Oct. 11th, 2010 10:20 pm
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Let me start this report by saying I found it pretty special that our concert was the last in the tour and that the date fell on 10/10/10 'cause after all X is also the roman numeral for 10. XD;

X-Japan at Roseland Ballroom, NYC )



Oct. 9th, 2010 07:35 pm
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In a little over 24 hours from now, I will finally be living the experience I've waited about 10 years for. Something that I never dreamed possible. I'm going to see X-Japan live. So I figured it's probably a good time to write a little bit about what the band means to me and why this is such a big deal because I realize that a good chunk of you didn't meet me until after my "J-Rock Days" and so probably don't know the full extent of it all since I don't talk about J-Rock as much as I used to...

It all started with a little music video... )

...and I got so caught up with writing this that I totally missed an auction on ebay I was watching and was kinda important for a commission I'm working on. n_n *headdesk* Guess I'll just try another one. Bleh. Sometimes the fact that X distracts me from everything else can end up badly. ^^;;



Aug. 21st, 2010 07:55 pm
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The sad thing is that I almost threw it out when it arrived. n_n 'Cause I totally couldn't tell what it was when it arrived. Totally thought it was junk mail from the info on the envelope. Opened it to see if there was anything needed to shred, saw just music ads, so assumed it was spam and was about to throw it in the "to shred" pile until I noticed in the corner of my eye "ticketmaster" on one of the other pieces of paper and was all "...OH SHIT!" Yeah, way to make it look like junk mail, ticketmaster. >>;;

But yay!

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I went ahead and ordered a ticket to the NYC show. Because if they do announce a DC show, I can probably sell the NYC one so better to be safe than sorry.

Now I just have to make a ton load of money with commissions in order to actually afford to do this. ^^;; But will worry about that later...


So now I just gotta figure out how I'm getting there and who I can stay with, etc. etc. ^^;;;


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X-Japan announced their US tour dates and locations, you can find more about it on several news sites but here's the one I looked at.

So no DC date on there though I wasn't holding my breathe on it as I had no idea how sure they were on that. But now I'm not sure if I should wait a little longer to see if it will get added or just go ahead and get my NYC ticket.

At least the tickets are pretty cheap. Huzzah.

Though the NYC location is the "Roseland Ballroom", which I have never heard of and thus have no idea where it is. ^^;;

So my main question is if any of my fellow east coasters, mainly NJ/NYC folks, want to go? It's Oct 10th. I would really like if I do go, to have someone to go with mainly so I don't get lost. XD; And also if I can bum a place to sleep for a night or two.

But yeah, blaaaaah. Was really hoping for that DC one as it'd save so much money transportation wise. >>; Granted I mean, if they do announce one and I've already gotten a ticket for NYC, I wouldn't mind seeing them twice. XD But still. Hmmm.

Edit: lulz I just realized that's the same weekend as NYAF. Hm maybe I'll go to that on Fri or Sat too if I have the money. Since I'd be there and all. XD


Otakon 2010

Aug. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Otakon was overall a pretty good con for me this year. Insanely tiring but good. It went by really fast but most likely because I was doing a lot.

Super duper long report ahoy! )

You can see the rest of my photos here: http://rosebride.com/lyn/o2k10.html

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Back from Otakon. Oh my god I'm so tired I can barely walk up and down the stairs. n_n;

Con was great! Only thing is that I think I was way too busy as I seriously had very little time to just relax and thus the con didn't feel quite right 'cause I'm used to spending most of my Otakon wandering around aimlessly and I didn't really do much of that.

But yeah, too tired to really talk about it much right now other than...


...and I bet seeing me squeal and jump up and down in Lucifer when I heard that must have been pretty amusing. XDXD; I couldn't help it though.

And hey I actually didn't cry. ...only reason I didn't was because I really didn't want to smear the make-up but GOD WAS THAT HARD! Yoshiki and Sugizo did a piano/violin duet just as I thought they would. Forever Love and Endless Rain. Ya know, two of their biggest and most emotional songs ever. (At least they didn't do Tears. I don't think I could have handled it.) But yeah. Just...oh my god. Amazing. Made the whole con worth going to just for that moment as it was something I never thought in a million years I'd get to witness.

Now excuse me while I continue to spazz over the fact I may actually get to see the whole band live (unless something comes up as he didn't seem 100% sure they would and it wasn't on the list of cities they had listed previously >>;;;) but oh my god this would mean I wouldn't have to spend the money to go to NYC after all for it.

And aghoaghaphiphp why is my nose bleeding AGAIN?! This is like the 3rd time this weekend. n_n;; Damn sudden changes in climate!

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Welp looks like I get to see Yoshiki again. And with Sugizo this time!


Only problem is they're doing it during the Masquerade. So I'm not sure if that means before or after and if those performing will get to watch because dammit I'm in a skit and I better be able to see this. >>;;

Edit: From what I read on the boards, they're doing the halftime show. Already asked on there and the con chair said they are still working out specifics so hasn't told me yet if those performing get to watch or not, just that "we haven't forgotten about you guys" so hopefully that means something. Maybe they'll give out the awards like Yoshiki did at Anime Central. XD

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Not sure how many of you know about this who might care but X-Japan is going to be performing at Lollapalooza this year in Chicago, August 6-8.

They talked about it earlier this year but were just recently officially added to the line-up. In the line-up really the only other name that I'd be interested in seeing is Lady Gaga. Though talking to Marissa and she pointed out it probably would be worth going just for those two.

I did say I'd go anywhere they go if they finally came to the US to do a performance. And this is certainly closer to CA which is where I thought they'd end up performing (still not as close and convenient as NYC was going to be baaaaaah).

Just...not exactly a venue I ever saw myself going to. Not a crowd I'd enjoy being with. Might risk the chance of being psychically injured here due to how weak I am and how I can barely handle concert crowds at cons, man. x_x; So I know I'd have to stay pretty far back in the crowd if I did go. And I'd probably time it so I'd only go out for those 2 unless I decide some of the others are worth seeing.

Annnd its a lot of money. And no idea if I'd be able to find anyone else to go with me. Graaaaah. Sucks. -_-;

I keep hoping maybe they'll announce another performance that will be easier for me to attend. *crosses fingers*



Jan. 17th, 2010 01:06 pm
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If you don't know X-Japan, you should probably just skip this entry as it'll just confuse you. And I tend to get pretty over-emotional over this band sometimes.

Ever since the band started doing their reunion tour, I've been through a wave of emotions about the whole thing. And must admit I didn't expect them to keep it going this long. I thought it'd just be a few shows and that would be it. Not an actual restarting of the band as it seems to be now. I'm still angry they canceled the show in NYC as that was my best chance to ever see them. And I was a bit upset they did the CA thing without much warning as it left us east coasters with very little time to try to get over there. I would've if I had the money. Now they might be performing at Ipa...whatever the hell that big concert festival thing is called. Which sucks for me too as I could never SURVIVE attending that event and it'd be a lot of money for only one band as I don't care about anyone else performing really. So I'm still hoping they'll either do something closer that's a real concert or well, maybe I will save the money to go see them in CA if need be.

But that's not really the point of the entry. The point was my thoughts on this. Toshi's big message. Truth be told this brought me close to tears. And I used to be very very angry at this man all those years ago. I hated him for what he did to X-Japan. But finding out he was tricked by his wife (and I so saw it coming though), I feel nothing but sympathy right now. A part of me still wants to say "...deserved it for being so stupid". But his admittance to everything he did wrong and the hurt he had to go through...kinda makes it hard to be angry at him anymore. And just the fact that he's finally gotten past that whole brainwashing thing and is back to our good old Toshi...I don't know...it just makes me really happy.

Toshi was never my favorite member and his voice often grated on me but you can't have X-Japan without him. You can't have the songs sung by anyone else. And I think its doing Yoshiki a ton of good to have him back. So yes I have to this point and definitely still do support X-Japan's choice in coming back. I get very angry at people claiming they're "replacing hide" and shouldn't be breaking their vows of not playing when hide died. But dude, hide wouldn't want them to not play anymore. And they didn't replace him. They've done an insanely good job at keeping his memory alive. And if X can move on from it, so can all you silly fans out there. I mean I don't even do the whole "hide death day" thing anymore. Doesn't mean I love him any less. I just don't feel like its needed to be depressed about it for this many years down the line. I wear my hide earring 24/7 (only take it out when its inapropiate to wear or if it takes away from my cosplay) and I think that's a pretty decent tribute for me. I don't want to be sad over his death but instead enjoy his memory, his music, etc.

Ok, I'm done ranting. XD I try to not voice my opinions on bands very often as I know my views are pretty naive and silly but please don't diss my viewpoint if you don't like it.

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So I think this just proves how big of a dork I am.

I actually got it like over a week ago but got too busy to post about it. XD I totally think it the coolest mechanical pencil ever and totally plan to use it even though I like never use mechanical pencils, lol.

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So I haven't really mentioned this on my LJ yet as I got pretty busy with work and all but for those that don't know already, Yoshiki recently went in to have serious neck surgery. And of course that had me really worried for him. Its over and he's okay but like they won't know if it did any good for a while and he'll have to spend a few months recovering and whatnot and if it didn't work right, he has to go back for more, even serious surgery.

I'm sure most of you X fans already know by now but putting it out there in case you don't. I'm really hoping the surgery works and he'll be okay because we all know it will kill him to not be able to play again. But if he does come out ok maybe this will finally teach him not to overdo it so much...maybe...*sighs* I worry about him.

And of course I fully realize that once again this probably means there won't be a US concert but that's kinda the least of my concerns on it right now. I just want him to recover.



Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:18 am
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September 13 - NYC, Madison Square Garden


I WILL buy a ticket as soon as it comes out. And I WILL save money towards it. I WILL freaking be there!

So, any of my lovely NJ friends want to house me for a bit then?

Who else is planning to go?! Waihahahaha!

I am so insanely happy! I mean, dude, I was planning to go to CA even if they went there but this makes it so much easier! And since I've already gone once to NYC I know how to do it now.


SQUEE!!! ...Now only thing I will still have to worry about is getting the actual ticket as we all know they're going to go quick when they come out. >>;;



Feb. 3rd, 2008 08:46 pm
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So I finally heard the full version of X-Japan's I.V. today. Yeah, I know, took me a while there. But I actually forgot about it (had heard the clips back ages ago but forgot to look for the full version later on). *bad fan* That and I refused to go watch Saw IV to hear it as I don't like horror films.

But yeah...hearing it and watching the PV...

It's so surreal. A new X-Japan song. I think I'm going to end up crying just from the impact of it all. Call me silly or whatever but this band tends to have this effect on me.

I really like this song. And I'm actually happy about their reunion. I just wish I could see them...gods, I don't know. I can't help but feel like maybe I really should cancel everything I'm doing this year and try to go to Japan to see them...but I have a feeling I wouldn't even be able to make the money at this point.

My only hope is that they do come do something in the US and well its really not that far off of an idea now. Hell even if its CA, I'll have to find a way to go see them. Because its fucking X-Japan!

No band has ever meant as much to me as they do. And to all those that are saying "its not right for them to do this without hide" whatever. I disagree as they are and have always been very good at keeping homage to him in all they do. And dude the images of hide they show in the PV killed me. ;_; And I think hide would want this so I fully support it.



Jun. 4th, 2007 02:31 pm
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So apparantly the X-Japan reunion may be happening as early as the end of this year. O_O

So yeah, guess what I'm going to start saving for? XP Even though we have no idea where they'll be touring. Here's to hoping at least one location will be at least somewhat easy for me to get to. Oh please! I don't want to have to spend a hellalot to go to CA or anything. NY I could do though. Er well, this is of course only if they do come to the US at all. ^^; Though I imagine they will given Yoshiki's most recent doings and all.

Surprised though since SKIN is happening late this year too so it seems kinda close. I was actually considering the idea of trying to see SKIN if they went to NYC but hell, I'd rather see the X reunion instead. Especially as we all know my opinion of Gackt and Miyavi. XP

But omg...the idea that I may get to actually see Yoshiki, Toshi, Heath, and Pata together. ;____; Omg. So yeah, I don't care if any of you are like "its not the same, its not right" Whatever. I don't care. I want to see my favorite band ever! I never thought it'd be possible and now it actually will be. I'm excited! And no, I won't throw a rock at Toshi. I'll be good. ^_^

In cosplay news: Shaka is...kinda done? lol Not really as I still have a few pieces I made add and I'm really not happy with how it looks right now. But it is at a point where it could be considered done if I didn't want to do anymore on it. And hopefully my feathers will arrive soon so I can start Otakon cosplay work. And need to get fabric for Kanda once I figure out which uniform I'm doing. lol



Feb. 12th, 2007 05:00 pm
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Yes, I have heard the news. I'm on two communities that posted it so I saw it twice.

I...I don't know what to think. I have very mixed feelings. I would've posted when I first saw it, but I had to go to class.

Just...an X-Japan reunion? Really? Heh. And also a rumor that Sugizo might be playing hide's part. Which...at least I'm glad its Sugizo as I don't think anyone else could do it but still...it still feels it wouldn't be the same.

I guess the other question is on if any of us here in the US would have a chance of seeing them. Or go there or something but I bet tickets would be insanely hard to get a hold of.

And is it bad that when I first heard the news, my immediate reaction was "Toshi you ass"? ^^;; Ah, anyways, going to take me quite a long time to figure out what I feel about this. Kinda similiar to my feelings on the Yoshiki/Gackt/Sugizo band thingy.



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