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I saw a link to a subbed version of Legend of Sanctuary so finally got the time to watch it. I probably could have watched it raw but I was lazy and never bothered to hunt down a file of it (that and most of the ones i saw were torrents and I can't do torrents) but anyway. I was super torn about this movie from the very first announcement of it and I guess that's another reason I was unsure if I wanted to watch it. From all the trailers and such it was something I really wanted to like but was horribly afraid it'd disappoint me and make me angry, as a lot of the more recent SS stuff has. So while I was right in a sense that there were some big disappointments for me in this, I actually ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would?

Spoilers Ahead )

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Almost forgot to do this report. XD Figured I should do it before the next con(s)...

Katsucon 2014 )

Rest of my photos here on facebook:

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Oh Otakon. I keep trying to quit you but I always come back. XD Though to be honest, I actually really enjoyed Otakon this year. Though I think I keep bringing less and less costume-wise every year. Otakon for me really is now more about seeing everyone and going to maybe one or two big events. There just aren't really any good places to take photos and con wandering isn't as fun as it used to be. But I think I'm just repeating a lot of what I said last year so yeah. Onto the report! I actually started writing this BEFORE Dragon Con but wasn't able to finish it in time. XD So thus the delay...

Otakon 2013 Report )

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So due to a lot of real life issues and waiting for photos and such, this con report got seriously delayed. I actually started writing it like a week ago but didn't really have much time and motivation to finish it til now. Though there isn't much new photo wise here if you're on my Facebook as I have most of these up there already. And I'll warn you that a good portion of this report is me whining about Hades. Considering that took up most of my time this con.

Katsucon Report )

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Anime USA was in a new location this year. In DC, near the Omni which was Katsucon's hotel for several years. And I actually REALLY liked the new hotel. It had a bit of a confusing layout but it was rather pretty. And definitely A LOT better for photos than the Hyatt. Also being in DC made it very easy to find cheap food with a large range of options, just across the street. I also found the atmosphere and staff to be better than the Omni. And yeah, I'm sure the Omni had the prettiest outside area but I just got so turned off that hotel due to past experiences there. And AUSA is a bit too small to be able to afford that hotel, I'd think. So really I thought this hotel was a good choice for it.

The only real major issues I found with the hotel were the parking and the size of the event rooms. Like they had an alright sized room for the main events room. Nowhere as large as many other cons, but AUSA isn't too big so I thought it worked well. Granted I only was in there for the concert, so not sure how well it worked for the Masq and events with actual chairs. But this seemed to be the ONLY large room the con had. All the panel rooms were really small. Like ok, they'd be fine for small panels but this was also the rooms used for events such as guest panels and the Cosplay Burlesque. And so there wasn't nearly enough seating and many people had to be turned away. Also the viewing rooms were itty bitty. But this seems to be more of an issue of the hotel itself. There was another event going on so I don't know if maybe next year the con may get some of those bigger rooms or if this is all we're allowed to have. Either way...its going to make some events really hard to do at this con if they still decide to use such small rooms.

Anyways, onto what I actually did at the con...

AUSA '12 Report )

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So I've mentioned before that I'm going to at least attempt to start on my dream costume, Hades from Saint Seiya, with the goal of getting it done some point in 2012. So I kinda need to at least start on it soon or at least start getting the materials for it. But of course, I'm not really an expert at armor and big costumes like this. Which is why it makes me nervous because its a little out of my comfort zone and realm of expertise. I'm really only good at sewing and I've never done a BIG costume of this scale. So I'm making this post in hopes of getting some advice and such from those of you who are a bit more familiar with these things.

Mainly looking for advice and help with suggestions for materials and the best way to go about with big wings and more the "how to make this so I can get it on and off". 'Cause I know how to do the detail work and the general idea of how to make the pieces. Just not very good at figuring out how to make them work so I can get in and out of it and make it so I can transport it and walk in it without it falling apart on me.

So anywho...LJ-cutted 'cause this is going to get long... )

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So I hesitated at first as to what to respond to this entry considering I've been trying to keep my dream cosplay project sorta a secret...but I suck at keeping secrets and pretty much everyone knows already so what's the point? XD;

Day 9 - The dream cosplay that might just happen )



Apr. 13th, 2011 04:48 pm
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This was almost as bad as getting a BJD. The tracking, the waiting, and the box opening...XD

Teehee~ )

...heeee. I'm still kinda squeeing all over the place. I'm such a kid at heart. 'Cause I get so overly happy over figures and dolls. lol

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PLEASE LET ME HAVE THE MONEY BY THE TIME IT COMES OUT!!!! T______T guys have noooo idea how long I've waited for them to make this. I've wanted a Myth Cloth figure for years now but of course never really have the money to spend on one but have always kept my eyes out for when they would do this one.

Oh god I need it so badly.

...noooo idea why that site has it for so low though. Makes me a little suspicious. As everywhere else has it for $80-120. lol At least have months to figure out where to get it from.

*goes back to starring and whibbling*


Otakon 2010

Aug. 4th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Otakon was overall a pretty good con for me this year. Insanely tiring but good. It went by really fast but most likely because I was doing a lot.

Super duper long report ahoy! )

You can see the rest of my photos here:

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Yuji Mitsuya, seiyuu that did the original voice of Shaka in Saint Seiya will be at Otakon.

Sweet! XD As Shaka is my absolute favorite of the saints, I think I might have to at least try to get his autograph. Ray says I should wear my Shaka cosplay and get the armor signed. ...pfft. But that thing is kinda old and not in the best condition and plus it's a bitch to wear.

But it's kinda tempting...

Maybe I could try to pull together casual Shaka? Been meaning to for ages now. ...god why am I seriously considering bringing the armor? Doesn't help that I have a Shun cosplayer that was already trying to talk me into it. >>;

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The Lost Canvas OVA actually came out a while ago but I just watched the fansubbed version today (already watched the raw XP). I know that only maybe 3 people will even know what the hell I'm talking about here (I need more Saint Seiya friends, I really do XP haha) but I'm going to ramble anyways.

I really should read the manga already. >> But I keep forgetting about it. And on that note I need to catch up on Next Dimension (though not sure how far its been scanlated) and see if Episode G was ever finished scanlated...and really I should read the freaking original manga as I've only seen the anime. ^^;; I'm a bad fan. *hangs head in shame*

But oh man, its still taking me a while to get used to the different style but I do like Lost Canvas. I like Tenma and Sasha a lot more than Seiya and Saori. >>; So far anyways, lol. Let's see if they develop the same habits of their reincarnations do. Oh I hope not. lol And I do love Alone but its hard not to considering he's well...Hades vessel and my love for Hades never dies.

Oh god every time I see the armor in the opening...>>...some day....SOME DAY! Hades! *raises fist* ...I've actually even started pondering how I could do it. Maybe turn it into a project I work on periodically for several years...but I think I need to move out first just so I have room to put the damn thing that won't upset the parents, lol *cough* Anyways...

The voices are confusing me like woah though. I don't quite understand why they changed them all around like that from the Hades saga. Well so far... I just mean Miki as Shion is throwing me off a bit. And then Seki is the Pope...when he was Milo in the Hades Arc so I dunno, wouldn't it have made more sense to have him play the Scorpio saint? Though I guess it does make it seem more like a different character if he has a different voice. But still, those 2 voices confuse me. XP

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Last night was glorious. Amanda's friend was here and brought the first full 7 seasons of X-Files so we had a little X-Files marathon. Watched a total of 5 episodes from the various seasons. So that's 5 hours straight of X-Files? XP Dude.

Man, it brought back a lot of memories. Since I haven't watched that show since it was still airing on TV and all. Some of the episodes we watched I was like "I don't think I've seen this one...oh wait, yes I have." lol As my parents and I were pretty damn obsessed with the show back when it came out so I think I've seen every episode up through season 7 or so. Don't think I saw much after that as I stopped watching when it got really weird. But yeah. Good times. Wonder if we'll watch anymore today.

I finally got around to watching the Bakeneko Arc of Ayakashi. I'll eventually watch the first few Arcs but I gotta admit I really just wanted to see the Medicine Seller and his fabulous-ness. The animation was kinda freaky and well the plot got pretty freaky at points too but I really liked it. The story was really good and the way they did it was so unique. It's a bit of a mind fuck but I love those types of things. The spirit's story at the end was really depressing too. ;_; I felt so bad for her and the cat. So yeah, definitely going to start watching Mononoke now. Hee.

But first I must go watch the next 2 Saint Seiya - Hades Elysion episodes! *_* Yay! Even though the raws have rather bad sound quality. Boo. And I know it'll be like a month before I see them subtitled in english and even then it will be that one poor guy who's rather limited in his ability (but I love him for doing it since he's like the only one that does). Man, why can't one of the fansub groups pick it up. Haven't seen any high quality fansubs for the Hades episodes since the first 4 episodes of Inferno.



Sep. 19th, 2007 09:38 pm
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Oops, almost forgot. Today is Shaka's birthday. XP

Happy Birthday to my favorite gold saint! Though don't really have anything to do this time around. Sad that the Saint Seiya yaoi community is kinda dead these days so they don't do the Gold Saint Festivals anymore.

Though at least there are the amazing artists on YGallery that have posted some really gorgeous Shaka artwork lately, especially ones for Ikki/Shaka. XP

And hey, I'm doing my Anglo-Indian reading for class right now so thats at least Indian? That counts as something for Shaka, right? ...Maybe? ^^;;

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I was originally hoping to get my con report up by now but blargh, I haven't even unpacked yet. ^^; Though I'm almost done with the pictures at least so con report + pictures probably tomorrow. Most of the pics are of the Nana shoot though and sadly got like barely any pictures of my bigger costumes and the few I got aren't even good. ^^;

But luckily I did find this picture online that I resized so it could fit on here better:

Me as Shaka and Magenta as Mu from Saint Seiya. ^_^

I won a judge's award for Shaka, so that made me very happy. It was the coordinator's award even. XP Which basically just means the head judge was really happy to see Saint Seiya cosplayers and so I got her judge's award. ^_^ She asked me if we were going to do it for MangaNEXT as she wants to get a group of her own together but I really doubt I can make it to that one. ;_; Which is sad as there are very few Saint Seiya cosplayers in the US as is.

Con was great though some moments really sucked but as always, I still manage to have a good time. Nothing has ever been bad enough to ruin my cons.


DMC anime

Jun. 13th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Holy Shit! The Devil May Cry anime is out!

*_____* It's hot! And hopefully will be fansubbed soon.

OMG, Morikawa as Dante = WIN.

Also realized that the Tales of Symphonia OAV episode 1 has been out for a bit so watched that today too. ^^ Though Kratos didn't say like....anythig. x_x;;; I wanted to hear his voice!

Welp, won't see much updates from me for a bit as Magenta is here keeping me busy and all. Been going through a major doll photostory of doom to put up...eventually. As well as some cosplay pics. May take forever though since I keep getting distracted. ^^;

And eee, we've been watching more Saint Seiya (FINALLY!) and its been awesome. Watched liked 13 episodes last night in a row. o_o;

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So a while ago they decided to finally continue the Hades Arc of Saint Seiya. The first two eps of the next part came out back in Dec and I just watched the next two today as they came out like 2 days ago. Not subbed yet but who cares. XP

Squeee! I love this series so much! ;_; It's overdramatic and cheesy at times but that just makes me love it more. I get so emotional while watching it too. Its just so incredibly awesome and I love the gold saints so much.

So that clip I saw that was fanmade was in fact an actual part of the omg, I'm going to cry so much when the anime actually gets to that particular point. It's so amazing though. Ah! I really need to catch up on whats going on with Lost Canvas and Next Dimension as well, those are the 2 current mangas for SS that are prequel stories. I'm rather confused by them but I know its important since Kuramada won't go back to the Hades fight until after this whole part. So hm.

/end ramble



Jul. 24th, 2006 10:25 pm
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Magenta made a Saint Seiya - Hades: Sanctuary AMV! ^_^

Go watch it! XP

And yes, it does have subtitles left in but currently we can only get access to either the spanish or english fansubs so no way to get a decent raw so that's no excuse not to watch it. XP 'Cause it's pretty good for a first AMV. ^^

I need more Saint Seiya friends. ;_;



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