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lol My "mood" is always going to be either tired, stressed, busy, working, etc for the rest of this month I think. XDXD

Day 21 - Show us your best cosplay derp photo! )

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Every now and then when I get desperate enough for fics, I'll go on the old I usually stick to rec lists and communities for fics but when I really need a fix and none provide me...I reluctantly go there and try to swim through the ocean of bad fics in attempts to find maybe one decent fic ('cause seriously there is so much garbage on that site these days).

But while I was scrolling down to get to my usual FFVII section...I couldn't help but notice something right above it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (530)


Wait. What?!

How does a game that doesn't even exist yet (STILL) have 530 flipping fanfics?! Ok I mean I can understand a few fics here and there, people theorizing and making up their own stories based on the information given, it happens sometimes. BUT. OVER 500 of them???!!!! What the fuck are these people writing?! I know the trailers and basic info has been around for years now but its still not what I would call enough to really be able to write stories about it until the game actually comes out.

I really hope after (IF) the game comes out that all these fans end up being dead wrong with their characterization and plots and cry a river over it. Would serve them right. XD

Its just like I really don't get how you can claim to love a character when you don't know anything about them yet. Like when people cosplay stuff when there's only one image of it and no knowledge of who the person even is. I mean what if it turns out that you end up HATING that character when you actually play the game? Would you still enjoy cosplaying it? I mean ok, I can forgive it if its for a sequel or spin-off and the character already existed in something else. I mean I'm guilty of doing Advent Children Cloud before the movie came out (though at least I waited til it got closer and we had more info/ref images) and I can see a Lightning cosplayer/fan wanting to do the new armor outfit right away (though I think its dumb to do it before there are more images 'cause lol as I learned with AC Cloud, Square likes to change things or not show details til the finalized product as I had to majorly redo parts of that costume after I watched the movie so chances are if you try to do that outfit now, you wont' be able to get it 100% accurate yet). But otherwise it just seems dumb and shows how much of an attention whore you are. 'Cause it is just being like "I WANT TO DO IT FIRST LOOK HOW COOL I AM?!" ...well bet you don't feel so cool when it turns out you got the costume completely wrong or that character acts completely different than the way you were portraying them.

...but anyways. 530 fucking fanfics. Really? REALLY?!



Jun. 12th, 2010 03:41 pm
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Oh my poor

Mom: "Oh good! I need your help with my computer! I'm stuck and I can't figure out how to get out or get it to go away-" *goesonandon*
Me: "*walks over to computer* ...*stare*" She's in printview. "*pushes Esc*"
Mom: "...O_O How'd you do that?!"
Me: "Esc button?"
Mom: "...What's that?"
Me: "*points*"
Mom: "Ohhhhh."

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So Ren was sewing on my machine. And she somehow managed to break a needle. Not on a pin. Not on the fabric. I claimed she broke it on air. But the needle broke and somehow went flying across the room to the far corner opposite of where she was. I kinda just stood there like "..." for a while.


Granted it turned out she somehow pushed the metal plate up on the machine so it hit that which made a lot more sense. Not sure how she did that either though. ^^;;;

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Well you know sometimes things change. I never really said I would only do boy cosplays. I actually had a number of girl cosplays planned in the beginning but just never did them for various reasons. So its not like I'm fully against the idea of cosplaying a girl. So hell, why not?

After watching certain episodes of Gundam 00 several times over, realized I didn't hate a female character quite as much as I thought. And hell she has pretty hair and I just happen to have a wig that works for her...

Ginny please don't hate me. XP

Anew Wig )

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This video is amazing. XP

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I got one word to say about Katsucon...


*cough* Happy Ren?

(Actual Report will come later)

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LynHargreaves: and no there's no white anywhere in this house x_x lol I'm like "you're joking..."
Katsuharu Subaru: No way. o.o; In all the fabric and all the bins and stuff for sewing, you don't have any white anywhere?
LynHargreaves: *shakes head*
LynHargreaves: Asch used up the last little pieces I had around
Katsuharu Subaru: Ha. Asch wins again. LOL.

*sighs* I'm going to see if I have any white fabric that matches and try to make some as I really don't want to wait to go out to buy more. x_x;

EDIT: Mom has no white...but she has a lot of Oyster! (aka Off-White) >_< Well at least now I know where to look if I ever need THAT color. >> (seriously she's got like...6 packs of it)

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This is special...oh so very special...

See just how special?!

I seriously can't believe this band actually exists. It shouldn't. XP LOL *sings along* Damn you [ profile] rockstar_no_koi Damn you! *shakes fist*

...and yes the J-Rock fan within me cries.

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Well this makes it officially the end of DDR for me.

My parents just got "DDR Hottest Party 2" for the Wii. -_-; It makes me weep a bit. I haven't played DDR in over 2 years for a reason. Its just not the same anymore. lol And this new version is so stupid. XP I tried playing it and was like "...what is this?"

And seeing my parents try to figure out how to play is sad. ^^;; Oh boy. (Really I'm just annoyed I can't play ToS2 'cause they're on it right now.)

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So today (unless they call us saying they do need extra hands on Friday) was my last day at Signature. At least for the time being as the next 2 shows are small and have like nothing really needed for them so they really only need one person in the shop and that's Elena (she's head stitcher). So I need to go back to looking around and such but such is how it is for overhires and I must admit I could use a little break.

But anyways, I certainly have many great memories of the time and am really excited to go see the show on Sunday. Great memories indeed such as this one...

Our lovely little Thread Monster.

We were cleaning the threads out of the wheels of the chairs and we started piling it up just to see how much it was. And then we decided it needed eyes...and gradually added more to it. XP And this is only like half of what we took off those chairs as we had already thrown a lot out before we did this. ^^;;;

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I'm so emo I subconsciously tried to kill myself by slicing my throat with my needle while sewing up Asch...


I'm ok, only light scratch but hurts like a bitch! It keeps stinging. And freaked me out when it happened. I was like "...did I just do that?"

Ah! Asch you really are trying to kill me!

So if you notice a red scratch on my throat this weekend...that's why. x_x

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So while I was sewing today I realized I totally forgot to make an entry about this...

Ok, it actually happened two weeks ago. I was working on the last little bit on my Caspian costume for the movie premiere that night. And I was getting a little frustrated with the machine, trying to get the fabric to not bunch up and so was pulling it taut and got my fingers awfully close...and...

SNAP goes the needle. Me: "*big gasp* Um. Ow. O_O Oh god...did I just..." And I pull up my finger and there is the broken needle just sticking right out of it.

No blood. Not even that much pain. It went at an angle so it only went through that very thin first layer of skin. Yeah. I got lucky. Really lucky. Considering all the stories I've heard of you folks going to the emergency room for sewn fingers. But yeah, I kinda poked at it for a while, amazed at it and thought it was kinda cool before finally pulling it out and going back to sewing.

So to think if that had gone wrong, I wouldn't have even been able to go to the premiere (though I wouldn't be missing much XP). And hm, yeah, I know. I still don't have any photos of the costume. lol Well, once Alyce gets Susan done and lets me know I will try to go up to Gettysburg again and get photos. I don't have anyone to take photos of me down here at the moment so can't really get you any photos yet.



Apr. 28th, 2008 04:15 pm
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You know, to all you people who seem to think that starving yourself is the best method for losing weight (which I disagree to and will say it again and again), I've got a nice little hint for you...

Become a college student. XP It works wonders.

I have no idea how many days I've gone just this semester with barely anything to eat. Usually not until around midnight too and its always something small. XP And its never on purpose. ^^;; Its a whole lot of being unable to get to food until after its too late, not having anything in my room to eat, sleeping through meals, and just plain forgetting sometimes.

And now that I have no more classes, it'll be especially bad because I have no excuse to leave the room. As I usually get food on the way to and from classes. And already its gone...well. *cough* Saturday I wouldn't have eaten anything if it wasn't for the lucky fact we went to Beth's house for a party she was having and she fed us nachos and chicken tenders. So I managed to eat that way.

Sunday...I didn't eat anything until around 7pm where I got a small Quizno's sub from Upper Deck. And I really should've gotten more food as of course I was still hungry the rest of the night. And today...I have yet to eat anything and no idea when I will as its like pouring now and that decreases my desire to go out as I hate being wet. lol

At least soon I will no longer be a college student. I'll be back at home which means I have a much higher chance of finding 2 meals each day. XP

Edit: 5:43PM - I found food! Yay!

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Amanda (lives above us): "...You guys got suddenly really really loud and I thought someone was dying or something. But then I got more scared when it stopped all of sudden and there was just silence. o_o What were you guys doing?"

...We were uh...shoving Andrew into the shower on cold full blast.

And he decided he wasn't going down without a fight. ^^;;

See, we have this tradition here at St. Mary's that on your birthday you get thrown into the pond. Its called "ponding". I've never had it happen to me as people tend to be nice and know I'd probably end up hurt and crying 'cause I'm a wimp like that.

Well anyways Andrew's birthday was yesterday and all the weeks leading up to it, he kept saying how no one better pond of him due to it being so cold out. So because he made such a big deal about it, we all decided to throw him into the shower instead.

Took 6 of us plus 2 people taking pictures and ocassionaly helping in. Oh and only one of the 2 photo people were male. Everyone else involved was female. XP And don't feel too bad for Andrew. He was smiling and laughing during most of it despite his struggles.

When we finally got to the actual shower stall, Andrew reminded us that his boots were leather. So we took those off. Then said his belt was leather. So took that off and got his cell phone out. Then Gabi thought it'd be nice to keep his pants dry so took those off too. But we weren't going any further than that. XPXP Beth and Gabi both got quite wet during the experience. Gabi got in the shower to turn the faucet on him a few times and got Beth in the process, who also got pulled into the shower with him a few times. And he had a deathgrip on Kat's legs so she had to saunter over and got a bit wet too. Gabi also got a rather big scratch on her palm from him, which was kinda impressive. lol

Our bathroom was a mess afterwards. ^^;;



Dec. 12th, 2007 05:58 pm
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You know you're a poor college student when...

You find yourself stealing toilet paper from the Campus Center bathroom.

...And your housemates rejoice when you tell them you have done so.

Oh man, I really wish these essays would just write themselves. Blah. So sick of them. And I'm only halfway through the big one and haven't started the smaller one. Urgh.

At least I go home tomorrow. ...Oh fuck, that means I need to pack. -_-;;


wow XP

Sep. 18th, 2007 06:02 pm
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I am amused.

Thanks to info from [ profile] masey (though your usage of FL-killing images is getting a bit annoying >>; ) I have found out that my LJ has been reviewed. By one of those blog websites which sole purpose is to laugh at other people to make them feel better about themselves.

So I go to find this and am all preparing for the worst. And was actually disapointed. Of all the things he could've flamed about me, the only thing he could come up with was that I'm boring and have a Tsubasa fetish. Oh, and that I'm gay.

Wow. XP It's probably the least offensive entry he has up too. Here it is in case you're curious.

Hey, I actually agree with most of what he says. The only thing complaint I have is that he bases it on the anime. I rather dislike the anime (I haven't even watched all of it) and don't want to be known as obsessed with that. But obsessed with the manga? I'm fine by getting that reputation. In fact, that's kinda cool.

But good to know I'm too boring to ever get slandered online? ^^;;


hair XP

Jul. 1st, 2007 10:15 pm
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So like last night I was laying on the floor on my back while talking on the phone for over an hour or so and I kept sliding my fingers through one side of my hair while doing it. So I think because of the angle I was at and the fact that I had been a bit sweaty earlier in the day...when I got hair was all sticking back and up like...well...this.

XP So I find it amusing that my hair can do that without any spray or gel or anything. I don't know. I was just amused.

Another silly picture XP )

Annnd that's all I really have to say right now. ^^;

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So yeah, did want to make like a "Happy 6/06/06 day!" but it had already technically passed by the time I thought of it. XP

Well, I don't know about a day of bad luck but I did have two lights burn out on me as I tried to turn them on. XPXP

Anyways, just found that amusing that that happened on that day.

Nothing else interesting to say though.



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