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Last AnimeNEXT I had attended was back in 2008, before the location change. Honestly I hadn't really had a big desire to go to the con anymore due to hearing that the new location wasn't as great and noticing a decrease in the amount of people I know who attend that con. That and the people I went to that con to see, I see at most of the cons closer to me anyways. But during the DC Sakura Matsuri this year, Sarah asked if I'd be willing to work for her at the con this year since she'd be too busy with con work to be able to sell her stuff. And then Chrissy and Chris decided out of the blue that they were going to go to the con and considering they live in the next neighborhood over, I was able to get a ride with them pretty easily. XD But yeah, this con wasn't originally planned so I didn't really have any plans for it and it was quite different for me from my normal con experience as I was in the Dealer's Room for about 75% of it.

AnimeNEXT 2013 Report )

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Ok, finally getting around to writing this. Going to try to make it not too long. More pictures and less talking, right? XP

The con was a lot of fun due to the people, as usual. Wasn't too impressed with the con itself though. The changes were odd and I was annoyed with a lot of the younger crowd there. They were more obnoxious and rude than normal in my opinion. Also I ran into more annoying and creepy guys than any other con before. They wouldn't leave me alone. ;_; But besides that, the con was great.

AN '08 )

The rest of my pictures are all here:

Man...I still haven't even unpacked yet. x_x;; Oops.

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I'm back! Got back a lot later than expected due to taking a while with lunch and rain and stuff. But I'm back and dead tired...but first a quick update...

Whoo~ We rock. XP (We = Ana, Stef, and I, who entered together)

And I cosplayed a doll~! XP I still can't believe I actually did.

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So Jes is here and we'll be heading up to NJ tomorrow morning, bright and early. (Yay. x_x;;)

So here's what I'm doing/bringing.

- Izumi - Full Moon wo Sagashite - Yeah, randomly decided on him. If I can find a black tie (going to poke Dad).
- Fai ch.133 version
- going to the Rentrer en Soi concert - regular clothes

- Kirill - possibly entering hall, then doll meet at 2:30
- Crisis Core Cloud - 5pm FF meet
- Seimei "rave" version - late night

- Dunno. Whatever I feel like.

See you all at the con!


AN update

Jun. 14th, 2008 03:03 pm
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So I totally realized last night that I hadn't updated to say that I did in fact find a way to get to AnimeNEXT next weekend. Oddly enough my parents are actually taking me up (and Jes as well so she IS coming to the con, whoo~). Yeah, it's pretty strange and I'm still a bit shocked, lol. I had intended to take a bus but they insisted and I'm not going to complain.

I'm also pretty much done with the new costume which is good as it means I've been able to start on stuff for Otakon. Almost done with on of the costumes in fact so soon I can start on Asch (which I'm going to need a lot of time for, haha ^^;;).

So I believe I'm bringing: Kirill, Crisis Core Cloud, Kanda (if Jes finishes Lavi, not sure if I'll bring him otherwise), ch.133 Fai, and now "pimp" Seimei apparently. Don't really know when I'm wearing anything though. Well Kirill is for Sat and Seimei Sat late night but not sure on everything else. My plans have been up in the air for this con for a while now.

So I still need to add a few things to Fai and probably tighten the new belts on Cloud (since I made them real quick for those photos) but other than that, pretty much done for AN. Kinda...odd. lol Granted Otakon will be a different story I imagine. XP

At least cosplay-wise I'm doing well. Life-wise...ngh. Really need to start working on that, I know. *sigh*

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I don't really expect to get any results on this but figured I'd ask anyways just to make sure...

So far most of my travel plans for AN seem to fall through. I'm all prepared to take a bus up but I'm not 100% sure if I can really afford that and it would also mean I'd have to bring less costumes.

But before I decide on that, does anyone know of anyone in the MD/VA/southernPA area who is going to AN (or even south of me in which they could be going through my area on their way) who I could possibly hook a ride with? My parents are willing to drive me out a bit to meet people partway too but they aren't going to drive all the way up to the con.

So just want to check. I think I'm going to go ahead and pre-reg tonight 'cause like I said, if need be I'll take the bus because I'm kinda of the "I'm going to find a way there" due to Rentrer en Soi and all (really want to see them XP). I have a room, just having issues with the traveling bit. And yes, I am actually working on my license but I'm not going to suddenly have a car any time soon.

PS: I'm more than willing to help pay for gas.

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So I was just reminded from seeing [ profile] moonlessgarden's post...

Who has room in their hotel rooms for one Lyn?

And by any chance is there anyone who'd be able to help me out with the travel bit? Katie, Jes, either one of you going this year? Or anyone from MD/VA/lowerPA going?

Yeah, this may seem a little late for me to start asking around but originally I had planned to just try to go up with Alyce and them and room with them but now they aren't going so I need to find new people. ^^;;

You all know you want me to come, right? ;_;

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Con Report time. XP Let's see how long this one ends up being. Though lately I think my reports have been getting gradually shorter actually.

AN '07, some pictures included )

All the rest of my con pictures can be found here: Enjoy! I've been putting a few up on my gallery too.

Now here comes Otakon cosplay time! Ack. One week to get everything done. -_-;;

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I was originally hoping to get my con report up by now but blargh, I haven't even unpacked yet. ^^; Though I'm almost done with the pictures at least so con report + pictures probably tomorrow. Most of the pics are of the Nana shoot though and sadly got like barely any pictures of my bigger costumes and the few I got aren't even good. ^^;

But luckily I did find this picture online that I resized so it could fit on here better:

Me as Shaka and Magenta as Mu from Saint Seiya. ^_^

I won a judge's award for Shaka, so that made me very happy. It was the coordinator's award even. XP Which basically just means the head judge was really happy to see Saint Seiya cosplayers and so I got her judge's award. ^_^ She asked me if we were going to do it for MangaNEXT as she wants to get a group of her own together but I really doubt I can make it to that one. ;_; Which is sad as there are very few Saint Seiya cosplayers in the US as is.

Con was great though some moments really sucked but as always, I still manage to have a good time. Nothing has ever been bad enough to ruin my cons.

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Welp AN starts tomorrow for me. Will be heading up with Jes to Laura's house and then joining up with Zach to go the rest of the way up. Should be fun. ^_^

So I think I have my AN cosplay plans figured out...sorta. lol I might end up changing things around at the con depending on what I feel like and how much I can actually fit in my suitcase. Empire Abel might not even come if he can't fit in.

- Albert de Morcerf from Gankutsuou - morning/early afternoon ish
- Empire Abel from Trinity Blood - maybe, mostly just planning to enter for Hall at 5pm
- Seimei from Loveless - if people still do Loveless on Fri XP for a bit before concert

- Takumi from Nana - morning
- Shaka from Saint Seiya - afternoon, til whenever I can't stand being in it anymore, also entering this in Hall
- Either Takumi or Seimei the rest of the night, or maybe even casual clothes XP

- Takumi again for more Nana stuff

I'm going to the 12012 concert on Friday definitly and probably going to try to get the photo thingy on Sunday too though sad they're not doing autographs. ;_; And then will try to go to the Masq since I know like 2 different groups entering that I would like to see but if Magenta can't get a badge, I'll probably go keep her company.

I'll also have Dietrich and Lucian with me though they probably won't come out to the con til later in the evenings. Be in the hotel room most of the time. Lucifer won't be here in time sadly as the girl hasn't even sent him out yet. XP I'm hoping he'll arrive after I get back and not...during the con. lol That would drive me crazy. But don't be surprised if I randomly start calling out his name at the con. XPXP I'm still in disbelief.

Haha, keep forgetting about this con as I keep being focused on my Otakon stuff. Kanda and scythey bits are everywhere down here at the moment. XP Let's see if I can get it all done in a week after AN. Oh boy. ^^;

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Alright, it's finally time for my usual insanely long con report. And this one should be pretty lengthy indeed. I've got some pictures within the report to make it a bit more interesting as well.

AN '06 - Candy Moutain, Charlie! )

And soon I should have my page with pictures up considering I already uploaded them. Just gotta make the page for them. ^_^

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AnimeNEXT was totally awesome! Definitly one of the best cons I've had so far! ^_^

It's just taken me a while to update since Magenta has been here and so I haven't really gotten any time to really spend on the comp. I've started uploading the pictures and whatnot and might be posting a con report soon though. We've been marathoning Saint Seiya and it is greatness. *_*

Abel did not break at this con! Though AC Cloud needs a bit of a touch-up again. x_x; But I got to be part of the crack crew's kick-ass HUGE Kingdom Hearts group at the con. We had all 13 Organization members and it was amazing! Even though I was just a side character of the game, I still got to be in the group's entry in the hall costume contest and we won Best of Saturday Journeyman (and yes, even though Dani and I have been in Craftsman level skits, the judges said the group could enter Novice still since we had a number of beginners but bumped us up to Journeyman because of our skills).

And my new Cloud wig is soooo kick-ass! *_* I'm totally in love with it and I love Stef so much for styling it for me. I need to make a bunch of new icons for that costume now.



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