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I was asked to be a judge for Zenkaikon's Hall Cosplay Contest this year. I was a judge back in 2011 and rather enjoyed the experience so I was definitely up for making a return to the con. I had heard the con had grown a lot in size and was a bit different now that it had moved location and boy was that right. I'm glad to see the con grow and I really enjoyed it so I'm hoping to be there next year too.

Zenkaikon Report )

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This was my first time attending Zenkaikon. It was pretty small but I can see that its growing (perhaps a little too fast for the staff though). To be honest it probably would have been a boring con if it wasn't for the people and the fact I was kept pretty busy.

Zenkai Report )

Photos (though I only took 14 total lol) are here:

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So I think I'm bringing these costumes to Zenkaikon:
Teito - 07-Ghost
Gil - Pandora Hearts
Yosuke - Persona 4
Magnet Len - Vocaloid 2

Just bringing comfortable costumes for this one. No idea when I'm wearing any of them. Probably throw them on as I feel like it. And figure these are costumes that are comfortable but also well made so good for judging in. Except for Len which I'm just bringing for Sarah. XD

To Do List:

- Fix back & sleeves
- Fix Burupya a little (he needs to be reinforced in a few places)
- Make baskule? XD - in-progress

Len - find missing arm warmer. Seriously. Where the hell did it go? x_x Or make a new one.

- patches, patches, and more patches (have a bunch new designs I'm working on)
- Maybe some more plushie ideas. Not sure. Have some Giis but thinking of some similar designs that are smaller. Was going to make another Burupya to sell but I don't know if anyone would buy him. XD;
- I'm thinking I'm not going to bother with any doll stuff 'cause I don't know if there will be any doll owners there and thus kinda pointless

And got a few commissions I got to work on before the con and after. So will be pretty busy but at least it means I'll have money (I think).



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