I realized that they were really looking for Theater majors and I knew I wouldn't be able to give them the letters of recommendation that they were looking for (as I'd only be able to give 2 costume shop related ones as I've only had 2 bosses and they wanted 3 and who the hell would I go to for that 3rd one?) And like I only want to do the costuming aspect of Theater. To be a Theater major I'd have to actually do acting and directing and things like that that I have no skills for. Unless I went to a school solely for costuming but I've also been reminded that even the people that do that, still have a hard time finding a solid steady paying job. I mean hell I'm doing the same work the majors are doing. The only reason they still keep at it is because they have other artsy skills and take on a million art jobs. But um, I don't have the ability to be like my one co-worker who designs jewelry, works for a sculptor, and works a bead retail job, along with a costume shop job, all at the same time. And barely makes rent. I couldn't do that.

I often wish that I had a passion for science or something more practical. I wish I had been better at math or other things. Because if I enjoyed that stuff then I would have no problem going the same direction as my other friends who already had jobs and interns lined up for them right after school. Me...I took the literal arts route and while I loved it dearly, the only job I could really get from it is teaching. And as I've told many people, I would hate being a teacher. And there really isn't much else out there to do with my major. *sigh* As we all know being a starving novelist isn't a very good idea. Especially considering how long it takes me to finish a story.

And I know I could try taking on a retail job like most my other college friends are doing right now while they wait to find other things. But I guess its silly to say but that feels like defeat for me. I hate retail jobs mostly because I hate not having a constant steady schedule. I hate not knowing when I'm going to work the next week and I hate having it all over the place. That and I think the only retail jobs that wouldn't drive me crazy would be sewing stores but like...I don't really want to go back to JoAnn's as I hate their system and I can't stand the manager. And everyone I liked at the store has long since left except for like 2 people. And I don't know if I could handle all the dumb teens that work there now. I wish Hancock would need people but I don't think they'd hire someone as young as me even if they did considering everyone I see working there is pretty old as I think they prefer more experienced seamstresses (which is fine by me customer wise as it does make it a lot better experience than it is at JoAnn's). Bah, maybe I should go see if Yankee Candle still is interested as they were trying to talk me into a job there a while ago.

...why can't I be smarter about these things? And I'm always so dependent on my parents for help its ridiculous. I'm actually really terrified that I won't be able to live on my own as I don't think I know how right now. I want to move out in the next few years but can I really? When I rely on them so heavily for everything. I mean dear god I don't even know how to cook. There are so many things that just about everyone I know just knows how to do and I don't. Or am really bad at it. Like cleaning, driving, etc. Normal things. It makes me feel like such a loser. The only things I'm good at are things that really have no use in real life.

EDIT: Got a reply. Don't need me until next week. And not even sure when next week...*cry* Guess I'll be looking for retail work during this week.

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So preview night was last night and oh man the show was amazing~! Quite different from when I saw the show at the National DC theater but still insanely good. ^_^

Though I was sad they took out a number of the big changes they were going to have. I think because they just couldn't get them to work. Like there was supposed to be a pipe over the stage dripping blood periodically but I didn't see it. I thought I did for a moment but if that was it, it was hardly noticeable.

The fake boobs were barely visable XP Which disappointed me far more than it should. lol As the reason we had them was so the whores would look like their boobs were showing through their clothing without any real nudity.

And they changed Javert's death so that he shoots himself in the head instead of jumping off a bridge and the original idea was that he would be attached to a harness and lifted up into this window over the stage that would then turn red. But I guess they decided it was too hard and just had him fall over and the stage turn red instead. XP

Otherwise it was mindblowing! The Cosette was the cutest I've ever seen and the Thanediers were epic! Master of the House was probably the best number of the whole play as they added in a lot of great gimics. I loved our Javert like woah. And it was just so exciting to see all the stuff I worked on on the actual stage finally. ^_^ I'd ramble more about it but I know I'd just bore most of you, lol.

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So today (unless they call us saying they do need extra hands on Friday) was my last day at Signature. At least for the time being as the next 2 shows are small and have like nothing really needed for them so they really only need one person in the shop and that's Elena (she's head stitcher). So I need to go back to looking around and such but such is how it is for overhires and I must admit I could use a little break.

But anyways, I certainly have many great memories of the time and am really excited to go see the show on Sunday. Great memories indeed such as this one...

Our lovely little Thread Monster.

We were cleaning the threads out of the wheels of the chairs and we started piling it up just to see how much it was. And then we decided it needed eyes...and gradually added more to it. XP And this is only like half of what we took off those chairs as we had already thrown a lot out before we did this. ^^;;;



Nov. 19th, 2008 08:27 pm
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A while ago I mentioned I made young Cosette's dress for the Les Miserables show. Welp here's photos of it (before it got torn up XP)

Isn't it cute? XP

Close up of front panel )

Speaking of work, today I took a file to several pairs of leather boots...and totally destroyed them. XPXP And yesterday I was sand-papering dress shirts. While the other distressing girls poured vasoline on the revolutionary boys' leather pants. Oh how I love this job.

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Today at work we played with boobies.

And there were two guys that came in to fix some wires and stuff around the building and one just happened to walk by as Elena says "Must not let the boob hit the floor!" and he does a total O_o;;


To explain we have fake boobs around the costume shop now for something in the play. And man are they realistic and damn perky.

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Yay for Veteran's Day! Reduced fare on metro today due to a holiday and all. So saved a bit for going into work.

Also today at work I had a total "...I made this?" at the end of the day that was pretty awesome. Though of course I didn't have my camera on me but there's still the skirt to finish. Basically Wanda and I are making young Cosette's dress together. She did all the hard pattern stuff and cutting it out but I've done the majority of the sewing and it makes me happy as it looks sooooo good. And maybe I'm just excited over it because I've never made anything cute and frilly so this is my first time learning how to do it and such.

Well I'm still on Dad's computer but the laptop is fine. The harddrive was scratched but as a result Dad ended up fixing other problems on it too. And as far as I can tell, I can still access most if not all of my files from the old drive. Just got to transfer them over and such. Some files I might not be able to get but its not a complete lost so that's all that matters at this point. But it also resulted in us fixing the overheating problem so it worked out in the end.

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So today was the first rehearsal for Les Miserables at the theater so we finally got to meet the whole cast. There was a "Meet and Greet" in which the actors, staff, techs, etc. all got to go to and they showed us a slide show about the plans for the show.

...and oh my god I'm freaking excited! O_O I had no idea that like the author of the play gave Signature (the theater) the "Ok!" to do this crazy totally different version of it. Well like the play itself is the same but the way its done is so unique. I mean the motto for it is "Vive le Different" after all. But man its going to be intense and bloody and crazy. XP

And I get to be part of it. ^_^ *so happy*

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So I actually took these pictures on Wednesday but was too tired to upload them. But thought I'd show you all where I work and all as its a pretty cool place. ^_^

Where Lyn Works )

And I don't know if I've mentioned yet that I'm actually really excited over the fact we're doing Les Miserables right now as its my favorite musical. *_* So its so cool getting to work on the stuff for it. We've been working on the stuff for the poor people right now. XP So we get to feel like hobos when we try things on to see if they sit right, lol.

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So today was my first day of work at Signature Theater.

Co-workers are awesome. The work itself is tiring, sometimes stressful (mostly as everyone else seems far more experienced in sewing than I and I'm already deadly afraid of screwing something up), but still stuff I like so it's cool. And they may even give me stuff to work on at home to save me the trip out there from time to time...which is good...

...because the commute is like killing me already. I really hope this is just me not used to working and all because dear god am I freaking tired. I can barely function. I do hope its just me having trouble adjusting and not because the transportation is killing me as I have no other choice with the latter. (It's about an hour trip there which includes one metro line transfer and then a bus route.)

But yeah I'm going to be pretty damn dead this week. x_x;

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Interview went well. I do believe I have a job. A small one that doesn't start til mid October but its a job nonetheless!

The area the theater is in is really cool too. The theater is awesome! And I got shown around today and such and got to see the current stage and the dressing rooms, etc.

And guess what play they're doing next? Les Miserables! Eeee! I get to work on it! My favorite. ^_^ Though its still strange that they only have like two sewing machines. He did mention most of the work they do is by hand so I guess that explains it. Still, I'm used to like...6 or more. lol

But anyways...yay! So I don't have to worry about NYAF or AUSA coming into conflict either from the looks of it.

Though I did have a horrible ride home as I got on the wrong bus and ended up having to take an hour to get to the metro instead of the 10 minutes it would normally take (lol I started noting the time after I passed the station I got on at, and I was like "...really? If I got on the right direction, it would've been that short? ...." ^^;; Oh well, now I know better.



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