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This is a little late, I know. But due to real life issues, I was unable to read the chapter until now...but anyways...

Tsubasa has officially ended. Its still strange to think that. I've been following it for quite a few years now. But I'm sure you all will be happy that you won't have to see my chapter rants/rambles anymore. XD But of course I need to do it one last time.

Spoilers Within )
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So before everyone freaks out...despite the fact it says "The End" there's still one more chapter scheduled. lol Yeah, I don't know why they did it like that. I guess they want the final chapter to be like an epilogue.

So yeah, fear not, there's still one more chapter for them to make it even worse. XD

...and I'm still not sure what even happened this chapter. Pfft.

*sighs* I still don't want it to end this way though. It used to be so good. What happened? T_T



Sep. 18th, 2009 03:47 pm
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TRC ch. 231: I have lost all hope for this manga... )

But! In other, better, news, Horitsuba #4 is out! And it almost makes up for the sucky-ness of TRC. Almost. lol Its full of amazing crack. The characters do a little radio show at the school and decide to pull out some manga and act out parts from it. And the manga they pull out just happens to be Tsubasa and xxxHolic. XP So you have the characters doing each other's roles and its freaking hilarious.

I love when Sakura does Yuuko and everyone is just kinda "..." afterwards because Sakura sounds so creepy and completely different. Though of course Kurogane as Chii (yes you heard that right) is the best bit. XD *died*

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So now the date for the last chapter of Tsubasa is Oct 7 instead of Sept 30th.

I was like "ok, so that's 4 chapters instead of 3 at least"

Except there's no chapter next week. So nevermind. Pfft. lol

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Well its supposedly official now. Tsubasa's last chapter will be Sept. 30th. Which means (assuming there are no breaks) we have 3 chapters left. Three.


There's no way everything is going to get wrapped up in just that few unless they're huge chapters. And of course means there's no way they'll return to any plots that were never concluded a while ago, say like, the vampire twins and Seishiro thing. ...can I at least have a cameo of them at the end? Please? T_T

*big long sigh*

It just sucks when you've invested so much time and love into a fandom and then you just watch it...fall apart. As silly as it sounds I really felt Tsubasa was one of CLAMP's greatest works for quite a while. That's why I was so obsessed with it for several years straight. It was like CLAMP had this perfect egg they were nurturing and then they just...dropped it. And it went SPLAT. And now this is what's left. lol

You're going to have to give me one HELL of an ending CLAMP for you to redeem yourselves right now. You've got three chapters. ...I'm not very optimistic here.

And then ya know, just right after I made that entry saying how great it is the Pandora Hearts anime is staying true to the I spoke too soon! Episode 23, while I've only skimmed the raw so far, is most definitely filler plot. And not just a small filler episode. Looks like a "this is the final plot conclusion" type thing. So yeah, though I thought they might do that. Was kinda hoping they would just go as far as they could, wait a year, and then make a 2nd season. And well they may still make a 2nd season that will go back to the actual real plot. But I doubt it. All I can hope is this ending is at least semi good.

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Its done~! XP Finally. Well it could've been done like days ago but I kept being lazy and doing just small bits on it here and there. lol

I posted more photos over at the doll LJ, here:

Sorry for those who are seeing a double entry on this but I wanted to make sure everyone saw as I'm quite proud of it. XP

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Well finished the 2nd layer, the undercoat, today.

Was a lot easier than the shirt oddly enough. lol Tis also fully lined. And once again missing a few details but I'm lazy and will just do all those bits at the end. We shall see what ones I can actually manage to make in such small size. ^^;;

Sadly I do not have the right fur for the big fluffy coat like I thought I did. The only long fur in Mom's collection is kinda...blah. So back out tomorrow I go. XP But hey at least I've been making sure to get enough so that I can make at least one more (maybe 2) of these to put on DOA or something.

Also, I might go ahead and paint the big coat after all. I think I have an idea on how to do it but I'll experiment with a little piece first. I was just thinking how it might be kinda hard for Tom to get the design on if the thing is all sewn together already. Or at least the design on the sleeves so maybe I should just do at least that little part unless you think he'll be able to do that fine too. I know he's better at paint than I am.

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This is mostly for Alyce to see but I've been working on a Fai costume for her doll and thought I'd share some progress now that the shirt is done. I did mock-ups for all 3 layers already so just gotta make the coats and stuff.

Progress Photos )

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So...the rumor was true.


*points to icon* 'nuff said.

Excuse me while I go shoot myself in the head. Then maybe it'll stop hurting.

Feel free to discuss it with me if you've read it. I need someone to "ahpihphpighpbng!!!" with. >>


TRC 223?!

Jun. 13th, 2009 10:45 am
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So I read the spoiler blurb for Tsubasa 223...


CLAMP What are you doing?! Please don't tell me that means what I think it means. *bangs head against wall* You should've just left it as it is! Gaaaaaaah!

...I mean, I guess things technically would make a lot of sense that way and it would explain things rather well (and IRONIC LIKE WOAH) but...but....WHAT?! That's kinda...messed up.

*cough* And all that over 2 lines of text. lol Granted sometimes the spoilers are a little wrong or there's a misunderstanding in the wording. >> One can only hope. Otherwise, everyone else who reads, beware, we're in for one hell of a headache with this one. (But see, I was good, I didn't say what the spoiler was, now did I? XP Otherwise this would be lj-cutted but I know none of you want to know yet but I had to get my frustration out.)

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So...I read the translation for the new Tsubasa chapter and it made me "d'aw" even though I'm a little "...." still on the current plot. But but...just when I had given up hope for seeing these characters as I thought the whole world thing was over...T_T

And so this resulted in me watching all of these over again...

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'Cause believe it or not I actually was a big Magic Knight Rayearth fan back in the day. XP I still own both seasons on VHS and man I've been tempted to take them out again and have a mini marathon. XP Haha.

...I still want to cosplay Eagle some day. >> Still my favorite. (haha And the original Fai in my opinion.)

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So I actually watched the raw a while ago but I forgot to write my review then and the fansub version came out today so figured I'd do it now.

I actually really liked this episode. I loved how they did this part. And it seemed to make more sense this time around but I'm not sure if that's because they did a better job explaining things or just because this is my 2nd time hearing that part of the plot. Who knows. Either way things were a lot clearer, lol. Maybe that means I should re-read a bit of the manga as well and maybe the current chapters will make more sense.

Though ugah, they reminded me how mad I'm at them for not making Infinity and Celes because they had a tiny tiny glimpse of Infinity Sakura and Syaoran in one flashback and then a tiny bit of Yui and Fai in another. >> That was an evil tease there.

But yeah, the fight scene felt actually more dramatic in the anime and the bit with Sakura...actually made me feel really sad. Oh those characters still manage to pull at my heartstrings somehow.

Anyways, AZ is this weekend! Whoo! I finished Ciel on Saturday, helped Ren with Grell yesterday, and today started on white Schu. So I'm pretty close to being ready to go. Just gotta finish the jacket, make the headband, redo Ciel's eyepatch, fix a few seams on Mikage, and I'm pretty much ready to go.

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So last weekend I wore my new Nihon/Shunraiki Fai costume to the sakura matsuri and Ren did a little mini shoot with me.

Though I swear kimonos always make me look fat. XP That and I'm annoyed that some of the wig hair was pulled under when I put it back on so it doesn't look quite right. x_x I wish I had noticed I did that. (I was taking it on and off constantly because I didn't want to wear the eyepatch for very long).

More Under Cut )


TRC 216

Mar. 19th, 2009 01:48 pm
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This is Lyn's Brain = ^_^

This is Lyn's Brain on Tsubasa Chapter 216 = ...O_____o?????

[Insert the usual 10-20 minutes of intense speculation and study of the manga]

Lyn's Brain = ...wait! I think I get it! It all makes perfect sense! @_@


CLAMP. Why do you do this to me? My brain. My poor poor brain. And I'm not sure what frightens me more the fact that my brain hurts more each chapter or the fact that I'm actually starting to think this all makes sense.

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So I downloaded the raw.

And to my (VERYVERY happy) surprise! Sorta spoiler, not really but just in case )

Haha, now I go to actually watch it as I just watched a few seconds of the scene, realized what it was, freaked, and spazzed out, and had to write this.


Edit: Ok now that I've watched the whole thing and calmed down a bit...XP Truth be told the scenes weren't that great as they totally didn't show the emotion expressed in the original bits. But I honestly didn't expect to see any of them even in the anime. I thought they'd skip all that. So I wasn't as unhappy as I would've been if I knew they would be in it I guess. But everyone is so pretty~

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In case some of you aren't on's the trailer (finally) for the new Tsubasa OAD.

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I'm not sure what I think. I'm still really iffed that they are skipping Infinity and Celes. Really iffed. So I'm not sure if I'll be able to enjoy Nihon as much as I would otherwise. (Granted if they put the KuroFai conversation in, all things might be forgiven...maybe.)

I am actually kinda excited over the xxxHolic one though...

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As they're finally putting in R!Syao's visit. Which they removed from the 2nd season of the series which made me upset and thus I stopped watching it as that was my main reason to watch see the Tsubasa connected scenes. I think they'll have Sakura's dream scene too. Yays.

And yes as my mood says...I am in fact sick. Blah. But nowhere as bad as last year so I should be ok. Here's to hoping it passes before con.

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A while back it snowed here and I talked Ren into coming down and helped her on her Peony costume in return for taking photos of me. XP So finally got the photos and here's the first batch, which is, of course...


Snow~ )

Ugh, I want to do more cosplay work but its soooo cold ;_;


TRC 211

Jan. 29th, 2009 10:48 pm
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GAH CLAMP! T_T Making me wibble even more...

But zomg! )

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I knew it was coming was really depressing.

Spoilers )

I also kinda feel like doing another Syaoran costume sometime (anyone want to do R/C matching outfits? I do prefer being R still.) In fact I'm kinda sad realizing this Katsu will be the first con since Katsu '07 (with the one exception of AN '07) that I haven't worn a Tsubasa costume. o_o;; lol

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I think I've found my next Fai cosplay...

Scan by [ profile] cutesherry over at her LJ post here.

*____* So in love with that outfit. And just the quality of that image. Oh gods...too amazing. *fanspasm*

No idea when I'd do this but its tempting me to drop something to do it at some point. XPXP Haha. We shall see~ ^^



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