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→ Comment with "KIRABOSH!"
→ I'll respond by asking you FIVE questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

My answers to [ profile] new_rogue_ravyn's questions:

1) When and how did you realize you were attracted to women?
It was more of a gradual thing. I didn't really learn to accept it until I was 15/16. But looking back on my life, I now realize there were obvious signs way before that. I just didn't understand it and was in denial for a long time. But I never really have ever had an interest in men that way. While I developed quite a few crushes on girls pretty early on (just didn't realize what they were til much later). Granted it wasn't until I was around 18/19 that I realized I was in fact a lesbian. Before that I thought I was bi at least until I really thought about it and realized that even though I find some males to be attractive, I would never ever want to have sex with one. The idea really grosses me out. And the males i do find attractive are...very feminine looking. lol

2) If you could make someone do anything you wanted, who would you pick and what would you make them do?
Hmm, I'm not a big fan of the idea of forcing anyone to do something against their will. But I wouldn't mind having Yoshiki perform piano for me. XD; I've seen him play live several times now but I was a bit far away and not really able to watch his fingers and I've kinda been obsessed with watching him play for a long time. But that's pretty much it.

3) Has anything ever changed your life?
As silly as it sounds, probably attending cons. 'Cause if I never decided to try them out, I would have never met most of my friends, never would have gotten interested in cosplay and thus never would have started sewing, and probably wouldn't be quite as geeky as I am. But I dunno if that counts exactly. I honestly can't think of any real defining moments in my life. Kinda boring in that sense. ^^;;

4) Who in your opinion is the most attractive/sexiest Takarsienne and why?
Hmmmmmmmmm. lol I find pretty much all of them attractive so its hard to chose. XD As much as I love Osa to death, I wouldn't call her the "sexiest" per say. But I do find her extremely suave and I am attracted to her. Wao has the sexiest voice in my opinion and even though its post-Zuka, her Dracula images make me swoon every time I look at them. Mizu is probably one of the sexiest in body type and face of my favorites though. But really I love them all. XD 'Cause one of the reasons I love Takarazuka's otoyaku so much is the fact that underneath all that make-up and fake facial hair and clothing, in reality they're still female. I love the musumes too but its hard to think of a musume as "sexy" a good amount of the time. XD I tend to think of them more of "cute".

5) What is the outfit you are most proud of making?
Chopin from Eternal Sonata. (Costume that's seen in my icon on this entry.) Its one of the few costumes where I actually like almost all aspects of it. I mean sure I still sometimes think of parts I can improve on it but overall its got my best work going on. Ciel was impressive at the time and I still am kinda proud of it but every time I look at it, I keep finding problems with it and things I wish I had done better. I'm still not quite where I'd like to be with my Cloud Strife cosplay. He's my all time favorite and while I am proud of how much I've improved...I still don't feel like I'm doing him justice yet. But I am pretty proud of my Buster Sword. Its the first prop I actually managed to do a good job on.


Otakon 2010

Aug. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Otakon was overall a pretty good con for me this year. Insanely tiring but good. It went by really fast but most likely because I was doing a lot.

Super duper long report ahoy! )

You can see the rest of my photos here:

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So I think this just proves how big of a dork I am.

I actually got it like over a week ago but got too busy to post about it. XD I totally think it the coolest mechanical pencil ever and totally plan to use it even though I like never use mechanical pencils, lol.

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So I haven't really mentioned this on my LJ yet as I got pretty busy with work and all but for those that don't know already, Yoshiki recently went in to have serious neck surgery. And of course that had me really worried for him. Its over and he's okay but like they won't know if it did any good for a while and he'll have to spend a few months recovering and whatnot and if it didn't work right, he has to go back for more, even serious surgery.

I'm sure most of you X fans already know by now but putting it out there in case you don't. I'm really hoping the surgery works and he'll be okay because we all know it will kill him to not be able to play again. But if he does come out ok maybe this will finally teach him not to overdo it so much...maybe...*sighs* I worry about him.

And of course I fully realize that once again this probably means there won't be a US concert but that's kinda the least of my concerns on it right now. I just want him to recover.

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I had a dream last night that I was Yoshiki's girlfriend.


XP I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

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So I was going through X communities and stuff to see if there's any info I've missed as jeebies I've been behind in the J-Rock scene and I don't even know what's going on with the few bands I actually do care about. *hangs head in shame*

But yeah...this is old but...

Yoshikitty?! ...

...>> I kinda want it. Yeah, ok. I DO want it. XP If I somehow am ever able to get my hands on some of that merchandise, I'd buy it. Yeah. Yeaaaaaah. LOL



Nov. 20th, 2008 07:40 pm
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Happy Birthday Yoshiki! See, I still haven't forgotten this date. XP

Man my poor hands have taken such a beating this week from all the sanding and whatnot. I've got cuts all over them. ^^;;

And its cold. So very cold. x_x

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So I heard about the Rose of Versailles movie like over a year ago but was beginning to wonder if maybe it was dropped or it was a false entry because I never saw any further info on it...well I finally found the trailer...

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Oh my god. *___* So beautiful! Though sadly I heard it keeps getting delayed so may not come out until as late as 2009. Boo! I wants it now! ;_;

And XPXPXP @ Yoshiki's name at the end. I thought the style of music sounded familiar.

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And here's some Tales of the Abyss anime preview for those interested. XP Squee! So apparently it was confirmed at this thing that it is indeed going to be a full 26 episodes!

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Info from Psy's LJ...

I'm not even mad the X-Japan concert is on hold (possibly canceled). I don't really care at the moment. I'm a bit more freaked out about Yoshiki at the moment. I mean I of course know his health isn't that great anymore and he keeps doing things he shouldn't...

But I want him to be okay. ;_; I hope he'll recover from this in not too long and at least try to take better care of himself.



Aug. 6th, 2006 07:27 pm
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I fucking love this man.

I can't believe I actually saw him. It feels so surreal.

This weekend really drained me just 'cause I went through so many emotions just through all the Yoshiki events. I got front row for the panel but totally got cut off in the autograph line and I wasn't even that far back. Natalie and I had her Dad saving us a spot but like the line cut off like 30-some people in front of us. Though Yoshiki did come by to shake our hands and at least let us see him up close. Then on Sunday there was another autograph session that caught me surprise and I would've never have known about if Sam hadn't caught me in the Dealer's Room and told me. But they only allowed people that bought the DVDs and got some sticker thing to get them. And ya know, a lot of us either already had those DVDs or didn't have enough money on us for them. So it really wasn't fair.

So yeah, after crying and comforting other girls that were crying, I caught sight of one of the staff guys I had talked to on Saturday who was really nice and I kinda chased him down and pleaded to him to sell his autographed poster he got just for being staff. 'Cause I knew he didn't even know who Yoshiki was. After seeing how like upset I had been on Saturday and how like emotional I was then, he gave it to me for free. ;_; I hugged that man like crazy. I even got a picture of him 'cause he just totally made my day.

But yeah, I'll have a much more detailed report later. The panel was AMAZING. I got some video of it and Natalie got even more of it on hers. Yoshiki is just amazing and adorable and oh my god, I love him. I'm going to be spazzing out for days about this.



Jun. 21st, 2006 01:41 am
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I'm actually going to see my beloved Yoshiki....oh my god. I think I'm going to cry.



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