May. 10th, 2008 09:58 pm
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I am graduated!

And give me a brief moment to brag that I got cum laude (meaning I had a GPA of 3.6)

...I really wish they had given us a day after graduation to move out though instead of making us leave right afterwards.

Because today was seriously one of the hardest days ever for me. I had to hold back tears so many times. First being when they called out Ian's name and his sisters received his diploma and everyone clapped for over a minute straight. Second time was when I was saying goodbye to my professors (I was doing good until Robin Bates knocked my hat off with the force of his hug, damnit ;_;). Third time was while packing up and my family started rushing me and I didn't know they had plans for the day, I thought I had the full time allowed and was planning to use it all to stay as long as possible.

And fourth time was when leaving the school, of course. I'm going to miss that place so much.

I also went through a lot of emotions the night before. Convocation was amazing as Ben Click, one of my favorite professors, was the speaker and so it was amazing and hilarious. And he put in a whole bit about Ian and Amanda started bawling and I think my focus on comforting her there was what stopped me from also crying.

But man, I am so insanely tired. XP And yes it did rain. lol But at least it wasn't pouring when we walked to the tent. Was kinda funny watching all the parents who couldn't fit under the tent standing there with umbrellas. But yeah, after packing up and going home, had dinner and celebration with the family...except all I really wanted to do was sleep. XP I was so dead. So may go to bed early tonight 'cause yeah...*dead*.

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I'm graduating today from college.

And it's raining. Like woah. x_x; And we're supposed to graduate outside. And yeah there's a tent but it only covers a certain part of the field so not sure if that will cover everyone who is coming.

That and I guess now we have to march in with umbrellas. ^^;;

Blah. *shoos the rain*

And man I kinda wish I hadn't packed up the sewing machine because this robe needs some work on it. Cheap, yo, cheap! They didn't even surge the ends so they're fraying all over me. x_x;; Come on now, if you're not going to surge, at least do a rolling hem instead of a basic hem. That's just lazy.

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So you know that final video for my class I was bitching and whining about a lot? XP Well if you want to see it, I finally got it up on my youtube account.

The sound sucks, sadly. The sound was a lot better on the actual project but seems to have almost disapeared in some scenes due to most likely all the copying (and well the original sound was low, I had to adjust it a lot). So there's supposed to be CNN drabble in the background of the TV scenes and birds at the end in case you can't make it out.

The project was to make a video no longer than 4 minutes using no dialogue. Only sounds and actions to demonstrate at least one emotion. And this is the story I came up with.

It sucks. I know. XP But it was the best I could do given the time, equipment, and frustration I went through. It changed a lot from its original ending. Originally I had her going insane at the end. The last shot was of her in bed laughing insanely. Kinda wish I had a way of putting that shot somewhere 'cause Emma has quite the terrifying insane laugh. XP It scared the shit out of Amanda and I.

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Tomorrow is May Day. At my campus that means the day when many seniors participate in a naked bike run across campus at noon.

Yes, I kid you not. It happens here every year. They ride bikes and run if they don't have a bike. No, I do not plan to participate. In fact I have purposely locked myself in my room for the last 3 years to avoid even seeing it.

Well this year, I have an exam tomorrow ending at 11:15 am. That's still almost an hour before but its still a bit close to me. And if I end up going over that time, I'll be in the Library even, which is right in direct line of the path they run at the beginning.

So yes. Imagine if you will a terrified Lyn being chased by a horde of naked people. XP Let's hope not. I just plan to finish my exam as quickly as I can. *whimper* Especially since I actually know people participating this year.

We were joking earlier that I should go but with a blindfold on so I can still cheer them on and have everyone tell me when to start and stop clapping. But too afraid someone would rip it off of me. XP So I'm just going to run back here and hide for a few hours until I'm absolutely sure it's safe. *nod*

And I am having such a hard time focusing on studying for this exam. x_x I dun wanna take it.

(And no, I have no icon apropiate for this entry but you get Zack since I'm sure he enjoys running around naked. And yes my emotion icon is a bit dramatic for this. XP Yo Cain I'm not that freaked out.)



Apr. 28th, 2008 04:15 pm
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You know, to all you people who seem to think that starving yourself is the best method for losing weight (which I disagree to and will say it again and again), I've got a nice little hint for you...

Become a college student. XP It works wonders.

I have no idea how many days I've gone just this semester with barely anything to eat. Usually not until around midnight too and its always something small. XP And its never on purpose. ^^;; Its a whole lot of being unable to get to food until after its too late, not having anything in my room to eat, sleeping through meals, and just plain forgetting sometimes.

And now that I have no more classes, it'll be especially bad because I have no excuse to leave the room. As I usually get food on the way to and from classes. And already its gone...well. *cough* Saturday I wouldn't have eaten anything if it wasn't for the lucky fact we went to Beth's house for a party she was having and she fed us nachos and chicken tenders. So I managed to eat that way.

Sunday...I didn't eat anything until around 7pm where I got a small Quizno's sub from Upper Deck. And I really should've gotten more food as of course I was still hungry the rest of the night. And today...I have yet to eat anything and no idea when I will as its like pouring now and that decreases my desire to go out as I hate being wet. lol

At least soon I will no longer be a college student. I'll be back at home which means I have a much higher chance of finding 2 meals each day. XP

Edit: 5:43PM - I found food! Yay!

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Today a tree on campus was planted and dedicated to the memory of Ian (my friend who died a year ago). They planted flowers and put a bench next to it. Its very pretty.

Amanda invited Gabi and I last minute to it. We weren't on the initial guest list for the event but then Amanda and others realized we should be there. Plus Ian's father thought it'd be a nice idea to have the origami cranes Gabi always makes on the tree. So we were asked to come, which I greatly appreciated as I didn't want to miss an event like that.

After we talked a bit around the tree, they fed us dinner (omg the food was amazing!) and Ian's father gave everyone pens made from wood he carved himself. o_o They're really impressive looking. Since Gabi and I were added last minute, he didn't have specific pens for us like he did for everyone else but he came with extras that he gave to us and they're actually thinner than the others which I prefer as I don't like thick pens. He also gave us all a photo of Ian in a frame.

I'm so grateful Ian's father did that. It's such a nice little way of remembering him.

In other news, still working on that evil video project. Didn't get as much sewing done as I had wanted to and I was aiming to do a little doll photostory but now its late so not sure how creative I am now so who knows.

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This video project continues to kick my ass. Big time. Ugggh. Went through a lot of issues including programs freezing on me (did I ever mention how much I hate Macs? >>;;), forgetting needed cables and thus not being able to edit at all, having no time, and bad lighting, as well as my professor being so anal with all my shots. He doesn't like any of the stuff I've done so far. >> Screw him.

I've also been going through some major issues of depression and loneliness the last few months. I hate the fact that everyone lives so far away from me and the people that do live in my state I never seem to be able to get a hold of. I have NO social life. Even here at college I just don't have anyone I can really connect with and have fun hanging with.

God I need to get out more often. I want to say its my goal once I'm done with college (which is only in less than a month now) to get out more and hang with people...except I have a terrible feeling that won't happen and I'll just be in my parents' house each weekend feeling terribly alone.

Saturday I went to the sakura matsuri in DC and while most of it was a lot of fun, I had a few moments where I felt really down. And its hard to explain too but it was the same feeling I get at cons a lot. Where I have a lot of friends and people I know present but it seems like I can't connect with any of them and that I'm not really having as much fun as the people around me. Where everyone seems to have people they know so well and can just have a blast without having to try much. And I feel left out no matter what I do. Its odd and I don't know what my problem is.

But anyway, regardless, it was fun, even if I did come back totally sunburned. I organized a doll meet and at least some people came though I was kinda expecting more people (but I was also afraid no one would show up ^^;;). The festival itself seemed to be lacking this year though. Not sure if anyone else felt that but Andrew and Hamilton (who I traveled to DC with) also seemed to be disapointed with it. I think the most fun I had that day was the part of the doll meet when we were at the Sackler garden and the last hour or so of the day when I was just sitting on these steps with Rachel and Kumo (two doll people who decided to hang with me the rest of the day) and our dolls and some other doll people (who missed the meet) spotted us and congregated wit us and we ended up having this sorta-mini-doll-meet right there. XP But of course thats when Andrew and Hamilton decided we should leave, of course, when I was finally having fun again. lol Oh well. I really didn't want to leave at that point.

But there will be photos from the doll meet up on my doll LJ prolly sometime tomorrow. Already posted them on DOA but haven't on the LJ yet as I want to be more detailed in descriptions and I'm just too tired from all this video work right now.

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This video project (the 2nd for this class) has been totally kicking my ass. Its due tomorrow so of course today was major work day. And it's just insanely stressful and I'm so tired and I don't want to work on it anymore. But I have to.

Its a group project so most of the problem was us not finding good times to meet up to do the work. And there were several times of us being like "yeah, thats a good time" and then I go...and I'm the only one that shows up and can't even do anything 'cause I don't have the camera or harddrive for the project. I've wasted quite a bit of time waiting for no one too.

And it almost ruined my weekend due to me being so stressed out about whether we could get it done or not as I had talked to our subject on Friday and I was all "oh good, we can get awesome footage on Sat morning!" as he told me where he'd be and what he was doing. And...aparantly the other two didn't realize we were doing anything (despite all the e-mails I sent, which one never responded to x_x;;). Then on Sunday I worked in the costume shop and managed to find one of them and finally figure out times.

Then there's today. So since there wasn't any classes today, we decided yesterday to try to get the footage we really need and had arranged with our subject for him to come into work early just for us so we could get the shots we need. I get up much earlier than I would've liked to for this. I get one is there! I get the one. I can't do anything without the camera. I start freaking out 'cause we're totally wasting his time, run around the place trying to get in contact, eventually manage to call them...and the girl with the camera was woken up by my call. She wasn't up yet! And the other girl I guess thought we were meeting later or something as she showed up after that, an hour after the time we said we'd meet. -_-;;; So I felt soooo bad for the guy but he still seemed in good spirits for us.

But yeah, after that, I basically spent the entire day editing the project. And we're not done yet. Just taking a break since all of us had something to go to in the range of 7:30/8-9/10ish. But I really don't know if I'll be much help now as my brain usually stops working (for school related things) around 11 and we probably won't be starting until then. *sigh*

I'm so ready for this stupid project to be done (and hopefully in time). Though then I gotta start panicking about the final project....argh. At least that one is a solo project so I don't have to worry about relying on anyone this time.

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Godamnit, why is it the ONE day we get classes canceled is the one day of the week I have no classes anyways?! x_x

Only thing it changes is that technically we don't have work today. Which is bad as I need as many hours as I can get. Leon said we can still go in, just he won't be there. So I'm debating whether to go in or not 'cause since I only work on Fridays, I have no idea what people are working on the rest of the week so no idea what needs to be done.

Might go in later during the times some of the other girls come hopes they'll come in so there will actually be something to do but....blah. Stupid weather! *grumbles and goes back to bed for a bit*

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This actually happened like...oh I don't know, over a week ago. But I totally forgot to write about it and I can't believe I didn't! And I suddenly thought of it...

Well anyways, a while back Dani2, Hamilton, and I started reminscing about the original Tomb Raider games back when they first came out and how much all 3 of us played them but never finished a single one. lol And then we realized Kat had some of them with her so we took out good old Tomb Raider II 'cause I remembered that one the most and Hamilton and Dani2 didn't think they played that one so I had to show them.

Welp I totally forgot how the hell to do the controls so that took forever to get used to. A lot of running into walls on the practice court. I wanted to show them how to lock the butler in secret passages but couldn't remember where they were.

So then we did the actual game and tag-teamed it and remembered just how freaking hard that game is. XP We had some pretty fabulous deaths including Dani2 getting mauled in the crotch by a tiger. And they didn't believe me on the difficulty of the booby traps til they got there. We got as far as the boulders (which is as far as I ever got in the game originally before I gave up, lol). And then the system started acting up and kept refusing to read the memory card, telling us the save file wasn't there, and then saying the controller wasn't in. So we gave up and took it out and put III in. Which is posessed! We didn't even touch ANYTHING and it said the controller wasn't hooked and yet it kept selecting things on the menu. o_o So we finally called it quits there.

Also didn't help that our TV HATES PS1 games. Not the PS2. The TV. Its an old TV too. So like whenever you put a PS1 game in, the screen bounces up and down. ^^;; So ya know, any normal person would probably find that obnoxious after just a few seconds and give up. Not us! We even developed a system of bobbing our heads in time with the screen to make it less disorientating. The sad thing is that it actually worked. XP

Ah, good times.

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Whooo! Happy Mardi Gras people!!!

Every year there's a Mardi Gras parade on our campus just of students and more join in as it goes.

Well this year we decided to join in for the first time ever!

We named ourselves the Pots and Pans brigade as that's what we had. XP Oh man, whee, still hyper from it. And my ears are ringing.

I'm in one of those "Lyn are you sure you didn't drink anything?" "No, I'm drunk off life!" dork moments of mine. See, I can be just as outgoing if I try. I just don't need booze to do it.

Whoo, I needed that. Today wasn't really a bad day or anything but I was just in a slump and unmotivated to do anything. So that was a big wake up call.



Feb. 2nd, 2008 06:03 pm
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I've been having a rather good day today.

Amanda and I finished our first video project for our media class. There's some stuff in it that I'm not satisfied with but it was hard getting the shots right with the limits we had. Hope he doesn't grade too hard on it. I think it would've been a lot better if he'd given us a bigger time limit and let us doing editing (we aren't allowed to use computer editing on this first one).

So like I was all freaking over how to get the orange hair extensions. And well, while Kat was out this morning, she went over to the local beauty store. And guess what they had?! Neon orange hair extensions! Almost a perfect match too. And on clearance. Whuda thunk.

And my new TI project fansubs came in so I'm very excited to watch Season of Angels and Glassy Landscape. The little engrish stationary they sent with it is adorable. Its like this food weighter with strawberries all over it and it has a smiley face on it and it says "Weight of happy smile" XP and there's a strawberry falling off going "OH! NO!! >o<" And the letter itself has an Osa sticker on it.

So like I was looking at it while walking on the path back to the apartment and was all "Squee! Osa sticker! *molest* Now if only it was a scratch and sniff. *sniffs it* Mmm, smells like Osa's cologne." Gabi: "O_o" And then I started wondering whether she'd wear cologne or perfume. lol *dork*

Sadly I can't watch the shows til later as I really need to get working on Fai right now.

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Amanda (lives above us): "...You guys got suddenly really really loud and I thought someone was dying or something. But then I got more scared when it stopped all of sudden and there was just silence. o_o What were you guys doing?"

...We were uh...shoving Andrew into the shower on cold full blast.

And he decided he wasn't going down without a fight. ^^;;

See, we have this tradition here at St. Mary's that on your birthday you get thrown into the pond. Its called "ponding". I've never had it happen to me as people tend to be nice and know I'd probably end up hurt and crying 'cause I'm a wimp like that.

Well anyways Andrew's birthday was yesterday and all the weeks leading up to it, he kept saying how no one better pond of him due to it being so cold out. So because he made such a big deal about it, we all decided to throw him into the shower instead.

Took 6 of us plus 2 people taking pictures and ocassionaly helping in. Oh and only one of the 2 photo people were male. Everyone else involved was female. XP And don't feel too bad for Andrew. He was smiling and laughing during most of it despite his struggles.

When we finally got to the actual shower stall, Andrew reminded us that his boots were leather. So we took those off. Then said his belt was leather. So took that off and got his cell phone out. Then Gabi thought it'd be nice to keep his pants dry so took those off too. But we weren't going any further than that. XPXP Beth and Gabi both got quite wet during the experience. Gabi got in the shower to turn the faucet on him a few times and got Beth in the process, who also got pulled into the shower with him a few times. And he had a deathgrip on Kat's legs so she had to saunter over and got a bit wet too. Gabi also got a rather big scratch on her palm from him, which was kinda impressive. lol

Our bathroom was a mess afterwards. ^^;;

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Well I'm back at school, starting up my last semester here (wow that's so daunting and depressing). And gotta say I'm actually glad to be back here as it got awfully lonely over the break.

The fact that all my good friends live so far from me is really starting to get to me lately. Seeing them all hang out always makes me sad as I just can't do that with them. And I seem to be unable to find any friends in my area that actually want to hang out. Or at least none with the similar interests or anything. And doesn't help that I'm shy so I've never even thought of asking Chrissy or Herra to see if I can hang with them outside a con and not just at JoAnn's.

Would also be nice if I knew more doll people around me but while the MD doll meet people are really nice and awesome, I can't see myself really hanging with any of them outside a meet. I mean I even make a point of being more social at those than I usually am but oh well. I mean I've only gone to a few so maybe if I go to more (stupid school keeps preventing me from going to most of them).

But I'm a little worried about this schedule though. I mean its a really nice schedule. I have no classes on Friday and only 3 classes this time, 2 of which are just for fun. Tuesday-Thursday I have class at 10am and then at 2pm with Choir at night on Tuesday. But then on Monday-Wednesday I don't have class until 2:40pm. Which may sound rather cool and all but I'm not used to starting classes that late and well sitting here waiting til that time is a bit odd as everyone else in my apartment is at class right now (some since 8/9am this morning).

And worse yet, I realized this is going to make my work schedule at the costume shop hard to figure out as we usually work like 2-5/6 type hours. But that's going to be really hard to do around these classes. Unless Leon is ok with me working in the morning on Mon-Wed, I'll probably be alone but I'd imagine lady-who-I-forgot-her-name-suddenly would be there as I believe she works the whole day and such. Hmm. 'Cause dude, I HAVE to still get hours there as I'll be heartbroken if I can't. It's one of the things I was really looking forward to coming back to.

So I've been considering maybe dropping this class and picking up a slightly earlier one...problem is I can't find a single class that sounds at all interesting that isn't also in the 2:40 slot. x_x; Blah, so I don't know. Other thing is that if I wanted to try to add a different class, I really should've been to the first class and a little late for that now. So, I don't know.



Dec. 12th, 2007 05:58 pm
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You know you're a poor college student when...

You find yourself stealing toilet paper from the Campus Center bathroom.

...And your housemates rejoice when you tell them you have done so.

Oh man, I really wish these essays would just write themselves. Blah. So sick of them. And I'm only halfway through the big one and haven't started the smaller one. Urgh.

At least I go home tomorrow. ...Oh fuck, that means I need to pack. -_-;;

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Ah man, been a busy busy busy week. And now going into yet another busy busy week. x_x; But at least the costumes for the play are done! So one less thing to take up my time.

I mentioned it a while back but sure not many people read it. The first play of the semester was A Midsummer Night's Dream and I was "costume shop manager" for the show. The costumes all turned out amazing and I watched the show on Friday and omg, it was so cool! Our version was probably one of the best versions of the play I've ever seen. It may just be a college level play but damn was it good.

I'm soooooo proud of everyone. I know pretty much the entire cast as some of my friends were in it and then I met the rest from working on wadrobe in the past and so have become friends with a lot of the usual actors. All the fairies were punk and it was hilarious! So much creative humor went into it. We even had exploding flowers. XPXP And Alex was the best Puck ever, man! Mohawk and all.

Well, I could ramble about the play forever but I don't think many of you are interested in the details of it. Wish I could get a copy of it though to show everyone. Hm, maybe I can try. But anyways, now to show you my pride and joy. The dress (yes, I said dress, omg, I made a dress XP) I made for the show.

The dress for Titania, or as I like to call her "Titty". Many thanks to Jillian for letting me take pictures of her. Though sadly this picture does NO justice to the way it looks on her. She was gorgeous on the stage in it. The bottom part flares out and does a "swoosh" number when she walks. And yes, the fabric is see-through but she's got a bodysuit underneath. The fabric is both green and purple, it changes as she moves. And all the applique on there I drew myself and sateened stitched around every single one in green.

Though a few details I'm not satisfied with it on. First off, I thought Leon or Sarah was going to be putting some closure on the cuffs for me. Obviously they aren't. x_x;; And she's been wearing it open like that. Blah, so I may go in (if I can, I don't think I have time though) and put at least something on there but I also don't want it to be too tight on her wrists. See, that's why I was hoping someone would at least safety pin it close for her during the shows. Since I don't get to see her when I'm in the shop. Ah well. That and the fact that the shirt comes open in the front....not intentional and I've been debating fixing it or just leaving it like that. lol 'Cause it does kinda give a nice sexy look to it. XPXP

And then yesterday I also went to the Renn Faire! Finally! Haven't gone in years. ;_;

More Pictures )

Blah, now I go to do hours upon hours of school work. x_x;; Nnnnggggh.

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So this semester is going to be crazy in the costume shop. Why? Because Leon has appointed me as basically the head stitcher. Because Monica (who usually is the head) is in Italy this semester. I miss her already! We were joking today that we should post her picture up on the wall and make it into a shrine in hopes it will give us good luck. XP

But yeah, we have quite a number of new people. Like twice as many people we had total last year. ^^; So that might be a bit crazy as I'm sure it will get crowded later on. Though like one of the new girls totally has SO much more experience than me and yet she's doing Wadrobe. x_x; I should like tell Leon that I think SHE should be making the big elaborate dresses for the show, not me. ^^;; As I trust her more than I trust me.

So yeah, apparantly I'm going to be given all the hard assignments. *whimpers* Though I guess it will give me more skills and all? But still, x_x, this semester is killing me as is already! I have soooo much reading for each class and now I gotta be in the shop more than ever before. ^^;; Eheh. Never a dull moment I suppose. Just glad I didn't take on a Senior Project. And I haven't even really started my Independent Study so afraid of how much MORE reading I'll have once I start that. (Good grief, having a hard time just getting the right books for it!)

But anyways, so today I come in and Leon is like "Hey Lyn, I gotta run to a meeting. For today....make a kimono, ok? kthxbye!" And I'm like "Woah, wait, what? XP" lol Luckily I do know how to make a kimono so even though the pattern we have had NO directions I was still able to figure it out from memory. Though I had to go at 5pm and felt so bad having Sonya finish it for me as she seemed very confused when I was trying to explain how to finish it. ^^;; Ehh, hope it got done. It wouldn't have taken so long if it wasn't for the fact I had a really hard time trying to find fabric big enough to make it out of. ^^; And was confused as to what color he wanted.

I really hope I don't screw up too badly this semester. I got a lot of pressure on me being in this position now. But thank god Leon is insanely patient and has never gotten angry at me even when I've screwed up pretty bad in the past.

Oh and this semester's play is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Squee! And all the fairies are going to be punk. XP And oh dear lord, Titania's insane and guess who's going to be making it? >>;;; Uh, at least I'll know how to make a dress now? ^^;

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Sign of a true college student.

I just ate Mac and Cheese. In a Martini glass. Because there weren't any clean bowls around.

Welp, pre-ordered Crisis Core finally. It gets released on Thursday though most likely won't arrive at my mailbox til Monday. x_x; Though kinda hoping they're wrong and it'll come on Sat as that would be so much nicer. XP

And speaking of which... - Opening before Menu - And very first scene of the game. Zack is so cute. XP

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I totally should've posted about this earlier but I kinda forgot it happened...

We had a sudden lock down on campus today. Just as I was about to exit Monty and go back to the apartment, I am told we can't go out as there is a lock down on campus and everyone must stay in whatever building they currently in and they're all being locked.

Turns out there was an armed robbery at (or around, the e-mail did say "outside the area of..." which is kinda confusing, what were they robbing, the graveyard?!) Trinity Church. O_o; wtf! Who would rob that area considering we're like in the middle of nowhere. All that's there is a church, a graveyard, historic St. Mary's, and St. Mary's Hall. None of which would have much money.

And armed even! Though it was kinda scary as that's right next to the campus and where Calvert Hall (one of the dorms) is located. So the dude was in fact pretty much on campus.

He must've been pretty desperate for money if he would rob a place like that. O_o; Oh, and they did say they caught a suspect who may be him. ^^;; Won't even say if it is.

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Got back on campus yesterday but I haven't really had time to update about it yet til now. Kat's birthday was yesterday and so we gave her a surprise party today (since she didn't come til today). That and helping her and Andrew move in took a while. Dear god Kat has a lot of stuff. XP And I thought I had brought too much but now I'm thinking of a lot more to bring...

Because oh my god this single is amazing! *_* I really didn't think it'd be this big. In fact, this apartment is just awesome in general. ^_^ Didn't take too many pictures as I'm waiting for us to get more settled in so the areas look less empty but here are a few...

Apartment Pictures )

But yeah, I have a lot more space! And like I could actually have people come and visit me and actually have space for them....except I'm in the middle of nowhere so its a bit hard to get here so I doubt anyone ever will. ^^;; But! If you ever do...



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