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So in the end Gabi and I braved the snow in order to go see the show last night. Was quite the epic journey considering there was still a lot of snow on the roads. But Gabi's car handled it pretty well and I was amazed how cautious all the other drivers were being for once. Was still scary but we did pretty good I think.

And somehow still managed to get there just in time. lol Like the bells had just started going off when we walked in so we got our tickets and ran up and made it just in time. Sadly weren't that many people due to the snow but yay for those who did go! As I love watching shows during Open Dress. Well I mean first off they're free for me and I dunno, I really like watching it with just crew and staff 'cause you know everyone is there to enjoy and have fun.

But yes...saw Sweeney Todd live for the first time. Absolutely amazing! I didn't think it would outdo the way they did Les Mis. But it did! O_O I mean holy shit! A million times better than the movie in my opinion. Highly recommend going to see it if you can if you happen to be around here as its worth the price. I'm considering paying to go again during one of the actual shows (though I obviously won't have as nice of a seat as I did last night, lol Since just got to sit in the front as not many people there). Because everything they did was just...aghaphiph amazing! And they make you jump like a million times and oh the blood...oh the blood. lol The end was freaking creepy too! But I don't want to give it away in the odd chance someone on here might go see it. lol

But yeah really really damn proud to have been part of the crew on this. Just as I was for Les Mis. Granted I did more work on Les Mis than I did this one but it was still fun and the show was just...ahhh mindblowing. ^_^ Totally worth the scary trip. lol

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"One of the things that annoys me now with Project Runway is that they do all this focus on the models now. I mean, come on! They're just the clothes hangers. At least our hangers can sing and dance!" - One of my co-workers in the Costume Shop

Other amusing moments of the week so far:

Me: *takes out top hat* ... *stares at the red holly-ish decoration piece* Ah. Must be Pirelli's hat. *looks at name* ...the Judge? Um...
~later~ My Boss: Oh and you can take that piece of holly out of Cleave's hat. This is Sweeney Todd, not A Christmas Carol.
Me: I was about to ask about seemed a little...festive for the Judge.
My Boss: Yeah, doesn't exactly scream "creepy perverted rapist" does it?
Me: Nope.

Tiffany: *showing off the cape and glowing mask prototype for the Masquerade* Mwahahaha! *lurks around all creepy-like*
Ellen: Ok. Now be all skeezy. Ok, good. Now go rape someone.
Tiffany: *makes lewd hip gestures*
Ellen: ....that would be really creepy if done by anyone else other than you.
Tiffany: ^.^

And then the moment when all of us were singing in unison to the Anastasia soundtrack and bonding over the fact we all belted out the same lines. XD

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Today at work we (as in the costume shop which was only 4 of us today) managed to set off the fire alarm.

Go us. XD

See our iron has issues. And lately it seems to get dirty on a regular basis. Most likely due to the CRAPTASTIC costumes we are renting (and really they should be paying us instead considering all the repairs we've done on them) from Western Costumes since they're super old. So we keep having to clean the damn thing.

So today Lauren was determined to get the iron 100% clean so she's steaming away with the cleaner and the rest of us are like "do be do" totally not noticing anything until suddenly the fire alarm goes off. And we're all just sitting there like "...whut?" And Lauren's all "wtf, did I do that?"

Yup. It was us. XD Though tech thought it was them as there was smoke going on with some of their stuff so it might have been a combination of both...but still...definitely us that are mostly the cause. Since when we came back up after the firemen came in and all, we THEN realized how smokey it was. lol It's so sad that we didn't even notice 'cause the lighting is so bad up there as is.

Though luckily no one was upset about it. In fact all the actors seemed pretty happy to have the break. lol Was pretty amusing seeing them all stuck outside in their costumes. But yeah sadly it did get us a bit behind in our stuff and so today was crazy with us rushing around...though granted I'm not sure how it could have made that much of a difference considering how behind we are is determined by how far the actors are in tech. *shrug*



Aug. 4th, 2009 09:52 pm
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So today in the shop we sewed this GIGANTIC train made of feathers.


11 Boas were sewn onto this thing. Bright Purple and Pink. Going on a pink sequin dress with a pink sequin hat with huuuge pink feathers in it. XPXP

Oh I love it. XP

But hands....they were PURPLE! And at first it was just like "oh hahaha look our fingers are turning purple! XP" ...but then it was like "....omg Lyn you look like you're dead." Since because I am by far the palest, the end result was my hand seriously looked dead. XPXP As the purple dye had spread to the entire hand by the end of this, giving it a very ghastly look as if I had lost all circulation.

It was pretty amusing. I so would've gone home on metro with it except I had other things to work on and didn't want to get the dye on them so thus had to wash it off.

But omg this show is so fabulous~ And I'm sad I probably won't get to see it since we can't get free tickets to Open Dress this time around and its like you can try to get a free ticket to one of the actual shows but only one so I'd be like by myself and I have no idea if I could actually manage to do any of the nights and blah. >>;

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Guy, my boss, the head of the costume shop, was just laid off today.

We were all kinda in shock over this. Granted we've been working for Tiffany now instead of directly for him due to him having a lot of health problems and just not being able to take it on. But it wasn't for that reason they laid him off. They're getting rid of his position entirely which is kinda like "...whu?" to me as I don't understand how things will work in a costume shop without it especially since Tiffany is even saying she has no idea how much longer they'll keep her. Guy was also the only full time employee in the costume department. Even Tiffany is only an overhire.

See why I'm not sure I want to continue this career? As its pretty much the same situation in a lot of theaters. And its gotten worse because of the economy.

I mean it actually didn't affect me that much as I only expected to be on this job up through this week and I'm actually surprised that I may have work next week mostly just because Elena (the head stitcher) and I have been the only ones really available every day so I've been called in a bit more even though I'm pretty low on the totem pole in term of skills and experience there. But poor Elena was counting on having at least 3 more weeks and then coming back in August when the new season starts. But now she most likely won't be called back until maybe October as that's the next big show.

She was fighting back tears the whole rest of the day and I kept trying to distract her to stop her from having a breakdown right there. Luckily she's having dinner with a friend tonight so she won't be alone while she lets the impact hit her. I mean at least I'm still at home and can bum around until I find the next job and had planned to do that anyways. She's on her own and whatnot. And it's such a shame too because she's really good. I mean really good. And yet even she is having such a hard time finding work. And I didn't expect them to ever lay Guy off at all.

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So finally started work again at Signature today! Whoo! Though its only small work and not for very least its something. T_T

The new show is Giant, a brand new musical based off the old movie. So lots of cowboy outfits and whatnot. I sewed many a label onto a flannel shirt today. lol

Also I was greatly amused by this bit...I go to put a label on this one rented suit and notice on the previous label that the last actor to wear it was named...Richard Gere. And the name of the actor who's label I was about to put on it is Paul Schaeffer. Now of course neither were the celebrities of said same names but the humor there amused me to no end.

Oh and a few days ago I got an e-mail saying Signature's Les Miserables (the show I worked on last I was there for you that don't remember) got a shitload of awards! I was very proud of it as I was soooo insanely happy to work on that show. ^_^

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So preview night was last night and oh man the show was amazing~! Quite different from when I saw the show at the National DC theater but still insanely good. ^_^

Though I was sad they took out a number of the big changes they were going to have. I think because they just couldn't get them to work. Like there was supposed to be a pipe over the stage dripping blood periodically but I didn't see it. I thought I did for a moment but if that was it, it was hardly noticeable.

The fake boobs were barely visable XP Which disappointed me far more than it should. lol As the reason we had them was so the whores would look like their boobs were showing through their clothing without any real nudity.

And they changed Javert's death so that he shoots himself in the head instead of jumping off a bridge and the original idea was that he would be attached to a harness and lifted up into this window over the stage that would then turn red. But I guess they decided it was too hard and just had him fall over and the stage turn red instead. XP

Otherwise it was mindblowing! The Cosette was the cutest I've ever seen and the Thanediers were epic! Master of the House was probably the best number of the whole play as they added in a lot of great gimics. I loved our Javert like woah. And it was just so exciting to see all the stuff I worked on on the actual stage finally. ^_^ I'd ramble more about it but I know I'd just bore most of you, lol.

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So today (unless they call us saying they do need extra hands on Friday) was my last day at Signature. At least for the time being as the next 2 shows are small and have like nothing really needed for them so they really only need one person in the shop and that's Elena (she's head stitcher). So I need to go back to looking around and such but such is how it is for overhires and I must admit I could use a little break.

But anyways, I certainly have many great memories of the time and am really excited to go see the show on Sunday. Great memories indeed such as this one...

Our lovely little Thread Monster.

We were cleaning the threads out of the wheels of the chairs and we started piling it up just to see how much it was. And then we decided it needed eyes...and gradually added more to it. XP And this is only like half of what we took off those chairs as we had already thrown a lot out before we did this. ^^;;;



Nov. 19th, 2008 08:27 pm
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A while ago I mentioned I made young Cosette's dress for the Les Miserables show. Welp here's photos of it (before it got torn up XP)

Isn't it cute? XP

Close up of front panel )

Speaking of work, today I took a file to several pairs of leather boots...and totally destroyed them. XPXP And yesterday I was sand-papering dress shirts. While the other distressing girls poured vasoline on the revolutionary boys' leather pants. Oh how I love this job.

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Today at work we played with boobies.

And there were two guys that came in to fix some wires and stuff around the building and one just happened to walk by as Elena says "Must not let the boob hit the floor!" and he does a total O_o;;


To explain we have fake boobs around the costume shop now for something in the play. And man are they realistic and damn perky.

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So today was the first rehearsal for Les Miserables at the theater so we finally got to meet the whole cast. There was a "Meet and Greet" in which the actors, staff, techs, etc. all got to go to and they showed us a slide show about the plans for the show.

...and oh my god I'm freaking excited! O_O I had no idea that like the author of the play gave Signature (the theater) the "Ok!" to do this crazy totally different version of it. Well like the play itself is the same but the way its done is so unique. I mean the motto for it is "Vive le Different" after all. But man its going to be intense and bloody and crazy. XP

And I get to be part of it. ^_^ *so happy*

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So I actually took these pictures on Wednesday but was too tired to upload them. But thought I'd show you all where I work and all as its a pretty cool place. ^_^

Where Lyn Works )

And I don't know if I've mentioned yet that I'm actually really excited over the fact we're doing Les Miserables right now as its my favorite musical. *_* So its so cool getting to work on the stuff for it. We've been working on the stuff for the poor people right now. XP So we get to feel like hobos when we try things on to see if they sit right, lol.

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Ah man, been a busy busy busy week. And now going into yet another busy busy week. x_x; But at least the costumes for the play are done! So one less thing to take up my time.

I mentioned it a while back but sure not many people read it. The first play of the semester was A Midsummer Night's Dream and I was "costume shop manager" for the show. The costumes all turned out amazing and I watched the show on Friday and omg, it was so cool! Our version was probably one of the best versions of the play I've ever seen. It may just be a college level play but damn was it good.

I'm soooooo proud of everyone. I know pretty much the entire cast as some of my friends were in it and then I met the rest from working on wadrobe in the past and so have become friends with a lot of the usual actors. All the fairies were punk and it was hilarious! So much creative humor went into it. We even had exploding flowers. XPXP And Alex was the best Puck ever, man! Mohawk and all.

Well, I could ramble about the play forever but I don't think many of you are interested in the details of it. Wish I could get a copy of it though to show everyone. Hm, maybe I can try. But anyways, now to show you my pride and joy. The dress (yes, I said dress, omg, I made a dress XP) I made for the show.

The dress for Titania, or as I like to call her "Titty". Many thanks to Jillian for letting me take pictures of her. Though sadly this picture does NO justice to the way it looks on her. She was gorgeous on the stage in it. The bottom part flares out and does a "swoosh" number when she walks. And yes, the fabric is see-through but she's got a bodysuit underneath. The fabric is both green and purple, it changes as she moves. And all the applique on there I drew myself and sateened stitched around every single one in green.

Though a few details I'm not satisfied with it on. First off, I thought Leon or Sarah was going to be putting some closure on the cuffs for me. Obviously they aren't. x_x;; And she's been wearing it open like that. Blah, so I may go in (if I can, I don't think I have time though) and put at least something on there but I also don't want it to be too tight on her wrists. See, that's why I was hoping someone would at least safety pin it close for her during the shows. Since I don't get to see her when I'm in the shop. Ah well. That and the fact that the shirt comes open in the front....not intentional and I've been debating fixing it or just leaving it like that. lol 'Cause it does kinda give a nice sexy look to it. XPXP

And then yesterday I also went to the Renn Faire! Finally! Haven't gone in years. ;_;

More Pictures )

Blah, now I go to do hours upon hours of school work. x_x;; Nnnnggggh.

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So this semester is going to be crazy in the costume shop. Why? Because Leon has appointed me as basically the head stitcher. Because Monica (who usually is the head) is in Italy this semester. I miss her already! We were joking today that we should post her picture up on the wall and make it into a shrine in hopes it will give us good luck. XP

But yeah, we have quite a number of new people. Like twice as many people we had total last year. ^^; So that might be a bit crazy as I'm sure it will get crowded later on. Though like one of the new girls totally has SO much more experience than me and yet she's doing Wadrobe. x_x; I should like tell Leon that I think SHE should be making the big elaborate dresses for the show, not me. ^^;; As I trust her more than I trust me.

So yeah, apparantly I'm going to be given all the hard assignments. *whimpers* Though I guess it will give me more skills and all? But still, x_x, this semester is killing me as is already! I have soooo much reading for each class and now I gotta be in the shop more than ever before. ^^;; Eheh. Never a dull moment I suppose. Just glad I didn't take on a Senior Project. And I haven't even really started my Independent Study so afraid of how much MORE reading I'll have once I start that. (Good grief, having a hard time just getting the right books for it!)

But anyways, so today I come in and Leon is like "Hey Lyn, I gotta run to a meeting. For today....make a kimono, ok? kthxbye!" And I'm like "Woah, wait, what? XP" lol Luckily I do know how to make a kimono so even though the pattern we have had NO directions I was still able to figure it out from memory. Though I had to go at 5pm and felt so bad having Sonya finish it for me as she seemed very confused when I was trying to explain how to finish it. ^^;; Ehh, hope it got done. It wouldn't have taken so long if it wasn't for the fact I had a really hard time trying to find fabric big enough to make it out of. ^^; And was confused as to what color he wanted.

I really hope I don't screw up too badly this semester. I got a lot of pressure on me being in this position now. But thank god Leon is insanely patient and has never gotten angry at me even when I've screwed up pretty bad in the past.

Oh and this semester's play is A Midsummer Night's Dream. Squee! And all the fairies are going to be punk. XP And oh dear lord, Titania's insane and guess who's going to be making it? >>;;; Uh, at least I'll know how to make a dress now? ^^;

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So today (ok, technically yesterday since its now the 23rd) was the last show of Haroun and the Sea of Stories. So now I'm a free person for about a month or so until they need me for Wild Duck but that one only lasts for a week, not 2 weeks and is not til December. Though sadly I'll have to work on my birthday and since its a weekday this year, means I won't really have any free time that day. >>; 'Cause I go to work after classes end really. Bah.

But yes, Haroun is over. And while I feel relieved that I have free time again, also feel kinda sad. It was really fun in the end and some of the actors won't be doing the next show. One girl was actually a international student just for this semester so she's leaving. ;_; And the next play won't be directed by Holly either so it just won't be as fun. Holly even made little tiny booklets for everyone with their name on the cover, the first line of the play inside, the promo image, and the cast/crew photo (which I am in! yay!).

Though the next play is a period, Victorian Era play, so yays! Excited about that, or at least the costumes anyways. XP But no way this guy can be as cool of a director as Holly. No one beats Holly.

Saturday night we had probably our worst show but it was made up with today's, which was definitly one of the best. Though Bolo did manage to almost lose his pants completely today as the snaps came undone (again) but apparantly the audience didn't notice him lose his pants, only the actors did. ^^; And I managed to save the day by finding a safety pin for him to hold them up for the remainder of the play.

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Almost done with the show. Just two more performance to get through. x_x

It's been tiring but fun. But yes, one of the main reasons I haven't updated in a while.

At least I was able to get out to JoAnn's today and got a few things for Empire Abel. Though as expected, they didn't have enough of the trim I want and the shipping price online is annoyingly high. x_x;; Going to ask Mom to look for some, else I'll have to resort to online-ness. Bleh. Well, should get started on it soon but whether or not I get the outfit done in time all depends on when I get that trim.

I'm going to attempt to do it for AUSA but no biggie if its not done.

I'll also be bringing Chrno, Ruthberg, and maybe Zelos to AUSA.

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I haven't been around much because I've been working like crazy lately. Most of my free time has gone to school work since I've been working 6-11pm almost every night.

Doing wardrobe for the shows isn't bad really. It can be pretty fun too but very tiring. The part that gets to me is doing the laundry and ironing after each show. x_x; Bah. But at least there's two of us so we've been switching that part off.

Last night was opening night and it went pretty well with minimum goofs. And I got all my timings for costumes done right, even the really hard ones. Yay. ^^

Finally watched Death Note episode 1 last night. It was pretty. *_* And I love the music and all. Prolly will end up actually downloading it (been watching on youtube) once I have room to do so. Though every time Light speaks, I keep hearing Tamaki instead. XP And I took a sneak peak at the end of ep. 2 and eee, so happy, Yamaguichi uses his "Noin-voice" for L. *_* Wai! So sexy!

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Good God the weather is horrible today. I had to go to class though so ended up completely soaking wet as a result. Blaaah. I don't want to do anything or go anywhere now. Though I had planned to start sewing today. >>; Maybe I'll get to it later.

Well, anyways, I talked to the new head of the costume shop for our theater department and so totally got a job working for him. Yay! I'm going to be working on wardrobe for the next two shows. The good thing is that I'll just be working October and December really. The bad thing is that it pretty much takes up my whole time those two months. Since the times are like 6pm-11pm just about every day. ^^; Though he said there's another person doing it too so the times will be split up between us when needed.

I don't know, I'm kinda worried I might be going in over my head. Really nervous about it. And really hope I'll still manage to get my school work done in this time too. Luckily it won't affect MangaNext and AnimeUSA will be fine, though I won't have that much time in Oct to work on Empire Abel like I had hoped. So it might not get done in time for AUSA. Ah well.

I needed the job though. But I am kinda wondering if I shouldn't have agreed to wadrobe so easily. ^^;; Maybe I should've just stuck with a few shop hours every so often. Meh. >>; Well, will talk to him more about it as I find out more about it.



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