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aghdagipadhgipdhgi Stupid Sealed Moogle! Finally finished that freaking dungeon on Confessions of a Creator in Dissidia Duodecim and damn was it hard. x_x It was a level 70 dungeon so had a lot of level 80 enemies and I had turned down Cloud and Zidane's levels in order to get more KP. So I had them at like level 78 and the rest in the 50-range. Well Lightning and Kain died in like the first or second level (and there were 10 of them total as I learned x_x;;), I can't remember which. And then Zidane's health got pulverised after a few fights so I really only had Cecil and Cloud to keep me going through. So mostly skipped any of the optional fights unless they were lower leveled. At least my Cloud is normally Level 100 so he gets me through lots of fights, just I prefer to give the points to my other characters who still need to learn skills. But granted my Cecil is pretty damn badass now and in the 60 level range. XD;

And I did get the Moogle summon from all of that and its pretty spiffy. But yeah, don't go into that dungeon until you're prepared first. I totally wasn't. x_x; And Shantotto's dungeon is at level 75...guuuh. Think I'm going to level up a bit first so half my party isn't dead right off the back. lol As I like to try to use them some to get them more AP points. And I did unlock Report 12 but recommended level for Prishe is...50 and right now she's on level...5. x_x; I both love and hate this game at the same time. lmao

Day 15 - Favorite Final Fantasy female character. )

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According to my hour counter, I've played over 80-something hours in Dissidia Duodecim...*twitch* lol

This game goes on forever. XD Right now trying to level my characters up so I can play Confessions of a Creator and not die all the time 'cause I only have a few high level chars and I'd rather have a full party that's all at 50+ for it.

Honestly I probably would have stopped by now if it wasn't for the fact that in this version you actually unlock scenes and I kinda want to get them all. >>; We'll see how long this lasts. As I know I still have to go through all the 000 stuff after this. It probably wouldn't take me as long if I wasn't trying to level up my other characters and trying to get more KP and thus setting my high characters' levels lower to get the points. Else I probably could have zoomed through it with my level 100 Cloud. ^^;

Though now that I finally have free reign of my characters, been having fun setting everyone's Assists and costume changes. And let me tell you, I never get tired of watching Seph and Cloud fight together in my game since I totally have them as each other's Assists. XD And they actually work a lot better than my other combos. (Which are of course Kain/Cecil, Zidane/Kuja, and I've been varying on who gets to be Light's Assist). Its really cute with Kain and Cecil though 'cause when you summon Cecil as an Assist, he tends to be all asking if you're alright which is extra cute when he's saying it to Kain.

However I am sad that despite the obvious chance they had, they did not do any interaction between Cloud and Lightning in this game at all and I think that's sad. 'Cause that could have been amazing. XD Though I still swear that Kuja was hitting on Cloud at one point. And Frioniel's little crush on Light is freaking adorable. I also must admit that despite having no interest in FFXI, I have rather come to love Shantotto. And Prishe is fun to play.

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Still stuck with only the new characters...beginning to wonder if there is anything else to this game beyond this. Its weird.

More Lightning, Kain, Tifa, and Group Battles? )

Anywho, off to Zenkaikon tomorrow! XD

Edit: And whoo! Found someone with actual summaries of the story and such who's ahead of me! So I can know what they're saying without playing the English version after all. XD Sweet!

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Got my Japanese copy of Dissidia 012 [duodecim] on Friday. I know it may seem silly to get the Japanese version when the English comes out pretty soon and I'd honestly be able to get more DLCs with that but I really can't stand a lot of the English voices for the FF characters (though Yuri as Cecil isn't bad and if they have the 10-13 voices the same as the originals, that's not too bad...but still) and I just really love the Japanese voices. Plus its nice to hear them for the characters' I hadn't heard in Japanese before.

But anyways, did get one DLC with the game but its just Tifa's Amano outfit. Pffft. Haven't downloaded yet but probably will just 'cause I have it. XD;

Cut for 'spoilers' though not like there is much of an actual story in this, lol )



Aug. 25th, 2009 04:56 pm
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Hey if any of you guys get the English version of Dissidia (as I think it came out today unless the dates I found are wrong), let me know what you think of it and such.

Curious to see what the English version is like but not curious enough to buy it. XP

I still have like a few things I need to unlock in the Japanese...but meeeeh. lol The game never really "ends". Though I guess maybe I should actually look up the scripts for the "story"...or just ask someone with the English game to tell me. XP

...not like there is much of a story anyways from what it seems. haha

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First off a huuuge thank you to everyone who commented on the rufflebutt-monster progress photo. T_T Made me feel a lot better about it. That thing has seriously tested my patience as just thing after thing has gone wrong on it and I almost gave up on it twice. You'll probably have a better idea why once I have photos of the finished thing after the con with me showing off all the details.

Its definitely my hardest costume to date especially since this time around I'm making sure to do everything correct since in the past I tended to cheat at a lot of things. And of course I've got several even harder costumes planned after this. >>;; I think I only have like 2 easy costumes planned this year? Haha. I didn't do that on purpose, trust me. -_-;

But after finishing a bit of work on the shorts, I decided to play more Dissidia which I've been very slowly working at as I just play it here and there at random as I mean it doesn't really have a "real" story so I don't feel any need for "completion" but I did finally finish all the character individual stories and lo and behold it unlocked a new level thingy and I guess there are a few of these which is nice as I was beginning to think this thing was way too short. So "Shadow Impulse" was unlocked and its a level where you can play as any of the characters. I chose Cecil at first just 'cause I felt he needed some leveling up and thought I could just go through it with all my favs. ...I didn't realize how hard the damn thing was going to be. >> So I ended up giving up (at least Cecil did gain 3 levels) and started it over with Cloud.

...LOL. I didn't realize how much I've boasted Cloud. XP Mostly as a result of using him to show the game off to people. But the level was so much easier and it was sooo much fun kicking everyone's asses with my uber Cloud. Teehee~ Ah I can't help it, this probably means I'm just going to go through all the last levels with just him. Even if it means all my other characters are going to be on such a lower level but hey I can always level them up later, right? XP Still trying to figure out how to level up the villians though as you can only play them on Battle mode instead of Story and you don't get as much exp on that.

...And I don't know why I'm rambling about this as I realize none of you have any idea what I'm talking about or care as I'm the only one here with the game. ^^;; Though debating if I want to get the English one or not as it would probably be easier to finally know exactly what some things are but at the same time...I'd have to level everyone up all over again. x_x; And the voices won't be as nice. Meh.

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So I just met Decus in ToS2 (not calling it by full name, this is easier, lol) and I love him already~ XP Man I think he's worse than even Zelos. Mostly due to the poses. The poses kill me! Yeah, I think I see a future cosplay here. XPXP <3

And I was so happy Regal had a new BETTER outfit...and then he changed back to the old clothes. NOOOOOOO!!! I can't stand that outfit. -_-;;; It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the midriff shirt. Ugh.

I'm also sad Zelos hasn't shown up since his small little scene yet. Though that bit was quite enjoyable. XP How he flirted with Marta but then like went instant "-_- STFU" when Emil called Lloyd a bastard.

Sorry you'll prolly see a lot of posts for the game and I know none of you care. XPXP But I'm such a big ToS fan I can't help it.

On another note...still freaking loving Dissidia. *_* Its so much fun~ And totally distracting me from the other 3 games I'm playing. lol (I really should finish DS FF4 shouldn't I? ^^;;; Else it will turn out like PS1 FF4 which I never did beat the final boss to...duuurrr.)



Dec. 31st, 2008 01:55 am
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So I got my copy of Dissidia finally btw. (Yay it didn't get lost in the mail XP) It's pretty damn epic. Just watch the OP below to see the epically epic-ness. XPXP

[Error: unknown template video]

It took a while to figure out at first...but its fucking fun now that I've got the hang of it. XP I must admit I've always wanted Square to make a game like this (and to make up for the lameness that was Ehergeiz).

Sephiroth's "Amano"ized outfit makes me laugh. A lot. Heehee. Beads.

And eee it makes me so happy Hikaru Midorikawa is in this. ^^ Now I feel like I have to finally play FF2 because the main character seems pretty awesome. (In fact now I really wish I'd played FF1-3 and 5. Oh well, will eventually.)

And I will be bringing it with me to Katsu for those who wish to see it considering it won't be in English until like June I think? Sad that I won't be able to Versus people unless they have the Japanese one though (maybe I'll have money for the English by then? We shall see.)



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